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Oh my god, those are the guys from the sauna! The doorbell had rung and Ashley was looking through the peep hole to see who it was.
Shit, shit shit.
What the hell are they doing here? She opened the door a crack.
“You’re looking for Brad right?” she said, hiding behind the door.
“Uh huh,” one of them replied.
“Is he here?” Ashley had been headed toward the family’s backyard pool when the doorbell had rung.
Still hiding her bikini-clad body behind the door, she responded, “I think so.
Let me find him for you.
” She pushed the door closed and darted up the hall to her stepbrother’s room.
“Brad,” she hollered as she barged into his room.
“Uh what,” he said, looking up from his computer.
“Jesus,” he said as he took in the sight of his stepsister in her latest bikini.
“You weren’t kidding.
Your father would have a fit if he saw you in that.
” He took in a deep breath as he looked her up and down.
“That is sooo hot.
” Ashley put her hands behind her head and turned slowly from side to side.
Grinning, she said, “I’m glad you like it.
” Then she remembered the guys at the door.
Quickly dropping her hands to her hips and adopting a more serious look, she said, “But that’s not why I came in.
Those guys from the club the other day – they’re here – at the door.
” “So let ’em in,” Brad responded.
“After the other day? And me dressed like I am? No way! And what are they doing here anyway?” “Well, I imagine they really came to see you.
I mean like, it’s all they’ve talked about for the last couple days.
You in the sauna and that towel.
” “Oh great.
So what the hell have you been telling them about me.
” “Who had to say anything? I mean when they walked into the sauna you were laying on the bench with your legs across my lap.
” “So?” Ashley asked defiantly.
“Well you did have the towel almost up to your waist.
Even if they couldn’t see anything, they had to know what I was looking at.
” “Yeah, well I did push the towel down too, as soon as they came in.
” “Right.
” Brad paused, then added, “In fact, you kept pushing it down until the top of it was barely covering your tits.
” Ashley grinned a sheepish little grin, like she’d just been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.
“I don’t remember you complaining.
” She put her finger to her chin and looked up at the ceiling.
“In fact, I seem to remember something hard in your towel, pressing up against the back of my legs.
” Just then the doorbell rang.
“Oh shit, I forgot.
They’re still at the door.
” “So let ’em in.
” Brad shouted.
“You let ’em in,” she shouted back.
“I’m going to put something else on.
” Ashley ran from Brad’s room, down the hall and into her own room.
I am not believing this, she thought.
I never dreamed in a million years that I would ever see those guys again.
Ashley thrashed around in her closet looking for something to wear.
She grabbed a blouse she thought would look decent.
She considered blue jeans or shorts to wear with it.
Then she stopped short.
What am I doing? she asked herself.
It’s just three guys.
They’re obviously friends of Brad or they wouldn’t be here.
And so what if I showed a little skin.
It isn’t like I got naked or anything like that.
I did still have a towel covering me – well pretty much anyway.
And there is no way I’m the only girl they’ve seen in that sauna.
And Brad sure doesn’t care.
He’d probably like it if I showed up naked.
Ashley looked at the blouse.
It was a flowery print, button up the front type.
It didn’t have a collar but it was a full cut with buttons that went to the neckline.
And it was plenty heavy – not in the least transparent.
She held it up to herself and looked in the mirror.
Yes, she thought, and it’s even plenty long.
Christ, I’ve got dresses that are shorter.
Ashley put the blouse on over her bikini and buttoned it, all but the top two buttons, and again looked at herself in the mirror.
Yep, that’ll do.
She turned and walked out of her bedroom, down the short hall and into the living room.
Her entrance was met with a number of very appreciative stares and at least one low whistle.
Ashley blushed a bit as she looked for a seat.
Two of the guys were on either end of the couch and no way was she going to sit down between them.
The third visitor was occupying one of the easy chairs and Brad the other.
She hastily perched herself on the arm of her stepbrother’s chair.
