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When we woke in the morning Jack and I almost were caught sneakin’ out the back door but I think we got away clean.
We got our horses, I told Jack I’d see him later, and I left for home.
When I entered the gate Pablo urgently motioned for me to pull into the stable without waiting to get off the horse.
After I entered and did get down he said, “Senor Sam, I think someone is spying on you.
I don’t know if they want to hurt you, but I thought, to be safe, you should not pause in the yard.
” “How do you know this, Pablo, what have you seen.
” “Senor, this is a pretty quiet area, and I know all the neighbors and tradesmen who come here, so when I see somebody new, I pay attention to them.
I saw this man peering around the house and barns, and always he was watching our house.
He was not very good at sneaking, so I snuck out around him and watched him.
He’s carrying a rifle and he’s not going to find any deer in our yard, I think.
” “Pablo, you’re a gem.
Go out in the yard and see if you can tell where he is without him knowing you’re looking for him.
” Pablo grabbed a bucket, went to the well, and brought a full bucket back into the stable.
“Then Pablo said, “ He’s behind the green barn across the street.
If you go out the back door, and cross down to the left, you could get behind him easy.
” Following Pablo’s directions, I was able to quietly walk right up behind him.
He was on one knee, looking around the corner of the barn, with the rifle in his hands.
Pablo was right, he wasn’t very good at this.
He was a shoddy looking, middle aged ruffian with a wispy beard.
I put my pistol right behind his head and cocked it.
He tensed up, and then slowly turned his head to be looking down the barrel.
I quietly ordered him, “Put the rifle on the ground and slowly stand up and turn around” He complied and stood there looking pretty dejected.
“Who are you, who sent you to be spying on me,” I barked.
“Oh, no, senor, I wasn’t spying on you.
” The next few seconds taught him the futility of lying to a man with a gun pointed at you.
After he picked himself off the ground again, he was more voluble.
“Senor Garza is paying me to keep track of when you go and when you return.
That’s all, senor, I wasn’t going to do anything else.
” “Did he tell you to bring a rifle in case you ran into any bears? Tell me how much he offered to shoot me, and who else knows about the bounty on me?” He started to deny again, and again he had to get off the ground, now with a bloody mouth.
Gun barrels are hard.
“Alright, I’ll tell you, please don’t shoot me, I needed money for my family, they are hungry, senor.
” “You should have sold your rifle for food money.
Now you’ve lost your rifle and still don’t have any money, now start talkin’.
” “Si, senor, Senor Garza was talking to some of us in his warehouse.
He seemed very angry at you, senor.
He said he would pay good money to piss on your grave, and when one of the men asked how much he said he’d pay one hundred dollars.
” “That’s all the cheap bastard was willing to pay.
That’s an insult.
” “All the men said that was not enough to try to kill a man like you, and then he said he’d give ten dollars for someone to watch you.
I said I would.
I only brought the rifle in case I had to protect myself if you caught me.
” “Yeah, sure, or in case a pussy cat threatened you.
Now listen, You go tell Garza if I find anyone else just watching me, he’s a dead man.
If he’s not too cheap to hire someone good and they do get me, I’m not too cheap to set up something so he’ll be dead before I’m buried.
He’ll never piss on my grave.
Now, get out of here, and you better hope I never see you again.
I’d move if I was you.
” He leaned over as if to pick up his rifle.
I shook my head no and he slumped away.
I returned home and told Pablo, ”Here’s a pretty good rifle for you in case you see any more watchers.
I think you’re now making five.
no, ten dollars a month more.
Pablo, can you fix me up some breakfast, I’ve had a very strenuous night.
Then, let me nap a couple hours.
I have to go see Jack later.
” After my nap, I found Jack at his home, sitting at his table, going over some notes Jasmine had made.
He looked up at me and said, “Sam, Jas made some good notes, but it’s not enough information for what we want to do.
I know someone who can fill us in.
She hates all the big shots around here and I think she’ll thank us for a chance to fuck them up.
