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I swear he was planning to devour me when I hit the “Close Door” button on the elevator.
The look in his eye was so frightening that I almost peed when I saw his hand snake in before the two halves met.
The door opened again and he stepped in, looking at me like I was a lamb and he was a wolf.
I was cowering in the corner, and for some reason, I felt that tingle between my legs that told me that my panties were getting wet, but not from pee.
I don’t know why I had that reaction, but if he’d asked me out I probably would have given him my number.
I’m not usually like that, but that look just did my resistance in.
He smiled and said, “Good morning.
” I was flabbergasted as I watched him transform from beast into mild mannered human male right before my eyes.
I knew he was still interested in me.
I felt his attention on me, even though he was no longer looking directly at me.
He wasn’t even faced toward me, but that didn’t fool me.
I returned his greeting, feeling as if I had dodged a predator, or rather, that the predator had decided that he wasn’t hungry enough to risk me.
It was a very disturbing feeling, because it was a combination of relief and disappointment.
A little while later, I was formally introduced to Charlie by our mutual boss.
I learned that we would be coworkers and that he had just moved into the area.
After that, we had a very strained relationship for a few weeks.
In the morning, he would be taciturn, barely speaking unless spoken to and sometimes a little grouchy.
He never looked at me the same way as that first sight and I was beginning to think I had imagined it.
We would go to lunch with other coworkers often and he would loosen up some.
Then I would visit his office toward quitting time and he would be almost gregarious and even pliable.
I just couldn’t figure him out.
I have to confess that it fascinated me.
I have a dual nature that’s quite a bit different, but I learned that if I needed a favor from him, I should ask for it late in the workday.
If I wanted a lively debate, that would be most likely at lunchtime.
If I had to talk to him in the morning, it had to be work related or I would risk being ignored as he focused on his work.
I would get the most information about his after-work life when I visited toward the end of the day.
That’s when I learned about his breakup with his high school sweetheart after a long relationship.
I wanted to get to know him better, but I waited a while to give him time to get over her, then I decided to make my move.
We went out to lunch one day and I had a hamburger.
That’s important because of the dual nature that I mentioned earlier.
It comes out when I eat red meat.
It was a fairly small dose, because I only ate half of the burger, so the effect was mild, but it was enough.
About an hour after lunch, I cornered Charlie in the copy room.
A coworker who had traveled on business with him had given me the perfect pretext for an invitation.
“Hey, Charlie, Have you got plans for Friday night or Saturday?” “No, Claire.
what’s up? “Wayne tells me you know something about fine wine, especially red wine.
I’m looking to expand my wine horizons.
I’ve mainly had whites.
Can you think of something special that would go with a really beefy-tasting dish?” “Um, yeah.
Most people would go with a Cabernet Sauvignon, but I’m kinda partial to.
” “How about you bring it to my place at 6 PM on Friday.
Here’s the address.
I’ll cook and you’ll do the dishes.
Dress casual.
Bring clothes for the next day, too.
” I tucked my address into his shirt pocket.
Then I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.
It felt so wonderful, when he kissed back.
That didn’t happen right away, but it did seem enthusiastic once he got over the surprise.
I was so glad I took the chance.
That’s what the red meat does to me.
It makes me horny and aggressive and gives me courage.
I wanted to test the limits of his passivity.
After I left him, I took care of my horniness in the ladies room.
On Friday, he arrived promptly at 6 with a bottle in hand and I let him in.
I don’t have a dining table, because my apartment is very small, so the candlelight dinner was to be served on a breakfast bar that faces into my kitchen.
I told him to have a seat and pointed to on one of the two stools as I put red wine glasses and a corkscrew on the bar.
Charlie said, “I’ll open the wine now so it can breathe.
” “Good.
Tell me about it while I finish cooking.
” I wanted him to watch as I continued preparing the dinner.
I was wearing tight jeans and a sexy shirt.
He had only ever seen me in my office-wear.
I wanted him to be watching my ass as I worked at the stove.
I wanted to look into his eyes as I moved dishes to the bar.
I wanted to see if I could get away with giving orders to him.
“It’s a California Syrah, Russian River Valley.
I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.
” “Isn’t that the same as a Shiraz?” He seemed surprised that I knew that, but also pleased.
“It’s the same grape, but when the Australians make a Shiraz, they optimize it for a warm climate.
This will be what some would call heartier or more robust or richer or whatever, but I would say it’s deeper and it’s much more suitable to our cooler climate.
” “But it’s warm in here.
Won’t that make a difference?” “No, you’ll see.
If you know Shiraz from Shinola, you’ll notice.
