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Latest stories Taboo Good Solution Part 2

The last Laura knew about her Friday night out was the clock that read 10:18pm.
The sheet around her sated body became a cocoon that carried her away to beyond the realms of reality.
A place where thoughts refused to linger, where the body was oblivious to the creases of cotton sheets and where the colour of the night was a close companion.
When Laura first laid her eyes upon Dean, her first thoughts was that of him being a close relative to Ben Affleck.
Add a few pounds to the shoulders and a tousle of curly and unruly chestnut hair and the picture was complete.
Dean was twenty three at the time but that was some year ago.
Ok, add a few months.
His tall, lean frame had graced the couch for quite a number of months and she grew to a keen affection of him.
Around the house he was the masculine voice that lacked inside their home.
He was the soft spoken, shy guy that sometimes left the lingering aroma in the passageway long after he had left.
The lack of his presence was often felt by Laura who silently, and hopefully unobtrusively, drank in the masculinity he represented in the house.
Sometimes the thought of Dean and his leanness remained in her mind and she was caught once or twice daydreaming about him.
Though the limits of her thoughts about him was never admitted, Laura was the only one who knew in her mind what the limits were.
And that, was a fact that was best kept closely guarded.
Something extracted Laura from her deep sleep to the upper levels of oblivion.
Those levels where you may dream and still yourself, you’re only dreaming.
A level where reality started interfering with the dreaming.
Though she drifted off, she became aware of somebody screaming at her.
It was Rob, his pants around his ankles and a small, shrivelled little dick trying to find its way out of a bush of pubic hair.
Rob was bellowing at her in his office, “This is your pay check, Laura.
You are my whore, I will give you the smallest bit I have.
” Then suddenly the cock was monstrously big and attached to his forehead.
“Come Laura, crawl to me, suck my cock and give me a raise.
Come suck your pay check.
” Then, with a bang, the huge monstrosity exploded and she felt wetness all around her.
That woke Laura.
The sheets and her nightshirt were clinging to her body.
She was soaked in sweat, her hair pasted to her forehead and her heart was beating out of control.
Laura realised how much her evening was getting to her but relented that it was the best decision.
Her head turned and she viewed the digital display of the clock.
It was just after 1:00am.
While her throat felt parched her next move was get a drink of water.
Nothing next to her bed as she was so consumed with the messages her inner woman was sending her, that she omitted to get placing a glass of water at her bedside.
The house was as quiet as it would be at that time of the morning.
Without switching on her bedside lamp, she got up and took the few paces to the door.
Opening the door to her room, she realised the house not to be as quiet as she perceived.
Laura could hear subdued voices from somewhere in the house.
The kitchen perhaps? Then a giggle and the soft masculine voice of Dean.
They were back.
As she took the steps down to the ground level of the house, her progress muted by her bare, something suddenly held her back.
It was Jamey she heard saying something to Dean.
“Yes Baby, I am sure,” sound of kissing, “I want you to make me a woman… tonight.
” Some more kissing sounds reached Laura’s ears and she slowed down her descending of the stairs.
“Baby, if you are sure, I love you so much and I would be so honoured to be the chosen one,” she heard Dean say with a low voice.
Laura stopped and crouched on the stairs, looking through the gap between the upper floor and the rail of the stairs.
She could see them clearly and her being in the shadows shielded her from them.
Laura felt an indescribable emotion wash over her.
‘My Baby is growing up,’ she realised.
While she watched, the two young lovers continued their kissing.
Jamey had her arms Dean’s neck and his strong hands were holding her close.
As she watched, Jamey lifted herself on her toes, she was barefooted and was eager to reach closer to Dean’s frame.
Suddenly she witnessed the muscles in Jamey’s arms tense and then the young woman swept her lithe legs around the waist of her lover.
For a few moments longer they kept up the love dance of their lips before Jamey pulled back, a radiant smile on her face.
The conversation became incoherent but animated.
Jamey continued smiling and at times giggling and once hiding her face in his hair in mock shyness.
But then it appeared she might have said something into his ear and Dean looked at her again, in mock disbelief.
Laura smiled silently, in her heart loving the two youngsters so much.
But then she realised something else… Jamey was quietly riding what might have been the bulge in Dean’s Levi’s.
The ecstasy was visible on her face and Jamey seemed a bit apprehensive as to what could have been contained in his pants.
Laura caught on what Jamey might have realised.
