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I was running late.
I always run late.
It isn’t that I am lazy, I just always seem to lose track of the time.
Or more appropriately, I lose track of how long I have had a women’s legs wrapped around me in the morning.
I would rather be late then miss my morning bliss.
I work in an office downtown across from the Imax.
There’s nothing special about it.
The business is the corporate office for a paper manufacturer.
Or so it would seem.
As I got off the train and walked the two blocks down the crowded sidewalk to the office, I couldn’t help but to think about what had happened the previous evening.
As I pictured the babydoll satin lingerie she had been wearing as she kneeled before me, my trousers tightened.
It was fortunate that this hadn’t happened while I had still been on the train, pressed up against that blonde.
The last thing I needed right now was another sexual harassment lawsuit.
Dave, the doorman greeting me brought me back to reality, as I shifted my briefcase to hide my still stiff erection.
Claire, the receptionist gave me a longing look as I momentarily caught her eye walking past her.
The alluring perfume admitting from her soft golden tanned neck reminded me of the night we had spent with each other in Bratislava.
That white necklace that I had given her had never looked better on anyone else.
Into the lift and up to level thirty-two and I walked out into the seemingly normal brain hub of the paper industry.
As I turned the corner, Sarah confronted me, “Either you wake up earlier to fuck her or you will have to be content with fucking her, only, at night.
” “Noted.
” I wasn’t in the mood for her preaching.
We walked in silence down the corridor towards a single elevator, in front of which stood two large men in matching black suites.
Their hands were resting behind them, each with a look of indifference on their face.
Neither acknowledged Sarah or I as we entered the already opened lift.
“This is Sarah Fenderson.
Take us down.
” The doors closed and we descended the thirty-two levels, past the ground floor and into the depths beyond.
After what seemed like several minutes, the elevator slowed to a stop and the doors opened out to a short hallway with two more large men in matching black suites.
The only difference with these two and the others was that each was holding an MK 14.
To the left and just in front of the two guards was a retinal scanner and a hand reader.
Sarah approached the scanner, placed her hands into the blue gel and looked directly ahead.
After a few seconds there was a positive sounding noise from the device.
Sarah moved away from the scanner and I too completed the mundane task of having my identity verified.
The device gave a beep and a steel door opened between the two armed men which Sarah and I quickly walked through.
The only thing to great us were the three platinum coated words centred on the opposite wall.
It read, ‘Covert Defence Agency’, the real place I worked for.
The paper manufacturer headquarters is just a cover business, to hide the comings and goings of the employees of the CDA.
The name said it all.
We were a secret government agency that carried out covert defence related activities for the Commonwealth of Australia.
What I found it to be was a place of pussy, pussy galore.
Not that there are a lot of fuckable women that work for the CDA.
What I meant to say is that through the various activities of the CDA I tend to meet and fuck a lot of women.
Take last night, while I was gathering some intel at a UN Conference dinner a gorgeous brunette caught my eye.
She had been wearing a long crimson gown that glided above her ankles as she walked across the room.
I had already got the information I needed on the German delegate, so I decided it was time to play.
As she breezed past me I causally reached out to graze her ass.
As I pulled my hand back her head turned and she gave me a devilish smirk.
I think she had expected me to come rushing after her because she stopped short of a group ambassadors she had been heading for, with one leg bent she traced her index finger around the rim of her Champaign glass.
I’m not one for playing the cockhold dog, wagging his tail after a woman.
I finished my drink and slowly walked to speak with an Australian Senator I recognised.
Several hours later after I had exhausted my banter with those at the dinner, I took my leave.
Causally glancing around I noticed that the woman I had earlier touched was nowhere to be seen.
As I exited the building it was raining.
The ground was scatted with pools of water and I was getting drenched.
I hesitantly continued on my way down the stairs, wondering whether it would be more prudent to wait the weather out in the alcohol filled, dry room I had just come from.
As I quickened my pace down the stone staircase, I lost my footing on a crooked step and fell onto my hands and knees.
As I was about to regain myself, the rain had stopped pouring onto my already drenched hair.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lillyboss I looked up and who should be there but the gorgeous brunette from earlier.