” I chuckled at his weak humor and said, “I’m enjoying hearing you talk about wine.
Some people seem to sound snobbish, but you don’t.
You just sound enthusiastic.
” “Well that’s the difference between wine lovers and wine snobs.
The snobs try to impress you with what they know.
The lovers try to help you enjoy the wine the way they do.
” “I can’t wait to try it.
Do we drink it with the salad?” “Well, it would probably be better to wait until after the first bite of this wonderful rich beefy dish I’m smelling.
” “Okay, we’ll wait.
” And the wait was worth it.
I joined him for the salad and we both turned sort of sideways on our stools so we could look at each other while we ate.
I had placed him on the right, where a right-handed person would eat most comfortably.
I’m left handed and that worked out well for both of us.
After the salad, I finished prepping the main course and set his plate in front of him.
I watched as he ate the first bite.
I could tell from his expression that he really liked it.
“Wow, this is very tasty beef.
So rich.
” “You’re not averse to trying new things, are you?” “No, I like new experiences.
Why” “This is actually buffalo, American Bison.
It’s my favorite kind of red meat.
” “Ah.
I’ve always wanted to try that.
Thank you.
This is excellent.
Now, it’s your turn.
Have some first to prepare your palette and then we’ll try the wine.
”   I sat and had my first bite and I knew there was no turning back.
In a while I would feel the red meat effects.
The more I ate, the stronger they would be.
I was planning for a strong reaction.
Buffalo was the strongest I’d found and I’d given myself a large helping.
Okay, guide me through this whole wine plus food tasting thing.
” He showed me how to swirl the glass without looking pretentious and then inhale, sip and bathe my tongue to get the most enjoyment from the wine, and then to follow it with a choice bite from the plate.
I tried it.
“Wow! That’s incredibly perfect.
I see what you mean about the Syrah.
It’s so, um.
expressive this way.
It almost demands a hearty beef flavor to complement.
” “Exactly.
I’m glad that you made that connection.
A wimpy Shiraz with a dish this robust just wouldn’t be the same.
Another thing you can do is try leaving a small amount of meat in your mouth, on the back of your tongue, then you can sip a small amount of wine across it so the flavors combine.
You’ll get even more from both.
” I tried that and very much enjoyed the experience.
The rest of the dinner went wonderfully.
As I ate, I could feel the beef and the wine begin to affect me.
I could also feel him begin to exude warmth as the wine and conversation seemed to loosen him up.
By the time we finished dessert, I caught myself staring at him with a different appetite in mind.
After we finished our last bites, I pushed the dishes to the far side of the bar.
Then I went around and moved them to the sink.
“I thought I was going to be doing the dishes?” “You are, but not yet.
Did you remember to bring clothes for tomorrow?” “Yes, they’re in the car.
” “Then you should get them, now.
” When he left, I quickly went into my bedroom and changed into the lingerie I had planned for the evening.
I also added the piece that would make or break the relationship that I wanted with him.
I threw a bathrobe over all of it and got back out just as he came back in the door.
“Set the bag down there, Charlie, and come over here.
” He dropped the bag and joined me by the bar as I moved the chairs out of the way so we could stand and look into the kitchen.
I looked up into his eyes.
“Don’t resist.
Don’t talk.
Just do as I tell you.
Place your hands on the bar with your fingertips at the far edge.
” I tried to make it seem like he would be sorry if he disobeyed me and very glad if he did.
He had to lean over some to reach the far edge, but when he did, his position was perfect.
I stepped up behind and started to rub my hands all over his back and chest and ass.
I wanted him to feel like my property for a while.
I heard his breathing become heavier, especially when I started to rub his bulge.
“This is how the evening is going to proceed.
When I’m done with you here, you’re going to wash and dry the dishes naked while I watch.
When you’re done with them, you’ll come into my bedroom and be rewarded for your cooperation.
The rest of the evening starts when you step out of your shoes.
You said that you like new experiences.
Step out of your shoes, Charlie.
” He didn’t take long to decide.
He immediately stepped out of his shoes.
Yes! The Red Meat Effect was going to get its first male conquest! I unbuttoned his shirt and began to tweak both of his nipples.
I let the robe slip open and pushed the strapon dildo between his thighs.
He lifted one of his hands to reach down to see what he was feeling, so I pinched hard on his nipple and said, “Stop! Put your hand back up there.
I didn’t give you permission to move it.
Keep your eyes forward.
Don’t look at me.
Close your eyes if you have to.
When I eat red meat, I get like this and I want to enjoy it.
Online Now! Lush Cams Charlotte_W I want to use your body.
