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Chapter One All he wanted to do was to get on and make a start.
It was dark in the wings of the theater, he was nervous and, to make matters worse, a pair of arms slid around his waist and a whispered “Ready?” reached his ears.
Not daring to speak, he turned his head sideways and nodded once firmly, as he did so a gloved hand reached up and caressed his cheek and then the cue and he was on, into the bright lights of the stage where nothing else mattered except the audience and the words of his lines springing to his lips.
As the applause rang out at the end of the second act and the cast held hands to take their bow Greg was aware of being totally drained and exhilarated at the same time, this was the first play in which he had ever taken part and taking a bow in front of an enthusiastic audience was, he imagined, rather like a near death experience, he was seeing himself looking down from above at his friends in the cast and the audience who had paid to see them perform.
A gentle squeeze on his hand brought him back down to earth and he turned to see Andi smiling at him and, with a slight tilt of her head, motion him forward to take his solo bow.
As he did so some members of the audience stood and then others until the floor of the theater was full of applauding patrons.
Overwhelmed Greg turned to his fellow cast members who were smiling at him, he reached for Andi’s hand and with his free hand beckoned the rest of the cast forward.
“They had not rehearsed for this,” he thought as they took the final bow, “but I’ll take it,” The curtains drew to a close.
“Well done everybody, that was an excellent performance for a first night, not perfect,” grinned Joyce as the director marched on stage in jeans and black t-shirt with her ever-present clipboard glued to her hand, “And I will have notes for you but I’ll email them later, for now go and have a drink and relax.
” Greg looked about him at the cast and stage crew milling about and let out a deep whoosh of breath in an effort to release the tension, as he did so he realised he was still holding Andi’s hand and he looked into her brown eyes, the smile of delight still on her face and for the first time that evening he allowed himself to take her in.
She looked exquisite, sparkling eyes, high cheekbones, a beautiful neck with her breasts accentuated by the empire line style she was wearing.
Everyone was giving everyone else congratulatory hugs and Andi drew him in, hugging him to her and then leaning back in the embrace to look at him.
“Are you talking to me now it’s over?” she laughed.
Embarrassed Greg pushed his hair off his forehead.
“I am so sorry, I had no idea I would be so nervous, I hope I was not too rude.
” “You were very rude, completely in a world of your own, I don’t often get ignored in that manner by men!” Andi’s response belied the expression on her face.
“If you are like that tomorrow, there will be no more hugs in the wings,” and with that she moved her hips against Greg and gave him a brushed kiss on the lips.
“Oh, and by the way,” she said, “That was a brilliant performance.
” “Why thank you, ma’am,” said Greg who was beginning to enjoy the embrace.
Friends they had been since they had joined the amateur dramatic society at the same time and then subsequently auditioned and been picked to play opposite each other in the play.
But, other than a rather chaste stage kiss, nothing untoward had happened, other than the fact that during rehearsals he was aware she filled a pair of jeans and a sweater very nicely.
But she was married and her husband was playing a minor role so Greg had played it strictly by the book and worked hard at learning his lines, learning his moves and then interpreting his part.
But now the relief of having the first night over, not feeling as tightly wound as a steel spring and having her arms round him while gazing into his eyes was just beginning to have an effect and Greg was further aware that, with a slightly more intentional movement of her hips in her light muslin dress, that she was aware of what was happening too.
Keeping hold of his hands, she stepped back glanced down quickly and then looked back into his eyes.
“Are you coming for something to eat?” Greg hesitated, torn, he had a girl he really liked in his arms, asking him to join her, he knew that the cast had after show gatherings planned for the week they were performing.
He was also aware that a number of the cast were taking time off so they could enjoy both the performing and the socializing afterwards without worrying about work, but for Greg, the next day was work and he had clients to please.
As the expressions of regret were beginning to form, he found himself being clapped on the back by the director.
“A brilliant job” she beamed at him, “I have never seen a first-timer act like that before, I simply don’t know how you do the quiver in the legs when you were playing the ‘stress scene’ but you captured it beautifully.
However, I do have a few notes for you, are you coming for something to eat, we could go over them in the restaurant, it won’t take long I promise you?” At this, with a laugh, Greg capitulated looking at the both of them and making a note to himself that should he ever take part in this sort of madcap adventure again, he would take time off.
