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Mike Waller sat patiently in the living room of his apartment waiting for his special guest to arrive.
Soon enough, he heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.
  After unscrewing the deadbolt and unlocking the door, he opened it slightly to see who it was.
Sure enough, it was Agent Ashley Hayes of the FBI.
He met her during a meeting at the Defense Intelligence Agency early on that day.
“Are doing this or what?” she asked.
“Sure come in, I have a coat rack on the wall.
” After stepping through the door, she took off her FBI jacket and hung it up.
Once it was on the rack, Mike made his move, grabbing Ashley around her waist then picking her up and tossing her over his shoulder.
“I’ve been waiting all day for this,” Ashley excitedly said.
    “Me too, cupcake.
”    “That’s your nickname for me?”    “Oh yes, my FBI friend.
You’re a delicious little cupcake and you’re all mine for the taking.
” Ashley just giggled and asked him what flavor he thought she was.
    “That’s gonna depend on the color of your panties, sweetie,” Mike replied then proceeded to carry her to his room, smacking her booty along the way.
You got a fine ass, baby.
”    “Do it again.
”    “You like it?” “Oh yes, professor.
I’ve been a very naughty girl.
”    “Then you are definitely in the right place.
I like naughty girls, do you know why?”    “Because they turn you on?”    “Plus I get to throw them over my shoulder and spank their pretty little asses.
Yes, I do, and I like it very much,” Mike replied in between smacks then continued on with his hand still firmly on her ass.
Upon entering the bedroom, he threw her on the bed and took off his shirt.
After tossing it on the floor, he grabbed Ashley by her ankles and pulled her legs up and proceeded to take her shoes and socks off.
    “I see you still got your gunbelt on, cupcake.
Let me help you with that.
”    “I meant to take it off before you grabbed me, but oh well.
” Mike unbuckled her belt then removed it and placed it on the nightstand.
Wanting to get his pants down, Ashley sprung up and rapidly undid his belt followed by the button and zipper.
She got his pants and boxers down halfway before he pushed her back onto the bed.
    “Now let’s see what color you got on down here, baby,” Mike said with a grin, then just as fast as she undid his pants, Mike unbuttoned and unzipped hers then pulled her legs up to make taking them off easier.
Ashley squirmed and giggled as her pants were removed and tossed aside.
She kept her legs up to give him a good view of panty-covered ass.
    “Like the color?” she asked.
    “Dark blue, with a bow on the front.
It feels like you read my mind this morning,” Mike replied then slipped two fingers in and began playing with her pussy.
Ashley moaned with enthusiasm as he continued.
    Online Now! Lush Cams MatureVivian “Oh, keep going.
Make me wet.
”    “Were you thinking of me while putting your panties on this morning?”    “Oh, yes, Mike.
Oh god, the way you’re touching my pussy feels so good.
” Mike was enjoying the state Ashley was in, but now he felt it was time to see what she tasted like.
He pulled his fingers out of her, pulled her closer to the edge of the bed and knelt down between her legs to start working her with his tongue.
His left hand kept her panties out of the way to keep her pussy exposed while he licked.
Ashley moaned and squirmed about, but Mike was doing a good job holding her in place.
She felt nothing but absolute euphoria as the licking continued.
Before long, she began to feel a massive buildup as the licking intensified.
She was so overtaken by the action, all she could do was moan and enjoy the erotic ride.
A few seconds later, she screamed out and came.
Mike rose up to admire his handiwork or tongue work, so to speak.
    “You taste like a blueberry cupcake,” Mike said.
Ashley was too busy panting to give a response.
With a satisfied smirk on his face, he leaned back over Ashley and proceed to unbutton her blouse.
After popping the seventh and final button, he pulled it apart, revealing her toned stomach and matching dark blue bra containing her mouthwatering breasts.
Mike didn’t waste any time feeling them up.
    “Oh, I love the way you touch me, Mike.
But I want you to wear me out with that dick of yours.
Fuck me any way you want.
” Mike pulled her up to a sitting position and swiftly pulled the blouse down and off then went in to kiss her neck while his hands went around to unhook the clasp on her bra.
With the bra removed and thrown to the other side of the room, he pushed Ashley back onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach.
    “Brace yourself, cupcake.
I’m gonna fuck you into next week,” Mike declared then gave her a hard smack on the ass, which made her smile then grabbed her panties with both hands and pulled them down to her ankles.
Ashley wiggled her feet to step out of them.
    “Good girl,” Mike commented then lined his dick up with her ass and went in hard.
His entrance resulted in a very high-pitched scream from Ashley, which turned him on even more, so he put his amount of thrusting into overdrive, resulting in more screams from Ashley and some words of encouragement.
    “Oh my goodness, you’re amazing.
I feel like it’s already next Tuesday…keep tearing up my ass, harder, harder.
” Mike already felt like he was fucking her at full capacity, but he managed to apply a little more energy to his thrusting, which kept Ashley pleased.
A few seconds later, Mike let out a triumphant roar as he came into her, Ashley gasped as his load flooded her anus.
Mike lay on top of her with his dick still inside her.
    “You’re such a fantastic fuck, Ashley.
You know that?”    “Um-hum.
”   Fin  



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