I want to enjoy your body.
You agreed to that when you stepped out of your shoes.
” I continued rubbing his chest with one hand, but I grabbed the dildo with the other and poked him repeatedly with it.
I pressed it against his balls and I ran it up and down the center of his ass.
He wasn’t resisting and that was a green light for what I wanted.
I unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans to the floor, ordering him to step out of them.
I pulled his boxers down and saw his gorgeous masculine ass.
It felt as if my blood was bringing raw sexual energy from the food to my brain.
“Very nice, Charlie.
Just what I’m in the mood for.
Unfortunately for you and fortunately for me, you earned a punishment by moving your hand.
” I moved to his side as I turned his head away from me.
I began spanking him with my hand.
By the time both of his ass cheeks were red, I could see the tip of his cock sticking straight out.
It looked very hard.
I grabbed it and said, “I was hoping you would respond well to that.
” I stroked it a few times and then withdrew my hand.
The next thing he felt was my lubed fingertip pressing into his crack.
I rubbed it gently against his asshole until he relaxed and let it slip in.
When he relaxed enough so that I could slide my finger out and back in easily, I pulled it out and pushed the head of the dildo in.
I put my hands on both of his hips as my fake cock fucked him.
This was something I’d wanted to try with a man since I first heard of it.
I usually enjoyed my red meat evenings by thrusting a dildo into my cock-craving cunt while fantasizing about thrusting an extension of myself into a man.
This was far better than my fantasy.
“Can you come while I’m doing this, if you beat your meat?” “I think so.
It feels really good.
” “Okay, then use one hand and jack off.
When you come, catch it in your other hand.
” I wasn’t getting much stimulation and I knew I wouldn’t come from it, but that wasn’t the point.
The meat effect was really strong now, but it didn’t require orgasm.
I was feeling something else, something both enticingly and deliriously powerful, as I pummeled his ass.
He began to moan and I used the sounds to adjust my pace and angle, driving him toward my goal.
He pulled his other hand down and started to twitch, so I buried my fake cock real deep to feel the pulsing of his release as he came.
He made the most primal sounds as he pumped his cum into his hand.
When he was done, I ordered him to show it to me.
He kept his face averted as he displayed a palm full of milky white fluid.
“Now, smear your cum all over your chest.
I will enjoy licking from your nipples later.
” He complied and the intoxicating scent of man cum filled the room as the heat from his body dried it.
I pulled the dildo from him and told him that it was time to wash the dishes.
“And keep your eyes on them.
Don’t look at me.
And take that shirt off.
Your socks too.
I want you completely naked.
” He again complied, even taking his wrist watch off.
As he started to wash the dishes, I removed the strapon, pulled a stool back to the bar, and watched him.
“Ah Charlie, I can’t tell you how sexy this is.
I’ve just fucked your ass.
I can tell by the way that you’re moving that you’re still feeling it.
Your bright red freshly-spanked ass cheeks make me even more excited.
Bare-assed and in the kitchen, that’s how I’ll remember you this night.
” I started masturbating and breathing hard.
I stretched it out as long as I could, while I watched his ass wiggle as he washed and dried the dishes and pans.
I started to moan.
After a perfect buildup I came for a long time, feeling a long series of delightful aftershocks.
I felt very satisfied as he was finishing the last pan.
I came up behind him and reached around to fondle his cock.
It was hard again.
“Mmmmmm, you liked hearing that.
I’m so glad.
There’s one more thing to wash and then you also need to wipe the top of the my chair.
I seem to have left a puddle on it.
” I plopped the strapon rig into the sink and left for the bedroom.
When he entered the bedroom, I was on the bed, wearing only my thigh-high sheer black stockings.
The peak effects from the meat were past me, but now I was a bit nervous.
There was still a visible side effect from my reaction.
My skin was blotchy from my nipples up, a dead giveaway of a strong dose of whatever is in the meat that triggers my reaction.
I looked at him as his eyes roamed over me.
He didn’t look at all disappointed.
My figure is slender and my boobs are smallish, but fairly proportional to my smallish hips.
My pussy was freshly shaved, with only a thin strip of full length hair leading vertically down to my slit.
When he did finally notice my two-toned skin, he seemed curious rather than dismayed.
“Is that an effect from the meat?” “Yes, it’s why I didn’t want you to look at me out there.
I don’t exactly look my best, but it’s already fading away.
” “I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone.
It’s very.
” “My allergist was baffled, too.
She hasn’t found any indication of dangerous side effects, so I’m just careful about when, where and how much I eat.
