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I wrote this for a friend.
It involves straight sex.
No condoms were harmed during the creation of this story but you should wear one because hey, you never know.
End of PSA.
Roll tape.
“I feel weird.
Talking to you about this is very uncomfortable for me.
I’ve never discussed this, not so openly, not even with a shrink or a therapist.
” “What could be so heavy? What could be so bad? Did you kill somebody?” “No, I’m serious.
I never told anyone because I was too ashamed, you know.
It was my secret to keep.
I didn’t want the judgmental looks.
When I finally began to admit to myself what was obvious, I embraced it but also, I still hid it.
I kept it in the closet.
But talking to you, I feel okay about it, especially since you so honestly revealed yourself to me.
Now, I’m not that uncomfortable.
a little unnerved but not uncomfortable.
And, according to our rules, I will tell all and leave nothing out.
I’ll be as specific as I can and I will be blunt about it because that’s my way.
I will be as honest as you were to me.
I have the need.
I want to tell you about myself.
” So she began.
At first, she was halting and finding the right words to piece together her sexual biography but as she spoke, she loosened up and the words started to fall into place.
Her shoulders fell back into the chair and I could see her face relax, all the fret lines blending into her lightly tanned skin.
I should describe the situation.
We have just completed a long bout of excellent afternoon sex.
This is the third time we’ve been together and it is not as though we have a relationship.
I am merely a fuck buddy to her and that is quite alright with me as I have no desire to have an ongoing, long-term relationship.
Neither of us want that and so our relationship is fine as it is.
She’s a nurse who is not being regularly fulfilled and I am her booty call.
Discreetly, of course.
She asked me what makes me a good lover and who taught me.
She wanted to know more about my sexual history.
And so we made a deal.
I went first and now it was her turn.
I told her the truth about me, as far as I know it.
I left nothing out.
I am sitting on a double-wide Lazy-E-Boy across from her and she is on the couch.
We are both naked.
She is sitting with her legs apart displaying her moist vagina, moist from listening to my story.
Since she is concentrating on finding the appropriate language, I cannot help but fill the pauses watching her other lips.
“I was always curious about sex but I was brought up in a strict religious environment and so all I did was think about it.
I’d heard all the words and knew a little about what they meant.
I knew what a pussy and tits were but although I knew the other words like “cock” and “fuck” but the real things were alien to me.
But I thought about the words a lot.
It wasn’t until I was sixteen that I even touched myself.
I was at a slumber party and all the other girls were talking about sex and we all got horny.
Eventually, they told me about jilling myself and then they showed me how.
When I first came by bringing myself off, it was a revelation and a threshold long arriving.
Now I knew what an orgasm was and what “to cum” meant.
I embraced this new knowledge with both hands.
” “I lived a secret life after that, a fantasy life, if you will.
And oh, those fantasies! My sex was my own and I could not share my pleasure with the world.
Not that I was celibate, I certainly wasn’t.
I lived in my room and jilled all the time.
I was in love with how I made my cunt, another word I learned, feel.
I wasn’t unpopular but I was a loner.
I just thought the high school guys were all so childish.
I knew better.
I knew how to make my pussy dance and they didn’t.
I rarely had time for boys but then came college and things exploded for me.
” “I lived in a private room within a suite of four rooms.
We had a coed dorm so my roommates were of both sexes and a lot of flirting was going on between us.
The fact is, I was attracted to all three of them.
Well, one night during late winter, during a snow storm, we huddled in our room and broke out the candles, the joints, a bottle of rum, a bottle of tequila, a bottle of Coke and all our endorphins.
A few rounds of “Truth or Dare” got us super horny.
When I was dared to kiss a girl, I leaned over and frenched my roommate for about ten minutes.
We felt each other up and had the boys heating up.
The four of us went nuts experimenting with and on each other, fulfilling each others fantasies without inhibitions.
I think I was in paradise.
Having another pussy to play with, having two live throbbing cocks to use and having no inhibitions to deal with, I was transported.
I did it all: ate her, blew the boys, drank cum, and got some DP while I went down on her.
I can still remember that first time.
even the smell of my aroused cunt brings back the memory.
I was fulfilling my fantasies and then taking them a step further, pushing my inhibitions and reveling in my skin.
I knew that I had to have lots of this in my life.
I stretched myself out and went beyond my parameters, whatever they were.
We ended up rooming together the next year and with our frequent sex parties, the year flew by.
Those were very happy years.
” “And then I met my first husband.
We were only married for a minute.
I wanted to settle down into normalcy.
I wanted to put my libido on the back shelf and hide it away.
He was straight-arrow, respectable and polite.
