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Being in compulsory education I had the pleasure of seeing very attractive girls all around me.
During my last year I started to be in the same class as a girl called Jennifer, who was, I kid you not, the hottest girl I had ever seen.
Being in Sixth Form we didn’t have to wear uniform so she often wore clothes that showed off her remarkable figure.
On this particular day she was wearing a white laced top with a white vest top and a pair of tight skinny jeans.
She had 32D breasts that bounced when she walked and the curvy hips and nice ass every guy dreams about.
She was truly a goddess.
It was during a history lesson when the teacher was off and everyone had left that we were sat talking like we often had done in the past.
The room was getting noticeably warmer by the minute and before long she reached down to her hips and lifted the white laced top over her head, leaving her in just a tight white vest that was low enough to show a very nice amount of cleavage.
I was noticeably staring at her as she got up to put the top with the rest of her things on the other side of the room.
On her way back I admired her form.
Her breasts bounced with ever step she made and her wonderfully curved hips swayed.
I was looking her up and down when she must have noticed.
She sat back down and began to change the subject to sex.
“Do you remember that guy I was with a few months back?” she asked me.
“I think so.
What about him?” “He was shit in bed,” she explained.
“He used to try his best and properly go for it but never get me to the place I wanted to be.
” “My ex wouldn’t stop fucking me!”  “Oh yeah? Didn’t think you’d be that good if I’m honest.
” Feeling slightly offended by her comment, I defended myself.
“I can make a girl cum quicker than it takes me to get off full thrust.
” She looked at me intrigued and a smile crept onto her face.
“Prove it to me then!” she challenged.
I grabbed her by the hand, making her stand.
“I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time.
” “Do it then,” she said with a cheeky grin.
I placed my hands on her hips and pushed my lips onto hers.
She opened her mouth, allowing me to entwine my tongue with hers.
I slowly slid my hand to her ass, taking one of her soft cheeks into my hand, and massaging it gently.
We continued making out for a little while before I took her vest top off, revealing a black lacy bra.
Her luscious breasts were now on display.
I reached behind her, unclasping her bra.
She breathed into my mouth as I slid the bra off her shoulders, revealing her beautiful boobs.
I took them into my hands, rolling her nipples between my fingers.
I kissed her neck while her breathing started to increase.
I kissed her prominent cheek bones and planted small pecks on her boob until I reached the nipple.
I took it into my mouth and slowly suckled it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.
She groaned as I gave it a slight nibble.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure After switching breasts a few times I went back up and kissed her once more.
She stripped me to my underwear before starting to massage my very erect cock.
She pulled my boxers down, releasing my member.
I leaned against the wall and she slid down to the floor.
She started to kiss the swollen head of my cock, before absorbing the length of it into her mouth.
She took all seven inches balls deep, not gagging once.
She then came off and asked me to grab her hair and help.
I took two handfuls of hair and started to fuck her throat.
She groaned every time and my cock became covered in her spit.
I soon pulled her off and pulled her up, and began passionately kissing her.
I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them over her firm ass until they were on the floor.
She was left with just a black thong.
I pulled that off and picked her up.
She wrapped her legs around me.
I carried her to a table and lay her down on top.
I knelt onto the table and crouched over her.
I aimed my cock at her mouth and she opened it up, allowing me to plunge it inside.
I fucked her mouth again, getting my cock all slippery.
I then slid my penis between her breasts, which she then squeezed together.
She moved them up and down my cock, giving me a great tit wank.
I then lay on top of her and ground my penis against her entrance.
I could feel her rock solid nipples on my chest as we kissed.
She was moaning, “Please fuck me.
” I kissed my way down her body, gave her nipples a quick suck before kissing my way down to her pussy.
I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me.
She opened her legs and I kissed up and down her thighs, my nose brushing her wet cunt.
I then kissed her pussy lips, before licking up and down her entrance.
I used my tongue to change directions, avoiding her love button.
I pushed my tongue into her entrance, tongue fucking her, causing her to wrap her legs around my head.
I took her clit into my mouth, sucking it gently.
She bucked, grabbing me by the hair into her pussy.
I then took a finger and slid it inside her, causing her to scream out my name.
I then added a second finger into her tight snatch and sucked her clit again.
Pushing my finger in and out of her furiously she thrashed, screaming as she orgasmed.
I stood up and kissed her once more.
She wrapped her legs around me so I picked her up, pushing her against the wall.
We kissed with a burst of pure passion, my cock resting against her warm pussy.
I took my cock into my hand, rubbing it along her lips before sliding it inside of her.
She gasped as I pounded her, her breasts jumping all over the place.
We changed position to on a table and bent over a table a few times.
I felt the cum surge through me and she knelt in front of me.
I blew my load all over her tits.
She tasted some with a cheeky smile.
We both got dressed and she left, turning round and saying “You were right.
I can’t blame your ex.
” She then winked and left.



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