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Dear Diary: May 30, 2018 I am devastated.
I was so in love with Max.
I waited for sex with the right guy and it was awful! Awful! It hurt like hell.
And then he dumped me, saying I wasn’t good in bed.
What did he expect? I had not done it before.
I thought the man of my dreams would help me with my first time .
show me .
and if we loved each other it would be awesome! I can’t believe this was my first-time experience.
Isn’t a first time supposed to be amazing? He lied to me.
He told me he loved me.
He kept pushing me for sex until I gave in.
I leave tomorrow for my summer job at the lake and can’t wait to get out of here.
I am so embarrassed I can’t face anyone.
I heard he has told everyone I sucked in bed.
I want to disappear.
Dear Diary: June 5, 2018 Wow, The lake resort is beautiful.
We have a nice dorm-type building for the summer help.
I spend my days waiting on the guests by the pool, running the bar, and driving guests around in the golf cart.
And did I mention my boss, J, is H.
 so hot.
 He is the owner’s son and oversees all the summer help.
And his best friend, Bryan, also oversees us.
Both guys are in their upper twenties and couldn’t be more different.
J is clean-cut, handsome and has a more serious side.
Bryan is rougher around the edges with more rugged good looks, but so cute and funny.
Most of the help get together at night and parties, but I stay in the dorm.
I don’t feel like partying and can’t stop thinking about Max.
At the end of my shift today, J and Bryan asked me to meet them tonight at the lake by the firepit.
I am kind of excited, yet nervous to go.
What could they want with me? I hope I am not in trouble at work.
Dear Diary: June 6, 2018 Well, last night didn’t go as expected.
Here is how it all went down: I walked up to the firepit and J and Bryan were already there.
“Hey Ari,” said J, smiling.
“Come sit down.
” “Wanna beer,” asked Bryan, opening his own.
“No thanks,” I nervously replied.
“Am I in trouble?” “Of course not.
You are doing a great job!” replied J.
“You just seem a little withdrawn and we wanted to get to know you better.
We want all our summer help to work hard, but also enjoy themselves.
” “Tell us about yourself.
You are so pretty.
You must have a boyfriend back home?” asked Bryan, winking at me.
I grimaced at the thought of Max.
“Oooh .
that bad?” asked J.
“Your face kind of says it all.
” “I had a boyfriend, but don’t now,” I said.
“What happened?” asked Bryan, seeming concerned.
I looked down and didn’t want to answer.
“Look, maybe we can help.
We both have a lot of experience in dating .
if you don’t mind us bragging a little,” said J, chuckling.
I don’t know why, but something made me tell them.
I had told no one what happened.
Max had spread rumors about me and I chose not to respond to them.
I was too embarrassed.
I wanted to get it out though .
just say it out loud.
“I was a virgin and I slept with my boyfriend and he dumped me because I .
I .
I was bad in bed,” I blurted out.
“There .
I said it.
” J and Bryan looked at each other and then Bryan moved over beside me and put his hand on my back.
“Hey, you couldn’t be bad in bed.
You are too awesome.
If sex wasn’t good, it was his fault for sure!” he said reassuringly.
“Bryan’s right, babe.
I can’t believe you are bad in bed,” added J.
“You said it was your first time.
You were probably shy and unsure and he didn’t handle you right.
How comfortable are you naked?” Bryan boldly asked.
“Not,” I answered looking down.
“Well, that is the first thing we will work on.
You have to feel confident naked to fully enjoy sex,” said Bryan.
“Come on.
I know just what you need to build your confidence.
” “J.
Let’s take her to our secret spot,” said Bryan, standing up.
“Sound good,” said J, extending his hand to me.
I was unsure, but something made me go with them.
I took J’s hand and they led me through some trees to a hidden cove.
 It was beautiful.
The night moon was shining on the beautiful lake.
It was dark, but we could still see each other in the moonlight.
  Then, the boys started taking off their clothes.
Whaaa .
what are you doing?” I asked, alarmed.
“We are going skinnydipping.
It will get you over your fear of being naked,” said Bryan.
Bryan and J were now standing in front of me naked.
And both were aroused.
Their dicks were very impressive, I must say.
And both were in great shape.
J was taller and slimmer, but still a great body.
Bryan was a stockier build, with bulging muscles.
“Come on.
Take off your shirt first, and we will go from there,” instructed J.
I closed my eyes and lifted my shirt over my head and then took off my bra, trying to cover my breasts throughout the process.
“Put your arms down so we can see your breasts.
They look amazing from here, so don’t you dare hide them,” said Bryan.
I put my arms down and looked up at them.
To my surprise, they were both smiling and walking towards me.
