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Latest stories Straight Sex John and Brianna (Part 3): The Complete Sauna Experience

Late in the evening, when it is getting colder, they move inside.
The moment they are inside, John grabs Brianna’s ass and pulls her close and kisses her.
Brianna pushes him away.
“Sorry John, I guess the pool made my pussy a bit sore, so I am afraid it won’t happen again tonight.
” She kisses him, but he looks quite disappointed.
Now Brianna lets her hand slide over his dick.
“Don’t look like that, John.
I know what you want, but I might have something else for you.
” Brianna pushes him against the wall and sinks onto her knees and slides his swimming shorts down and licks his dick.
“Hmm, you are already prepared for me I see,” Brianna says and licks his hard dick again.
She then slowly moves her lips onto the top and slides her mouth slowly down the head.
She slides down further and then lets her teeth slide over his shaft when she moves back up.
This makes John bring out some unidentifiable sounds, that sound both excited and surprised.
Brianna continues to suck his dick for a while and then grabs it with one hand and starts to slide her hand up and down, while she moves her mouth to his balls and starts to suck on them, one by one.
After she sucks both balls a couple of times, she lets her tongue slide up to the top of John’s now throbbing dick and slides her lips around it again, her hands now taking his balls into her hand.
She can feel that John is reaching the point of no return, as he also moans harder and manages to bring out, “Oh Brianna, I am going to cum.
Oh yes!” Brianna intensifies the motion of her head, and then she suddenly feels his dick swell a bit more and she holds her head still as John now explodes into her mouth.
She can feel the cum splash into the back of her mouth, and she can barely keep it all in.
Then a few more shots of cum end up in her mouth, and she softly sucks on his dick and can feel some more drops cum out.
When Brianna feels that John is done, she moves up and opens her mouth to show John what she caught, and then closes her mouth and swallows it.
John looks at her with large eyes, both from her sucking him off, but also from the swallowing of his cum.
“Ohh wow, Brianna, I never thought you would do that, let me cum into your mouth and then even swallow it!”.
Brianna just smiles at him and then kisses him.
As it is getting summer, both kids arrive home a couple of weeks later, and they will stay there for at least two months.
This means that they have to slow down a bit and cannot play in the pool or anywhere in the house anymore.
Two weeks into the summer break, John shows Brianna a website he got from a colleague some time ago.
It is from a private spa club at the other end of town.
  “You know Tom, right?” John asks Brianna.
“You mean that young guy you used to work with? That was quite a stud if I remember correctly,” Brianna responds.
“Yes, that one.
He showed us this site, and he was very excited about it.
They have some private spas that you can use with two persons.
You are completely free to do whatever you want inside.
He told us he went there with his girlfriend and they had some really good time there.
” John winks to Brianna, trying to mimic what Tom did, indicating that they did more than just enjoying the spa.
Brianna looks at the website, and it has some pictures of a luxurious spa, with a whirlpool, a sauna and steam bath, a large tv screen, and a very nice seating area with lounge seats and a small self-service bar.
“That looks nice, even if we just went for the spa,” Brianna responds.
“But I guess you want something more, that we cannot do here while the kids are home”.
Brianna smiles at John.
“Yes, that’s what I was thinking of,” John responds with a smile as well.
“But we could just go there and see what happens” Brianna nods.
“Sounds like a good plan, let’s check it out.
” Later that day John calls the spa and books a four-hour session.
To surprise Brianna, he also books a special massage for both of them to start their session.
He makes an appointment for a session a few days later, for an evening session.
When the evening arrives they dress in something easy and they drive to the spa, which is on the other side of the town.
They are greeted at the reception, and they are shown their spa-room.
“Oh wow, this is even better than I thought it would be,” Brianna brings out while looking around.
It looks very luxurious, with a large jacuzzi in one corner, a sauna in the other corner and a large shower in between.
In the front, there are some very nice soft seats, with a small bar and fridge filled with drinks next to it.
