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We have been talking for two years now and you finally worked up the courage to come visit me when I’m in uni in Scotland.
Instead of renting a hotel room you just stay in the spare room of my flat.
Lucy is a 5 foot 5 brunette with 36D breasts, a slim figure and an ass that could knock you off your feet.
You arrive at the bus station and I meet you there.
We hug for ages, then I grab your bag and walk you back to mine to relax.
You get to mine and go to get comfy.
You put on a baggy t-shirt and a comfy skirt then come to the living room to see me sitting there watching TV.
You sit down and cuddle into me.
 I put my arm around you and get comfy again but before long I start noticing that you aren’t wearing a bra and I can see most of your breasts because the shirt is so baggy.
I start getting hard and go to hide it by putting a pillow on my lap but you think it’s so you can lay down, so you lay on it.
After a few minutes of me trying to control myself, you start to notice that I’m hard and decide to mess with me by sticking your hand under the pillow.
I pretend not to notice while you slowly massage the head.
After a few minutes you sit up and stare into my eyes and ask, “were you just going to have all the fun or are you going to help?” before laying back down and continuing what you were doing.
I notice you’re wearing a skirt so I start by grabbing your ass over your skirt.
You moan slightly so I continue for a few minutes before pushing the skirt up and having a good look.
I notice you’re not wearing panties either, so I start running my finger up and down your slit while every so often putting pressure on your clit, teasing you by poking at your entrance.
going in just enough that you beg for more.
I do this constantly for a few minutes before you push against the back of my hand.
My finger goes all the way in and you moan out in pleasure! You throw the pillow away and undo my jeans.
You pull them down with my underwear and start stroking my dick while licking the tip.
As to not be beaten, I start playing with your exposed clit for a minute, then finger you for another minute, jumping between constantly.
It’s driving you so insane you can’t help but moan out loud.
I tell you that you have to be slightly quiet.
so you decide to muffle your moans by starting to give me a blowjob.
It feels amazing.
The entire time you’re doing it, all I feel is you moaning.
It feels amazing, but I want to try you as well so I stop what I’m doing.
You notice and stop.
I grab your arm, lead you to my bedroom, push you into the bed, spread your legs and start by slowly kissing up your thighs until I’m just beside your vagina.
Then I go back down your thigh.
I do this three or four times before you get fed up.
Then I start licking your slit from the bottom, right up to the clit, sucking your clit slightly before moving back down.
I keep doing this till you come to the brink of finishing.
Then I stop, let you calm down and go back to what I was doing.
I do this four or five times.
The fifth time I keep going till you finish and you grab my head, hold it tight against your clit and squirt all over me, soaking my clothes.
I let you come down after the orgasm.
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You can’t move, you’re just laying there breathing heavily with your legs spread wide apart, so I sit beside you and start to stroke up and down your thigh again.
You look at me with the cutest face.
I can tell you want so much more.
Your eyes are begging me to do that again but I have other plans for you today! I go over to a cupboard, get out a silk cloth and tie it over your eyes before going to the next cupboard and getting out more stuff that you can’t see.
You beg to know what I’m doing, but I don’t speak a word.
Then out of nowhere I tell you to remove all of your clothes.
You slowly move back on the bed till you feel the cold of the headboard.
You snap up and do as I say, making sure not to remove the blindfold as you remove your t-shirt.
Then you slowly move backwards and hope that I’m looking at you as you do.
You feel the cold metal against your back.
It sends shivers down your back and you shoot up straight.
I place a pillow behind you and slowly lower you onto it to make sure you don’t hit your head.
Right after your head hits the pillow you feel me grab your right hand and push it to the top corner of the bed, then you hear a chain and before you know it you feel a furry cuff lock around your wrist.
You struggle with it to get free but it’s no use.
Then you feel me grabbing your left hand and in one quick movement I lock that one away as well.
You bite your lip at the thought of being helpless at the hands of your master and you can feel the wetness overflowing from your pussy.
You start squirming, rubbing your thighs together to try and get some friction on your clit.
I call you naughty, and before you have a chance to say sorry I grab your left ankle and tie it to the corner of the bed.
You gasp from the shock of it, but when I go for your right one it’s already in place ready to be tied.
Once you’re fully restrained, I go back and forth around the room, every so often touching you in different places, teasing your remaining senses.
You start begging out to be played with so I accept the plea.
You hear me going through something in the room, then the feel of a cold liquid hitting your nipples and your clit.
Before long you hear a click followed by a loud buzzing sound and you say, “Master! Please give me it! I need it more than you know!” I start by running the vibrator over your right nipple, spreading the substance around then move onto your left and do the same.
You feel my hand on your thigh the whole time I’m playing with your nipples.
 It stays in the same spot for five minutes while I tease away at you.
Then suddenly it’s gone and you feel something push in against your entrance.
I push in and you know instantly what it is.
I start fucking you with the dildo while using the vibrator on your clit.
You struggle to keep sane while being brought to orgasm.
I watch as your body shakes and you squirt soaking the bed.
I leave the dildo inside you but remove the vibrator and start using my tongue to clean up around your entrance, making sure to focus on the clit from time to time.
To be continued.



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