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Latest stories Straight Sex Welcome Home: Part 1

Jordan sat in her small cubicle, she was packing away the last of her work belongings.
The company she worked for had just been bought out.
They were downsizing and her position was no longer needed.
“Hey Jordie,” a voice said.
“Hey Lance,” she answered, She knew that voice without looking.
“Again I would like to apologize.
” Lance began to say.
Jordan sat back in her chair looking at her former boss.
He was in his late fifties.
His gray hair was a sure sign of the stress he was under.
His glasses were hanging on his nose.
“It’s not your fault,” she shrugged.
“It’s business.
” The company had been kind to her.
They gave her three months to look for a new job.
Which she had tried, but none of the potential positions paid her half of what she was making now.
She could not afford to take such a huge pay cut.
Her roommate had already told her she had to come up with her half of the rent or move out.
Jordan was well short of the amount.
“If there is anything I can do to help.
Please let me know,” he said solemnly.
He hated to lose a person like Jordan.
She had always been a hard worker from the very start.
She was always on time, he never received any complaints from anybody about her.
“No,” she replied, she took a deep sigh.
“I just never thought.
” she said shaking her head.
Lance walked close to her.
He never would admit it, he had always thought of Jordan as one of his daughters.
“It might not be as bad as you think it is,” he said.
“I better go,” she said standing up.
She put the last of her belongings in the box.
She quietly stood up, then gave her boss a firm handshake.
They exchanged a silent glance, before she walked out towards the elevator.
Other co workers either waved goodbye or tried to smile as she passed them.
S he sat on a bench on the platform waiting for her train.
She noticed the people around her, that took the public transportation in this large city.
Most of the time she was too busy in her own world to pay attention.
She did today, maybe it was the fact that she might be seeing them for the last time.
There was the business people, there were others that looked like it was their second or third shift.
Then there were the people that preyed on others, hoping someone was not paying attention to their belongings.
Jordan sat on the bench, people watching.
She was used to the stares she got, so much so that it did not affect her anymore.
She stood at five foot four inches, but when she wore heels she looked a lot taller.
Her short ash blonde hair, which was all natural stopped just below her ears.
She had a figure that most women would die for or at least pay good money to get.
She hid her figure very well in business suits and long coats.
She had not always looked like this.
She saw a woman that reminded her of her old self pass her by.
The woman was already breathing heavy from walking down the stairs to the subway.
Now she sat on another bench and breathed a sigh of relief to be off her feet.
Jordan had been slightly bigger than that woman.
The last time she weighed herself before her drastic lifestyle change.
She had weighed close to three hundred pounds.
Her hair had been messy and long, nearly touching her ass.
People always looked away from her.
But she had been happier then.
The loud sound of the train’s horn brought her back from memory lane.
She boarded the train and sat away from the door.
Again she people watched all the people in her cabin.
Making up stories for their lives.
Her stop approached fast, she got off then made her way home.
Jordan pushed the key into the door of her small apartment.
When she walked in, she could hear the rhythmic thumping of the headboard hitting the wall and the moans of her loud roommate being drilled yet again.
Her roommate had met some guy from a chat site online, this was their first actual meeting face to face.
He had been here almost three days.
It seemed like they never stopped fucking.
Jordan sighed as she past the door, thankfully it was closed this time.
When she had left this morning, it had been wide open.
She had gotten a full view of the guy fucking her from behind.
A memory she was still trying to wipe clean from her mind.
She threw her bags next to the other items she had already packed.
She took another look online to make sure the moving company was still coming tomorrow to pick the rest of her furniture up.
“Hey Jordie!” her roommate said, opening her bedroom door.
“Hey Jamie,” Jordan said.
“So today is the big day huh?” Jamie said, walking into the room.
Jordan looked at Jamie’s her hair, it was all kinds of messed up.
Jamie was what some people would call trashy.
She did not work, but claimed disability from a work accident that happened many years ago.
As well as every other government help she could claim.
Her jet black hair was always in a state of disarray.
The only thing going for her was that she was a self proclaimed sex addict.
It did not matter who, where or why, she wanted it in every way shape or form.
“Yeah, just getting a few things together then I will be gone,” Jordan said, with a fake smile.
She was not happy about this arrangement, but she had no choice.
“Well I wish you the best,” Jamie said, she gave Jordan a big hug.
Jordan turned her head as the smell of sex, weed and just plain nastiness filled her nostrils.
“Thank you,” Jordan said.
Jamie left the room.
Jordan heard the other door close.
It did not take long for her to hear the moans of a male getting his dick sucked to make it through the thin walls.
Jordan sighed and shook her head.
She grabbed all of the things that she was going to carry with her.
There was a slight knock on the door.
Jordan walked past Jamie’s door only to hear the confirmation of what she thought was going on to be yelled out.
She shook her head.
She opened the door.
Jamie’s little brother stood there, staring back at her.
“Hey” he said.
