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So here I am stretched out on the of couch in my motel room, wearing a towel and a smile.
The room smells of suntan lotion, perfume and sex and this is only day two of my two week vacation.
I wonder what else is in store for me.
I better start at the beginning and elaborate on what happened.
As the construction trade slows down in the Winter months the bosses are quite happy to grant vacations request for any length of time you have coming.
I requested two weeks, I have more available, but all I want are two weeks away from the cold and snow of the Midwest.
A good lady friend of mine told me about this little town in South Florida called Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, that is where she stays whenever she visits.
She adds to mention her name when checking in.
Most of the motels are either on the ocean, or across a narrow two lane road from it and that’s all I needed to hear.
I depart very early on a Sunday and four hours later I am in my rental car following the directions to my destination that the rental agent furnished.
Less that a half an hour later, finds me standing at the registration desk where I am given a great room rate on a room that is more like a suite, mentioning my friends name really helped.
Fifteen minutes after tossing my suitcases on the bed and donning my swimsuit, I am poolside rubbing suntan oil on.
I find a empty beach chair and then fire up the large portable CD player.
I don’t play it too loud, as I don’t want complaints from the other bathers.
So, here I am enjoying the sun and some great tunes when a wet ball bounces off my chest.
Three college age types are having a water volleyball game, but the sides are uneven, so I jump in to even out the teams.
We are having so much fun that we attract others and soon my side has the lesser amount of players.
That’s when she jumps in the water and walks up and asks to join.
She is a stunning brunette with the long lean look of a gymnast and is wearing a smashing black bikini.
I welcome her and the game continues.
She is my perfect counterpart.
She jokes, does voices and can do improvise comedy on command.
When she misses a shot we perform a water baptism to heal her.
When I fake like I am drowning she voices concern and then asks if she can have my CD player when I finally expire.
The game lasts until sunset and ends in a tie.
The following morning I am up early, as I am anxious to hit the gym on the beach I noticed while I was driving in.
As I pass the fence surrounding the pool I notice that the stunning brunette is already stretched out in the sun wearing a fire engine red bikini.
“Good Morning,” she says.
“And a good morning to you.
” “We have not been properly introduced, I’m Valerie.
” “I’m Erick.
” She notices that I have stopped moving and catches me staring at her skimpy suit and smiles.
“Like it?” “Very much, but I like the black one better.
” I finally manage to tear my eyes off her and continue moving.
An hour and a half of pumping iron, I am walking up the sidewalk by the pool heading to my room.
I notice that Valerie has moved her beach chair away from the shade of the umbrella, so she can get the full rays of the sun and she is once again clad in the beautiful black bikini.
“Better?” she asks, as I walk past.
“One hundred percent better.
” Ten minutes and I am in a beach chair close to hers with the CD player between us.
It turns out she is a big fan of classic rock and roll, so every disc I put in is a winner.
We swim and chat and I am find it difficult to keep my eyes off her magnificently toned and tanned body whenever she exits the pool, or flips in her beach chair.
About two hours later, I notice that I am on the verge of getting sunburn and decide to call it quits for awhile.
I tell Valerie to keep the CD player and return it whenever she is finished, as I have had enough sun for the day.
I return to my room and shower off any remaining suntan oil and rub some moisturizer on.
Then wrapped in a towel I plop myself on the couch and look for a movie to watch.
Its about twenty minutes later, when Valerie knocks on the screen and returns my CD player and then asks permission to use the bathroom.
Online Now! Lush Cams Darwin_Peyton She has wrapped a sarong around her slender hips and it gives the impression that she is wearing a long, flowing see-through skirt that is slit all the way up the middle.
When she exits I offer her a Coke, which she accepts and then takes a seat on the couch near me.
“So, how long are you staying,” she asks.
“Two weeks.
” “Us too.
” Then without warning she slides closer, places her lips on mine and gently kisses me.
I return the kiss.
Soon the kisses have increased in intensity and eventually our tongues find each others.
I twist so I can embrace her and in doing so the towel opens slightly and the head of my swollen shaft is visible.
She must see it, because the nipples of her beautiful B cup breasts have become very prominent, as they strain against her top.
She reaches down and gently grasps me and my rod grows in her hand.
She begins to stroke me while kissing my ears, neck and chest.
She pulls away only long enough to remove her top.
Now I have access to her breasts and I waste no time and begin kiss, lick and suck her nipples.
She softly moans with each different application to them.
She then slides to the floor and faces me and then she unwraps my towel.
I am now fully erect and she begins to gently kiss and licks my shaft and head, while she continues to stroke me.
Her eyes remained locked on mine the whole time.
I stop her and ask her to stand and then I gently remove her bottoms, I then ask her to sit.
I kneel in front of her and begin to lick her calves and thighs marveling at how satiny smooth they are.
Her public hair is shaved into the landing strip and my tongue gently circles the opening, before I come in for a landing and I begin to flick my tongue in and out of her hot wet pussy.
I stand up and ready to mount her when she asks if I have protection.
Alas I have none so entrance is denied to me.
She has me sit next to her and she jacks me off, while I use my fingers on her clit.
Her breathing become heavier and her soft moans increase.
Soon she whispers in my ear that she is gonna cum.
I urge her on, while my lips are still gently kissing her nipples.
She explodes and utters one of the sexiest moans I have heard in a long time.
She falls backwards on the couch to catch her breath and I grasp my rod and continue what she has started.
I’m not at it very long, before she once again slides off the couch and is kneeling on the floor in front me.
She gently removes my hand and takes over and urges me on.
“Come on baby, cum on my tits.
” I notice that her other hand is busy between her legs.
I finally tell her its my turn and shoot strands of seamen on her nipples.
She shudders and moans again, because between her masturbation and my cream frosting her nipples she has another orgasm.
I join her on the floor and we gently kiss for awhile, before she grabs her discarded bathing suit and heads for the bathroom.
 When she returns she picks up her Coke bottle and purposes a toast.
“To a great Afternoon.
” I agree and we clink bottles.
I then invite her to join me for dinner and drinks this evening, but she seems hesitant to give me an answer.
So, I ask if anything is wrong.
“Well now comes the part where you either faint, have a heart attack, or throw me out of your room and then immediately check out and leave town,” she responds.
“I don’t understand.
” “I can’t go out for dinner and drinks, because I am only sixteen.
” My heart begins to race and I feel panic setting in and it an effort to remain calm.
“Only sixteen?” “It’s the truth, sorry.
” “Don’t be sorry, you don’t act like someone seventeen.
” “Tell me about it.
I have never been that way with anyone.
Its like you bring out a side I didn’t know I had.
” I smile and assure her that I am not going to faint, or have a heat attack, or any of the other things she mentioned.
“So tell me, are you going to be here around 10:00 p.
?” “I probably will be.
” She gives me one more long hot kiss, before she gets up to leave.
 Just as she is about to step out of the room she turns her head and gives me a wicked smile.
“If I were you I’d buy some condoms.



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