But right now the adrenalin was beginning to wear off, he was starting to feel hunger pangs and he was with people whose company he was thoroughly enjoying.
Added to which the thought of a reheated meal in a lonely apartment was not at all appealing.
“Screw the clients,” he thought, I’ll make it up to them later.
” It took Greg time to get off stage as cast and stage crew alike were queuing up to congratulate him and by the time he got back to the dressing room the perspiration had dried under his costume and he felt cold and tired.
But the thought of Andi’s smile and food to eat cheered him and he headed towards the shower feeling better than he had for weeks.
The restaurant was just across the road from the theatre and dressed in jeans and crew necked sweater, Greg made his way through the front door to be hit by a wave of warmth and noise as the cast, their friends and family re-lived the evening’s performance.
Making his way to the bar he was hailed by Andi and her husband Peter.
Greg had not had a lot to do with Peter, they had shared no scenes together in the production, so it had been a quick ‘hi’ and then Greg had gone to rehearse with Andi and Peter gone to do his thing with other members of the cast.
Like Greg, Peter was in jeans but Andi was in a little black number, wearing high heels that did to her butt what shoe designers had always intended high-heeled shoes to do.
The dress was well cut and moved with her hips as she moved towards him.
Greg was expecting a couple of air kisses but Andi had different ideas, putting her arms on his shoulders, she pulled him towards her and kissed him gently on the lips, he could feel the moisture of her lips and the lipstick and the pressure of her hips and breasts.
“I’m glad you came, I thought you might cry off,” she husked in his ear.
Before he could respond she took him by the hand and pulled him towards the throng at the bar.
“Pete’s in the chair,” she smiled, “what’s your poison?” “Glass of red wine thanks” said Greg feeling slightly guilty at disturbing Pete who, before being prodded by his wife, was happily nursing a pint and making eyes and conversation about his epic ten line role with one of the female stage crew.
Pete, however, obviously knew better than to argue and also knew the stagehand well enough to ask her to look after his pint as he turned towards the bar to do his duty.
Greg desperately wanted to talk to Andi again but before he could do so, he was tapped on the arm by another female bearing a clipboard on which was a list of names.
“Greg, you are not on the list,” she shouted at him above the hubbub.
“Oh hi Grace, is that a problem?” Grace looked, not entirely sympathetically, at him as she cast around at the throng.
“You should have booked and I don’t know if there is enough room now.
” Greg looked around him and realised, with some alarm that the reheated meal at home was again beginning to look a distinct possibility when Andi hooked an arm in his and leaned towards Grace.
“He can share our table,” she said looking at her husband’s back as he retrieved a large glass of red wine from the barmaid.
“There’s only three of us presently and, as Joyce is the third and she wants to give Greg his notes before he goes home tonight, I don’t think you’d be wise to kick him out this evening.
” Grace looked briefly as if she was about to argue but then shrugged her shoulders and wandered off in search of new targets.
“That woman!” exclaimed Andi, as she took the glass of wine from her husband and handed it to Greg.
“You give the best performance known to this society for years and she still has to have the last word, you know what she needs…?” “Should I answer that?” Greg grinned.
But before Andi could respond Joyce had joined them and Andi, disentangling her husband from the stagehand, led the three of them to the reserved table.
The table was set against a wall, with a banquette running along the wall and two chairs opposite.
“May I suggest,” said Andi, “That I sit next to Greg, Joyce sits opposite him so she can give him his notes and Pete sits next Joyce” and before anyone could argue, she slipped in and along the banquette and made herself comfortable, before patting the seat beside her as an indication for Greg to join her.
A waiter pushed the table tight into them and took their order.
The restaurant was packed, the tables close together; sweating waiters made their way around the noisy throng taking orders and serving more drinks and while Greg and the others waited for their food, Joyce gave Greg his notes.
Truth to tell there were not many, a masking here and a dropped line there.
Much to his chagrin and to Andi’s amusement, Joyce spent as much time on Pete’s ten lines as she did on Greg’s whole performance but even Andi did not escape unscathed as Joyce pronounced that she would like to see a little more passion and fire in the love scene.
“But Joyce,” she pouted, “I play a woman in Regency England, I would not throw myself at him,” as she looked meaningfully at Greg’.
