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So, you want to hear the whole story? Well, I guess it really started when Abby’s breasts arrived at Trent’s party a couple of weeks ago.
Fashionably late, fashionably attired.
Well, the kind of fashion I like – a summery floral dress, deep cut at the front, with plenty of cleavage and sideboob on display.
Thin enough that it was clear that she had nothing on underneath, and clear that she didn’t need anything underneath.
I mean, she must have a C cup at least, but they stood high and proud on her chest.
An advantage of being eighteen, I guess.
Now, in case you’re wondering, the rest of Abby arrived at the same time.
But it was her breasts that everyone noticed – men and women, straight and not-so-straight.
She came in and looked around the room, and happened to start at the opposite edge to where I was standing.
So, before she looked my way, I had time to admire the swell of her chest, start to feel a swell in my pants and figure out the only way to avoid the embarrassment of a full-on boner was to drag my eyes upwards.
I think I may have been the only guy in the whole place who looked her in the eye.
Which is possibly how she mistook me for a gentleman.
Much to my surprise, Abby walked straight over to me, with her friend Rose following in her wake.
I know I’m not the best looking guy, and I’m not the smartest either.
But I can think on my feet.
Abby was about a mile out of my league but chose to chat with me.
I could only assume that it was because I looked her in the eye, so I fought every urge I had to look down.
I must have been inspired that night because I think I convinced her that I was fascinated by her mind and not remotely thinking about her boobs, while thinking about little else but how I could get to see her boobs.
Now, to be fair, she’s actually very sweet and quite bright and easy to chat with.
But so are so many other women.
She had one remarkable feature.
well, two, really.
When she turned to find the bathroom, I finally got a chance to drink in the sight of them again, like a man dying of dehydration finally getting a sip of water.
Abby didn’t notice, but Rose sure did.
Now, I haven’t said much about Rose because I hadn’t paid her much attention.
Sure, I’d greeted her very politely and smiled my nicest smile, but I’d been thinking about Abby.
I’m not sure if Rose saw that because she gave me a suspicious glare.
Or maybe she just didn’t mistake me for a gentleman.
“She’s actually smarter than you think,” said Rose, as soon as Abby was out of earshot.
“What makes you think that I think she’s dumb?” I really looked at Rose for the first time.
She was plainer than Abby; not ugly, but not a great beauty.
Just average, except for her eyes.
They were somewhere between green and blue, but with a steel behind them.
“You want her for her boobs.
Like all the other guys, even if you’re cunning enough not to stare.
” I smiled.
“I thought I was being polite, not cunning.
” To cut a long story short, Rose hung around as I worked my charm on Abby that night.
In hindsight, Rose matched me in witty repartee, while Abby was just plain nice.
Ultimately, Rose seemed less than impressed, even if she did laugh at a few of my jokes.
But Abby, well, let’s just say I got her number and a good night kiss.
She didn’t notice Rose glaring at us, but I did.
It didn’t stop me slipping a bit of tongue in, but I resisted the urge to cop a feel.
I still don’t know how.
So, I played it a bit cool, but we had a couple of dates over the last couple of weeks.
And I had to keep up the `gentleman’ act and not look down.
It was pretty hard.
not like that.
Anyway, I was on my best behaviour, but clearly charming enough since she casually mentioned that her folks would be away this weekend, and invited me over for Netflix and a hard fuck.
That might not have been her exact words, but I’m sure that’s what she meant.
Hmm, that would have been tonight, but those plans went a bit awry somewhere.
***** I sent Abby a slightly flirty text this morning and then was a little surprised to hear a knock at my dorm room door soon afterward.
I kicked some dirty clothes under the bed, checked my look in the mirror and put on my best smile as I opened the door.
My smile slipped slightly when I saw Rose standing there.
“Stay away from Abby – she’s much too good for the likes of you,” she said.
“Hi, Rose.
Lovely to see you too.
Would you like to come in?” I gestured to my tiny room.
“No thank you.