On the other side of the room, there are two professional massage tables.
Next to the door, there is a small clothes cabinet and inside there are some nice soft bathrobes.
Both Brianna and John undress and put on the bathrobes.
 John walks to the fridge and gets a small bottle of champagne and they cuddle together on the couch and sip their drink.
“This was a really good idea, we needed some time together again,” Brianna says to John, kissing him.
Suddenly a soft ping sound comes from the large screen TV, and a message appears, “Are you ready for your massage?” with a Yes/No box next to it.
John looks at Brianna.
“I ordered a light massage to start with.
 Are you ready for that?”.
Brianna nods while taking another sip, and John takes the remote control and selects the Yes.
A minute later there is a knock on the door, and John walks over to open the door.
Two great looking masseurs walk in, a man and a woman.
The man wears a short and a very tight shirt, showing his body very nicely.
The woman also wears a short and a small top, that just holds her breasts.
They are not as big as Brianna’s but they come close.
As she walks in her breasts bounce nicely, showing that she is not wearing a bra underneath.
They walk over to the side with the massage tables and wait for Brianna and John to join them.
They finish their champagne and then walk over.
They hand the bathrobes to the masseurs and lie down, both naked.
The man moves over to Brianna and the woman to John.
They start with the shoulders and then the back.
They use a good amount of oil, so their hands slide easily over their bodies.
They then move slowly down, and when they reach her ass, Brianna can feel a finger slide between her legs, and automatically her legs move a bit further apart, letting the hand slide further down and massage her pussy.
John also moves his legs apart when he feels the hand of the masseuse sliding between his legs, and he can feel that she starts to softly massage his balls.
 He brings out a soft moan and looks over at Brianna.
She has her eyes closed and has a big smile on her face.
  Both masseurs now give them a soft push, so they can turn over.
When Brianna looks at John she can see that he has a very hard erection, and the masseuse is already stroking it slowly.
But she does not care, as the masseur is already sliding his fingers over her pussy.
Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry “Ahhh, yes, so good,” Brianna moans softly.
John looks over to her and they both smile at each other.
“Oh John, you knew this, didn’t you?” Brianna asks John, and he nods, slowly.
The masseuse drops her top, and slides her boobs around John’s hard dick, while the masseur slides his fingers inside her pussy and starts to suck on her clit.
“Ahhh, yesss, go on!” Brianna moans, and at the same time, John also starts moan.
She looks over at John and can see his dick disappear between the boobs, and only the head pops out every time.
But then her orgasm kicks in and the masseur sucks even harder on her clit, and she feels her soaking wet pussy leak with her cum.
Just when she is done she hears John shouting “I’m cumming!” Brianna looks over at John at just at that moment she sees a fountain of cum coming from the between the boobs of the masseuse, who skillfully manages to escape being hit in the face by it, and it all lands on her boobs.
The masseurs put a small blanket over them before they leave, and then quickly and silently disappear, leaving them to rest on the tables.
After a few minutes, John gets up again.
“Did you like that surprise?” he asks Brianna.
“Oh yes, it was good.
It was the first time I saw you with another woman, and it did look sexy, her boobs on your dick”, Brianna says smiling.
“Yes, it did feel amazing!” John says.
“But seeing that guy giving you an orgasm was also pretty hot!” They go for a quick shower together and then relax in the jacuzzi.
 After about thirty minutes they get out again and sit on the couch and have some more champagne and some snacks.
“How about going to the sauna?” John asks, and Brianna nods.
They get up and while Brianna walks over to the sauna John switches the large TV to play a porn movie that was shot in a sauna and then follows Brianna into the sauna.
The sauna has the right temperature and within just a few minutes they are both covered in sweat.
John is lying down on the top step, and Brianna sits one step down.
John can see the TV screen through the window, and he is starting to get hard again.
Brianna sees that John is looking at something and when she follows his eyes she sees the TV and a girl being fucked in a sauna.