“You would if you knew there was every likelihood of him not coming back… and my dear,” Joyce paused, “to put it crudely, if you don’t show him what’s on offer, then there is every possibility he is not coming back.
He lives 200 miles away and in those days it would take 10 days to walk, five days by horse if you were lucky and that’s just to get there, to say nothing of the return journey.
So you have to seize the day and, in this play, be seen to act as if you were seizing the day.
” Pete was enjoying his wife’s discomfiture and he was beginning to slur when he commented “Perhaps, my dear, you are not quite as talented an actress as you thought you were.
” Greg, aware of the tension, thought he was about to witness a domestic row but at precisely that moment their food arrived and peace was restored.
All had ordered pizza except for Andi who had placed in front of her, a risotto.
As Greg tucked into his pizza he was very aware of Andi’s thigh against his.
At first he thought it was an accident, but when he was gentleman enough to move slightly to ease the pressure the leg followed.
He then decided he had had enough of being the gentleman and started to return the pressure.
As he did so he was conscious that the conversation had returned to development of the love scene.
Andi toyed with her risotto then looked at her husband and innocently remarked.
 “I may not be as talented as Greg – some people are naturals – but I always work hard at what I do and it would seem that I need to work even harder in the future, would you not agree husband dear?” As she was looking at her husband Greg felt her hand on his thigh and this time it was definitely no accident.
The touch was firm and knowing but there was tension in the air and Greg knew Andi was waiting for a response from Peter.
“Seeing as I am such a crap actor,” he said looking at both Joyce and Andi, “I’ll help backstage in future, you go on with the acting and I’ll make things work OK? So you do what you like sweethearts.
” The word sweethearts had come out with some venom as he lifted his glass to toast the two women and the new arrangement and after a deep swig of his beer, went back to work on his pizza.
“Well,” said Andi, “I guess we know where we stand, ”she glanced at Greg and then looked towards another table and stared directly at the young stagehand who had been stealing glances at them.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell Realising that she was being assessed, the young girl blushed and looked down at her plate of food.
Andi turned to Greg and grinned.
“It looks as if someone is in for a treat,” as she nodded in the direction of the girl, while at the same time continuing to stroke Greg’s leg.
Greg was beginning not to enjoy himself, he was really enjoying her hand but not enjoying the mind games Andi was employing.
He decided to call her bluff and deliberately dropped his napkin on the floor, and while stretching down to retrieve the napkin he grasped Andi’s hand gently and drew it up his leg towards his groin, just far enough to make his intentions clear.
Looking at her as she played with the risotto he asked, “Are you enjoying that?” Before replying she looked at him and smiling she said, “I don’t think they put enough work into it.
Risotto has to be cooked and stirred within an inch of its life so that it is just al dente and leaves the teeth something bite on.
” Lifting her fork she popped the rice into her mouth, swallowed and then allowed herself to lick her scarlet lips while at the same time moving her hand upwards and using both hand and fingers she began to search out Greg’s cock.
Her fingers were gentle, impatient and questing.
Greg felt his cock beginning to pulse as the blood began to run, stretching cloth and tenting his chinos.
He realised with some satisfaction that he was literally in experienced hands as she adjusted the trousers so his cock could lie more comfortably before returning to her assault.
The slim, nimble fingers had discovered that he had buttons to his fly rather than a zip and Greg felt a buttons being prized open between thumb and forefinger, this was followed by a fingers being inserted into the gap and which stroked found his bare cock.
Almost as quickly the fingers retreated but the hand did not, it gently grasped and stroked Greg’s penis over his trousers and the friction rubbed his glans against the cloth.
He was so hard and beginning to ache while Andi, looking as if butter would not melt in her mouth, kept on eating.
Greg had definitely lost his appetite and, with a last remaining bit of willpower he pushed the pizza to the edge of his plate and put down his knife and fork, cradled his glass of wine and surrendered to the sensation of being expertly manipulated.
The situation might have remained like that had Grace not decided it was time to say a few words to the gathering.
Standing, she struck her wine glass a few times with a spoon and slowly a hush settled over the restaurant as Grace began to thank the cast and crew for their efforts.