She thinks you value her mind, just because you resisted the urge to look at her tits for a while.
” “Maybe she can see something you won’t let yourself see.
I mean, she’s a grown-up.
How much difference can it make whether I glanced at her breasts or not?” “Well,” said Rose, “How would you feel if everyone looked at your dick all the time?” “Um,” I said, frowning as I tried to figure out if it was a trick question.
“Great, actually.
” She rolled her eyes.
“I don’t just mean gorgeous women.
What about women you don’t find attractive?” I blinked a few times in succession and gave her a quizzical look.
Rose bit off a laugh and shook her head.
“You’re going to say something about all women being beautiful on the inside, aren’t you? Save your breath.
I’m immune to that sort of crap.
” I saw a challenge in front of me, like a red rag to a bullshitter.
She was the best friend of the woman who thought of herself as my girlfriend, so I knew what I should do.
But I never claimed to be a gentleman.
And I figured that there was no harm in finding out if I could have her, you know, hypothetically.
If I wanted to.
“Of course.
There are some unattractive women.
But almost all women have something about them that’s attractive.
Take you, for example.
” She gave me a cool look, as if to suggest that there was no way I would ever be taking her.
It made me want her all the more.
“You probably feel like you move in Abby’s shadow.
That your breasts are ordinary compared to hers.
Although the way you dress, I don’t feel entirely qualified to comment.
” I resisted the urge to look down.
Strangely, even with all the practice I’d been having, it was challenging.
I guess the difference was that I knew what Abby’s looked like, but I had no idea about Rose’s and my curiosity almost dragged me in.
But I continued looking into her eyes, which I thought had maybe softened slightly.
“But you do have the most incredible eyes.
When I look into them, it’s like I can see your wit.
And your intelligence or street smarts or whatever you want to call it.
And your genuine warm nature bubbling along behind those eyes.
That is so much more attractive than any external features.
” I don’t know where that came from – I scare myself sometimes.
She looked away and sighed.
“And yet,” she said, “You’re going out with Little Miss ‘oh, I hate it when everyone stares at my tits, but I’ll still wear next to nothing because they’re so amazing’.
” “I’m not sure that would fit on the front of a book.
” She laughed.
A genuine laugh this time.
Sort of sweet and musical and her eyes twinkled.
I mean, I’ve told women before that their eyes were amazing, but only because I thought that I couldn’t compliment other parts of their anatomy without getting slapped.
But Rose’s eyes.
Where was I? I went on, “You see, at Trent’s party, she approached me and was friendly and sweet.
” I tried to shut an image of Abby’s breasts out of my mind.
“I didn’t really get to know you – I guess you had your defences up.
It’s like I’m only now starting to see something of the real you that you hide away behind your sarcasm and scepticism.
Maybe you’re like me, although I hide behind bluster and bullshit.
” I’ve long said that the best lies are those with a little bit of truth in them.
Okay, maybe more than a little.
Somewhat to my surprise, there was the faintest hint of a tear in her eye as she searched my eyes.
“It feels like,” I continued, “you can see through that and see something of the real me.
And I don’t mind.
I’m not sure that I’ve felt that with anyone.
” I’ll admit that, sometimes, I don’t know when to shut up, but I managed to then.
We just looked into each others’ eyes for what seemed like an eternity.
I made a small step towards her, then she made a small step towards me, and the next thing I knew, our lips were pressed against each other’s and our arms wrapped around each other.
You can probably guess what happened next, so maybe I should just skip over the ins and outs, so to speak.
No? You want to hear all the details? Well, I suppose so, then.
It started off pretty much as I would have expected.
I always like to take control and start things slow, you know, to give my partner time to warm up.
So I kissed her slowly and ran my hands gently over her back as we slowly shuffled into my room.
She broke out of my embrace to shut the door and flick the lock.
Then she turned toward me and smiled.
The next thing I knew, she’d shoved me back onto my bed and had ripped my pants down.