Before I knew what was happening, Bryan cupped my face and kissed me.
Then, he took a step back.
“Let’s work on kissing.
You are tense.
You have beautiful lips and can be the best kisser ever,” said Bryan.
“I am going to kiss you again and don’t kiss back until you feel it.
It will be more natural.
Just get used to my lips on yours and do what comes naturally.
” Bryan pulled me closer again and put his lips on mine and started moving them against my mouth.
I froze and just got used to the feeling and then started moving my mouth with his.
It felt sooo good.
Nothing like when I kissed Max.
I felt my nipples harden against his chest.
I hoped he didn’t notice.
“Babe, that was amazing,” said Bryan after he pulled his lips from me.
“You are a great kisser.
You just need to relax and be confident.
” Then, he reached down to my hips and started to slide my shorts and panties down.
I let him but kept trying to cover myself.
“You are so gorgeous, Ari,” said J, looking me up and down.
“Stop covering up.
You need to be confident naked and feel sexy!” Bryan stepped away and J moved in.
  “May I just touch you a little? Like kissing, just get used to my touch and relax and then do what feels natural,” he said.
“I won’t do anything you don’t want done.
Just touching.
” J started rubbing his fingers through my hair.
Then, he lowered them to my neck and back and then his thumb found my nipple.
I jumped.
He kept rubbing my nipple with one hand and the other slid down to my bottom.
I put my hands on his back and pulled him in and we started rubbing our bodies against each other.
I lost myself in his caresses.
We were moving against each other in a natural rhythm.
“That’s right, Ari.
You are doing great.
How did that feel?” asked J.
“It felt good,” I whispered.
J moved back a little and took my hand.
  “That’s enough for tonight.
Let’s go swimming,” he said.
He ran towards the water, pulling me in.
  “Hey, wait for me,” yelled Bryan.
The three of us swam under the moonlight and had the best time.
We talked about everything.
There wasn’t any more kissing or touching.
Dear Diary: June 15, 2018 I love it here.
My job is great, but I mostly enjoy my time with J and Bryan.
We get together most every night.
I have become more comfortable being naked in front of them.
And I even feel sexy at times.
We have still just kissed and touched and have gone skinnydipping some more.
I have relaxed around them and they make me feel attractive.
I can’t believe these two amazing guys are spending this much time with me.
I am slowly getting over my hurt from Max.
And I am finding myself wanting more than light touching with J and Bryan.
I’m not sure how they feel about me though.
I shouldn’t feel this way about these two guys, but can’t help it.
Dear Diary: June 18, 2018 Today I worked at the pool, Diary, you won’t believe what happened.
Here it is: I was carrying a drink tray to some of the guests when J walked up to me.
“Hey, Ari.
Your shoulders are getting red.
Did you put on sunscreen?” he asked, touching my shoulder.
“Oh, no.
I forgot.
They do feel hot,” I replied.
“Come with me.
I can’t let my employees get sunburned,” he said, flashing me a mischievous smile.
J pulled me into one of the cabanas.
  “This is my private cabana.
No one will come in,” he said.
He grabbed some sunscreen and lifted off my top.
He started rubbing sunscreen on my shoulders and then down my back.
  ‘Oooh .
that feels good,” I said, moaning.
His hands did feel awesome rubbing me.
He bent his head down and started kissing my nipples.
I immediately arched my back at the sensation.
I felt a rush go up to my head when he sucked my nipples.
Then, he reached a hand down between my legs.
My panties were wet and I was immediately embarrassed.
He had grazed his hands between my legs before, but nothing more, really.
  “Ari, you are so wet,” he said.
He slid a finger inside my panties and inserted into my pussy.
I almost collapsed in his arms.
He lay me down on the beach chair.
  “You are in need of more than just sunscreen,” he said, smiling.
He slid my shorts and panties off and slid down between my legs.
I was so embarrassed but couldn’t move.
I was so aroused I wouldn’t dare move.
  “Just relax and enjoy the sensations.
I will take good care of you,” he instructed.
He parted my legs and placed them over his shoulders and buried his face in my most private area.
I felt his mouth tugging on my lips and then his finger entered my pussy.
It felt good, but then felt AWESOME when he hit a certain spot.
I screamed out.
“What is that?” I moaned.
“That is your g-spot,” answered J.
“Just try to relax and I will make you cum.
” I don’t think I had an orgasm with Max.
I knew it was supposed to feel good and nothing he did felt good.
Rubbing my g-spot felt good, but nothing compared to when he flicked his tongue on the front area.
It felt like nothing I had ever felt before.
I moved away and he pulled me back.
“Don’t fight it, Ari,” said J.
“Just try to hold still.