” “Jeez Jack, you want to bring the whole town in on this? It’s getttin’ pretty complicated.
” Okay, Sam, then let’s just go and see her.
We won’t say anything about the plan ’til you say so.
You’ll enjoy meeting her anyway, she’s one of a kind and a good friend to people she likes.
” I thought Jack had went a little cuckoo when we pulled up in front of this mansion.
I don’t know if mansion is the right word.
Amphitheater maybe? When we rang the bell the door was opened by a real butler.
He recognized Jack and led us to a room off the side of the entry and said he’d see if the lady of the house would see us.
He returned in a few minutes and said the lady would receive us, and led us only a few miles farther down a hall and into a glass room.
I don’t know what you call it, but it was full of plants and full grown trees.
There, on a small throne-like chair sat an older woman, sitting upright, beautifully gowned and with an elaborate coiffure.
Although you could tell she was elderly her face was almost unlined and one could easily see what a beauty she had been.
Looking closer I changed that to “still was.
” She looked up at me and then Jack, slightly smiled, and said, “How the hell are you Jack, and who’s this big galoot? Want a drink? Frederick, get the whiskey.
” Jack smirked at the look on my face and introduced us, “Sadie, this is Sam Ash, I know you’ve heard of him.
Sam, I’d like you to meet the Marquesa Montemayor, known to her friends as Sadie.
” Well, I don’t know if I was supposed to bow, genuflect or what.
I knew enough to close my mouth and was saved when Mrs.
Montemayor said, “Don’t stand there gaping at me, pull up a chair and have a drink.
Frederick, where the hell is the whiskey? From what Jack has told me about you, you may call me Sadie, too.
I’ve heard about you bringing west that poor widow, I’d like to meet her, do you think she would come to dinner tonight?” I was still a little taken aback from the last few moments, but said, “I don’t think so, she’s still very distraught, but I’m sure she’d want to meet you, soon.
” “That’s good, no time like the present.
Frederick, have the carriage brought around.
Now, Sam, have another drink while we’re waiting and tell me about your trip.
I’d also like to know how you’re going to cut Garza and his bunch off at the knees.
” “Uh, Sadie, that’s not common knowledge, do you mind if I ask how you know? “Don’t look at Jack.
He didn’t tell me, but he’ll tell you that there’s not much that happens around here that I don’t know about sooner or later, usually sooner.
” Just then Frederick came in and announced the carriage was ready, and we left for the hotel.
If I thought that Emilio had made a production over Sandra when she entered the hotel, I changed my mind when I escorted Sadie in.
He did everything he could do for her except a brass band.
With five minutes notice he would have had that, too Sadie smiled at Emilio and asked, “How are you, Emilio, is everything going well with you?” “Oh, yes, Ma’am, what can I do for you this evening? Can I get you anything? Will you be dining with us? May I show you to the dining room? “Calm down Emilio, what you can do is see if Mrs.
Whitaker would receive us.
If she will please ask if she would join us for dinner.
” Emilio damn near ran up the stairs.
In a few minutes he returned and said, “ Mrs.
Whitaker would be delighted to receive you, but begs off dinner in the dining room.
Instead, she asks if you wouldn’t mind eating in her suite as she is still a little uncomfortable amongst groups of people she doesn’t know.
” Sadie countered, “That would be delightful.
Emilio, please prepare everything and we will go up.
” The following forty five minute performance was one I’ll never forget.
During the time that a dining room table was being set up, extra furniture was being removed for more room, waiters and waitresses bringing up dainty little canapés and before dinner tiny sips of something, Sadie and Sandie sat and exchanged the most meaningless pleasantries and polite nothings I’d ever heard.
Even Jasmine fit right in, removing soiled little plates and glasses, providing lacy little napkins, which didn’t touch a mouth at any time, and then just stood in the background like a piece of furniture.
Finally, everything was laid out and we sat for dinner.
Two waiters and a waitress served our dinners and then the waiters left, the waitress staying in case we needed someone to chew our food for us, I guess.
