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“It was so nice of you to have me and Tyler join you guys up here for the weekend! We really appreciate it,” Brooke said to Amy, holding her cup of coffee close to her lips to protect against the chilly bite of the Sierra Nevada breeze before taking a sip.
“Jacob and I have been up here so often, just the two of us, that we decided that this year we wanted some company and who better than you two? I mean, you and Jacob spend so much time together at work that I’m sure you’d like to hang out someplace other than the office,” said Amy.
“Plus, he speaks so highly of you that I wanted to get to know my husband’s best employee better myself!” Amy smiled and took a short sip of her steaming coffee.
She looked out at the towering snow dusted pine trees from the cabin’s expansive porch and took a deep breath, filling her lungs with the clean mountain air.
“Oh, I’m not the best.
I just try to help him with what I can.
Jacob is such a great boss,” Brooke said, smiling as she took another sip of her coffee.
“Jacob told me you were modest.
We were lucky that we drove up the mountain when we did last night.
Just look at how all the fresh powder makes everything look so pristine, so untouched.
” “It’s so beautiful,” Brooke sighed.
“Yes it is.
No matter how many times I see it, I never get tired of it.
It’s almost too much for my eyes to take,” Amy said, in between sips.
“I get so used to the sharp angles, gray tones and hustle-bustle of the city that the mountainside still takes my breath away after all these years.
” “How many years have you and Jacob owned this place?” asked Brooke.
“Actually, it belongs to my family”, Amy replied.
“My father purchased it when I was ten.
I’m the only one of the Millers that has come up every year since.
Twenty winters I’ve made the trek up here.
” “Five of them with me! The other fifteen.
who knows? I don’t ask,” Jacob chuckled, emerging from the log cabin with a bottle of Kahlua coffee liqueur.
Tyler, Brooke’s boyfriend of six months, followed close behind holding a couple of mugs.
“Oh come on honey! You know I was a virgin when I met you!” Amy said, holding her mug out for her husband to top off with Kahlua and turned to face Tyler.
“Well, born again anyway!” Tyler nervously laughed along with Amy and glanced over at Brooke as Jacob filled her mug as well, his hand on her hip as he did so.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa Jakey.
You know I don’t do well with alcohol,” Brooke giggled.
“You know, you’re the only one I allow to call me Jakey.
I hated it as a kid and I hate it now, but for some reason I let you slide, Brookie.
” Jakey? Brookie? What in the fuck.
Tyler thought, walking over to the pair to hand Jacob his mug and break up their little.
“Don’t worry Tyler, I didn’t forget about us.
I have another bottle inside.
We should head in, it’s going to be colder than a penguin’s asshole out here soon.
” “A penguin’s asshole! Oh my God Jakey!” Brooke laughed.
let’s head in,” Tyler said as he placed his hand on Brooke’s back and followed her into the cabin.
The couples gathered around the living room and made themselves comfortable on the wooden framed couches that horseshoed around the large rock fireplace.
“Why don’t you start a fire Jakey, I mean Jacob.
” Amy teasingly suggested as she filled Brooke’s mug with more liqueur.
“We have some butterscotch schnapps too.
It’s heavenly with the Kahlua and coffee.
” “Oh, umm, I don’t know.
I’m already feeling a bit tipsy,” Brooke confessed.
“Don’t be silly! We are on vacation now,” Amy got up and fished the schnapps out of the duffel bag she had yet to unpack.
Minutes became hours and day became night as the couples warmed themselves by the fire, talked, laughed and sipped on their spiked coffee.
I have to go to the little girl’s room,” Brooke said and stood up, spilling a bit of coffee and stumbling forward.
“Whoa baby.
I think you need to slow down,” Tyler said, darting up to steady his drunk girlfriend.
” Brooke rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder.
“I thiiiiiiink.
” “Oh yeah baby? You thiiiiiink uh?” Tyler mocked.
Amy stood and whispered into Tyler’s ear.
“I thiiiink you better take her to the room now.
She looks pretty done for the night.
Jakey-poo over there doesn’t look so great either.
” “Yeah, I noticed him starting to doze off about half an hour ago.
” Tyler said, glancing over at Jacob: his head laid back, mouth open, arms laid out to his side.
“Go lay this drunk little thing down,” said Amy.
“I’m going to tuck my husband in.
I’m not sleepy at all, you?” “I’m wide awake actually.
” “Good, I’m sure my brother has a deck of cards in here somewhere.
Come out and join me, we won’t let these party-poopers ruin our fun.
” “Sounds good, I’ll be right out.
I want to enjoy this cabin as much as I can while we’re up here.
” When Tyler came back from the bedroom he saw Amy already sitting at the table shuffling the cards.
“I should put some more wood in the fire,” he offered.
“Jack Frost keeps wanting to crash our party.
I just don’t want to wake Jacob, it was nice of you to let us take the bedroom.
” “Don’t worry about Jakey, he could sleep through a firefight.
” Amy said, loudly shuffling the cards.
“Jakey, Brookie.
,” Tyler said.
