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Adam Davis admired his 22 year old secretary from the doorway of his office.
He watched her as she was bent over the cabinet filing away some papers.
Her tight black skirt showed no signs of a panty line.
Adam ran his eyes down her smooth long legs as her feet disappeared in red three inch heels.
She scooped some of her auburn hair around her ear to keep it from getting in her face.
While admiring this view Adam started to reminisce to the day Riya walked into his office for an interview.
She had been dressed in a tight black business suit and high heels with her hair in a single pony tail.
She looked incredible.
He remembered the light pink lipstick over her luscious lips, the soft hue of blush on her high cheek bones.
Her blouse was custom fitted and clung to her, highlighting her perfect breasts.
During the interview Adam focused more on her beauty and leered at her body than paying attention to her answers about the job.
That was two years ago.
Over the course of two years Adam and Riya had gotten close.
They flirted constantly, at times borderline inappropriate.
They both felt there was something between them, but neither acted on it.
Riya was 22 and Adam was 48.
It wasn’t the age difference that stopped Riya, it was the fact that Adam was married.
Even though Adam had told Riya of his marital problems Riya never saw herself as ‘the other woman’ so she didn’t take things further then harmless flirting.
Adam didn’t peruse because he could never find the right opening between flirting with her and fucking her.
Adam’s vision of Riya was nothing short of a sexy woman with a fuckable body.
Riya was half-Indian and her cream colored soft skin just added to her exotic aura.
Riya stood at 5’6″, 118 pounds with C-cups that Adam fantasized motor-boating.
Adam often dreamt of Riya’s naturally tanned legs wrapped around him as he held her tight ass and fucked her.
He dreamt of slamming the Indian beauty against the wall of his office during work hours and pumping into her with great force.
He imagine bending her over his desk, and ass-ramming her.
He imagined all this with Riya gagged so her screams of pleasure wouldn’t be heard by anyone else in the office.
“Need anything?” a sweet voice pulled Adam out of his fantasy and into reality.
“What’s that?” “Do you need anything? You’re just standing there gazing into the sky,” Riya said as she walked over to him, towards her desk.
“Uhm, yeah.
yeah, I did.
I need you to make hotel and airline reservations for the audit meet in Irving,” Adam said.
“Irving? Don’t they usually come up here for the audit?” “Not this year.
This auditor is an ass.
He wants us to go down there,” Adam replied, “So make reservations for us in Irving the week of the 12th.
” “Us? I’m going also?” Riya asked.
Can’t do this without you! We’ve been through two audits together.
Working late into the night and hard over the weekend.
Wouldn’t want to spend my nights and weekends with anyone else but you.
” “My friends thought I was having an affair with you during the last audit,” Riya laughed.
“Well, if you’re gonna have an affair who better than me?” Adam replied and smirking.
“Correction! I think you mean if YOU are going to have an affair who better than me?” Riya said and struck a pose.
Adam eyed her up and down.
Her red silk blouse was nicely fitted with the top button undone and her skirt showed off her sexy hips.
“Touché!” Adam said, “I can’t do this without you.
Make reservations.
First class,” “Yes sir! Your wish is my command.
” Riya said and sat down at her desk as Adam walked back into this office.
Riya turned around and watched Adam walk into his office.
While Adam saw Riya as a fuckable body, Riya had her own fantasies about Adam.
Despite his age Adam was well toned.
Part of it had to do with his blessed genes that made him appear half his age.
His 6’5″, lean cut build was quite impressive and Riya checked him out every chance she got.
She imagined running her fingers over his broad shoulders and ripped arms.
She wanted so much to bite his chest and run her tongue down his flat stomach and down his happy trail.
She thought back to last year’s audit when they had worked late into the night, every night.
Working closely that they had come close to kissing a few times.
But they were always interrupted with a phone call or something else.
Riya booked the trip for the 12th.
In the back of her mind she was going away with her boss.
And, for some reason, this made her smile.
*** The day of the flight Adam picked up Riya in front of her apartment building around 6 am.
“Texas here we come!” Riya exclaimed as she jumped into the front seat of Adam’s 2006 Ford GTX1 Roadster.
“You’re quite chirpy this early in the morning,” Adam said as he drove down the block.
“I’m going to Texas! Warm weather, hot sun, great drinks and food,” Riya answered as she fished through her handbag.
“Ever been there before?” “Only Houston, boring as hell! But Irving sounds fun,” Riya replied while applying lipstick, “What do you think? Good color on me?” Adam glanced at Riya.
The newly applied crimson red lipstick looked really good on her.
His initial thought was how those red lips would look wrapped around his cock, but instead replied, “looks sexy.
” A short drive later they were at the airport.
Adam parked in the parking lot and hopped out, as did Riya.