“So, are you going to introduce me?” she asked of Brad.
“That’s Daryl and Skip.
” He pointed in turn to each of the two on the couch.
“And that’s Mike,” he said, pointing to the other chair.
“And this lovely creature here,” he said, angling a thumb toward his stepsister, “is Ashley.
” They all nodded their acknowledgement.
Ashley chatted nervously with the three visitors, still slightly embarrassed over how she had been dressed when they had first seen her in the sports club’s sauna.
Fortunately, no mention was made of that and Ashley gradually warmed to the looks she was getting from each of them.
She was however careful to keep her legs crossed and the blouse pulled down, covering at least a portion of her otherwise bare legs which were attracting most of the attention.
After a time, Brad suggested, “We could go for a swim, if you guys want.
” Ashley gave Brad a questioning look.
Speaking to her he added, “And it’d give you a chance to show off that new bikini of yours.
I’m sure the guys would appreciate that.
” I’ll bet they would, thought Ashley.
She stared daggers at her stepbrother.
“Not a good idea.
If Daddy came home and found me wearing that around you guys.
well, I’m sure he’d at least ground me, probably for the rest of the summer.
” Ashley’s response was met with a chorus of groans.
Mike, Skip and Daryl, Brad probably too, had been looking forward to seeing her in a skimpy bikini.
Brad looked around the room, registering the looks of disappointment.
” he began slowly, “We could drive up to the beach.
” He looked at Ashley, who while not embracing his suggestion enthusiastically, didn’t appear to be totally opposed either.
“Whaddaya say sis?” Ashley gulped.
He could have suggested that I wear something different for swimming at the pool.
She hesitated in her answer, still deep in thought.
But no, instead he has suggested that we drive an hour to the beach.
Ashley whispered in Brad’s ear.
“Are you wanting me to wear the new bikini – the one you saw me in a few minutes ago?” Brad cupped his hand over his mouth, directing his reply to his stepsister only.
“I thought you wanted to wear it.
Is there some reason you don’t?” “Well, there’s not much to it, especially the bottoms.
” “Uh huh,” Brad mumbled under his breath.
Then again shielding his response from the others he asserted, “I’m sure the guys will love it.
” Ashley swallowed deeply before whispering in Brad’s ear, “Just remember, it was your idea.
” He nodded almost imperceptibly as he addressed the others.
“You guys up for a trip to the beach? Ashley says she’s going.
” Ashley uncrossed her legs.
The blouse had been creeping higher each time she bent to whisper to Brad.
The bikini bottoms she had been so concerned about were now nearly visible.
Three pairs of eyes looked in her direction.
Each of the guys nodded their agreement as they tried to imagine what was so special about Ashley’s new bikini.
***** Daryl and Skip started toward the beach.
Skip turned back to confirm that the others were following.
“Holy shit!” he exclaimed.
Daryl turned to see what had caused Skip’s outburst.
They were about twenty-five yards from the car where Ashley had just removed her blouse and was tossing it into the backseat of the car.
Both had stopped in their tracks.
“Oh my god,” Daryl said quietly.
“Easy to see why she was afraid of what her father might think.
” They were both turned, looking in Ashley’s direction.
They spoke quietly.
“Well, one thing’s for certain,” Skip remarked.
” “It’s for sure she’s clean shaved.
If she even had a landing strip it’d be showing.
” “For sure and oh jesus, god, will you look at that – she’s tugging it even lower.
” “And can you believe? Her brother’s not paying any attention.
” “Stepbrother,” Daryl corrected, “But yeah, how’d you like to be living with something like that?” “Are you kidding me? I’d have a boner all the time.
I mean like jesus, if she’d wear something like that in public, can you imagine what she must wear around the house?” Ashley had caught her stepbrother’s attention.
Skip and Daryl couldn’t hear what was being said but they could see that Ashley was sort of posing.
It looked to them as if Ashley was asking Brad’s approval of her new suit.
