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A shadow was visible against the wall, broad and tall.
It was not too late at night but I had gone to bed early as I wasn’t expecting company.
My flat mates had a small gathering downstairs and I avoided them at all costs.
I loved being the only girl in a house full of geeky guys.
Not only because I had constant help with my work, but because there was no risk of booty calls or uncomfortable sexual tension.
I always left my door open so that I knew when it was safe to go down and get some food or a drink.
The shadow was growing bigger on my wall as though entering my room.
I swiftly sat up, no guy had ever dared come into my room.
That was the house rule.
“What are you doing in here? The bathroom’s two doors down.
” I was slightly annoyed by this invasion of my privacy.
As I looked up, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t one of my room mates typical, scrawny geeky friends with big round glasses.
This guy was at least 6’6, and built well, with short, spiky, brown hair.
“Oh, sorry didn’t realize there was a woman in the house.
Joe asked me to get his headset from his room.
” I could see he was some what embarrassed.
I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing with those geeks down stairs, but I didn’t want to offend him.
“Not a problem, what brings you here tonight?” I was hoping to hear an answer that wasn’t completely geeky.
“I’ve transferred to this Uni and joined the gaming society, I was invited round for a gaming night tonight.
” He moved slowly towards the end of my bed and gently sat, looking directly into my eyes.
“Sounds like fun, for you at least.
I’ve never gotten into it.
I live with these guys as there’s no chance of them trying to get it on with me.
The gaming night’s are only occasional and that’s the worst I have to deal with.
My name’s Jess by the way.
” “I’m Jack.
Back where I used to live, the gamers weren’t the typical geeks like around here.
It gives me a chance to relax and do something I enjoy, so I don’t mind it too much.
So you spend the gaming nights hiding out in your room?” “Well, I don’t get on with the people on my course, so in turn don’t go out all that much.
I’d rather lock myself in here than downstairs with all the geeks.
No offence.
” I noticed Jack was sliding up the bed slowly.
I could smell his light aftershave.
“Well, maybe tonight I could make your night a little more fun.
If you want.
” Jack was now moving himself over me.
I felt like a naughty little girl, but my body was responding quicker than my brain.
It took only seconds before our lips were locked and Jack had threw my quilt to the floor.
Jack stood quickly and shut the door.
He stripped off his t-shirt and I noticed he had abs to die for.
His skin was slightly tanned and the light outside reflected through the window into his deep, dark eyes.
My body was telling me that I needed a good hard fuck.
It had been months since I’d last had one.
I stood and slipped off my shorts and t-shirt as Jack climbed back onto the bed, his cock standing to full attention as my tits fell free from my tee.
Jack’s cock looked huge with just the street lights to allow any light into my room.
Online Now! Lush Cams Charlotte_W I climbed on top of him and started to kiss and bite at his neck.
Jack gave a small moan as I started to explore his body with my tongue, and slowly nibbling pathways down his body.
My nails dragging slowly across the top of his thighs, he writhed a little under me.
I reached his long, hard cock and my tongue started dancing around the top of it.
“Mmmm suck it, suck it hard.
” Jack’s eyes were closed and his voice had gone quiet and raspy.
He looked so sexy just laying there on my bed, waiting to be used.
His cock in my hands and his chest heaving slightly.
I started to suck slowly on his man hood, taking all of it in.
I felt it right down the back of my throat before slowly pulling back out.
Jack was moaning quietly in appreciation.
I started to feel a dampness between my legs and my pussy was aching to be filled.
Jack had sensed that I was ready to be seen too.
He pulled me up onto his chest and then pushed my face back towards his cock.
I started to work away at the head of his cock.
Jack slipped his tongue into my slit and started taking slow, long, agonising strokes.
I started to buck on Jack’s face as his tongue began to speed up and he started to suck on my clit.
The tightness began building in my stomach moving it’s way down into my groin.
Jack inserted a finger and my pussy gripped on as an intensely hard orgasm swallowed me whole.
I began moaning loudly into the room.
“Your a noisy one, nothing turns me on more than a woman who isn’t afraid to let it out.
” He pushed me onto my back and started rubbing the head of his cock against my soaking slit.
As he pushed into me he started playing with my nipples.
I haven’t been this turned on in a while.
The feeling of a cock filling my pussy and my nipples being played with, made me start to writhe uncontrollably under Jack.
“Your not coming again just yet.
That would be unfair on me.
” He started biting down on my neck, thrusting so slowly into me and holding my hips down, so that I could not meet his.
My insides were burning with desire to release my love juice everywhere.
 Jack’s breathing become heavier and his breath shorter, his hands started pulling at my hair.
He started thrusting into my fuck hole; deep, hard and unforgiving.
My pussy gripping hard onto his pulsing cock, with complete need to be filled.
My hips meeting his, stroke for stoke.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh God.
” My juice squirted everywhere and the after shock of my orgasm rippling my body, Jack began to grunt loudly down my ear.
He explodes inside me, filling me completely with his warm, thick cum.
He rolls off the top of me and flops onto the bed.
To fucked to move far, I picked up Jack’s shirt and cleaned myself up.
I could see Jack’s chest rising and falling in the dark.
I tossed his shirt back at him and threw my clothes back on.
“Joe’s room is the next one.
Have a good night.
” I left Jack to clean himself up and decided to pop to the shop.
I smiled to myself as I left the house still in the after glow of a hard fuck and a good night.



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