Online Now! Lush Cams Naomi_Hill Sadie finally told her we would fend for ourselves and she was dismissed, and after a cute little curtsy, she was gone.
After the door closed behind the waitress, Sadie looked at Jack and me and shouted, “What in God’s name are you two idiots trying to do here.
The second I walked in here I knew that “Mrs.
Whitaker” is a rich widow like I’m a poor old washerwoman” Jack jumped up and announced to me, “See, I knew she’d never fall for it, she’s too canny.
” Sadie responded, “Shut up Jack, everything was perfect except I’ve seen these two beauties on the stage in London a year or so ago.
Nobody else has been out of this hick town for eons, they think Sante Fe is the center of the world, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else.
Now, sit down and eat your dinner, and fill me in.
Isn’t your name Jasmine? Well, grab a plate and a chair, there’s plenty.
Oh, before you sit down, have you any whiskey? I don’t care for wine with dinner.
Now, you two, get to eating and talking.
” We spent the next couple hours filling her in, she agreed she was in and laughed like crazy.
She loved the whole idea.
First thing she wanted to do was have Mrs.
Whitaker and her companion stay with her.
“Sandra, you’ll love it.
I’ve this great old barn with just me and the servants.
They’re as loyal to me as my own family would be.
Actually better, I had some real bastards in my family.
“Won’t they get a little curious about what we’re doing.
” I asked They’ve seen some of my shady dealings and never said a word.
Jasmine, you won’t have to act as a servant, but a trusted companion, and when we’re alone, not even that.
Sandy, you’ll meet all the power people and the wealthy.
I’ll throw a party and none of them would have the guts not to show up.
” “Will you help us with information?” Jack inquired.
“Of course, this will be the most fun I’ve had in years.
Nobody in town has a bigger spy network than I.
I even knew about that watcher you took care of, Sam.
I wanted to see how you handled that, and you did fine.
Jasmine dear, would you have a little more whiskey left?” We made arrangements for the girls to move tomorrow and I asked Sandy if she had enough to pay the hotel bill.
She told me,”Turns out that’s not a problem, Sadie said she’d handle it.
She owns the hotel.
” Jack wanted to repeat last night but I told him we’ve other things to take care of.
He pouted but agreed.
I wasn’t too happy about it either.
We escorted Sadie back to her palace and went in.
I asked Sadie if she had good security,”We’re going to be playing some rough games, Sadie, and I don’t want you in any danger” She said Frederick took care of that, so I went to see him.
Jack said I could take care of it and had a game going, and left.
I found him in the kitchen.
He stood when I entered and I looked him over.
He was about my size, maybe a little beefier, and I’d guess, quite a bit older.
He was looking me over, too.
He frowned and said, “I’ve told Jack this before and I’m telling you too.
If you put that old lady in any danger, I’ll do my best to kill you.
” “Calm down, Fred, that’s why I wanted to see you.
Is there good security here for Sadie.
” He frowned and said, “No, not really, there’s just me and the coachman and he bunks above the coach house.
” I told him, “Okay, is there somewhere I can stay at night until I get some outside help to watch the place? He smiled at me now, “We’ve got more bedrooms than a dog has fleas.
I’ll give you a key to the servant’s entrance and you won’t even be seen, coming and going.
You’ll even be able to bring your horse in the back gate and put him in the stable.
Come with me, I’ll get one of the maids to fix a place for you.
” He called a maid and led me to a very nice room in the center of the building, not far from Sadie’s room and one that would have to be passed to get to her suite.
I think Frederick had taken a shine to me.
The maid he assigned to get the room ready was cute as a ladybug and not much bigger but there sure weren’t any parts missing.
She was one of those round, extra curvy types with all the equipment and then some.
Just before Frederick left he nodded at her and winked at me.
She was leaning over the bed at the time, tucking in the sheet and that cute little short maid uniform wasn’t hiding much, especially when she saw me looking and wiggled her little butt more than was needed to tuck sheets.
While I was taking off my pistol belt and hanging it on the headboard she carried some towels into the adjoining washroom.