He was standing a few feet away and appeared to be inspecting it, especially the lower half.
“Don’t you think you ought to leave the blouse on?” Brad asked.
Ashley leaned toward her stepbrother and whispered.
“I thought this was what you wanted.
” She wiggled her very bare hips and added teasingly, “I could have worn another suit, you know.
” Brad choked as he replied, “Well, if you’re comfortable in it, I guess I am too.
” Mike came around from the other side of the car.
Brad tried to distract Mike and keep him from noticing Ashley, but the expanse of teenage flesh was too much for Mike to ignore.
Mike whistled low as he nodded his approval.
Ashley blushed slightly at the attention Mike was paying her nearly naked body.
Brad was still anxious to keep his stepsister from being the focus of Mike’s attention.
He quickly pointed toward where Daryl and Skip were standing.
He urged the three of them in that direction.
As they walked, Mike made regular side glances at Ashley, who certainly was enjoying the attention.
Down the path a way, Skip said to Daryl, “Uh, I think we better wait.
Besides this is way too good to miss,” making it clear that he did not intend to move from that spot.
“No argument from me,” acknowledged Daryl.
Then cupping his hand toward Skip, added, “I mean like jesus god, all you’d have to do is slip your finger in the top of that suit to be rubbing on her clitty.
” “And that pussy can’t be far away either.
Gotta be right between her legs.
I mean, can you imagine having those wrapped around your neck?” Daryl and Skip shut up as Ashley, Brad and Mike approached.
“Thanks for waiting,” Ashley chirped.
“Not a problem,” replied Daryl as Skip nodded his agreement.
Both were giving Ashley the serious elevator treatment – looking up and down.
“We were enjoying watching -” “Let’s get to the beach,” Mike cut in with his finger to his lips.
“We got all afternoon to talk.
” ***** Ashley was lying on a towel she had spread out on the sand, with the guys surrounding her.
There was no doubt she had their attention.
She was constantly fiddling with the side ties on the bikini bottoms, first pulling them up, then pushing them back down until she was barely covered.
At one point she had even undone the ties for a few minutes.
She hadn’t actually removed the bottoms but she did keep lifting the edge a bit and looking at herself.
Then she’d drop it back in place and look at each of the guys, checking to be sure she had their attention.
With the sides of the bottoms securely tied and pushed down as far as she dared, Ashley rolled onto her stomach.
The bottoms weren’t the thong type but they didn’t cover a lot either.
And she had them pulled down so far the crack in her ass extended for two or three inches above the upper edge of the bikini bottom.
She looked around to be sure everyone was watching.
Satisfied that all eyes were on her, Ashley reached behind herself and untied the string to her top.
A collective gasp was heard as she dropped the strings to the ground, baring the sides of her breasts.
“You guys don’t mind do you?” she needlessly asked.
“I don’t want any tan lines on my back.
” She was assured by everyone that having the top untied was perfectly okay.
The conversation continued with Ashley raising up a little every time she spoke.
She was careful to keep her nipples buried in the bikini top, while still showing enough to keep dicks hard.
During a lull in the conversation, Ashley took hold of the strings and pulled them behind her back.
Then holding them together, but still untied, she sat up.
Brad was behind her.
Ashley looked over her shoulder.
“ Tie this for me,” she said.
Brad got up close behind and took the strings from her.
He pulled them together and began to make a knot.
He hesitated, then bent over with his mouth next to her ear.
He asked quietly, “How tight do you want this?” Ashley turned her head back in Brad’s direction.
Is he saying what I think he’s saying? She looked squarely into his eyes and whispered, “That would be up to you.
” Brad loosened the strings somewhat.
“Still okay?” he whispered.
Ashley looked down at herself.
She was covered, but Brad had left the top somewhat on the loose side.
She was certain her stepbrother knew it would not remain in position if she got to playing in the surf.
And to think, back at the car he even suggested I leave the blouse on.