“What’s up with that, right?”  “It’s a little.
comfortable of them,” she replied.
“I’d say,” Tyler agreed as he tossed a couple logs in the slowly dying fire.
He gave the coals a couple of pokes, watched the flames come back to life and walked to the table where Amy was seated.
“I’m sorry about the cards,” Amy said, smiling sheepishly as she pushed the deck across the table.
“My brother and his friends may be in their thirties, but their minds are still in high school.
” Tyler picked up his cards.
“Oh my God!” he laughed and looked down at the Queen of hearts.
A picture of a young blonde on her knees blowing a guy while jerking off another staring back at him.
“To be honest, I kind of like them though,” Amy winked.
“Yeah, I kind of like them too.
” “Look at this one,” Amy laughed and tossed the deuce of spades on Tyler’s stack.
“Is that two cocks in her ass?” “It is indeed.
That is two cocks in her ass.
” “That’s a little gay ain’t it?” “Yeah, just a little.
” “What game do you want to play?” “How about truth or dare?” Amy suggested while flipping through the cards.
“Truth or dare? Are you sure it’s not just your brother that’s stuck in high school?” Tyler teased.
“Whoever pulls the highest card goes first, alright?” She said, grinning.
“Alright,” Tyler grinning right back at her.
Tyler pulled the Jack of diamonds, an Asian girl on all fours, using a large pink dildo on herself, turning to flash her pearly whites at the camera decorating it.
that’s a good one.
My turn,” Amy said and pulled the King of clubs.
The picture of a ridiculously large cock resting on top of a brunette’s head making her laugh.
“That’s a club alright.
Looks like I win! Truth or dare?” “Damn! Hmmmm.
” “I was hoping you’d pick truth, my man.
” Amy took her attention off the cards and looked Tyler right in the eye.
“When did you start suspecting that my husband has been fucking your pretty little girlfriend?” Tyler froze, Amy’s question hitting him like a punch to the chest.
“I, uh.
” “Oh come on, I’m sure you’ve suspected something.
The late night emergency meetings, the texts, the new perfume she’s wearing?” “Brooke’s sister gave her that.
” “The D&G Light Blue? I found a receipt for it in Jacob’s pants last week,” she said.
“And it’s not the first receipt for Light Blue I’ve found.
I don’t wear it, he gets it for all his girls.
Did you see her ‘sister’ give it to her or did she just tell you that? Kind of a big coincidence, don’t you think? I smelled it on Brooke on the drive up here.
It’s the moment when I was finally convinced.
Not that the endless long brown hairs in his laundry and their little pet names for each other weren’t convincing enough.
” I didn’t see Jennifer give Brooke the perfume.
Tyler thought to himself.
Online Now! Lush Cams Holly_Bae He stood up, his breaths getting short, his throat and chest feeling like it had been hollowed out.
“Jesus, I think, I think you’re right.
They’re cheating.
I think they’re fucking cheating.
I’m going to go get her now an–” “No.
No, sit down.
How about we do them one better? Watch this,” Amy said and walked over to the couch where her drunk husband was sleeping.
She gave his cheek a light slap and turned to Tyler.
“See, Heavy sleeper.
Come over here.
” “What are you doing?” he asked.
Amy grabbed Jacob’s wrist, lifted it up about six inches and let it drop.
“He isn’t waking up for anything.
” “It’s like he’s hibernating,” he said.
“You strike me as a ‘poetic justice’ type of guy Tyler.
” “I do?”, he said, just as Amy turned off all the lights and stood in front of the amber glow of the crackling fire.
She unzipped her puffy white jacket and let it drop to the floor.
She removed her boots and slowly pealed off her jeans.
The blonde vixen knelt on the Persian rug in just her black satin panties and white button up shirt just a few feet away from her sleeping husband and gestured with her finger for Tyler to come join her.
He felt his cock growing stiff and swallowed harder than he had ever remembered swallowing before.
He was caught in an emotional whirlwind somewhere between titillation, nervousness and anger.
“Come stand in front of me Tyler.
You’re going to use me in front of my lying clueless husband.
” Amy unbuttoned her shirt and unclasped her bra.
She let it drop and massaged her breasts with both hands bringing her fingertips to her nipples and squeezing them while letting out a slight moan.
Tyler slowly approached Amy, one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on.
Brooke was hot and very young but he just couldn’t fathom how anyone could cheat on the angelic creature kneeling before him.
The wrongness of the situation exciting him, the thrill of revenge driving him, Amy’s allure drawing him to her almost against his will.
Amy reached out, slipped her fingertips into his waistband and pulled him close to her.
She opened up his button-fly jeans and pulled them down to his thighs, along with his boxers.
Tyler’s large erect cock sprang free, bouncing in front of Amy’s face.
“Oh wow.
someone’s a big boy.
Yum,” she whispered before wrapping her lips around his swollen hunk of meat.
He looked down at her face being illuminated perfectly by the firelight, exaggerating her best features.
She cupped his balls and gently massaged them as she intensified her sucking.
Tyler looked at Jacob laying on the couch, his facial features hidden in the darkness.
