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My wife insists that I am a jerk for taking advantage of Cindy’s vulnerability.
She also made me tell her every detail of how I seduced Cindy.
After a round of delightful sex, she made me retell the story with every detail of how Cindy seduced me.
She enjoyed the second telling as much as the first.
Later, she pointed out that I owed it to Cindy to allow our friendship to continue.
I was not sure what Cindy wanted.
We chatted briefly online a couple of times, and she did not sound overly eager to meet again.
Nearly a week later, she told me she needed to ask me a favor, but she was reluctant.
I had to insist that she ask, and she only asked after I promised that I would think about it before I agreed.
In spite of the promise, I agreed immediately.
The next day, I left work early, and drove to Cindy’s house.
She was waiting in the drive when I arrived, and she seemed upset as she climbed into my car.
She said hello, but did not want a hug or a kiss.
Our first stop was a florist, and she ordered more than asked me to stay in the car.
She remained quiet as I drove the forty minute trip to our destination.
The cemetery where her step-grandmother was buried is rather large.
She quickly became frustrated when the directions she had brought were not as clear as they could have been.
I remained calm and eventually we found the area we needed to get to and I parked the car.
I looked to Cindy to see if she wanted me to join her.
“Why are you here?” she asked, as tears poured down her face.
“To beat up your step-sisters if they show up and make trouble,” I half-teased.
Cindy looked shocked.
“We agreed to try being friends,” I added.
“Times like these are when you need friends the most.
” “We aren’t going to have sex,” she pointed out.
“Most cemeteries frown on that, especially before dark,” I joked.
The look she gave me would have brought frost into the desert air at noon.
“I am here for you, Cindy, because you need me.
We all deal with grief in our own ways.
I promise to stop the bad jokes while we are here.
Let’s go show our respects to your grandmother.
” She nodded and we walked over to the grave site.
Half way there, Cindy reached for me and she allowed herself to lean on me as we walked.
At the grave site, she buried her eyes in my shoulder as she cried for several minutes.
There were still tears in her eyes as she placed the flowers by the new stone.
“John, can I have a few minutes alone, please?” she asked.
“Of course.
Take all the time you need.
” I gently kissed her forehead and walked up to wait by the car.
From the vantage point of the car, I could see that she was talking out loud, presumably to her grandmother.
She stood stock still for several minutes, and then paced for several minutes as she talked.
Eventually, she sat, and her nervous hands pulled a flower from the bunch and she slowly peeled all of the petals and leaves from it.
Four shredded flowers later, she realized what she was doing, and she laughed loud enough for me to hear.
She continued to laugh as she wiped her eyes and shared some additional funny comments with her grandmother.
She was smiling sadly as she joined me at the car.
She walked straight into my arms for a hug, and then she pulled my lips down for a gentle kiss.
“Thank you for being here for me,” she offered.
“You’re very welcome,” I answered.
She looked at me with a mischievous grin.
“It’s easy to imagine what my grandmother would say to me,” she said.
“She would have pointed out that if we ever have sex in this cemetery, we should do it on Aunt Florence’s grave.
She always said that old biddy needed to be shocked once in a while.
” I kept my promise about bad jokes, and simply hugged her.
She gave me another quick kiss before we got in the car and left.
She was quiet for the trip back to her house, but in a relaxed way.
At her house, she asked if I wanted to come in for a minute, and with a gently kiss, I declined.
I knew that I had made the right choice when I saw that she was relieved.
With another quick kiss, I headed home.
— Our online chats were much more relaxed after that, but she was not overly eager to meet again.
Another week had gone by when she asked for another favor.
She was very agitated about something, but she didn’t want to share it in chat.
She finally admitted that the lawyers were about to make her life miserable, and they were asking for me to come witness the event.
I asked why they wanted me, and she partially explained that they didn’t ask for me by name.
They wanted the person that had been at the memorial service with her, and so I had no choice but to show up.
After I had agreed, she added that the meeting was set for that evening.
I called my wife, and let her know what was going on, and then I left work early again.
Given the agitation and flightiness of Cindy’s chat, she was in serious need of a hug and some moral support before she met with the lawyers.
About a block from Cindy’s house, I saw her struggling with a two-wheeled cart piled high with flattened boxes.
I quickly parked in her driveway and jogged back to help her.
She thanked me for coming to her assistance, but I don’t think she realized it was me.
She was babbling incoherently about moving and useless people and trains as we wrestled the cart into the garage.