Greg decided with the distraction taking place that it was his turn to take advantage of the situation: so with Grace standing in front of him with her back towards them and Pete having turned his chair so he might look at the stagehand as well as being part of the circle that was looking at Grace – no one could see them.
Lowering his hand to her thigh Greg could feel the silk of the dress and the quiver of her leg as he grasped the taught muscle and began stroking, moving her dress further up and out of the way to feel the silk stockings underneath.
She briefly looked at him, eyes hooded and as she did so, he felt her legs part as he moved his hand upwards, past the top of the stockings, to the flesh of firm thighs until he found the warm junction and traced, with his finger, the layer of silk that was all that lay between him and her.
Greg leaned over and whispered in her ear.
“Relax and let me enjoy you, drink your wine.
I am happy just looking at you.
” With a smile and a small moue of her lips that spoke of promises to come Andi returned both hands to her wine glass and Greg eased the little strip of cloth to one side and stroking carefully, he found a perfectly formed wet peach.
Andi’s pussy was completely smooth and she gave a small hiss as first one finger and then two parted and penetrated her.
Greg could feel her leg push against his as she tried to widen herself to accommodate him.
She was very wet and very turned-on and her hips began thrusting onto his fingers.
But Grace’s speech was short, sweet and to the point and after accepting a brief round of applause she sat down again and as she turned round and made to sit down once more, Greg withdrew his hand and took up his glass again.
He could smell Andi’s juices on his fingers and his cock was aching for release.
Andi was flushed and Greg turned to her and discretely inserted the tip of a finger into his mouth.
By now the party was beginning to break up, and Pete, staggering slightly, announced it was time for he and Andi to go.
Reluctantly Andi reached for her handbag and as she did so she gently squeezed Greg’s hand and under cover of kissing him farewell whispered, “Another time”, as she stood up and began saying her farewells to others around her.
The stagehand girl came over to get a kiss and a hug from Pete but barely acknowledged Andi who, observed Greg with an inward smile, was pretty much ready to return the compliment.
Although Greg knew backstage girl hardly at all, he had only seen her at dress rehearsal, as a member of the cast, he gave her quick luvvie hug and an air kiss but then noticed her desperately signaling Pete who, looking as if a light had gone on over his head, exclaimed and looking at Greg and asked him if he would take Pauline home.
“Who’s Pauline?” asked Greg.
“I am!” Responded stagehand girl, “I’m sorry, I did not think I knew you well enough to ask for a lift, but Peter said he knew you and would ask, I only live just down the road from you.
” “It’s no problem,” he smiled, taking in the several undone buttons on her blouse and a very tight pair of jeans, “I’ll just make my farewells and we’ll be off.
” As Greg did his rounds, he managed to bid a second farewell to Andi who put her arms around his neck, kissed him quickly and ground her hips into his and feeling him still erect smiled and mouthed, “Good boy,” and then she was gone.
Pauline and Greg were some of the last to leave the restaurant and as they crossed the road back to the theatre car park Pauline linked Greg’s arm with hers, Greg could feel she was slightly inebriated, but nothing compared with the way Pete had been.
“Did you enjoy tonight?” asked Greg, trying to make polite conversation.
“I enjoyed the backstage work, but I was not too sure about the restaurant, that was a bit of a drag.
” Greg looked at her surprised, “It looked to me as if you and Pete are having a bit of a fling,” he teased “and I’m sure his wife thinks so!” “Oh her,” Pauline scoffed, “She’s a good actress but she treats Pete badly and I feel a bit sorry for him, but there’s no fling, but I like to let her think I could pull Pete if I wanted too, but I never have.
In fact what I fancy is a little nearer to home!” Greg looked down at her in surprise as she tightened her grip on his arm and as she smiled up at him she stood on tiptoe and swiftly gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
“Don’t look so surprised,” she said lightly.
“I’m allowed to fancy you if I like.
” “How old are you?” Greg asked.
“Old enough,” Pauline responded enigmatically as they reached the car.
Greg unlocked his car in the now dark and deserted car park.
A fine old BMW five series convertible, Greg opened the door for Pauline, then made his way around to the driver’s side and sank into the leather seat and clipped on his seat belt.
Pauline was struggling with hers, so he unclipped his belt and leaning across her he unclipped her belt from the passenger side pillar.