He grabbed their bags and circled around to the passenger side of the car to find Riya bending over fixing her cowboy boots.
Her short yellow skirt rode up her thighs and Adam admired the view.
“What do you think?” Riya asked still bent over.
“Nice ass,” Adam replied.
Riya stood up and laughed, “I meant my boots! I just got them.
” “Boots? Oh, the boots.
They’re nice too.
But the ass is so much nicer,” Adam replied.
“Well, can’t argue with the truth,” Riya winked and walked toward the airport entrance, swaying her hips on purpose.
Adam stood behind and watched Riya walk away.
The flight was mundane and Riya had slept all the way to Texas.
Her head kept resting on Adam’s shoulder and her skirt rode up her lap little by little.
Adam imagined running his fingers from her knees up to her inner thighs.
He imagined running his finger between her legs and lightly running them over her young pussy lips.
I wonder if it’s shaved, Adam thought to himself.
He found himself getting hard with thoughts of Riya and decided to quickly look away.
An enormous hard-on on a crowded flight with no way to release the pressure was not a good idea.
Three hours later Adam and Riya landed in Irving and were driving to the hotel.
“Man it’s hot,” Adam whined.
He hated the heat and humidity.
“Are you nuts? It’s not hot enough!” Riya responded as she took off her shirt, revealing a white tank top.
Adam loved that tank top.
She had worn it to the office a few times, especially during late night audit work with just the two of them.
The tank top was a little faded and semi-thin.
The material hugged her flat stomach.
Adam could see the flower pattern of her red bra.
A short drive later they were at the hotel check-in desk.
“How may I help you?” the receptionist smiled at Adam and Riya.
“We’re here to check in.
Davis and Ms.
Agarwal,” Adam said.
“One second,” the receptionist said she typed their names into the computer, “Ah, here we go.
You’re staying for one week, correct?” “Correct.
” “Ok, we have you in Suite 18, that’s around the corner,” the receptionist started and drew a small map of them to follow, “once you leave those doors, make a right, go all the way down and make another right.
The room is at the far end of the perimeter.
” “Whose room is this?” “For Mr.
Davis and Ms.
” Adam and Riya exchanged looks.
Adam looked at the receptionist and said, “I’m sorry there must be some misunderstanding.
We booked two rooms.
” “Nope, we have you booked for one room.
” “No it’s two.
Here is our reservation,” Adam showed the printed confirmation.
“Ohh, one sec.
Must be some mistake,” the receptionist took the confirmation and typed some numbers into the computer.
She made a face and then said she’d be right back.
Adam and Riya just stood there waiting.
Glancing over at each other and smiling.
Adam’s mind raced to the notion of spending a week with Riya in the same hotel room with one bed and one shower.
Riya had the same thoughts running through her head.
She pictured Adam’s powerful arms holding her and lifting her up as he pressed his body against hers.
Adam imagined Riya on her knees, topless bobbing her head over his cock.
Davis this is my manager,” the receptionist said breaking their thoughts.
Introductions were made quickly.
The next ten minutes went by with them going back and forth about the mishap.
The manager explained how a computer glitch had made the gross errors in reservations but unfortunately all rooms were taken and he couldn’t do anything but take $200 off the bill.
With no other option Adam and Riya took the only room key available and headed for their room.
“I’m sorry Adam.
It’s my fault.
I should’ve called and confirmed this,” Riya said.
“No, it’s OK.
Not your fault these idiots can’t hold a reservation.
I hope you’re OK with this,” Adam said.
“I’m totally fine.
What about you?,” Riya asked.
“Absolutely fine,” Adam said.
Suite 18 was more like a villa.
The room contained two floors.
Each floor had a bed and a bathroom.
The kitchen was located on the ground floor straight down the hall from the front door.
The sitting room with a TV and a sofa was between the doorway and kitchen, while the bed area was to the left.
The bathroom entrance was a few feet away from the bed.
There were no walls separating the living area from the bedroom area.
Likewise there was also no walls separating the two floors.
The bed, on the second floor, was behind a small pillar about 1/3 in height, and the bathroom was a few feet away from the bed.
The staircase ended on the second floor, a few feet from bed but right next to the bathroom.
Standing next to the bed on the ground floor, they could see the entire 2nd floor.
Similarly the entire first floor could be seen from upstairs.
It was obvious the only privacy they would have was in the bathroom, with the door closed.
Neither said the obvious out loud.
“I call the top floor,” Riya said and ran up the stairs.
After settling in, they went out to dinner and drinks.
Online Now! Lush Cams ElektraBlack A few bottles of wine later they ended back at the Suite.
Adam watched as Riya climbed up the stairs.
His cock began to grow as he caught a up-skirt peek.
Her yellow panties were visible.
Adam shook his head and went to bed.