She grabbed my cock, which was growing rapidly in her hand, and asked, “So, has she sucked this for you yet?” I shook my head and said something like, “Tonight.
oh god,” because she just took me in whole, pressing her nose into my stomach.
Coming up for air, and slowly stroking my saliva-slickened cock, she added, “Don’t worry, I’m much better at it than her.
” I wanted to last for hours and to fuck her, but all too soon, I was saying, “God, Rose.
You’re going to make me cum.
” She took her mouth away for just long enough to say, “Damn right, I am,” and then attacked my cock again.
I thought that she couldn’t possibly flick her tongue around the head of my cock any faster than she had been.
But it turned out I was wrong.
Then, when I was right on the edge, she plunged her mouth down onto my cock and held it there, totally still, not quite pushing me over the edge.
She dropped a hand into her pants for a moment.
Her fingers were glistening when she brought them out again.
I felt a wet finger at my arsehole.
Lubricated with her own juices, she pushed it straight in.
That was just enough to tip me over the edge, and I pumped load after load of cum deep into her throat.
I collapsed back on to the bed.
“Holy fuck, you’re good at that.
” “Yes.
” Rose just swallowed, smiled and shimmied out of her jeans.
“And now,” she said, climbing on to the bed, “you’re going to make me cum.
” With her sweatshirt still on, she raised one leg and lowered her shaved pussy over my face.
I took a second to react, taking in the sight of her swollen lips and inhaling her scent.
She just grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her pussy.
I reached around, grabbed her butt and pushed my tongue into her.
She started moaning and muttering, “Oh yes, fuck me with that tongue of yours.
” Her juices were flowing freely over my chin as I lapped away.
“I’m going to come all over your face.
Lick my clit.
” She took no chances about me being one of those guys who struggles to find it.
I’m not, by the way.
But anyway, she just shuffled down my face a little, pulled my face in hard and pressed her clit onto my tongue.
Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian She started bucking above me, shouting out incomprehensibly.
All I could do was hold her butt tightly, lick away, and try to get some air in through my nose whenever I could.
Finally, her whole body tensed, and she shouted out one very clear word.
“Fuck!!” She rolled off me and collapsed onto the bed.
She sighed.
“Fuck, I needed that.
” “You’re a bit overdressed.
” I pulled at the bottom of her sweatshirt and with a bit of wriggling, we lifted it over her head.
I stared at her breasts – they were small, but with remarkably long, hard nipples.
“They’re not as nice as—“ she started.
“They’re beautiful.
I could suck on those nips all day,” I said, making a start on that.
She giggled.
“No, you couldn’t, because I won’t let you.
” I looked at her quizzically.
She just reached down and grabbed my cock, which was rock hard once more.
“Because I need you to fuck me.
Hard!” Well, I do aim to please.
I climbed on top of her and slid into her tight pussy easily.
She grabbed my arse with both hands as we built up a rhythm.
She started whispering encouragement.
“Fuck me.
Oh yes, harder, harder.
” But soon, she was shouting loud enough that my neighbours would have known exactly what was going on, even if the walls weren’t paper-thin.
Then, holding me deep inside her, she rolled on top and took charge.
She ground her hips against me, frantically frigging with my cock deep inside her.
By this time, she was shouting out total gibberish, punctuated by the occasional, “Yes!” I was desperately close to letting go, but not quite there.
Then she threw her head back and let out a groan of pure sexuality as her pussy pulsed on my cock, gripping it like a velvet vice.
That was enough to push me over again as I pulled her hips against me as hard as I could and thrust upwards, trying to get even deeper inside her to bury load after load of cum.
    ***** “That was amazing,” I said after I’d had a few minutes to recover.
I’ve said that a few times before in the afterglow, but that time, I really meant it.
I have to admit to a little bit of confusion about my feelings – I’d got what I wanted from this woman, but yet, I wanted more.
And when she half-laughingly asked if I’d stay away from Abby now, I came to an immediate decision, based on feelings instead of breasts.