She was a complete contrast to me, her being dry and composed, me soaked and looking like a complete mess.
The brunette extended her hand to me and I gratefully reached up to clasp it.
Her hands were surprisingly warm for such a cold night.
As she helped me to my feet I got a better look at this mysterious Samaritan.
She had long slender legs that stretched up from her heels to her hips.
Her breasts were just visible, framed by the top of her gown.
She had long flowing brunette hair that rested just below her shoulders.
As I altered my gaze up her heavenly frame to her lips, they curved into a sexy smile.
She had a cute button nose and two beautiful deep blue eyes.
As I lost myself in her beauty she leaned towards me brushing her soft lips against my ear, “You never finished what you started,” she had said softly and seductively.
“I always seem to be late,” I whispered back to her, bringing my own lips slowly to hers before stopping.
We hovered there, our lips just centimetres apart.
I was burning with anticipation, memorised by this vixen.
The door to the bathroom slowly opened and there she stood.
The gorgeous brunette was leaning against the door frame draped in her babydoll satin lingerie, crimson like her gown had been.
After our passionate lips had found each other while beneath the steps, we had hurriedly caught a taxi back to her apartment near Observatory Hill.
She had lead me into her master bedroom and then disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.
As I sat on her king sized bed I surveyed the rest of the room.
It was very tidy, with traditional style paintings dotted around the walls.
Besides the bed and other bedroom related furnishings there was a single, comfortable looking chair situated in the corner of the room.
The chair was positioned at an angle so that the entire bed was in view for whoever might be seated in it.
As she moved away from the bathroom towards me, she swung her hips back and forth as she walked.
God, she could pull that look off.
She had several strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face, masking her beauty.
She stopped directly in front of me and leaned forward, giving me a clear view of her alluring cleavage.
As her ample breasts extended away from her chest, swaying ever so slightly as she breathed, I leaned up to meet her lips with mine.
We lost one another in that kiss, tangling and coaxing our tongues as our hands clasped each other in a passionate embrace.
I pulled her close to me so that her breasts were pressed up against my chest and leaned backwards onto the bed.
By now I was extremely hard, which I assume she could feel, because she had started to grind herself into my hardness.
She let out a moan as I reciprocated her grinding.
Before long I could feel her wetness seeping through her panties onto my trousers.
She reached down, sliding her hands down my chest and abdomen to my belt, which she quickly unfastened.
She then proceeded to remove my trousers while still enveloping my mouth with hers.
She suddenly broke away from the kiss, straightening up while her legs straddled me.
The brunette unclasped her bra allowing her beautiful breasts to fall away from their confining Bastille.
Her nipples were a bright pink and clearly erogenous as a result of our heavy petting.
I leaned up too take her right nipple into my mouth as I caressed her breasts with my hands.
She moaned with pleasure and reached down to remove her soaking wet panties, which she stuffed down the front of my shirt.
After ripping my own underwear off, she grasped my hard cock and lowered her wet pulsing pussy onto me, taking me delicately inside her.
I could feel her warm tight lips sucking me inside of her.
It was like nothing I had ever felt before.
I could feel ever part of her pussy as I descended deeper and deeper inside of her.
When I felt her ass on the top of my thighs I removed my mouth from her breast and reached out to grab either side of her hips and lift her up off my cock, before plunging her back down on to me.
Her screaming was ecstatic as I roughly brought her up and down onto of my dick.
The brunette was slightly leaning back resting her hands on the bed behind her.
She had her head thrown back, thrusting her chest forward as she continually moaned.
After what seemed like ages she began to climax, her pussy tightening around my cock, causing me to erupted inside her, coating her insides with my cum.
We were both breathing heavily as she collapsed beside me on the bed, allowing my dick to slide out of her goodness.
As she draped her arms across my chest and gave me one final kiss we both drifted off to a blissful sleep.
A soft noise drifted to my ears from the comfortable looking chair in the corner, and just before I dossed off I swear I heard a female voice sigh, “Excellent”.
To be continued.



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