She turned to look for tape as I moved the pile out of the way.
When she turned back, her eyes suddenly recognized me.
“John!” she exclaimed.
“It’s you!” She smiled at me, and then suddenly asked, “What time is it? Do we have time?” “It’s just after four thirty, so we should have plenty of time.
Can you slow down and tell me what’s going on?” “Oh, we have to hurry,” she exclaimed.
“Come with me,” she added as she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the house.
“Okay, okay,” I laughed as she dragged me into the house.
“Please tell me what’s going on.
” As the door behind us closed and we stood in the hallway, she launched herself into my arms and gave me a scorching kiss.
“Bedroom, now!” she commanded and then she kissed me again.
I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me.
We continued to kiss as I carried her to her bedroom.
As I dropped her on the bed, she pulled at my shirt and ripped it off of me.
“Slow down,” I laughed.
“We have time.
” “No,” she cried, “Hurry! I need you to fuck me as many times as we can before I get evicted tonight and end up homeless tomorrow!” I really wanted her to explain what she meant by that, but as we spoke, she had loosened my belt and pants.
As she pulled them down, she swallowed my swelling cock, and I couldn’t think anymore.
That’s not entirely true.
I totally was obsessed with the six words she said after ‘Hurry’.
She turned me to sit on her bed and she continued to orally consume me as she made me naked.
As she kissed her way up my body, she made herself naked.
When her lips found mine, her hand found my hard cock and she placed it between her lower lips.
My hands grabbed her ass as she slid down my shaft.
She cried out in joy as my cock filled her, and she immediately set to riding my cock with frenzied thrusts.
I squeezed her ass and we kissed aggressively.
Suddenly, she was cumming hard.
She was lost in her own pleasure as she rode me hard until she finished.
As things slowed down, we settled into gently kissing while my cock twitched inside her.
The urgent contractions inside her settled to a gentle trembling in response to my twitching.
She stopped kissing me and she pushed back to scowl at me.
I tried to lean forward and kiss her again, but she pushed me back.
Tears started to form in her eyes.
“Are you leaving me too?” she asked sharply.
I was too stunned to answer.
“It’s too much to expect that you’d stay friends with a homeless useless bitch.
I’m sorry I can’t please you and I’ll try not to ruin your life as well.
Have a nice life.
” Tears were pouring down her face as she tried to climb off of me.
“Stop,” I commanded as I grabbed her wrist and her ass and held her in place.
Her eyes grew wide with fear.
“I am not leaving you,” I insisted.
“Now slow down and talk to me.
” The fear faded and was replaced by a sullen scowl.
“I’m not leaving,” I repeated.
“Why do you think I would?” She continued to scowl, and I waited.
“Just words,” she scoffed.
“Actions speak louder.
” I waited.
She took a breath and rolled her eyes.
“You say you’re not leaving but I can feel you inside me,” she said.
“You’re still hard.
I didn’t make you cum, and I didn’t cum like the first time.
It’s obvious that I can’t please you and I know you won’t want to be around me after tonight, so I know you are done with me.
” “You feel me inside you, and you know I’m still hard, so you understand how difficult it is for me to think, right?” She just stared at me.
“Okay, first things first.
Did the lawyers say they were going to give you an eviction notice?” “They said they have some questions we need to answer before they settle the estate, but I know what the step-sisters are capable of doing.
” “If they are still settling the estate, the step-sisters aren’t involved yet.
The worst that could happen tonight is that they might inform you that the estate plans to sell this house.
You are not going to be homeless tomorrow or any time soon.
” She actually thought about that for a bit.
I waited a bit before continuing.
“We can talk about your second worry later, because we are not done yet.
I would like to point out that everything about right now is different than the last time, so of course it is not the same.
” “But I didn’t make you cum,” she objected.
“Only because I wasn’t ready to cum,” I explained.
“I wanted to outlast your first orgasm so we could see how well we do this.
” As I spoke I rolled us to the side.
She allowed herself to roll with me until she was on her back on the bed.
I was expertly positioned between her legs and my cock remained inside her.
I pulled my hips back and then pressed deep inside again.
“Fuck me any way you like,” she said sullenly, “but I know what I know.
” I slowly pulled back and equally slowly pressed forward again.
A slow wave of pleasure teased through her body.
She closed her eyes and bit her lip to try to ignore it.
I took my time with another stroke.