‘With a boot size like his? I would also have felt apprehensive my Baby,’ was Laura’s though as well.
Dean started placing his kisses on Jamey’s neck and soon his one hand found its way to the young woman’s breast.
It seemed as if he was whispering something at her while massaging her breast.
Jamey answered something inaudible and looking straight at Dean, lifted her tee to just above her erect nipples.
As Dean descended on the closer of the two dark areola’s and Jamey tilted her head backward in exhilaration, Laura felt a stirring in her own sex.
While the picture she was witnessing was highly laden with emotion and was absolutely so beautiful to the older woman, it was also laden with so much eroticism.
A though or two passed her conscience that what she was doing was wrong.
But what she witnessed was so pure and innocent that she could not drag herself away, take a drink of water in her bathroom and simply go back to bed.
She had to see.
She absolutely had to witness the next move.
She was spellbound and felt as involved as it was her own flesh and blood.
She was connected much deeper to the two people in the kitchen below her than she realised.
Why, she did not know.
Jamey whispered something Laura could not hear but the way she looked toward the stairs and the expression on her face said they were on their way up.
Moments later, with Jamey staring deep into his eyes, Dean turned around.
Within a few paces he would be traversing the stairs upward, Jamey’s legs still locked around his waist.
Laura had retreated up the stairs already, back to her room and under the covers.
Her throat felt like it was a desert path at midday with the winds of time burning it into desolate dust.
But the emotions lingered inside her, causing a tremble of her being and a nagging desire in her pussy.
‘Simply said; while your throat is dry your pussy is soaked, Laura,’ was the thought she had when Jamey quietly opened her door and peered inside.
Laura feigned sleep and Jamey retreated, closing the door softly behind her.
Laura was eager to know what would happen next but she dared not move a limb.
Though she realised that with them being under the impression that she is asleep, she could give it a minute or two before she would see if she could sneak close and continue to watch.
Again the though traversed the expanse of her conscience.
But Laura won it over and with barely a whisper of sound, she slowly slipped her legs toward the side of the bed.
With her legs on the floor and her back still on the mattress, Laura almost started giggling at her own silliness.
She realised how absurd it might sound to anybody else but she wanted to witness what was happening in the room down the hall from her.
Mentally she mapped Jamey’s room and tried to imagine the angle at which she might be able to see anything.
How would they sit.
? Or stand.
What would happen first, how much would she be able to see? Then she slipped out of her room, gently pacing the carpeted hallway toward the room at the end.
A sliver of light shone from the room.
Peering through the partially open door Laura could see Dean on the bed, Jamey’s legs still locked around his waist.
They were kissing deeply, whispering at each other.
Jamey had a certain look on her face.
Laura knew the look, Jamey was experiencing being made love to already.
There was no turning back.
Dean stood up with Jamey clinging to his strong frame and turned around.
Gently he laid her down on the bed, kissing her softly while searching for the locks and keys to her clothing.
It struck Laura that Dean was no novice in stripping a woman of her clothes and within a few short moments, the only part of Jamey that was not visible yet was her sex.
Dean lightly tickled her and she giggled, squirming and moving backward to evade his playful fingertips.
Moving back up, Dean took his time, kissing Jamey for a long few minutes before following her curves down to uncharted territory.
Mock growling at the tiny wisp of a garment still between Dean and Jamey, she giggled again and urged him on.
“C’mon, take it off already.
You so want to remove the last obstacle.
” Jamey prepared herself, taking a deep breath she looked with anticipated eyes as his teeth grabbed the waistband of her crimson silk thong and pulled down… Laura leaned against the frame of the door and observed the event right in front of her eyes.
She was a mere two yards from the point where Dean extended his tongue to the waiting folds of Jamey’s pussy.
As the stimulator touched his object, the woman arched her back and moaned softly her delight to her lover.
He briefly made eye contact but her eyes were closed, enjoying the ministrations of the warm tongue tracing soft, wet lines on her little girl.
  A zillion thoughts and memories flooded the older woman’s brain.
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The why’s and how’s Laura had to explain all channelled through her mind.
They fears she had to, and still lived with.
The risks involved in the event taking place on the bed before her eyes.
The young woman’s back arched again and a silent cry escaped her mouth as she was brought to a fantastic orgasm.
Her first one administered to her by a man.
As the ripples dissipated, her eyes slowly opened, laying themselves on the face before them.