Even better was his long, thick cock that I truly loved but, alas, there was nothing else there.
I truly loved his cock stretching me like no other cock had.
I thought that with that massive cock, we could satisfy each other and learn to love each other but it wasn’t to be.
I think I wanted to put my secret sex life behind me and go straight.
I wanted to settle down.
But my brain needed stimulus, too, and he couldn’t provide that to me either.
The long and short of it was that we got divorced, admitted our mistake and moved on.
” “I was out of college, alone, single and very horny.
I got a job in the financial division of a big company and worked the none-to-five.
Occasionally, I would rub one out in the Ladies Room during the day.
That’s when another girl caught me.
Fortunately, my sex life soon improved.
I met a whole bunch of guys who would fuck a hole in the wall and women who could lick pussy at Olympian levels.
For about ten years, I felt like a man with horny sex urges – you know, just do it for pleasure and don’t fall in love.
I was free to be, to do and to enjoy my sex.
I got into yoga in a big way and dabbled in Tantric exercises.
especially at home.
I was known within my circle as a woman who would anything for a good orgasm.
and give one, too.
” “I accepted who I was and how much I loved and needed sex.
I lived for the big “O”.
My next husband and I hooked up at a swing so we knew about each others tastes.
We played for about a year before he proposed.
What happened was that I fell in love.
It didn’t hurt that he was very handsome, was bi, had an eight-incher that was nice and thick.
We seldom played and the few times we did, we did it together.
We fit together well and it was tremendously satisfying.
We were married a very blissful sixteen years, had two great kids and then he went and had a heart attack on me.
I mean, not on me, but right next to me.
Right after he came.
He died happy.
” “He left me a lot of money and property and jewelry and let me tell you, I don’t worry about anything today.
I’ve worked as a nurse to keep busy and have a sense of purpose.
Since he died, I’ve brought my secret self out in the open a little more and had a lot of fun.
To the outside world, I am a comfortable working widow living well on Casey Key but to the real world I am a slut for cock and pussy.
And I have done it all: bi, lez, threes, fours, orgies, I suck, I swallow,.
ummm, ass, d and s, you name it and I have loved it.
I’ve been to swing clubs, nudist resorts, sex resorts, sex cruises, private clubs and you name it.
I’ve had my body done to a turn.
I have a deep well of experience and I use it.
And now you know some more about me, too.
I’m a lot like you.
I agree that you can always be in the moment and aware of your body, too.
I like to fuck.
God, I love pleasure.
Does that change your opinion of me?” “First of all, I am not in the least judgmental.
Second and more important, you sound like a tuned-up female me.
Sex is experiential.
I know that with the right partner, another me comes out, one who relishes in shared lust.
But I don’t think I have any fantasies anymore, I think I have fulfilled all of them.
” “All of them?” “Yes.
Do you have any fantasies left?” “Yeah, a few.
They change with my mood.
Like I’d like to be the center of attention in a group scene.
I never was.
always a participant.
I’d like to be tied down, spread eagled, and open to everyone.
The Star.
The center of attention.
Maximum submission.
That’s one fantasy.
Another, is to be a sex surrogate and help people to cum.
Like a paid therapist who comes to their house once a week and teaches them about their bodies, about good sex and about stimulation.
Either sex or both sexes, it doesn’t matter.
” “Well, I’ve been having a problem.
” I interrupted her.
I sounded somber and restrained.
“That’s why I made an appointment.
Shrinkowitz referred you.
” I let that sink in.
“See, my prob.
problem is I can’t stay hard and I ca.
can’t c-cum.
Can you he-help me?” “Certainly.
Don’t be nervous.
I already spoke with the doctor and we worked out a treatment schedule and method for your problem.
You’re in good hands.
” She fell right into it.
“Let me ask you some questions first.
Do you have sex often? Do you masturbate and can you cum that way?” “I used to have sex a lot but not anymore.
I don’t have urges much.
I sometimes get hard for no reason, sometimes in the middle of the day but it only lasts a minute.
The doctor prescribed Viagra but it didn’t work.
” I was really wringing the handkerchief.
“I try to jerk off almost everyday.
Sometimes, I cum and other times I can’t and I’m frustrated.
I feel like I’m such a loser.
” “Don’t be silly.
These things happen especially at your age.
It can easily be remedied when you put your mind and your body into sync.
Let me help you.
Now just relax.
close your eyes and just relax.
take a deep breath.
now release it.
do it again.
” She got up off the couch and sat next to me.
Her skin touched mine.
“Now, let me see your penis.
Come on, pick up your cock and show it to me.
,” she demanded, “hold it in your hand and show it to me.
” “But.
” I was playing shy.