When she returned I just happened to notice a few more buttons were undone on her bodice.
I’ve a pretty good eagle eye when it comes to the important things.
She walked right up to me and asked,”Is there anything else I can help you with, sir.
” She was standing so close that when I looked down at her I could swear I could see her belly button.
I asked her name and she whispered, “Naomi.
” “Uh, maybe, what did you have in mind?” “Well, I could hang up your clothes after you take them off.
” she said with a bawdy grin.
“That’s a dandy idea, but my clothes are all dusty from riding around town, and I wouldn’t want to get that cute uniform of yours dirty, so maybe you better take it off first to keep it clean, and then you can help me get undressed.
I’ll even help you first.
” Being a gentleman, I proceeded to help the young lady take all her clothes off, in the cause of sanitation, of course.
As we proceeded to strip her, more and more of her charms were revealed, first her breasts, much like two alluring, creamy, white half melons, with even the rosy stems extending, then the exquisite curvature of her waste, quickly expanding to her bewitching, full hips and finally to the treasure of her womanly mound, already moist.
Naomi then proceeded to help me disrobe.
She had a little trouble ’cause my hands seem to get in her way more than one would think when helping someone undress.
She had a difficult time unbuttoning my shirt when I cupped her little butt with both hands and pulled her tight against my throbbing groin.
Eventually she had everything off me but my underwear trunks when she looked down and said,”Do you carry another pistol in your underwear? Isn’t that uncomfortable?” I countered with,” Let’s get them off and we’ll see.
” and she pulled them down to my ankles.
While still there she looked up and tittered, “My word, what horse did you get that from, I don’t think I can take all that!” She seemed to be fascinated with my dick as she held it up and looked under it, I suppose to see if it was really attached to me and wasn’t fake.
She then took a little lick on the head for a little precum and must have liked it for she opened her mouth wide and inserted all she could.
She did very well.
I think she probably had a lot of practice.
She sure knew what to do with what she could handle.
Soon my knees were shaking so hard by now I didn’t know if I was going to be standing much longer.
I reached down and picked her up by the waist and gently laid her on the bed with her legs from the knees down hanging.
I carefully spread her legs apart and starting at the knees , kissed and licked my way up her thighs until I reached her dewy pussy.
I tasted a little of her sweet honey and then plunged my tongue into her cleft, licking and and sucking in her juices.
My lust was raging and I just couldn’t get enough to satisfy it.
Naomi was obviously enjoying my ministrations as she kept humpin’ up her hips and writhing side to side, while quietly whining and moaning.
Every few moments she would give directions or comments, “Oh, yesyess! Faster! Deeper! That’s wonderful! Do that some more!” She had a hold of my hair with both hands, trying, it seemed, to get my whole head in her pussy, but I thought that a tongue and three fingers was about the best I could do.
After a while she let go of my hair and said, “Mr.
Ash, Sam, I need you in me now, I want to feel that cock of yours deep inside me, NOW.
” I worked my way up her body, kissing, nibbling and licking, stopping a few moments at her navel, and continuing to her exquisite breasts, where I paused my journey for more than a few moments as I enjoyed their softness while still being firm and delicious to my lips, tongue, and hands.
Then I finished my journey at her luscious mouth in a long erotic kiss, swapping our tongues in each others mouths, while taking one hand and caressing her pussy lips with my dick to moisten it and then, finally, slowly, implanting it in her love canal.
She was startled for a second and said, “Oh, Sam, that feels so good.
Take it slow, I don’t know how much I can take.
You’re stretching me wide open and it’s amazing how good that feels.
Now deeper, Sam, a little more, more, some more, I feel like you’ll come into my throat soon, but some more, oh yess, more, deeper, aghhh, that’s so good.
” For a little lady she took almost everything and then begged me to fuck her with long strokes, which I ardently complied with until, soaked with sweat, we just lay there in that happy lassitude that follows a wondrous coupling.
She stayed the night, semi awaking from time to time to cuddle even closer.
I slept like a rock.



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