She turned her head to the side and quietly replied, “If that’s the way you want it, I’m okay.
” Brad responded by hastily finishing the tie and scooting back to where he had been sitting.
Ashley jumped up and dashed for the lake.
They were on the shore of lake Erie and although the breeze was only light, the waves on the lake were still three to four feet.
Ashley raced through the surf and dove headlong into a wave breaking for shore.
She knew before the wave passed that its force had dislodged her bikini.
She took hold of the bottoms and pulled them back into position.
There wasn’t much to the bottoms but Ashley did at least get herself covered.
The water had pushed the top down to where her breasts were pretty much exposed.
Ashley pretended not to realize this as she stood and turned to face the guys.
In response to their stares though, she did finally look down, feigning surprise at finding herself so exposed.
Ashley tugged the top up to where the edges covered her nipples.
She took a few steps closer to the shore, then sat down in the surf.
The triangles of her bikini were knotted together between the breasts with the strings going through the sides, allowing her to expose as much of the tops and bottoms of her breasts as she desired.
She leaned back on her elbows, then looked at her breasts and adjusted the meager cloth around each, making sure the nipples were covered, but not by a lot.
Ashley motioned for the guys to join her and as they approached, she reached behind herself and loosened the string even more.
Brad had not acted overly concerned when she had stood facing them with her tits bared.
She was pretty sure he wasn’t going to object about her loosening the tie some more.
As they joined her in the surf, Ashley pinched the top and bottom edges closer together.
After tugging the knot down, the bikini top was little more than a one to two inch wide vee, covering her nipples, but not a whole lot more.
Ashley looked at Brad.
She could tell by the tent in his jams that he approved.
Ashley leaned back on her elbows.
At first the guys, Brad too, sat in a sort of semi-circle, their backs to the beach, facing Ashley.
They were watching her and she was watching them.
Every so often, Ashley adjusted her bikini top, making certain it just barely covered her nipples, and making sure the guys maintained a suitable interest.
“There’s a big one coming,” Brad warned.
“So what! Can’t get any wetter,” Ashley managed to reply as the wave broke over them.
But as the water subsided, Brad and his friends had a new reason for staring.
Ashley looked down at herself.
Her tits were bare.
“Oops,” she said with a half-grin, then set about repositioning her top, but with no apparent sense of urgency.
Ashley had everyone’s attention and she milked it for all it was worth.
Brad was conflicted.
At the house he had been quite anxious for the guys to see his stepsister in her skimpy bikini.
But then when they got to the beach he didn’t like it that she wanted to leave her blouse in the car.
When they finally got dug in on the beach though, he thought it was kinda neat the way she kept teasing his buddies.
Even when she came out of that wave with her tits bare and her arms waving.
even that wasn’t all that bad – we were probably thirty or forty feet away.
But now it was different.
They were only two or three feet away.
And she doesn’t even seem to care that these guys she barely knows have been staring at her bare tits.
“Oh shit,” Brad screamed, “Here comes another one!” “Yahoo,” screeched Ashley as she flattened her back against the sand.
She grabbed her bikini top and held it in place as the wave crashed over her.
The top did hold, but as the wave washed over her body it pushed her already daringly low bottoms even lower.
When the guys once again looked in her direction, they had no doubt she was cleanly shaven.
Ashley hastily tugged the bottoms back into place.
She looked at Brad and his friends.
They were all watching intently.
“What?” she shouted, “Never seen one before?” There was silence.
No one responded.
Brad got up slowly and came to sit next to her.
“So now you’re pissed,” she snapped at her stepbrother, “But you’re the one that wanted me to wear it!” Brad spoke only loud enough to be heard by his stepsister.
“I’m not upset.
” Ashley looked questioningly at him.
“In fact you can take it off if you’d like.
” Ashley went wide eyed.
“Are you shitting me?” she asked.
“Not so loud,” Brad said in a voice just above a whisper.
“I was thinking you probably wanted to anyway, especially now that they’ve seen it all.