Her hips rolled down and up in counterpoint.
“Do you plan to use my body against me to win this argument?” she asked softly.
There was no longer any fire in her anger.
“I plan to use your body to show you there never was an argument,” I answered.
“Open your eyes,” I suggested.
She considered it a command and she pointedly ignored it.
I moved through another slow stroke.
Her eyes opened on the stroke after that.
With a quick smile, I used my eyes to ask her to watch as I did it again.
She lifted her head and watched my body undulate over hers as I moved through two more slow strokes.
“Fine,” she conceded.
“This feels good, and you are enjoying it.
You should go faster so we can cum.
” “We’ll see about faster,” I teased.
“This is very different than what we’ve done before.
Are you enjoying it?” “Yes, but not enough to finish.
” “We have time,” I replied.
“Try something for me.
” I continued with the slow strokes.
“Concentrate on what you are feeling just inside.
Try to squeeze the muscles there and feel the textures as they slide by.
” She smiled.
“I feel how hard you are, and that is what I am enjoying.
” “There is more than just hardness there.
Concentrate on feeling the ridge of the head, and the ripples of the veins.
” Another wave of pleasure moved her body beneath mine.
“Keep doing that,” she said with a trembling voice.
“Keep concentrating,” I commanded.
“But also, let yourself feel how your lips are teasing me.
They are squeezing in to push me away as my cock nearly slips out.
They reluctantly spread as I push in.
They flutter and try to hold me when I am pressed all the way in.
” Her hands grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as she lifted her hips to meet my slow rhythm.
“How are you doing that,” she whispered.
I smiled and continued the slow pace.
“We’re not done,” I teased.
“Keep concentrating.
Keep feeling.
Tell me what I am adding now.
” At the deepest point of penetration, I rolled my pelvis forward.
Her eyes went round with surprise.
On the next stroke, she added a bit of extra roll to her hips.
“That feels so good,” she exclaimed.
“You’re rolling on my clit with each stroke.
If you keep doing that, I swear I’m going to cum!” “That would be tragic,” I teased.
“I don’t know if I can keep going like this.
Your nipples are getting very hard and I want to stop and tease them instead.
” “No, don’t stop!” she commanded.
Her hands shot to her breasts to cover her nipples.
She gasped as she felt how hard they were.
A nearly pained look spread across her face.
Her eyes bored into mine as she slowly pinched her nipples and started to cum.
It started as a fluttering of the muscles that tried to hold my cock, and worked its way up her body.
She started panting as her body tightened in pleasure.
Mid orgasm, she reached up and pulled me down for a kiss.
The kiss was gentle and long lasting.
It was a perfect reflection of her pleasure.
When the kiss and the orgasm ended, she gently pushed me away to stare into my eyes.
She could not find the words to express her pleasure.
I smiled in understanding.
“There are many ways to bring a woman to orgasm,” I said with a smile.
“Was this better than the other day?” She still could not find words.
“Are peaches better than ice cream?” I asked.
“They are too different to answer.
Both are good.
” She liked my explanation and she pulled me down and kissed me again.
“Now I want peaches and ice cream,” she teased as the kiss ended.
“We better get some of Robin’s pads then,” I teased back and she blushed deeply.
“What?” I asked playfully.
“When I told her our story, she made me buy a mattress pad, just in case.
” “And?” I teased, knowing what she would say.
“And it’s already on, under the sheets.
She guaranteed it works.
” “We’ll have to test it then,” I laughed.
I gave her a quick kiss, and then pushed up so more of my weight was on my knees.
My cock slid about half way out of her.
A wave of pleasure moved through her body and I pressed back in.
We quickly found a nice pace at a medium speed.
I was able to assume a three point stance, freeing up one hand to caress her body and tease her breast.
She locked her fingers behind my neck and let me take control.
“Remember how my cock felt, moving slowly? Where do you feel that now?” She shook her head.
“We’re moving too fast for that.
” “Trust me,” I said with a smile.
She concentrated on watching my cock thrusting into her pussy.
“It’s the same place,” she said, “but it’s moving too fast to feel anything but the hardness.
” “How about now?” I asked as I went up a little higher on my knees.
I also added a bit of sideways motion at the deepest part of the thrust.
“The same, but different?” she asked with a frown.
“I’m getting close, fast!” “Different how,” I persisted.
“I don’t know, deeper?” she whimpered.
“Oh, god, that’s it!” She came hard and fast.