” “I have never felt anything like this.
What is happening?” I asked, a little scared.
Online Now! Lush Cams NataliaVixen “You will have an orgasm,” he replied.
“Don’t fight it.
Trust me.
” I fought my instinct to move but held still, soaking in all the sensations.
Then, I felt an intense feeling in my lower stomach.
It was like nothing I had ever felt before.
I didn’t know what was happening but knew he couldn’t stop what he was doing.
“Don’t stop.
Don’t stop,” I screamed.
J intensified his licking and I suddenly went still and then felt the most intense feeling I had ever felt.
I screamed and it felt like waves of the most intense pleasure I had ever felt hitting me in my most private area.
J pulled back and held my hips.
“Just ride it out, babe.
Ride it out,” he said.
I collapsed back against the beach chair, feeling totally relaxed.
“I am guessing that was your first orgasm.
How was it?” he asked, kissing my cheek.
“Undescribable,” I said quietly.
“Ari, you deserve to feel like this with every guy from now on,” J said.
“I have to get back to work, but you just stay here and rest until you feel like going back to work.
You are an amazing girl, Ari.
Never doubt that again.
” Dear Diary: July 4, 2018 Well, this is the best summer ever! I have had many more orgasms with J AND Bryan and each time is even better than the last.
They are very caring and complimentary of me.
I feel confidence I have not felt before.
I have not touched their dicks though.
I have been afraid I wouldn’t know what to do.
I might bring it up tonight.
Dear Diary: July 5, 2018 Diary, last night was another learning experience.
This time with Bryan.
This is what happened: “Hey Ari, J is working late.
Wanna go for a swim?” Bryan asked.
It is hot as hell out here.
” We walked to our secret cove and got undressed.
We waded into the cool lake water.
It felt so good against my hot naked skin.
I looked over at Bryan and he had a hard-on as usual.
Now seemed like a good time to ask my questions.
“Hey, Bryan.
May I ask you something?” I said.
“Anything, Ari,” he answered, stroking my cheek.
“You seem .
ummm .
excited around me.
Do you not want me to touch you too?” I asked nervously.
“Ari, I would love you to touch me.
We were both trying to be careful with you and didn’t want to push that on you.
We really wanted to make you feel good,” he said.
“Well, thank you.
But, I would like to know how to make you feel good.
It is important to me.
Could you show me?” I asked.
“Oh boy.
You are an irresistible girl, Ari,” he said.
‘I hope I survive this tutorial.
” He kissed me again.
He took my hand and moved it down to his aroused cock.
He cupped my hand on his dick and started moving it up and down.
I really liked touching him.
He was so hard.
“Just move it like this.
Long strokes.
Start slowly and then speed up again,” he said.
I did as instructed and was pleased at his response.
He was still kissing me but growling a little through his kisses.
“I would love your mouth on me if you want to learn,” he said.
“I do,” I replied shyly.
He slowly pushed me to my knees.
  “Gently cup my balls and lick up and down my shaft,” he instructed, looking down at me.
I did as instructed.
‘Oh God .
that is great, Ari.
You are doing great,” he groaned.
I was so happy I was pleasing him.
I felt so sexy on my knees before him.
“I won’t last long.
God, your mouth feels good on my dick and you look so hot right now,” Bryan said.
“Now, take me into your mouth.
No teeth! Never let your teeth touch a man’s dick.
Take me in and out slowly as deep as you can.
” I put his dick in my mouth.
At first, I gagged when he hit the back of my throat, but then got used to the feeling.
I started varying my sucking based on his breathing.
When he breathed harder, I figured I was doing it right.
  “Swirl your tongue around my dick as you suck me,” he instructed.
I tried my best and he acted like he loved it! I really loved pleasing him like this.
He suddenly pulled out and grabbed his dick and pointed it at my chest.
White fluid came squirting out all over my breasts as he let out a loud groan.
He immediately fell to his knees and hugged me.
He was still breathing very hard.
He cupped water in his hands and started washing his cum off my boobs.
I couldn’t believe what I just did with him.
He looked into my eyes and kissed me again.
I felt so good in this moment.
“Ari, you are amazing.
You are great at pleasing a man.
Trust me when I tell you any man is lucky to have you,” he said, pulling me closer to him.
I felt on top of the world.
These guys have taught me so much.
I can’t believe what all I have experienced with them.
I never ever dreamed it could be like this.
I never dreamed I could feel this good.
  Dear Diary: July 31, 2018 I head home today.
I will be glad to see my parents and my friends but will miss J and Bryan.
They said we will keep in touch and I hope that is true.
We said our goodbyes last night, and I will never forget what happened.