“Hey,” she replied.
“Thanks for doing this,” she said, she handed him a fifty dollar bill.
“No problem,” he said, he put it in his pocket.
“Not like you could trust nymphet in there to do it,” he said, as he walked past his sisters door.
He was so used to his sister sleeping around, that it did not bother him anymore.
“Who is it this time?” he said, as he jumped on Jordan’s bed.
“Some guy, she met online,” Jordan replied, as she put back on her long coat.
“So you got this right?” she asked to confirm.
“Yeah,” he said as he pulled out a piece of paper.
“This is the address you want all the stuff to go to.
I will confirm it with what the movers have, everything in the room goes except for the computer.
Thanks for that by the way,” he smiled.
“No problem I will get a new one,” she said as she picked up the bags.
“And the bed goes to the red cross,” he said reading the last of the note.
The pounding of the headboard began again.
“At least she should put something over the headboard!” he shook his head pulling out a pair of ear buds.
“There is something on the headboard.
That’s the sad part,” Jordan smiled.
“Thanks again.
” she said as she waved.
He waved back at her as she left.
She got downstairs then motioned for a cab.
“Where to?” the cab driver asked.
“Laguardia airport,” she replied.
The driver nodded.
She looked around everything seemed so surreal now.
It had only been twelve years since she came here.
With nothing but a handful of cash in her pocket.
But she had made it.
She had gotten a good respectful job.
She had fallen in love.
Made some good friends, gained the respect of many people.
Not many people that came to New York could say that.
She did not feel any shame in heading back home.
She held her head high.
The minutes rushed by, she soon found herself outside of the large airport.
“Have a safe flight,” the driver said, as she paid him.
She rushed in even though she had planned everything, she wanted to make sure she wasn’t late.
She looked up at the board and sighed.
Her flight was delayed.
Oh well she thought, it gave her a chance to get changed into something more comfortable for where she was going.
She went through the security checkpoint.
She found the gate, that the plane was leaving from.
Jordan confirmed everything with the ladies behind the counter.
She quickly went into the bathroom and into one of the big stalls then began to change.
Taking off the business suit she was wearing.
She put on blue faded jeans.
The stockings came off for white socks.
Her nice heels came off for some rugged boots.
Her top changed to a plaid black and blue shirt, she left it slightly open to reveal the black shirt underneath.
Then she took a couple of handful’s of water and doused her hair, running her fingers through it.
“There,” she said to herself.
She looked at the image in the mirror of her.
“Not quite out of the city and into the country yet,” she said.
“But it will do.
” She looked down at the business attire on the floor.
She scooped it up into one big heap and threw it into the large trash bag outside the door.
“You go girl!” one of the cleaning ladies shouted at her.
“Just returning to my roots,” Jordan replied.
The lady gave her a thumbs up.
Jordan smiled.
She was beginning to feel better already.
She sat down then began to thumb through the contacts on her phone, deleting the ones that weren’t relevant anymore.
The plane began to board and Jordan made her way on.
It was a long five hour flight home.
She headed for the car rental desk.
No one was there, waiting to pick her up.
It felt good to be back in her home state, she still had a three hour drive to her home town.
No one was expecting her return.
She was hoping that she would be welcomed, by her mother at least.
She paid the man behind the counter, then walked out to her rental truck.
Then gunned it towards home.
The sun was just coming down as she reached the town limits.
Everything was the same as she remembered it.
She turned off onto a side street.
When lights lit up behind her.
She shook her head and pulled over.
“License and regis.
Jordie?” the policeman said.
She recognized that face anywhere.
“Rick?” she said, in an excited voice.
She opened the door, jumping down to the ground from the truck.
The large man picked her up like a rag doll.
“What the hell are you doing back?” Rick said.
“Well the shit hit the fan so I decided it was best to return home,” Jordan said.
Her southern voice returned like it was never gone.
“Well I am glad you’re back,” he replied.
“Your folks know your home?” Jordan sighed, shaking her head.
“Jordie,” the man said, shaking his head.
“Kinda figured they wouldn’t say no, if I was standing right there in front of them,” she said, as if asking if he approved.
“I dunno,” he said taking the hat off his head and scratching the top of his head.
“Your Dad was mighty pissed.
When you left and headed for New York of all places.
” “Yeah.
Still haven’t talked to him since I left.
Talked to mom though, a couple of times,” she said.
“Well tell you what,” Rick said.
“I’ll escort you over.
If they don’t take you in.
Jack still owes me a favor at the motel, you can stay there till they come around.
How’s that sound?” “Great.
I’ll follow you,” Jordan said.
Rick got back in his police truck then took the lead with Jordan behind.
After a few twist and turns they ended up on a large ranch.
Jordan pulled ahead as they drove down the long dirt road to the main building.
An elderly man was checking on a gate, when he saw the trucks pulling up.
He was tall, and quite muscular for his age.
He wore a green hat.