” I invited him to lie down next to me, but when he reached for my breast, I stopped him.
“Not yet, Charlie.
Let’s talk first.
” “Okay, um, what do you want to talk about?” “Well, whether any of this bothers you.
It’s something I live with, and I can certainly live without it, but I like the way I feel during it.
I’m glad you’ve been such a good sport about it.
I don’t have a lot of experience with guys, but I don’t think many would be okay with this.
” “I’m okay with it, Claire.
You might have noticed that I’m not like most guys.
” “Yes, that’s the other thing I wanted to talk about.
Can I ask why you are so.
passive? Do you know why it is that you let me order you around and fuck your ass?” He took a moment to think as I cuddled up to his side and threw my leg over him, pinning his cock against his belly with my thigh.
I leaned over and started licking his dried cum from one nipple.
“I just change throughout the day.
I don’t know why.
I wake up in the morning like Mr.
Hyde, all surly and instinct-driven.
By the evening, I’m civil and when I think it will suit me, I’m even.
I guess submissive is the right word.
I’ve never done anything this submissive.
” “But it suited you tonight?” “Yeah.
I was curious about where it would lead and.
Claire, I think you’re very attractive and I like you.
I’m a little worried about endangering our work relationship when you find out more about me, but what happened tonight actually gives me hope that we’ll continue to get along.
Our dual natures so far seem to complement each other.
” “I’m not sure I understand.
” “Perhaps you will in the morning.
It was a problem with my ex-girlfriend, but since we both have our quirks, maybe you’ll be more forgiving of my.
” “What do you mean? I’ve seen nothing really to forgive yet, Charlie.
” “Well, she ended up cheating on me because she said I was too much of a man in the morning and too little of a man at night.
You might have noticed that I’m not exactly passionate or, um.
well endowed.
” This was something I had noticed.
It was a delicate subject and I wanted to make sure I made it clear to him that it probably wasn’t an issue for me.
Quite the opposite, my gynecologist told me that I would need vaginal surgery to be able to take a cock that was average in length or girth.
It seems that along with my strange food reaction, I have an abnormally small and tight pussy.
She had to use the smallest of her speculums and could barely open it.
Charlie’s cock was only about 5″ long and not much bigger than a ballpark hotdog.
I was determined to get all of it into me, but that would be a first for any cock.
I didn’t want to tell him that he would be the first guy I fucked who was small enough for that.
“That leads into another thing I wanted to bring up Charlie.
I, uh.
I’m still being affected by the meat and I want to be on top for the first time.
I have another reason for that.
I’m abnormally small inside and you might actually be too big for me.
” I moved my leg from his cock and began stroking it.
“Too big? That would be a first for me.
” “It looks about just right.
You can touch my breasts now.
” It felt good when his fingers touched my nipples for the first time.
I knew I had dumped a load of personal quirks on him and I was glad he accepted them in stride.
His cock was back to full size, so I scooched up onto it and wiggled it into me.
It was a tight fit, but I got it all the way in.
It felt wonderful to finally do that.
When I began to slide up and down on it, I was finally able to feel what I’d been missing.
My toys just weren’t the same.
I put one hand down to massage my clit while the other hand roamed around on his muscular chest.
Both of his hands came up and fondled my nipples.
I felt the buildup begin and picked up the pace.
I slammed my ass down on him and soon I was peaking.
“I’m coming, Charlie.
” “Ohhh.
Me too, Claire.
” I rode my new lover as we came together, our personal parts in sync for the first time.
I finally knew what my body had always wanted; beef, wine, cock, cum.
I collapsed onto his chest and as the heaving of our lungs slowly subsided, the last of the effects from the meat seemed to drain away.
Dropping to his side again, I laid in that natural nook under his shoulder and said, “Thank you, Charlie, for taking off your shoes tonight.
” A new, more playful side of him emerged as he put on a western cowboy accent and said, “My pleasure, Ma’am.
It shore was a strange ride, but I feel obliged to thank ya for delivering the reward ya offered.
” I replied with, “You’re most welcome.
I have two more favors to ask.
I told you to bring clothes for tomorrow in the hope that you would stay the night and introduce me to winery touring.
I’ll make us breakfast, but don’t worry, there won’t be any red meat in it.
I make a very good seafood omelet.
” Of course he accepted.
I thought about his self-comparison to Mr.
Hyde in his morning behavior.
I found that I was hoping I would once again meet the beast that chased me into the elevator.
He’d been able to tame the beast then, but I hoped he would let it out so I could see what it was capable of.
I’d tucked a tube of lubricant under my pillow before he came in and it would be there if needed in the morning.



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