It took every bit of will power for me to hold back as I helped her ride the wave of pleasure.
Her insides were dancing and fluttering all up and down my cock in a most pleasing way.
As her pleasure ebbed, I slowed with it, and slowly stopped to let her catch her breath, but not for long.
“So, we went deeper, but not deep enough,” I teased.
She smiled.
“That was really good.
” I started to fuck her again.
“It’s too soon,” she complained as her eyes watched our bodies begin to move together.
She rolled her hips and dug her heels into my ass.
“God, that feels so good,” she added.
I leaned forward and kissed her in agreement.
Then I pushed back until I was up on my knees.
Her eyes went round in wonder as my cock was pulled into a different angle inside her.
I lifted her hips and pulled her partially up onto my legs and I started thrusting hard.
She arched her back and pressed hard against me, but I continued to power my way into her.
She cried out as her pussy contracted hard on my cock, and her hot cum started to spray out around my pistoning motion.
Her stomach contracted in pleasure, and it pulled her up to sit on my lap.
Her elevated position on my lap brought her breasts right into my face.
I squeezed her ass hard and kept pumping as I caught her hard nipple in my mouth and teased it with my teeth and tongue.
She cried out in pleasure and I let my orgasm take control of me.
She arched away from my teeth and as she fell back onto the bed, I fell forward on top of her.
We continued to thrust together for as long as we could, but eventually the pleasure consumed us.
I tried to roll onto the bed beside her, but she pulled be forward and held my body over hers.
Eventually, I recovered the strength to press up and stop crushing her.
She tried to pull me back down, but settled for partial crushing and intense kissing.
Her body continued to have aftershocks of orgasms for a long time.
When she finally released me, I was able to push up off of her.
She was a sight to behold.
She was completely relaxed, with a gentle smile on her face.
As I watched, a thought made her purse her lips, but still with a smile.
But then the smile started to fade.
I had no idea where her mind was racing off to, but I decided to make it stop.
I leaned down and bit her nipple.
Again, it was not exactly a bite, but I held her nipple tightly with my teeth while I sucked hard and teased it with my tongue.
She gasped, and yelled, “No!” She tried to push me off, but I persisted.
“Stop!” she cried as she finally pushed me away.
“What are you doing?” she demanded.
“Stopping your runaway brain,” I answered.
“Did it hurt?” She thought about it for half a second and answered, “No, but it was too intense.
” Another thought shot through her mind, and her body squirmed beneath me.
“It makes my nipple too sensitive,” she added.
“Oh?” I teased.
She blushed again.
“You bit me like that last time, and it was sensitive for days.
I wasn’t going to tell Robin about what happened, but she saw me teasing it while we watched a video, and she asked me why I started doing that.
I ended up telling her the whole story.
” She blushed even darker.
“It was sensitive for a couple of days.
Every time I felt it, my insides would get all fluttery.
I masturbated more in those two days than I ever have in my life!” “Maybe I should do the other one,” I teased.
“No!” she exclaimed and quickly covered her breasts with her hands.
A naughty smile crept over her face, and she lifted her hands a bit and said, “Maybe.
” Instead of attacking her other breast, I kissed her.
“You were starting to worry about the lawyers again.
We need to get cleaned up and go take care of that.
But, keep this in mind.
If I see your brain running away from you, I plan to tease that nipple to bring you back to reality.
” “The lawyers will love that,” she quipped.
Then she kissed me and added, “Thank you.
” — At her insistence, we walked to the lawyer’s office.
It was only eight blocks away.
About half way there, I looked over and saw by the look on her face that she was working herself up.
I pulled her to a stop and stepped in front of her.
I gave her a quick kiss.
“Stop,” I reminded her, “or else.
” With a sullen look, she asked, “Or else what?” With a smile, I leaned in and kissed her again.
I also used our closeness to block anyone from seeing my hand as I quickly slid it up and ran my thumb over her sensitized nipple.
She tried to twist away from the sensation and melt into my arms at the same time and I had to catch her.
Both of her nipples were noticeably hard when she pushed me away.
“Don’t do that,” she scolded, although I noticed she was fighting a smile.
“It was effective,” I pointed out.
“Only if you were trying to make me cum,” she teased.
She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in for a quick kiss before she spun me and pulled me towards the lawyer’s office.
She was still smiling when we got there.
It also took that long for her nipples to lose their hardness.
An older female secretary greeted us as we entered.