” Ashley did respond so only Brad could hear.
“I can’t believe you’re wanting me to get naked.
I mean like I barely know these guys.
” “A couple of weeks ago you didn’t seem to mind getting naked around Jarrad.
” “Yeah, but that’s different.
He’s like family.
” Brad turned in the direction of his friends.
“Hey uh,” he continued in the same low voice, “Don’t look so serious.
” “Oh yeah,” replied Ashley as she turned her head and eyes toward the other three.
She resumed her teasing, playing with her top, fiddling with the strings at the sides of the bottoms.
Then without turning her head, she said to Brad, “But I barely know these guys.
” “Didn’t seem to bother you last week in the sauna,” Brad said, also without turning his head.
“I wasn’t naked,” Ashley said defiantly.
“I had a towel.
” “Yeah right – you spread out on the bench, hands locked behind your head – three guys you’ve never seen before, closer than they are right now -” “But -” “And you naked except for a stingy little towel over you -” “But -” “And your whole side, the side toward them, even your butt, completely bare -” “Yeah but it was you that kept pulling on the bottom of the towel, trying to expose my tits.
” Brad turned toward Ashley.
“I was not trying to expose your tits.
” He instantly realized he had let his emotions get the better of him.
He turned back to the beach and the guys who were watching.
“I was trying to keep your pussy covered.
My god, you even had the towel turned sideways so it barely covered anything.
” “Not my fault the towel was so small.
And besides my legs were up so they couldn’t see my pussy anyway.
” “But I could, and they had to know what I was looking at.
” Ashley frowned and went quiet for a few seconds before asking, “And you don’t like looking at my pussy?” “Of course I do, and I’m sure these guys would too.
” Ashley turned and looked at Brad before replying.
“Well it’s not going to happen!” She looked back at Brad’s friends and resumed playing with her top, smiling at the guys as she did.
Brad was quiet.
He turned and stared at the empty beach.
Without turning his head, in a voice that was barely audible, he said, “Well you could take the top off.
” Ashley looked at Brad.
In a much more demure tone she asked, “You really do mean that, don’t you?” Brad turned back to his stepsister.
“Uhm uh.
” “And you really wouldn’t mind?” “I don’t think so, at least not if you wanted to.
” Ashley saw the look on their faces – another big wave was coming.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure Seconds before it crashed over them Ashley bent forward, her face an inch or so from the shallow surf.
Before the water had completely subsided, Ashley kicked her legs behind her and flattened her body against the sand.
There was a collective groan from Brad’s friends as they realized what she had done – and that the bikini was still firmly in place.
“I think it will be better if I just stay this way,” she said loudly enough for all to hear.
There were pretended comments of understanding but the overall disappointment was evident.
For the most part, Ashley’s breasts remained buried in the sand and shallow surf.
But, at least for a few seconds at a time, certainly whenever she noticed a lack of interest, she did raise up some, and although the top was plenty loose, and the guys were treated to an exciting view of cleavage, her nipples remained hidden in the surf.
Between waves, an inane sort of conversation continued, talks about everything but what was really on everyone’s mind – Ashley’s body! Skip finally opened the door.
“I thought you were worried about tan lines.
” “Huh?” Ashley replied.
“Tan lines.
When we were on the beach, you untied your top, said you were worried about tan lines.
” “And?” “So I guess you’re not worried now.
” “Oh,” she said with a look of surprise on her face.
Ashley had been up on her elbows but dropped immediately to the surf when she realized what Skip was talking about.
“Are you sure you’re really worried about my tan lines?” “Well he is right,” Daryl insisted.
Mike remained quiet but he did nod his agreement.
“Well, uh.
” Ashley raised up on her elbows, her nipples nearly exposed.
Her faced turned a pale shade of red but she did have a smile on her lips.
“So you like it better when it’s untied?” “Of course, don’t you?” Skip said with a grin on his face.