“I can’t help you if you won’t show me your penis.
Put all your hangups and your fears on the nightstand and get into the moment, wherever it takes you.
This is a fun journey.
Let’s go.
Set aside your inhibitions.
I’m here to help.
Use this opportunity to be true to yourself.
You can do this.
” I pulled the covers back and exposed my cock.
It was lying limp on my thigh and still glistening from the sex we had earlier.
“You have a nice cock.
a beautiful cock.
I’ll bet it can get hard for me.
Make the big head swell.
Take it in your hand and stroke it.
that’s right, nice and easy.
look at me.
watch me.
” She sat up and opened her legs, her pussy was only a couple of feet away.
I could smell her sex, she was ripe.
“Can you smell me? That’s how much I want your cock.
your big cock.
It makes my pussy all wet.
” She ran her finger up her slit and then into her mouth.
“I’m wet from watching you.
such a big cock.
and so hard in your hand.
you have a beautiful cock.
so thick.
look how hard you’re getting.
for me.
” I idly stroked myself.
“Would you like to see what you are doing to me with that big cock?” She ran her finger up her slit and place the finger in my mouth.
She squeezed her breasts and her nipples popped up and out.
“See how my tits like you.
my nipples are hard for you.
” I was now stroking with a goal in mind.
She moved closer to me.
I could feel her breath on me.
She whispered, “Your cock is so hard.
I want to see you squirt.
squirt all over me, all over my tits.
” I stroked harder and felt my orgasm rising.
I had that look.
“Stop!” She said.
“Take your hand away.
” I did as she requested and she re-positioned herself between my legs.
She wrapped my cock in her cleavage and started to fuck me with her tits.
“Watch me.
See how my body is reacting to you.
See how my tits love your hard cock.
Fuck my tits.
” I started to slide between those C-cup beauties.
She grabbed the lube and squeezed some into her cleavage.
Her tits began to squish and slurp my cock.
It was an exquisite sensation.
This pleasure went on for a few minutes before I began to speed up.
Suddenly, she stopped again.
She was edging me.
I was so close! Maintaining my role and with mock gravity, I groaned in agony.
She got up and mounted me cowgirl style.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnaHathor Our eyes were locked together.
She slid all the way down on my cock and squeezed.
“Does that feel good?” And she did it again.
I rose up to meet her squeeze and it felt like a tight fitting lined glove.
As she dropped down, I rose up.
We began to fuck this way for a few strokes.
She spoke quietly about how she felt and what I was feeling.
Her vagina was at once loose and slippery and then tight; snug as bug in a rug.
“Can feel how good my pussy feels? Do you feel your balls tighten up?” I grunted.
Fuck me with your hard cock.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
” Suddenly, I exploded within her sugar walls, I came and came and it was a real shooter, too.
I arched up and sprayed her insides as she gripped me tight, squeezing it all out.
And while I was cumming, she had her eyes closed and was having a very internal orgasm, too.
She moaned in a steady rhythm.
When she finally peaked, and again, it seemed totally internal, she squealed, held herself during her release and then slowly dismounted.
“Good boy.
good boy.
you can cum.
First session over.
” Slowly, she flopped down on me.
Nothing was said.
Just quiet.
After maybe ten minutes, she said, “I’d make a good sex surrogate, don’t you think?” “Boy, I’ll say.
I couldn’t cum for no money.
I tried everything even the vacuum cleaner.
but you.
” She was laughing and slapping me.
“You played your part well.
I really got into the role.
I was a professional.
medical cunt.
I had fun.
” “I had fun, too.
And for a third orgasm, it wasn’t bad!” “I think we could cum all day.
” “You know, I once had a girlfriend.
She was a nurse at Mather.
She was bisexual, too.
And black.
And gorgeous.
And married.
” “So?” “So my question is: Are all medical cunts so hot? Are you all freaky?” “Some of us.
the lucky ones.
” She smiled wide.
“Thanks for the compliment.
” “So now that we knew that we’re a little freaky, what now?” “Well first, I have to go back and resume my life.
” “No, I mean, is there anything you want us to do, maybe next time we meet.
” “Oooh, let me think.
” She pondered for a moment.
“I have people I know that would like this.
I’m thinking of a bi-nurse and a bi-intern.
maybe I could ask them to join us.
Or maybe you can just fuck me again.
I don’t know what my whim is yet.
I’ll have to think about it.
” “Maybe we could make a home movie.
You know, invite a few people with the intention of making you the star and the center of attention.
You can end up with your hands in concrete in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.
” “What a delectable thought.
I like that.
” “I thought you would.
” “But now I want you to eat my cunt.
Suck all your cum out of it and feed it to me.