Well, feelings and astonishing sex.
“I’ll break it off with Abby.
Do you think I could send her a text?” Rose didn’t say anything, just gave me a look suggesting she would consider a guy who would do such a thing on a par with something she’d wipe off her shoe.
I didn’t mention that I’d broken up with my last girlfriend by text.
Hey, don’t judge me – we’d only had sex a couple of times.
“Okay, I’ll call her now,” I said.
Go and talk to her face to face.
And don’t mention me.
” I gave a blank look.
I was trying to think of a reason to break up with someone that didn’t involve having found someone new.
Rose rolled her eyes.
“I don’t want anyone to think that I stole you away from my best friend.
If you break up with her and then happen to fall for me later, then I’m not the bad guy.
No one needs to know about this afternoon.
” “I think everyone in a five-mile radius knows about this afternoon.
” She blushed a little.
“Look, just say something about not having enough in common or something.
Shit, you’re the master of bullshit – make something up.
” Flattery got me to Abby’s place with the best of intentions.
I’d thought up some great lines; it was going to be the best break-up ever.
I’d texted her asking if I could come around to talk to her and she’d replied, telling me to let myself in the gate.
She’d be by the pool.
It was only as I opened the gate that I wondered – what if she was wearing a bikini? But I took a deep breath; I was not going to be waylaid from my mission by a pair of breasts, even if they were in a bikini.
So I wandered into the backyard and opened the pool gate.
She saw me before I realized my mistake.
Abby was lying face down on a towel by the pool’s edge.
My eyes scanned up in a moment: tanned legs, high-cut black bikini bottoms, more tanned skin, then her wet hair pushed to the side and resting lightly on one shoulder.
I looked back down her back and confirmed what I’d suspected.
No top.
I froze mid-step as she lifted herself up and turned towards me.
Suddenly, the breasts that I’d fantasized about were right before my eyes.
Slightly paler than the rest of her skin.
The contrast would have dragged my eyes in if I had had enough self-control to not already be staring.
As she sat, they bounced and swayed hypnotically.
There were small beads of water on them and I watched as one drop slid down towards her hard nipple.
“Hi there,” said Abby.
I was struck dumb.
I couldn’t remember my name, let alone why I was there.
“Really?” laughed Abby.
“You? Nothing to say? Oh, you do like these after all?” She grasped her breasts.
“I had started to wonder.
Do you want to have a dip?” I dragged my eyes to her face.
“No swimmers.
” Having got a couple of words out, I might have had a chance.
I’d seen what I wanted to see; maybe I could walk away.
“I didn’t bring them.
I didn’t really come here to swim—“ Abby was smiling and raised her eyebrows.
“I didn’t think so.
” “You don’t understand.
I want to.
I need to.
” My eyes had dropped again, and my tongue wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do.
She let out a bit of a girlish giggle.
I don’t usually like gigglers.
So I remembered why I was there.
But Abby was already speaking.
“I think I do understand.
But maybe a quick dip first.
My parents have gone away already, and the neighbours can’t see in, so.
” She stood and hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down.
As she leaned forward, her breasts swung in front of her shaved pussy.
Any chance of saying what I’d meant to say was gone.
As she turned and bent into a diving position, naked, with her pussy peeking out at me from between her legs, my clothes were already flying in all directions.
By the time I’d got all my clothes off, Abby had elegantly dived in and surfaced at the other side of the pool.
She wasn’t even trying to look at my face – her eyes were fixed on my cock, which was rock hard again by that stage.
My dive in was a little less elegant than hers, but I didn’t feel any pain.
She chuckled slightly at my belly flop, but I just shrugged and said, “Diving’s not one of my talents.
There are other things I’m better at.
” “Such as?” She looked at me suggestively, despite shyly keeping her shoulders below the water.
“Well, why don’t you hop up on the edge of the pool and I could show you my muff-diving skills?” Now, she didn’t actually have any muff – who does these days? – but I still thought it a bit witty.