She also gets excited again by this view and lets her hand slide over John’s belly and his hard dick.
“Did you like that tit fuck you got?” Brianna asks while stoking John’s dick.
“Oh yes, that felt so good!” John responds, without looking away from the screen.
Brianna now turns around and moves onto her knees.
She takes her boobs and moves them around John’s dick and slides up and down.
“That feels good, your dick between my boobs,” Brianna says, and now John finally takes his eyes away from the TV.
“Oh yes, that does feel good.
 Your boobs feel so much better than the others,” John says, with a soft moan.
“They should be!” Brianna responds with a smile, as she can feel his hard dick make small jumps between her boobs.
She then moves her head down and takes his dick into her mouth and sucks hard.
After a few times, she moves down and lies down and opens her legs.
“Now I want to feel your tongue and see if you can do better than the masseur!” she tells John.
John gets up quickly and moves down and moves his head between her legs and starts to lick her pussy slowly.
“Ahh yes! That is so good!” Brianna says, and she almost instantly gets another orgasm.
When the orgasm slows down John moves on top of her and lets his dick slide inside her pussy, which is very easy as she is very wet.
Their bodies slide very easily over each other as they both are completely soaked from sweat, and John does not need much to get to his orgasm.
“Ahh, yes, yes!” John shouts when he cums, and he pushes his dick deep inside Brianna’s pussy.
He quickly moves off of Brianna, as it is way too hot to stay on top of her.
“I am glad I put a towel on the bench, your cum is leaking out almost as fast as you put it in,” Brianna says smiling.
They stay just a few more minutes in the sauna, and then quickly move to the shower-area, where they take a cooling down shower.
  When they are done they put on their bathrobes again and move to the couches and both take a cool drink.
“Wow, we still have over two hours left!” John says when he looks at the clock.
The large TV is still showing some porn movies, and they continue watching it, even as John just stays a bit soft.
Brianna however slowly feels her excitement rising and she slowly starts to massage her clit again.
After a few minutes, at the moment the video also reaches the climax, she also gets another light orgasm, and then she puts her head on John’s shoulder.
After about an hour they move over to the whirlpool and put it on extra bubbles.
They both find a spot close together where the bubbles hit their most sensitive spots.
Brianna moves her hand on John’s dick again and slowly massages it, while John lets his hand slide over Brianna’s pussy.
Slowly John’s dick grows again, which surprises Brianna as he came already twice.
But she likes it as the bubbles hitting her pussy are getting her going again.
When John’s dick is standing strong again Brianna move over and moves on top of him, and slides his dick into her pussy, and starts to ride him.
  John has her boobs swinging in front of him and he moves his head between them and kisses both sides.
Then he grabs them with his hands and lifts them and sucks her nipples until they stand up and are very hard.
Brianna bends her back from the excitement and grabs his head and pushes her boobs deeper into his face.
She slowly increases her speed and she can feel him deeper and harder inside her.
She also still feels the bubbles hitting her pussy and her ass and together they quickly get her to another orgasm.
“Ohh yes, John, I love you so much.
 Oh yes, yes, ahhh,” she moans, and then she slows down a bit.
“No, no, go on Brianna, go on! I feel I can cum again if you go on a bit!” John tells her, and Brianna speeds up again.
After a few more minutes John closes his eyes.
“Ahhh yesss, oh yes!” he brings out and Brianna feels another shot of cum inside her pussy.
She can feel it is just a small shot, but she grabs his face and kisses him long onto his mouth.
“Oh John, this is so amazing! So much cum, so many times!” Brianna says when John opens his eyes.
Brianna moves off of his dick again and sits next to him, and they put the bubbles to low, and they relax for another few minutes.
When they get out they take another shower together, and then they put on their clothes and they walk out.
At the front desk, the receptionist asks if everything was okay.
“Oh yes, it was great!” John responds and Brianna nods.
They ride back home quietly, as both are exhausted.



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