Make me cum once more.
And then I have to split, my shift starts in an hour and half.
” She moved against the headboard and spread her damp legs.
“I want to watch you.
” I moved slowly like a panther coming up on his prey.
She was spread wide for me as I licked my lips.
Her clit was peeking out from under its hood, it was wet and shiny and it looked like a perfect pearl.
I single droplet of my cum oozed from her hole, it looked so sexy.
Oh, do I love clam pie.
I took one long slurp from her pucker along and up to her fucker.
I encompassed her entire vagina within my lips and circled her clit with my tongue.
I moved down and entered her canal.
With a sucking and slurping action, I was coaxing my cum out of her.
She let out a little pussy fart and it released a flood of cum into my mouth.
I held it my mouth as globs and globs of cum and pussy juice ran along my chin.
Then I scooted up to her mouth and we tenderly shared the snowball.
We taste good.
” She cleaned my palate by swirling her tongue around and licking up my chin.
I scooted right back down and went back to my favorite repast.
I loved that this woman had a healthy appetite for sex and had an unbounded energy for it.
Also, that she had such a sweet tasting vagina.
I was glad to attempt to satiate her.
It was my goal.
But right at that moment, I was worshiping her vagina the best way I knew.
My tongue traced her long, narrow slit and noodled around her large and prominent clit.
She was responding the way I knew she would, by moaning, trembling and pushing her cunt into my face.
My face was soaked with her copious nectar.
I dripped her sex.
Her scent had more of a musk to it this time around and was more powerful.
It seemed that this time, we weren’t fooling around.
This time was for real.
She spread her legs wider and pushed her mound into my mouth.
I snaked my tongue into her canal and licked the walls.
She squeezed her muscles around my tongue and groaned.
I replaced my tongue with two fingers and rubbed her g-spot, sending her into more muscle squeezes.
I worked my lips around her clit and gently sucked and nibbled at it.
She clawed the sheets and arched her mons up at me.
I did this a few times until she began to buck and alternatively, push against me.
Her orgasm was rising and my aim was to help her reach it.
She let out a yell and began to wail.
“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck.
oh yes.
don’t stop.
” Why would I stop? I was loving this, too.
She cried out, “Put your cock in me.
Fuck me hard.
” In a flash, I stood and stabbed my cock into her in one wet and soppy stroke.
I slid up to the hilt and pressed myself up into her.
I slowly withdrew and did it again, each time becoming more forceful that my balls were slapping her ass.
She groaned again and we commenced to hard, noisy fucking.
I mean real noisy.
“Uuuuh, uuuuh, uuuuh.
” With each stroke, she became louder and I became more forceful.
” She began to piston back and forth, faster and faster.
I was trying to hang on and stay with her but it was difficult.
Also, the friction on my dick was bringing me up to climax as well.
She pushed up against me and I felt her flooding my cock with her natural lubrication.
I felt her squeeze me a couple of times and then her vagina loosened, her walls pulsed and she began to cum.
I’m coming.
YES! YES!” Well that did the trick as I began to spray her insides like a fire hose.
Whatever was left in my balls found its way out, that’s for sure.
I fired about three volleys and then lost all control and shot two more.
She seemed to collapse under me and I fell on her.
We huffed and panted for a couple of minutes and then rested for a few more.
My limp hose fell out of her.
We were laying in a pool of our cum and not caring.
Finally, she looked at me and said, “My pussy is done for the day.
That last fuck was so good but it drained all the cum from me.
I can’t move.
” “I’m done, too.
I think I have track marks on my dick.
”  “I feel like I’m covered in cum.
I’m all sticky.
I feel oogy.
” “Oogy, huh? How ’bout we take a shower.
Then we’ll step out in the sun.
Good idea?” “Sure.
Just as soon as I can move.
” “I know what you mean.
” We lay there on the bed feeling very satisfied.
“We fuck good, don’t we?” she said.
“We fuck like we were meant to fuck.
We fit together well.
” “I’ll say.
” We slowly struggled up off the bed.
I went to the bathroom to turn on the shower.
When it heated up, I stepped into the shower.
When I moved to close the sliding stall door, she stepped into it.
I looked over her body and she was right, she was oogy.
She was all covered in sweat, cum and every other secretion that comes with the species.
I stepped aside so she could get under the shower head.
The water streamed over her as she stood motionless.
Her pussy was weeping cum so I got down on my knees and began to lave her orally.
She spread her legs.
“Go easy on me.
My cunt just had a workout.
” “Unngh.
” My mouth was filled with a glob of cum she belched into it.
Also, the water from the shower was beating down on my face.
When I cleaned her out, I stood back up.