“Look at me big boy, forget him.
” Amy removed her lips from his cock and gave it a kiss.
She stood and nuzzled into Tyler’s neck while stroking his dick.
“How do you want me?” How did I go from coffee and cards to having this woman, I hardly know, sucking my dick and begging me to fuck her in front of her husband with my drunk ass girlfriend in the next room? She’s so fucking sexy too.
I haven’t been with a blonde in a while.
But fuck, what if Jacob wakes up.
Tyler’s mind raced.
“Psssst, Hey stud.
I’m right here, snap out of it.
I want you to rip my panties off and fuck me with that big cock of yours.
” Amy bent over, rested her hands on the wooden coffee table and stuck her ass out, wiggling it slightly.
Tyler slowly approached and gently placed his hands on her waist, still a bit taken aback by the situation.
“I want you inside me so bad.
Fuck me Tyler.
I want it, come on.
” Tyler shot Jacob one more glance and let him slip out of his mind.
He slowly ran his hand down Amy’s back and gripped the waistband of her panties as tightly as he clenched her shoulder length blonde hair and tugged on them as hard as he could, ripping the satin panties off her body and tossing them on Jacob’s chest.
Shit, I can’t believe I just did that.
He thought.
Amy inhaled deeply when she felt the sting of the elastic snap and felt a rush of moisture deep in her love tunnel.
She couldn’t help but reach between her legs to rub the wetness into her engorged rosebud.
“Fuck me now Tyler, fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy hard.
” Tyler grabbed the base of his cock and worked the head between Amy’s legs, rubbing her sweet juices all around her soft, wet opening.
He sank his head into the warm tightness of her cunt, making him feel like he was growing harder with every centimeter he entered.
He shoved the remaining length of his cock in mercilessly, paused and pulled out slowly.
“Oh God yes.
Just like that, fuck that pus–” Amy’s words cut off and replaced with a throaty moan as Tyler impaled her once again.
He placed one hand on her hip and pulled her head back as he increased the pace of his cock sliding in and out of her pink pocket.
Discretion was quickly and completely forgotten as Amy’s fleshy ass came slapping against his hips at a rapid pace.
He removed his hands from her hair and hip, placed them both on her shoulders and brought her into him harder and harder with each stroke.
Their bodies worked in unison, coming closer and closer to that breaking point they were both craving.
He could feel her clenching muscles tightening around his pumping shaft encouraging him, almost challenging him to fuck her harder and harder.
Oh fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Amy panted as she felt Tyler’s cock ravaging her cunt, his hips bouncing off her ass, his sweat dripping on her back, his large hands gripping her shoulders.
Tyler, I’m going to cum.
I’m cumming, fuck, I’m cumming!” Amy’s body trembled as her orgasm rolled through her body like a tsunami.
“UUMMFF!” Tyler grunted as his legs stiffened, his asshole tightened and felt his cum-load travel up the length of his shaft and spurt into Amy’s quivering pussy.
She pushed her ass into him as she felt each warm blast splash inside of her.
He loosened his grip on her shoulders, his strokes steadily slowing until finally coming to a stop.
He rested his forehead on her back for several long seconds, his legs relaxing, his heartbeat slowing, his chest heaving trying to catch his breath before slipping out of her.
That was so fucking good.
I doubt Jakey here gives it to Brooke like that.
He sure as hell doesn’t give it to me like that.
I hope this isn’t the last time we get to have a little fun, Tyler,” Amy said through heavy breaths, caressing his leg.
“This is definitely not the last time I’m having fun with you.
I hope Jakey doesn’t mind that I’m going to make his hot wife my personal fuck toy this weekend.
He can have all the fun he wants with Brookie, I think I’m getting the better part of the deal,” he said, giving her a light spank.
“Why don’t you go wash up and join your little girlfriend in bed before we push our luck too far.
See you tomorrow morning, stud.
maybe these two party-poopers will be too hungover to notice we went on a little walk bright and early, just the two of us.
” “I’m setting my alarm for seven,” he said, still numb from a mixture of euphoria and disbelief.
“Seven it is.
See you tomorrow, big boy.
” Tyler retreated to the bedroom leaving Amy standing naked except for her open white shirt.
She turned, walked around the coffee table to the couch and plopped herself next to Jacob.
“How was that, Jakey?” “Amy, my love, that was simply mind-blowing! I think this was the best one yet,” Jacob said, opening his eyes and stretching his arms.
“He totally bought every word.
The way you were both facing me while he fucked you was just phenomenal! I had to creep my hands under my ass to keep from jerking off and blowing my cover.
” “I know, right? When he came right at me, once I bent over the table, I just knew we had hit the jackpot!” “The bit about the Light Blue perfume.
Did you just think of that on the fly?” Jacob asked.
“Pretty much,” she replied.
“I got really lucky with that.
Did you bring your binoculars? I think there’s a few spots you can spy on us tomorrow morning when I take him out for our little walk.
You’ll be able to masturbate this time too.
” “I did and I can.
I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!” “I love you Jacob.
” “I love you Amy.



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