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The roar of the engine, the squeal of tires, the wailing of cop sirens and the rhythmic sloshing and sucking of a fucking wild girl deep-throating his cock was almost sending his brain into sensory overdrive.
He had just robbed a bank, no one was injured, always a plus, and as he was running down the street in a well-tailored navy blue suit, purchased by his last heist, he had the strange feeling that this was not going to go off without a hitch; he just didn’t realize what would constitute a hitch.
  He got into the stolen black Challenger, peeled away his ski mask and put the car into gear, flying away.
He was soon spotted and with that put his racing skills, learned from his days on the track, into use.
The cop chasing him wasn’t up to his skills but wasn’t a slouch either and he knew that more would soon follow.
He turned on the radio, which always helped to focus his attentions, and the sounds of hard 70’s rock dove out of the speakers.
It was then, over the rhythmic cords of Heart’s Barracuda, that he heard her voice, “Slow the fuck down, you maniac!” He turned around, his heart in his chest, and stared blankly at the woman behind him while nearly going off the street.
“What the fuck! Who the hell are you?!” She looked back at the approaching prowler’s colored lights and replied, “Does it really matter right now? I think your only question should be how the fuck are you going to pull this off? You’re in a little bit of trouble.
” He cut a corner hard, the car shifting down, and only touching the brake just enough to keep from fishtailing out of control.
Then he sped up hard, the car jumping gears automatically as he swung left before straightening out.
The cop behind him hopped the sidewalk just missing pedestrians but other than that the cop stayed with the Challenger and was now running the plates requesting back up.
She swung her legs over from the backseat hopping up front with him while he watched her with amazement.
She was petite but scrappy looking; definitely a body that would make men stare at her in the gym.
She had on short cut off shorts, a black tank top, and high top chuck Taylors, which matched her midnight blue hair.
“I’m just going to start off by stating obviously I fucked up in picking your car to try and steal a stereo out of.
” She ran her fingers through her long spiky hair, messing it up and let off a sigh.
“I don’t want to go back to jail, fuck that, and I’m assuming you feel the same?” He gazed briefly at this strange woman before shaking his head in agreement, still in too much shock to really say anything.
She took a deep breath and leaned into him grabbing his cock, massaging it.
He grabbed her hand while controlling the car with the other and viewed at her with his mouth open.
“Are you fucking nuts? I’m driving through a city in the middle of the day with cops trailer and you’re trying to make me crash?” He threw her hand back at her.
“You’re cute but dumb,” she said as she took off her tank top, revealing a pair of well-proportioned thick tits, complete with stiff nipples.
“You need motivation right now.
So I’m going to start sucking your cock, taking every inch of you into my mouth, and you’re going to get us out of this shit storm, okay?” She reached for his cock, now throbbing hard, and undid his belt and pants and pulled out his thick shaft while wrapping her wide, pouty, wet lips around it, sliding it down her moist, ready throat.
“He glanced up and down, taking her and the road in periodically.
“Holy fuck, baby! You better hope I don’t crash.
” He groaned slightly as he felt the top of her tongue.
“You better hope you don’t crash, cowboy, because they’re going to need the Jaws of Life to pry apart my jaw from around,” She looked up at him and pointed to his cock, “Well, need I explain more? Oh, and the name’s Lace.
” She reached up while proceeding to lick his cock and shook his hand.
He looked down at her half thinking this was the world’s most intense daydream, “Good point, Lace,” he said shaking her hand as if he just signed a deal, “and my names…” She cut him off, waving her hand and mumbling before looking up at him and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
“I don’t need to know anything about you cowboy, just that you can beat the odds and pull this off.
Online Now! Lush Cams ShaniRivers Now, we don’t really have time to be formal, so if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to being… the motivation.
” As they flew through the city, dodging pedestrians, cars and red lights Lace deep-throated his cock, gagging on it and exploding over his cock a mouthful of warm spit, which made the blowjob just that much sloppier.
As she coated his cock in her saliva taking his thick knob to the back of her throat she stroked him fast and hard.
She was careful not to let her teeth scrape underneath his prick and just to really inspire him she flicked the end of her tongue back and forth over the tip of his cock, as if she was a snake feeling out its prey.
He wrapped his hands around the back of her hair driving her in deeper; taking her balls deep, as his cock pulsated stretching out every inch inside her mouth.
She grabbed his meat and pulled back from his hard on, a trail of spit hanging from the corner of her mouth as she looked up at him panting.
She spit in his face and went back to gulping down his pole, this time going so deep that she was able to stick out her tongue and lick his balls while his cock touched her uvula.
He almost came with that move and kept wondering who the hell this girl was before she gripped his face with both her hands kissing him hard on his mouth.
She then leaned up against the passenger door and slid off her shorts and thong, revealing a well toned, tight ass.
She held his chin in her forefinger and thumb making him look at her for a second.
“Don’t make me regret this cowboy, and remember however long this keeps up is entirely dependent on you.
” She yanked down his pants stroking his hard cock and soaking it with her spit before straddling him.
He held her with one arm as she faces him running her fingers through her hair and tugging on her nipples getting the hard and hungry.
When he is inside her her pussy flows wet with every thrust of his cock as she kisses and bites his neck while moaning.
He has to be careful while fucking her but he finds himself in a zone that defies logic.
He is actually losing the cops, four squad cars in total, his turns are controlled and calculated and he’s not too far from his hideout just outside the city and as her soaked cunt slides up and down his cock he also feels the shake of the output from the Challenger’s V8 engine as it screams through the streets.
He pulls at the back of her hair as he sinks his mouth into the side of her neck, smelling her sweat and pushes her back as she outstretches her arms.
He squeezes her nipples between the front of his teeth while rolling his tongue over them and reaches out gripping her neck while squeezing, causing her to hold his wrist wanting more.
He controls the car making a sharp turn while pressing his palm hard against the wheel and rotating fast.
She slides with the car and grabs hold of his shirt, ripping it, and still keeping his cock inside her.
One of the police cars wipes out, crashing into the side of a building’s exterior wall.
He grins as he watches from the rear-view mirror and pressed down on the pedal releasing more power from the car’s 360 cubic inch engine.
They finally make it out of the city before any road blocks can be set up.
She wraps her herself around him moving up and down wanting him to cum in her, but he pulls her down by the chin, grinning.
She understands and gets off him taking his thick meat back into her mouth and tasting herself while ending his suffering.
He unleashes a heavy load into her mouth as she cups his balls coaxing every last drop from him.
She tilts her head back while gargling his load in her mouth and sloshes it around before swallowing it all.
He has to hurry and lose the car and be at the pickup spot, which will take him ten minutes to get to by foot.
He parks the car just off the main highway in a wooded area, “You might have time to strip the car of the radio if you want to.
” He tosses her the keys and a devil may care grin.
As he jogs away he pauses and turns to face her before tossing her some cash, Five thousand to be exact.
She watches him disappear through the woods and retrieves a cell phone from her back pocket and dials it.
“Yeah this is Detective Demorah, I have the car in my possession but was unable to apprehend the perpetrator.
I was overpowered, but I’ll make a complete detailed account in my report.
” She gives her location and hangs up the phone.
She buries the money along the side of the road, marking it so she can come back to claim it later.



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