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She stood hesitantly at the terminal gate.
His flight should have gotten here already.
He’d texted her earlier, but what if he’d changed his mind? Decided not to come after all? Or maybe he’d just sneaked by her.
Seeing her in person probably wouldn’t hold up to the carefully selected pictures she’d been sending him.
Why would he want her, anyway, when he could have someone else? Someone with more experience, who wasn’t such an awkward mess.
Someone prettier.
It was just as well, she thought.
This was a truly terrible idea anyway.
Probably the worst thing she’d ever done.
Her mind flickered guiltily.
And what did she really know about him anyway? She suddenly felt really stupid, standing in an airport, hours away from home, planning on meeting up with a man she barely knew.
Her skin tight black jeans, which she’d thought looked sexy this morning, suddenly felt claustrophobic.
She wished that she’d worn her boots instead of these heels.
She absently bit her lower lip as she contemplated leaving.
She raised her eyes, and scanned the terminal one last time.
Her eyes darted across the faces of people exiting the gate, and then she saw him.
Her breath caught as their eyes met.
She felt a slow smile and a light blush spread across her face as he raised a hand to wave at her.
She bit her lip again and returned his wave.
She lowered her hand, tugging at the hem of her jacket, as he approached.
She was suddenly very conscious of her hands.
What are you supposed to do with your hands? she thought.
She reached to her shoulder and grabbed the strap of her purse, hoping she didn’t look as awkward as she felt.
“Hey,” he said as he reached her.
His voice was even smoother in person than she’d expected.
“Hi,” she responded, blushing a little more as she looked up at him.
Standing this close to him for the first time, she felt her whole body growing warmer.
Should she hug him? Shake his hand? She absently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, trying to will herself not to think about all of the things he’d promised to do to her.
He smirked at her, his eyes lingering momentarily on her cleavage before returning to her face.
“Ready? I’ve already got my bag, and I’m dying for a shower.
” She grinned back at him, and led the way to her car.
She glanced behind her just once, and couldn’t help but feel a little satisfied as she noticed his gaze on her butt.
  “I’ll drive,” he said, as they approached her car.
She found herself wordlessly handing over her keys.
She rarely let other people drive, usually preferring to be in control.
She sat in the passenger seat, fiddling with the zipper on her purse, and watched him adjust the seat, and then her mirrors.
She watched his hands slide over the steering wheel, and couldn’t help but begin to imagine them sliding over her bare skin.
The drive simultaneously seemed to take forever, and to be over in a moment.
They made small talk, discussing his flight and the weather.
She found it hard to focus, though.
Her eyes and thoughts kept returning to his hands, as they caressed the steering wheel with every turn.
She stood behind him as he checked in at the front desk, her ankles crossed and her right thumb hooked around the strap of her purse.
She felt guilty again, as she imagined everyone in the lobby judging her for what she was thinking about doing.
She should probably just go home.
It wasn’t too late.
She would only be a disappointment to him anyway.
She reached in her purse for her keys, and remembered that he still had them.
He turned and smiled at her, then.
She returned his smile hesitantly, about to ask for her keys.
He reached out and grabbed her hand, though, and pulled her towards the elevator.
All thoughts of leaving vanished as she followed him.
He dropped her hand once they were in the elevator, and she found herself yearning for him to touch her.
Her guilt and anxiety were giving way to excitement.
The elevator grumbled to a halt at the fifth floor, and he led the way to his room.
He unlocked the door and held it open for her.
She stepped across the threshold without hesitation, knowing that she’d already come too far and waited too long.
She walked straight to the bed, and sat on the edge, crossing her ankles and cocking her head at him with a small smile.
He set his bag down, and began rummaging through it.
She felt her pussy tighten as she thought about what he might have brought to use on her.
She hooked her fingers around the strap of one heel and gently kicked it off, not taking her eyes off him.
“What are you doing?” she finally asked, her impatience getting the best of her.
“I really do need to shower,” he said with a little laugh, and straightened up, finally looking at her, holding a shirt in his hand.
” Her smile faltered, but he didn’t seem to notice as he walked towards the bathroom and closed the door.
Now it was confusion and disappointment, rather than excitement, that turned her face red.
She pouted on the edge of the bed, and fiddled with the strap of her other heel.
Maybe she should just put her shoe back on and go.
Or maybe she should strip and be waiting for him when he came out.
She tugged the strap and removed her other heel, kicking it farther across the room.
She pulled her jacket off and threw it on the floor, and then stood.
Her fingers hovered at the button of her jeans, as she debated her next move.
Then she heard the shower turn on from the bathroom, and her thoughts turned to his naked body.
She yanked her jeans off, and then quickly pulled her shirt over her head as well.
She lay back on the bed, wearing only a black bra and a lacy black thong.
Her breathing quickened as she thought of him in the shower, and she ached for his touch.