The young man’s face shone with the juices misted upon his feature by the young woman laying below him.
Her mouth opened slowly and she whispered, “I love you so much.
” Then, with a glint in her eye, Jamey sat up slightly.
Propping herself on her elbows, she smiled slyly and with a fingered motion, indicated to Dean it was time to remove his shirt.
With slow teasing fingers he removed his shirt and as if to spur him on, Jamey lifted a leg and with a red painted toe, traced the line of the bulge in his jeans.
‘Fuck! Hurry the fuck up and get those pants off,’ was Laura’s silent sentiment.
She could not wait for Dean to reveal his package.
She desperately wanted to see what this kid was packing.
She wanted to get a prelude of what her daughter was going to get.
But Dean only removed his shirt and then bent down to remove his shoes and socks.
When he straightened up, he had a very naughty and challenging look in his eyes.
“Come get it!” he teased.
Jamey relented and sitting up, slip her legs to the floor, she indicated for Dean to open it up.
Laura was getting frustrated with anticipation.
She desperately wanted to see Dean in his full glory.
She wanted to rush into the room and help them get those jeans of his butt.
Then Jamey reached out and undid first his belt and then the button before lowering the zipper all the way.
Grabbing the Levi’s by the sides she slipped it over his hips and all the way down to his feet.
Laura remembered her own loss of innocence to the man who fathered the gorgeous young woman before her eyes.
It happened much faster, he was inebriated from all the wine he had consumed during the wedding reception.
All James wanted was to get inside his bride.
No teasing, no finesse, no enticing her with sexy moves.
It all happened underneath the bright light of their hotel room some twenty odd years ago.
No romance, just claim and go to sleep.
She had been twenty and a bit when they exchanged wedding vows.
Scarcely a year later she was pregnant to the barely nineteen year old about to lose her virginity.
When Jamey pulled the dark coloured boxers down his hips, her eyes widened.
It had been quite obvious what was behind the garment but the reality must have surprised her even more.
Even Laura’s eyes widened considerably when the silky garment slid down and Dean was displayed proudly right before the eyes of the two women.
James was not really big, about six or so inches, she remembered.
She was eager to consummate her marriage to James and had been in quite an expectation of their sexual union.
She was wet and she had expected a night of fulfilling sex previously denied.
She saved herself for her wedding night but sadly he passed out without her even getting remotely close to an orgasm.
While he snored away, she went manual and got some release.
It was only with time the James and Laura has some sort of fulfilment in their bed.
But even that was outsourced to some slut, she reflected.
Dean was big.
He was stallion and he stood proudly before a young woman he was not required to first marry before having the privilege.
As Jamey tentatively touched his cock, it twitched at the first touch, Dean groaning his pleasure.
But, if Jamey was going to be able to take him down her throat, was a different story.
Laura had only one cock in her life.
That same cock made her a woman, gave her the seed to conceive, gave her the pleasure of some good orgasms.
That same seed she swallowed, relishing the taste, wanting more.
That same cock betrayed her, spraying its seed inside the cunt of some whore! As Jamey scooted backward on the bed, Laura wondered if it was at all possible for the lean framed girl to take such a big cock.
She wished it had been her on the bed.
She was much more experienced than the girl about to become a woman.
As Dean kneeled between the long lithe legs, Laura held her breath.
The fear and expectation twisted in the young woman’s eyes, becoming a kaleidoscope of emotions.
Her breathing was deep, her skin glistening in tense anticipation; then she nodded her consent… Laura was waiting with baited breath for what would come next.
As the young man’s cock touched the moist aperture op the young woman before him, she smiled.
Though smiling she might, a thin film of perspiration was already causing soft strands from her hairline to stick to her forehead.
Laura could see Jamey battling to take the hardness imposing on the cavity centring her spread legs.
Dean relented and slowly made his way inside.
Laura witnessed a tear slowly surrendering to gravity as the pressure on the insides of the girl sheath started bordering on the unbearable.
Laura felt the emotions rush through her being.
She could not distinguish which was the strongest; her love for her daughter and the event she was subjecting herself to willingly or anger toward the young man torturing the tender young pussy below him.
Jamey started groaning in pain and held her hand against Dean’s chest.
Softly, the held him back, shaking her head slowly.
On her lips Laura could read the words ‘it too painful, please go slow.
’ Dean pulled out slowly and with Jamey having taken a deep breath, Dean pushed.



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