As he did so her arms wrapped themselves about his neck and she pulled his head towards her until their mouths were inches apart.
“Please kiss me, please,” she whispered, her teeth white and lips moist.
Greg hesitated and then was lost as their mouths came together.
She tasted sweet and his tongue probed her mouth, hesitantly at first until he found her tongue that danced against his, he was painfully aware of his cock once again stiffening against his trousers.
The kiss was one of the most electrifying Greg had ever encountered and he could also feel her breasts pressing urgently against him.
His hand went to the blouse and she moaned as he first cupped a breast and then undid the rest of the blouse buttons, exposing two perfect unfettered breasts.
Pauline pushed hard against his hand as he cupped one of them playing with a rapidly hardening nipple while she kissed him harder.
Greg broke the kiss and she gasped as he leaned down to tease the hard little nub with his tongue.
“Oh god,” she suddenly exclaimed and her feet straightened out in the well of the car and she went rigid and then just as quickly she relaxed and looked up at him eyes shining.
“Are you OK?” Greg asked a bit anxiously.
“I came,” she said by way of explanation.
”You have no idea how sensitive my nipples are and you have such brilliant hands and your tongue felt so good.
” Greg leaned back in the driving seat and went to start the engine but as he did so Pauline put a hand on his leg.
“Do we have to go?” She asked quietly, “I have not quite finished with you yet.
” Leaning over she started to undo his trousers and pulled out Greg’s cock.
“Ooh commando and what a beauty and I knew it, so big,” she whispered and licked his ear as she squeezed and smeared her thumb over the top Greg’s cock, smoothing the leaking pre-cum over the head.
Leaning back in her seat but with her head on his shoulder she started masturbating Greg while, at same time talking to him.
“I saw what you and Andi were doing tonight,” she said, looking down and concentrating on her hand as she slowly stroked up and down, with an almost hypnotic rhythm.
“I know you thought no one could see you, but I could, it was so horny, I was creaming myself, I’m a bit of a voyeur and when your fingers pulled Andi’s knickers to one side and started playing with her pussy, I nearly came there and then, it’s probably why I came so quickly just now.
 And when I saw how small Andi’s hands looked on your cock,” she licked her lips.
Greg looked at Pauline, immersed in what she was doing to him, breasts swaying in time with her arm movements on his cock, frowning with concentration with her tongue just protruding through shining white teeth.
“Do you cum much?” asked Pauline slowing her stroke and looking at him, “We wouldn’t like to make a mess over this beautiful car would we?” Pulling at her seat belt, she leaned down into Greg’s lap and fed him into her mouth.
Her tongue was educated; it swirled around the head of Greg’s cock, seeking out the glans while her mouth maintained a wet, warm, steady suction on the shaft.
Greg groaned and pulled at Pauline’s head.
She briefly pulled away from him smiled and whispered.
“I love the taste of spunk baby, give it all to me,” and went back to her steady rhythm.
The build up when it came was beautifully agonising – first one woman and now a second, all in the space of few hours, the tension built as Pauline refused to go any faster and the sensation in his groin was almost painful as the release came and he shot what felt like a huge wad down her throat.
Raising her head, she used her hand, continuing to milk him and squeeze the last the last drop out.
Greg shuddered and then sagged, exhausted into his seat while Pauline used her fingers and licked the last of his spunk off her lips.
“You do taste great baby there’s not too much sugar in your diet,” she giggled and her breasts jigged.
Greg pulled her to him and kissed her again.
It was a different kiss this time affectionate but weary.
“Time to get you home, young lady,” as he started the engine which purred powerfully as he manoeuvred out of the car park.
On the way home Greg kept one hand on her leg, admiring its shape under the covering of her tight blue jeans and loving the way she sprawled with her legs akimbo.
“Next left and we’re there,” she said soon afterwards and Greg pulled the car over, parking outside a trim semi-detached house.
“I would ask you in,” she said after unclasping her seat belt, “But I share the house and what’s more you look knackered, so go and get some sleep, you’ll need all your strength tomorrow.
” With that she gave Greg an affectionate kiss and a smile and she was gone, the beautiful ass swaying down the garden path as she fished for her keys.
Greg was so tired he could barely wave as he saw her safely indoors, five minutes later he was home and asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.



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