Minutes passed, but it felt too long for her.
She needed him now.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu Boldness overtook her, as she slid off of the bed.
She unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor as she walked towards the bathroom door.
She hooked her thumb into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her thighs before kicking them off.
She hesitated for just a second with her hand on the doorknob, but then turned it and pushed the door open.
She could see his head turn towards her through the frosted glass of the shower wall.
Though she couldn’t see his expression, she took the three steps from the door to the shower quickly and surely.
Before she could, he slid the shower door out of her way.
They drank each other in for a moment, and then he reached out a hand and pulled her into the shower with him.
Their bodies collided, her full breasts and erect nipples grazing his skin.
Her fingernails gently scratched his side as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.
He reached down and cupped her butt with both hands, pulling her into him.
His grew harder against her stomach as she kissed him deeper.
She ran her fingernails up his side, pushing her hips into him more.
Then he grabbed her, lifting her up by the waist and roughly pushing her against the shower wall.
She wrapped her legs around him and moved her arms around his shoulders.
His mouth found her neck, gently biting just beneath her ear.
A small moan escaped her lips as her head tipped back, exposing her neck for him more.
He moved lower, kissing down to her shoulder, before gently biting his way back up to her ear.
She slid one hand between them, and ran it down his chest before slowly wrapping it around his cock.
He groaned into her ear as she touched him.
In one fluid motion, he pulled her closer to him and stepped out of the shower.
With water still dripping off both of their bodies, he carried her to the bed and threw her down on it.
She pushed her soaking wet hair back from her face, and looked back up at him with a slightly nervous smile.
He climbed onto the bed and pushed her back against the pillows, moving his head between her legs.
He kissed up her thighs, licking the water droplets off and making her squirm in anticipation, her head tipped back and eyes closed with pleasure.
He blew against her wetness, and she let out a soft moan.
He paused then, his mouth just above her, until she opened her eyes and looked at him.
Still looking up at her, he flicked his tongue over her clit.
She gasped and fought to keep her eyes open.
He parted her lips with a finger, and slid down to taste her.
As his tongue entered her, she moaned louder and her eyes closed in ecstasy once more.
He moved his hand down and began stroking himself to the same rhythm his tongue was playing against her.
Her hips bucked against him, and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders.
She could feel her orgasm getting closer, as her whole body tensed.
All she could think about was him, his mouth on her, one hand digging into her thigh hard enough to leave bruises.
She cried out, her fingernails piercing the skin on his shoulders, the waves of her pleasure building.
And then, suddenly, he pulled away.
“No,” she gasped, her eyes flying open in dismay.
She sat up and reached for him.
He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him, roughly guiding her mouth to his cock.
She licked up his shaft, flicking her tongue over his head, before eagerly taking him in her mouth.
With his hand still holding her hair, he guided her pace.
Her tongue moved around him as she sucked him harder.
He pulled her head up and down faster on his cock.
She ran her hands up his thighs and pulled him deeper into her mouth.
He groaned.
She turned her eyes to look up at him, hoping she was pleasing him despite her limited experience.
She found him staring hungrily back at her.
His grip tightened on her hair and he pulled her off of him.
Before she could protest, he grabbed her hips with both hands and flipped her over, pulling her to her hands and knees.
He shoved her knees apart forcefully and pressed himself against her, slowly pushing more and more of his cock inside of her.
She moaned with desire and thrust back against him until he filled her completely.
He pulled back and slammed into her.
She cried out and dug her fingers into the sheets.
He leaned over her and grabbed her hands, their fingers intertwining, before yanking them behind her and pinning them against her lower back with one strong hand.
He fucked her harder as she moaned and bucked against him.
Suddenly, he smacked her hard across the ass.
She yelped and flinched away in surprise, but he pulled her back towards him by her still pinned wrists.
He rubbed at the red handprint he’d left on her, lessening the sting, before pulling his hand back and slapping her again.
Ready this time, she barely flinched, and thrust back against him desperately.
He groaned and dug his fingers into her hip, then bent over her and bit the side of her neck.
She bucked against him wildly, as he pounded into her, both of them getting closer to climax.
She moaned louder, the headboard of the bed knocking against the wall with their motion.
Her pussy began tightening around him, her back arching, her moans turning to a scream as she came around him.
He released her arms, moving both hands to her hips, and continuing to pummel her.
He came into her violently, leaving more finger-shaped bruises on her hips.
She rocked her hips back against him, and he thrust into her once more, before rolling off of her and collapsing on the bed beside her.
They both lay there, gasping, for a few moments, before she sat up on her elbows and looked up at him hesitantly.
He grabbed her and pulled her to his chest, gently stroking her hair as she lay her head against him.
“Damn,” he said, and smacked her lightly on the ass again.
She grinned up at him, already thinking about the next time.



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