She had me fill out a form with my name, address and other particulars.
Then she ushered us into the big office behind her desk.
We briefly met with a much older gentleman who was one of the partners at the firm.
He explained that they had some informal questions that needed to be answered before the terms of Cindy’s grandmother’s estate could be met.
He explained that the questions were a bit personal, and he would like someone else to handle the questioning.
Two younger lawyers were then introduced, a man and a woman.
We stepped across a hallway into two smaller offices.
I gave Cindy’s hand a reassuring squeeze as we were separated.
She smiled back, so I figured things would at least start out well.
I was a bit surprised that the man joined her and the woman led me into our appointed room.
The woman re-introduced herself as Ms.
Her attitude was ice cold.
Her body was smoking hot.
She was dressing in a formal business suit that should have hidden her shape.
Instead, the cut of her jacket accentuated the petite lines of her shoulders, the perkiness of her breasts, and the hourglass flair of her waist and hips.
The top buttons of her blouse were undone, and if she turned as we spoke, I could see inside it well enough to describe the lace of her bra.
Her skirt displayed her hips and ass nicely, and ended just above her knees.
Her legs were well shaped, and although her shoes were relatively low heeled, they were exceptionally shiny.
I hoped that I was not too obvious in checking her out.
“Sir, I would like to explain something before we get started,” she said coolly.
“Sure,” I agreed.
“I have a list of questions and some instructions, and I can’t say that I like either.
” She was reading through some paperwork in her hand.
“These questions have absolutely nothing to do with our client, as near as I can tell.
And the instructions are absurd.
It says here that I am to come on to you, and to try to lead you on.
I am to gauge your receptivity to my advances.
” She looked up from the paperwork and stared directly into my eyes.
The temperature in the room dropped fifteen degrees with that look.
“I have no interest in you, and I refuse to follow these instruction.
I am asking that you answer these questions, and at the end, I want you to say you barely noticed me, because you are here for your friend.
” “Okay,” I answered, trying not to shiver.
Her eyes never left mine.
“Have you two had sexual intercourse?” she asked without blinking.
“Uh, wow,” I thought.
“Yes,” I answered.
“On more than one occasion?” “Barely,” I thought.
“Yes,” I said aloud.
“Would you describe those occasions as being mostly initiated by you or by her?” She read that one from her paper.
“I would say we’re pretty close to even on that,” I said with a smile.
She remained icy cool.
I noticed that she didn’t write anything down.
She read from the paper again.
“On the occasions that she initiated sexual intercourse, did she ever implicate additional incentives?” “What do you mean? Like dinner? Or promises of more sex? No?” She ignored my questions.
“Do you believe that the sexual intercourse you shared with her was mutually satisfying?” “Yes,” I answered with a big smile.
She couldn’t have cared less.
“Do you believe that she feels the same way?” “Yes, I should think so.
” “A lot of women fake it,” she said.
I don’t think that was on her papers.
She seemed to be looking past the paper, at nothing.
Her eyes slowly came up to mine again.
They were still icy cold.
“How do you know that she was satisfied?” she asked.
There was something suspicious about these questions.
I suddenly felt the need to conceal the fact that I had not known Cindy for very long, and that we really had only had sex twice.
I hoped that this woman thought I was considering this last question.
“I have seen Cindy masturbate to her own satisfaction.
I have given her satisfaction equal to that.
I have also taken her beyond that point, to a place where her body was too overcome with sensations to allow for her to be faking it.
” “I bet,” she said sarcastically.
I was in no mood to defend my experience to this ice cold bitch, so I said nothing.
“I bet you can just step in and give her a g-spot orgasm any time you want,” she said accusingly.
Online Now! Lush Cams ShaniRivers So maybe I was in the mood to defend myself.
“Listen,” I said, “G-spots are not something you can just race in and do.
There are a dozen ways to give a woman orgasmic satisfaction, and each of them requires different techniques and patience.
I surprise her every time we get together, and she has surprised me as well.
” “G-spot orgasms aren’t even real,” she pointed out.
“Only to women who haven’t had one,” I responded.
“I’m sorry that you have never had the experience.
” “This isn’t about me,” she said coldly.
“The only way for a man to give a woman an orgasm is if the guy can manage to last long enough for her to finish first.
Most guys don’t.
” “Do you only use one technique when you masturbate?” She blushed.
Before she could answer, I continued.
“I bet sometimes you tease yourself, slowly building to release.