Abby didn’t laugh and didn’t get up on the edge of the pool, either.
She dragged me in for a kiss, and then whispered in my ear, “I just want you inside me.
” I must have looked confused.
Probably because I was.
“I guess I just find a guy.
kissing me down there really intimate.
I’m not sure I trust you enough quite yet.
” I was a bit offended not to be trusted.
And yes, I do get the irony of that.
She slipped out of my grasp and swam to the shallow end.
Climbing up the stairs, she looked back over her shoulder at me, and flicked back her hair, sending droplets coursing down her back and over her butt, and causing the breast I could see to bounce enticingly.
Needless to say I wasn’t far behind her as she lay down on her back on her towel and slowly opened her legs as I stood over her, drinking in the sight.
I lay down above her, and my cock entered her.
She let out soft, sexy sounds as I slowly slid in and out of her.
It was lovely, but I was worried that I might struggle to come, having done so twice in the previous couple of hours.
And a small part of my brain was thinking about Rose’s pussy above my face or my cock deep in Rose’s throat.
A strong man might have realized he’d made a big mistake and stopped there, but I don’t know if any man is that strong.
I picked up the pace until I was pounding into Abby.
Her soft groans also quickened but she was still quiet compared to Rose, and barely moving herself.
But I thought of one thing that might get me over the edge.
“I want to come on your tits,” I gasped.
Okay,” she said.
With hindsight, she may have been a little disappointed, but I was thinking that if I only ever got to fuck the owner of the world’s most amazing breasts once, then I’d better take the opportunity to coat them in cum.
She probably would have been really disappointed to know that I was thinking in terms of it being a once-off, so I could go back to her best friend, but obviously, I wasn’t stupid enough to mention that.
She sat up on her towel, cupping those breasts together and watching as I stroked my cock.
It didn’t take long before I groaned and started pumping a few small streams of cum onto her tits.
She was leaning forward and I was getting my hopes up that she would lick up the final drops direct from the source when an angry voice made us both jump a little.
“What the actual fuck?” It was Rose.
    ***** Rose just stood there, staring at Abby’s breasts.
I was slightly offended that she didn’t so much as glance at my cock, still proudly standing at attention.
But, to be fair, I was also captivated by the sight of a globule of my cum slowly oozing down between Abby’s perfect breasts.
“Rose,” said Abby.
“What are you doing here?” “I came to see how you were.
After this, this.
After he broke up with you.
” “What? Why would he break up with me?” “Well, he said he would after he fucked me this afternoon.
” Suddenly, I had two women glaring at me.
I dragged my eyes away from Abby’s breasts and knew that I had to speak fast.
I’m still not quite sure what the right thing to say in such a situation might be.
I know now one of the wrong things to say.
Perhaps a halfway decent man might have tried to apologize.
I never claimed to be halfway decent.
Instead, I said the first thing that came to my mind.
“So, do you fancy a threesome?” It’s not a crime to ask, is it? Although, as it turned out, neither of them did fancy that.
And that, officers, is the story behind how I came to be on the street, stark naked and fighting with one fully dressed woman and one woman wearing only a towel.
I was only trying to defend myself.
And, if you’re wondering, I don’t want to press charges against either of them, because some people might say that the whole sequence of events was, at least partly, my fault.
Oh, I certainly have learnt some lessons.
Firstly, if you’re going to ask two angry women if they’d like to have a threesome, then grab your pants first.
And possibly some running shoes.
But more importantly, don’t bother trying not to stare at a nice pair of boobs.
Sure, staring has got me into trouble at times in the past, but nothing like the amount of trouble that not staring did.
And that is why I have to say that you do have a lovely pair filling out that uniform, Sergeant Jones.
What did you say your first name was? Oh, you hadn’t said.
Wait, why are you taking me back to the cells? What do you mean, ‘Just until I sober up and start talking sense’? I’m stone-cold sober.
Sergeant? Ma’am? Please!    



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