“That felt nice, thank you.
Now it’s my turn.
” She took the bar of soap and began to wash me down.
She ran the soap down my ass crack and ran a finger into my pucker.
She tweaked it and turned my around to soap up my crotch.
“Yes, I see some claw marks on your cock.
I was vicious.
” She covered my cock with little licks and kisses.
“That felt nice, too.
But it won’t wake up for a good while.
I’m all fucked out.
” “Then kiss me.
” We embraced under the streaming water and kissed.
It was sublime.
It lasted for several minutes.
When we broke the kiss, she got out of the shower.
I turned it off and stepped out where she was waiting with a towel.
Then we got dressed.
I went off to the kitchen to brew some coffee.
She joined me, a few minutes later.
Although she had cleaned up well, she still looked beat.
“Wow, that was some workout.
Maybe you could be my Personal Trainer? I could say I was at the gym all day.
” She smiled.
“Sure, why not? I had you doing leg lifts, chest presses.
you could say I worked on your butt today.
” “Yeah.
,” she sighed.
“That was real good today.
I feel very mellow.
You make me feel so comfortable.
That was great sex.
” “Yup.
That hit the spot.
” “So I have to admit, I like this arrangement a lot.
When I need good old fucking, you’re the one I call.
You’re always there for me.
” “It works well for me, too.
Sex with you is serious fun.
And you’ve got a good head, too.
” “I come here, I get fucked.
Pure and simple.
I don’t need to bother you with my nonsense and I don’t have to hear yours’.
It works out fine.
” “Service with a smile.
Consider me your very own Sybian.
” “Hah! I should be so lucky! But you’re a damn good facsimile.
” “So, you gonna call me when you next have to scratch and itch?” “Of course! Let me ask you, are you interested in sharing me?” “Explain.
” “I’m thinking of have a few people over to my BFF, Junie’s house.
It’s big.
It’s private.
It’s discreet.
Get a bunch of similar thinking people together for the purpose of finding the Giant Cosmic “O”.
Could you be more hedonistic? Anyway, let’s mix it up.
I’m thinking, of course, of Junie.
you know her, she waits at The Dockside.
big tits, little ass, dark hair.
” I shook my head.
I haven’t been to The Dockside in years.
“And also Cherie, a hot bi nurse.
And David, my gay coworker, and Donald.
maybe six or eight people for a wild night.
You in?” “Balls deep.
I have a couple that I know would fit well.
” “Good.
I’ll let you know when.
I’ve gotta go.
I’ll call you.
” She grabbed her keys and turned toward the door.
I reached out and grabbed her ass pulling her back onto me.
“Let me grab your ass just once more.
” “Next time.
I’ll make you stuff it.
” She shook her fanny in my hand and turned to leave.
“You’re the best.
Thanks for the afternoon.
I loved it.
” And she was gone.
I listened as her engine disappeared down the lane.
I sat on my big overstuffed couch and turned on the tube.
Within five minutes, I was snoring contentedly.
I must have slept for about an hour when I heard the phone ringing.
or maybe it was a phone ringing in a dream.
I was in that peculiar in-between feeling.
When I finally realized that it was my phone and it was in the kitchen and maybe I should open my eyes and get up and get it, it had stopped ringing.
I stretched my muscles.
The evening news was babbling away about some bozo running for the Republican ticket and yada yada yada.
I walked into the kitchen, threw some water on my face and poured a cuppa joe.
I picked up the phone.
It dutifully reported that I’d missed a call from Casey, one of my group of irregulars.
“Hello, Casey.
I’m sorry I missed your call.
Call me back.
” I walked out on the deck and made an inspection of what work needed to be done in the backyard.
Owning a house is a never-ending job and my mind was now scheduling work.
The phone rang.
“Hey, Ray, how you doin’?” “Not bad, Case.
Just relaxing.
Why, what’s up with you two.
” “I’m sitting here with Terry and we’re looking for a bottle of wine, a joint or two, a hot tub and another cock for my pussy.
You up to play?” “Give me an hour.
I have to clean up from this afternoon.
” “Well, you can clean up but we’re coming up the street.
See you in a few.
” I was in the bedroom stripping the heavily soiled sheets when I heard them pull up.
I was filling the washing machine when they came in.
“I’m in here!” “Aha! Destroying the evidence, huh!” I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it in.
I unzipped my jeans and threw them in.
Now, I stood nude before them.
I walked out of the utility room and through the house toward the deck.
I turned on the hot tub and let it warm up.
I walked back to the kitchen.
Terry was uncorking a Clos Pegasse Pinot Noir.
They were nude, too.
“Hi guys.
What’s up?”



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