*** The next morning, Riya woke up and got out of bed.
She looked down and caught glimpse of a very naked Adam.
Her eyes widened as her eyes fell on Adam, toweling his hair dry.
She stared at his phallic penis with admiration.
“Hot damn,” was all Riya could think.
She couldn’t believe how his wife wasn’t riding that cock like a cowgirl.
Her thoughts raced again and felt herself get a little wet.
She waited a few minutes as Adam finished and took his clothes out of the closet.
When Adam walked out of view, Riya slowly slid out bed and headed for the bathroom.
Twenty minutes later she stepped out of the shower and out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
Riya threw the towel on the bed and grabbed her panties.
She turned around and found Adam standing at the top of the stairs.
His eyes widened and jaw open.
As reflex, Riya quickly covered her exposed tits with her hands.
I, uh, I came.
came to, uhm, see if you were ready.
” “It’s OK.
It happens,” Riya said slyly.
Adam slowly turned around and went down the stairs.
Riya quickly got dressed and headed down.
They avoided eye contact and silently drove to the audit meeting.
Throughout the day Riya kept picturing Adam’s penis and how she wanted to suck it clean.
She always craved his cock and now after seeing it in the flesh she wanted it more than ever.
As Riya’s mind had her mouth wrapped around Adam’s cock, Adam was busy visualizing motor boating Riya.
Her tits were more marvelous then he had imagined.
He wanted to reach over and grab them and squeeze.
He licked his lips a few times pretending he was licking her nipples.
As their mind raced, their physical demeanor was engrossed in the audit.
Around 6pm the auditor called it a night, and soon afterwards Adam and Riya were racing back to the hotel.
“Meet you down here for dinner in 20 minutes?” Riya asked and she made her way up the stairs.
“Sure,” Adam said as he walked into his side of the bed.
Over dinner Adam and Riya discussed the audit.
They both agreed the auditor was a prick and how he must be in need for some pussy.
An hour later, they arrived back at the hotel.
Adam watched as Riya made her way upstairs before heading to the bathroom to wash his face.
I can’t keep avoiding it.
I need to talk to her, thought Adam.
Adam made his way up the stairs.
At the top of the stairs Adam found Riya naked.
Her bare bottom was facing him and his heart pounded.
Her ass was so perfect he wanted to bend her over and spank her.
“wow,” Adam muttered.
Riya turned around half-startled and half-expecting.
She stood there staring back at Adam.
But this time Riya made no attempts to cover herself up.
Adam took a step in closer and said, “I’m sorry again.
I don’t mean to keep seeing you like this.
” “Oh really? This doesn’t excite you?” Riya asked and struck a pose.
She placed her right hand on her hips and raised her left hand high in the sky.
Her tits jiggled a little and her hips swayed.
“You have no fucking idea how excited I am to see you like this,” Adam said and took another step.
“Good! I better be turning you on,” Riya said and lowered her hand.
Without saying a word, Adam reached forward and grabbed her.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him.
He kissed her, hard.
His mouth planted on top of hers.
He slipped her the tongue.
He wrapped both his hands around Riya and pressed her closer to him.
Adam felt her tits press against his chest.
Riya felt the cold steel of his belt against her body.
As tight as Adam held Riya, Riya managed to wrap her arms around Adam’s neck and kissed him back.
Adam ran his hands up and down her back and finally rested them on her ass.
One hand on one cheek.
Still kissing her Adam lifted Riya off the ground.
Riya reacted by swinging her legs around Adam’s waist.
Adam moved his lips away from her mouth and started kissing her neck.
He traced his tongue to her neck, and then kissed her up to her ears and nibbled on her earlobe.
This was Riya’s weakness.
Riya let out a loud moan and dug her fingernails into his neck.
She tilted her head back as Adam nibbled.
Adam ran his tongue down her neck, towards her tits.
He lifted Riya a little higher and backed her up against the pillar.
He put his mouth on one of her tits and started sucking.
His tongue lapped over her nipples, and then Adam tried to fit as much of her tit in her mouth and sucked.
Riya continued to moan.
His tongue went over her nipples and his teeth bit in her flesh.
Adam swung Riya around and threw her on the bed, Riya sat up immediately and lunged for his belt and started undoing it.
Adam removed his shirt just as Riya dropped his pants and underwear.
His penis sprung up and Riya instantly dove on it.
She grabbed his shaft and shoved his thick cock down her throat, almost reaching the back of her throat.
“Ahhhh fuck.
that feels.
fucking good!” In response Riya started bobbing her head.
Adam placed his hands on the back of her head and slowly aided her bobbing.
He let Riya have full control and didn’t push or shove, but he did slowly start gyrating his hips.
Riya’s lips made its way to the head.
She lapped her tongue on his head, while looking right at him.



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