No one will ever hear this story except you, Diary.
Here is what happened: J and Bryan each had one of my hands.
The three of us headed through the trees to our secret cove.
They said they had something special planned for our last night and I couldn’t wait.
We arrived and I couldn’t believe what I saw.
There were lanterns lit and a blanket spread out on the ground.
There was wine chilling and chocolate-covered strawberries, whipped cream, and grapes.
“Guys, this is sooo sweet,” I squealed.
“How can I ever thank you for what you have done for me?” “It has been our pleasure,” said J, flashing his pearly, sexy smile.
Bryan pulled me down on the blanket and poured us all wine.
He gave a toast and we drank our wine.
Bryan leaned in and kissed me.
I had grown accustomed to his kisses and felt very confident in kissing now.
I actually felt like I was a great kisser.
He lifted my shirt over my head.
J removed his shirt and moved behind me.
He gently rubbed my back.
I loved his hands on me.
Bryan pulled away and removed his shirt and pants.
J removed his pants also and lay me back on the blanket and slid down my shorts and panties.
I was lost in the emotions of being naked with these two hot guys.
I didn’t know what was going to happen.
I had only been with one at a time, but neither seemed to be leaving now.
Bryan grabbed a strawberry and ran it over my lips.
I opened my mouth and ate it and he covered my mouth with his.
I felt something cool on my breasts.
J had covered them with whipped cream! He leaned his mouth down and was devouring the whipped cream and my breasts! I heard myself moaning loudly.
Bryan led my hand down to his hard penis and I started to rub him like he had shown me.
He deepened his kisses.
I was writhing on the ground from all these sensations.
Then Bryan grabbed the whipped cream and moved down between my legs.
He put it on my pussy and started eating it off.
OMG! This felt so good! J was still licking whipped cream off my breasts.
Never did I ever dream I could feel this good!   “Cum for me,” said Bryan.
He inserted a finger into my pussy and was roughly licking my clit.
I was arching my back and J was trying to hold me still.
J started kissing me, muffling my squeals of delight.
I felt my orgasm building, as did the boys.
I kept looking from one to the other.
They were both so hot.
How did I ever get this lucky? Then, I came.
I was writhing on the blanket while J kissed my mouth and Bryan massaged my legs and bottom.
Best orgasm ever! “Sit up on your knees, Ari,” instructed Bryan.
I did as told.
J moved in front of me and pulled my head down to his very hard dick.
I licked his shaft and then took him deep in my mouth.
He growled and I loved it.
I felt like he really liked me sucking him.
Bryan got on his knees behind me and was rubbing my bottom.
“Ari, may I fuck you?” asked Bryan.
“I really want you to enjoy being fucked and erase your previous bad time.
I promise I will take good care of you.
” “Yes,” I said breathlessly.
Then, I heard some laughter through the trees.
“Oh no, someone’s coming,” I shrieked.
Bryan looked around and told me to relax, that they couldn’t see us.
It turned me on even more knowing there were people close by.
These guys had definitely changed me.
I heard some splashing in the water in the distance.
Then I felt his hard cock on my bottom.
He quickly found my vagina and pushed in.
OMG! I screamed with J’s dick in my mouth.
Bryan had just put his tip in and was slowly moving it back and forth.
It hurt a little and I stiffened.
“Does that hurt, Ari?” asked Bryan.
“A little at first, but feeling better now,” I replied.
“Push back against me when you are ready to take me all the way in,” said Bryan.
“I don’t want to hurt you.
” He was pushing his tip in and out and the pleasure was building.
I was needing and wanting more.
I pushed down hard against him, taking in his whole dick.
Bryan was holding my hips and started moving his dick faster and harder while J was fucking my mouth.
I had never felt anything like this.
Sounds of sex filled the still summer night.
J started fucking my mouth faster and faster and I knew he was about to cum.
He pulled out and exploded on my naked chest.
Cum was glistening on my tits under the light of the moon.
Bryan pushed me forward on all fours and started fucking me harder and harder.
I had never felt anything so good in my life.
I felt so intimately connected to these two guys and it felt awesome.
J was stroking my hair and Bryan growled out his release just as I released again.
I fell forward on top of J and Bryan lay on top of me.
We just lay there breathing in the night air.
Our bodies sweating in the hot summer night.
What seemed like an hour later, they pulled me up and we went skinnydipping one last time.
The cool water felt so good against our hot bodies.
I kept looking at each of them, not wanting to forget what they looked like at this moment.
  I would never ever forget this night.
Not ever.
Dear Diary: August 2, 2018 Well Diary, I saw Max today.
I felt nothing .
indifference to him.
It was awesome.
Best summer ever!    



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