He looked toward Mike and Daryl.
Both were smiling.
They nodded their concurrence.
“Well, I sure don’t want to have any tan lines.
” She dropped to the sand and reached behind herself.
This is certainly no biggy, she thought.
As Ashley undid the knot she resumed the conversation they had been having before Skip broached the subject of tan lines.
She tried to act as if nothing had changed, but everyone knew it had.
Skip was not to be deterred by a simple change of subject.
“You ever been topless?” he asked.
Ashley showed no sign of irritation at the change in topics.
After all, they were talking about her and she kinda liked it.
The question was a reasonable one.
“You mean in public, like with guys watching? That is what you want to know isn’t it?” They nodded.
She had a pretty good idea where this might lead.
She hesitated before answering.
“I guess, just one time though, in France.
” “The same trip to France Brad went on?” She gave a quick accusatory glance in Brad’s direction.
Jesus, what has he told them? She expressed exasperation, “Sounds like you already knew, before you asked the question.
” Mike sensed Ashley’s growing hostility.
He spoke carefully in hopes of diffusing it.
“We knew Brad went to France, but he never mentioned you being on the same trip, and we sure didn’t know you’d gotten topless.
” “Was Brad with you?” Daryl asked.
“Was Brad with me when? You mean at the beach? When I was topless?” “Yeah, that’s what I meant.
” He turned toward Brad.
“Were you with your sister when she was running around topless on the beach?” “She’s not my sister – stepsister – and she wasn’t running around – stayed in one spot, sunning herself – but yeah I was there.
” Ashley looked quickly at Brad, then at his three friends.
“So you guys think I should go topless here?” she asked.
“Sure, why not,” Skip asked.
“You’re on the beach, you’re already half way there, your brother’s with you – sorry, I mean stepbrother – and well, you just ought to do it.
” “This is not France.
It is a public beach an hour’s drive from where I live.
Somebody from home sees me and it’ll be all over town by tomorrow.
” Mike the peacemaker finally spoke.
“In case you haven’t been watching, there’s been no-one on this part of the beach all day.
” “Well, there’s still you guys.
You’d have everybody talking about me before noon tomorrow.
Hell they’d probably put out a special edition of the paper, ‘Ashley Goes Topless at Lake Erie’.
” She broke out laughing.
The others laughed with her.
Choking back her laughter she urged, “Promise you won’t tell anyone, please.
” Skip said, “We promise.
” The other two echoed his words.
Ashley turned to Brad.
“You trust these guys?” “Yeah, I think so,” he replied.
“Well, you better.
Your sister’s reputation is at stake here.
” Brad didn’t want to sound too anxious, but he was kind of looking forward to Ashley getting topless.
“You guys aren’t going to say anything, are you?” he questioned the three.
Mike looked to Daryl and Skip.
A silent understanding was made between them.
He looked back at Brad and Ashley.
“No,” he said, “Whatever happens here is just between us.
” “Whatever happens here?” Ashley snapped.
“What do you think is going to happen, anyway?” Brad looked back and forth between Ashley and Mike.
Mike spoke, a tone of apology in his voice.
“Uh, I think we were just talking about you maybe removing your top.
” “And nothing else, right?” Ashley asked.
“No, of course not, nothing else,” Mike affirmed.
For several seconds, Ashley looked sternly from one to another of the guys, including Brad.
A tingling between her legs slowly developed as she imagined being topless.
A hint of a smile emerged as she turned to her stepbrother.
“You okay?” she asked.
He nodded.
Ashley raised up slightly, reached under herself and pulled the top free and over her head.
She tossed it to Brad.
In a voice loud enough to be heard by his friends, she said, “Don’t let it get too far.
I might be wanting it back.
” Mike, Daryl and Skip exchanged looks.
They had gotten the message.
Over the next few minutes, all pretended nothing had changed, actually discussing the teachers each had had in high school.
Ashley flattened herself into the sand, her elbows spread to either side.