Other times, you rub furiously and race to a satisfying crash.
Have you ever tried teasing your nipples until you cum? Try it, and then tell me there is only one way for a woman to orgasm.
” The icy bitch was actually flustered, and had no idea what to say to me.
Her jaw muscles flexed as she struggled to find words.
Did she press her knees together to combat a growing warmth between her legs? She was saved by a sudden commotion in the hall, followed by the door slamming open.
Cindy rushed into the room and grabbed my arm.
“Come on, John.
We’re leaving,” she commanded.
Tears were pouring down her face and her motions were very jittery.
I should have realized earlier that if I was getting these questions, so was she.
And if her interviewer was hitting on her at the same time, things would have gotten out of control quickly.
I should have realized and moved to help her.
We needed to put a stop to this nonsense, and emotionally storming out was not going to settle the matter.
I did the meanest thing I could possibly have done.
I pulled Cindy close, and putting my forehead on hers, I loudly said her name.
At the same time, I turned her body into mine, blocking the view from the door.
My hand swept up, and I pinched her nipple as I held her breast.
She let out an astonished squeak, and her knees almost gave out.
I caught her, and said her name again.
Her eyes slowly found their focus, and she looked at me.
“Cindy, I don’t know what game they are playing here, but we are ending it now.
” She swallowed, and nodded.
“We are going to go see the senior lawyer, and make him explain what any of this has to do with your grandmother.
” She nodded again.
“I told you not to do that,” she barely whispered.
I was still holding her breast and her nipple.
With a naughty smile, I rolled her nipple between finger and thumb.
Her eyes closed, and she almost looked angry.
“I warned you what would happen,” she whispered tersely.
I gently released her breast, and slid my hand down to her side.
She clung to me for support, and I noticed that both of her nipples were very erect.
She took two long deep breaths, and slowly blew the air out.
Finally, she looked up at me with an embarrassed smile, and said, “Thank you.
” A noise turned our attention to the door.
The older gentleman stood there.
Although he stood in the doorway to the room we were in, he was facing down the hallway.
“Thank you, Mr.
Hoag, you may go.
I will see you in the main office tomorrow,” he said.
Looking into the room, he said, “Ms.
Connors, this is not the first time you have not understood the nature of the duties I have assigned you.
You are dismissed.
Please wait here while I conclude this business.
” Finally, he turned to us.
“Cindy, please accept my apologies,” he said.
“Your grandmother’s instructions did not explain how I was to make some of the determinations that I needed to distribute her holding, and I could not think of any other way.
” A tired and ironic smile touched his lips.
“You two should know that neither of you answered a tenth of the questions I devised to determine how you conveniently found this gentleman and just how committed he is to you.
I needed to know that he could temper that imagination of yours.
There are assets that I could not in good conscience give to you without checks and balances for your good and bad traits.
” Neither of us knew what to say to this.
I guess he felt there was some logic to it, but it alluded me.
A genuine smile preceded his next words.
“I was equally concerned that if I could not direct those assets to you, my other options were beyond disastrous.
I doubt that the employment and welfare of two hundred people would have mattered to the alternate recipients.
” His eyes turned very serious as he focused on me.
“Sir, I trust that you will do right by Cindy, and that you will help her to stay grounded when her imagination takes flight.
” “It’s not that bad,” Cindy said quietly.
“I have it under control,” she added.
With a gentle smile, the lawyer said, “Cindy, do you recall that my firm represented you in the incident with the car?” She blushed and her eyes fell to the floor.
“Cindy,” he said nicely, “I know that you stopped seeing that counselor that your grandmother introduced you to.
There is a lot at stake here, and I implore you to find friends like this gentleman to help you.
Also, it is my opinion that you will need legal help that is outside of the scope of the services I offered both of your grandparents.
I might strongly suggest you talk with Ms.
Connors here.
She is by far one of the best legal advisers we have ever employed, but her ethics were going to prevent her from ever making partner in my firm.
” Cindy and Ms.
Connors gave each other a speculative look.
I almost laughed as the older lawyer unconsciously rubbed his hands together as if he were washing his hands.
“Madam and Sir,” he said to us, “you should be receiving a formal letter in a week or so with the final terms of the will.
Thank you for your time, and have a pleasant evening.
” “But what about the house?” Cindy blurted out.
“What house?” he asked back.
“The only house in your grandmother’s estate was her residence.
Per her instructi



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