The three guys were of course paying close attention, but Brad too was mesmerized by his stepsister’s actions.
Strange, he thought, She wasn’t concerned about getting topless, just whether or not they might tell someone.
Ashley was excited by her new level of exposure and became bolder.
Each time a wave washed over them, she brought her elbows a little closer together, eventually raising her upper body until not only her breasts, but her nipples too, were fully exposed.
Brad saw what she was doing and noted his friends’ rapt attention.
There was a broad smile on Ashley’s face.
He looked at the bikini top he held in his hands.
“How ’bout if I take this and put it with our things on the beach?” he asked.
Ashley hesitated, looked at Brad, then at his friends.
“Uh yeah, I guess that’s okay,” she replied.
“I doubt very seriously if these guys would ever let me to put it back on anyway.
” She smiled at Brad.
“And bring the suntan lotion.
” When Brad stood, his erection was obvious.
He walked to the beach and deposited the bikini top alongside the rest of their belongings.
As he picked up the suntan lotion, thoughts of the beach in France raced though his head.
I wonder who she’ll ask to put the suntan lotion on her? Still wondering about that as he returned, he tossed the bottle to Ashley, who had to raise up even more to catch it.
Brad then sat alongside his friends, anticipating the show that was about to begin.
Ashley put a finger to her lips.
I could do this myself, but that would really be showing off.
Having one of Brad’s friends do it might be fun, but also might be kinda dangerous.
Besides, there is no way – at least I don’t think so – that Brad would want their hands on my tits.
Now his hands, that’s something else.
She tossed the suntan lotion to Brad.
“Be a good brother and put some of this on me.
” Brad was surprised.
He had expected Ashley to have one of the other guys do it, kind of like the stranger did in France.
But this is different.
The guy in France was someone we’d never see again.
These are guys I see several times a week.
And after today, will likely be ringing our doorbell on a pretty regular basis.
Brad jumped up and knelt beside his stepsister.
“Do my legs first, then my back,” Ashley suggested softly enough so as not to be heard by anyone other than her stepbrother.
He started on her feet.
“Uhm, that feels good,” she purred.
Brad continued up her legs, under the side strings on the bikini bottom and over her mostly bare butt.
He stopped just short of the material between her legs.
“I’d like to let my fingers slip under the edge of this but I don’t think I better,” he whispered.
“I’d like that too,” Ashley responded quietly, “But I agree – not a good idea.
But do get my back and sides.
” Brad did as requested, even brushing the sides of her breasts.
Ashley looked at Skip, Daryl and Mike.
She knew what they were hoping for.
“Want me to turn over?” she asked quietly.
“You want to?” Brad asked in return.
“I think it’d be okay.
They’re acting pretty tame.
Up to you though.
” Brad looked at his friends.
His cock got ramrod stiff as he thought about rubbing Ashley’s tits while his friends watched.
“Yeah, do it,” he whispered.
What am I doing? Ashley asked herself as she struggled to turn over.
“Jesus christ, I’m not believing this,” they overheard one of Brad’s friends say.
Brad’s hands shook as he busied himself with the lotion bottle.
He turned slightly so he couldn’t see his friends’ faces.
Ashley was flat on her back, her arms at her sides and her tits fully exposed to four pairs of male eyes.
Brad looked lovingly at his stepsister.
“You still okay?” he quietly asked.
Brad’s front side was turned slightly away from their three observers, hiding what Ashley then did.
Her hand went between Brad’s legs and snaked up the inside of his jams.
She wrapped her hand around his very stiff cock and looked into his eyes.
“Uh huh.
and it seems you are too.
Let’s be sure to get home before Mom and Dad get there.
” Brad nodded his agreement as he dribbled the suntan lotion over Ashley’s bare torso.
His stepsister continued fondling his cock as Brad’s hands shakily rubbed the lotion into her bare skin.
He spread it carefully over her breasts, pinching her nipples as he did



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