He shook his head, then walked over to the house.
“Marge, you better get out here!” he yelled.
He took a seat on one of the steps.
An elderly lady stepped out on the porch.
“What is it?” she asked.
She was small in height, but big all around.
She had long brown hair.
“Oh my,” she said, as she saw Jordan step down from the truck.
Rick came up behind her, but stayed his distance.
“Hi Mom, Hi Dad,” Jordan said, half looking up and half looking at the ground.
Her mum ran down the small steps, giving her youngest daughter a huge hug.
“Welcome home Jordie,” her mom said.
“Her name is Jordan,” her dad said angrily.
“I should know.
I named the poor child.
” He stood up.
Jordan’s mom stepped aside, looking at her husband.
Jordan walked forward slowly.
“You going to say hi?” she asked politely.
He looked up at her with steel blue eyes.
He looked away from her and down the dirt path.
“Twelve years,” he said shaking his head.
Jordan looked back at Rick as if she was going to take him up on his offer.
“Twelve long years I have been waiting to say this,” he said.
He embraced his daughter.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
“No Dad.
It’s me that should be sorry,” she said crying into her father’s arms.
“Well now, everyone’s sorry,” her mom said.
“Now that, all that is over.
Let’s get you inside,” she said grabbing her daughter, pulling her inside.
“Y’all have a good night now,” Rick said, he got back in his truck.
Jordan and her parents had a big dinner.
She could not remember the last time she had ate that much.
She walked upstairs to her room.
It was the same as she had left it.
Everything was still in the same place.
“All I ever did was dust,” her mom said from behind her.
“Your dad said to leave it just the way it is,” she said, from the doorway as Jordan looked around.
Tears began to fill her eyes.
“Now, Now Jordie,” her mom said walking in.
“What is done is done.
You proved your point and all is forgiven you hear!” her mom said in a stern voice.
Jordan nodded.
“Now you clean up this room,” she said as she turned around and walked away.
“Your not sixteen anymore.
” Jordan laughed.
She had been seventeen when she had left.
Everything in the room was still as she remembered it, right down to the stuffed bears.
She began to take out the clutter and the childish stuff.
With each bag she took out, she began to feel more at home.
She finally finished cleaning just after two in the morning.
She laid down on the bed, quickly falling asleep.
The morning came quick she heard a loud noise from outside.
She quickly jumped out of bed.
She remembered that she was back at home, and not in New York.
Quickly she got a pair of jean shorts on and a shirt then ran down stairs.
She passed her mom in the kitchen.
She gave her a quick wave as she ran out into the morning air.
It was still dark outside, the sun had not broken through the clouds.
She knew where she had to go, she quickly ran over to the wooden fence, climbed through the middle and made a bolt for the large barn in the distance.
When she got there she could hear her father grunting as he was moving fresh hay into the barn.
“Hey Dad,” she said slowing down to a slow walk.
He looked over at her then shook his head.
She quickly glanced at herself and realized wearing a white shirt with a blue bra underneath with the weather this cold was not the best idea.
She reached just inside the barn door, where she found a winter jacket.
There was always one there, even though her dad never used it.
“Better,” he grumbled.
“I am my mother’s daughter,” she shrugged.
“That you are,” he said with a smile on his face.
She picked up a pitch fork then climbed the stairs.
She shuffled around until she was in place.
She began pitching the hay down to her father who then placed the hay into the stalls.
“Is Melvin, taking the horses out, this morning?” she asked.
She quickly realized, even though she went to the gym nearly every day, while she was in New York, she was very out of shape for farm work.
“Melvin has not worked here in two years,” her father said back up to her.
She was stunned.
Melvin had been working for her father for as long as she could remember.
Hell it was Melvin that had taught her how to drive.
“Really?” she said hoping to get more information.
“Yeah he caught cancer.
After two months of fighting, it took him,” he said, he said it like if it was nothing.
“Sorry to hear that,” she said pitching a large amount down.
“Nothing to be sorry about.
He smoked, he got cancer, he died,” her father shrugged.
“We all got to go sometime,” he said, he waved his hands up to her.
She stopped pitching then climbed down.
“So who took the horses out?” she asked.
“I did,” he answered back.
“Who helps out around here?” she said standing near him.
“I don’t need no damn help,” he said as he limped away.
“Dad,” she said staring at his leg.
“Oh shucks,” he said leaning against the wall.
He pulled his pants leg down hiding a long scar.
She was still staring at him.
“It was an accident,” he said.
“Looks like it was more than that,” she said kneeling down, she lifted the pant leg.
The scar was not healing well, blood was beginning to seep out of it.
“Did you see the doc?” she asked.
Her country accent had returned with full veracity.
“I don’t need to see no damn doc, for a scratch,” he said pulling away from her.
“Oh yes you will,” she said grabbing his arm.
“Jordie! You can’t come back and think you have the run of the place,” he said, as he was being pulled towards her truck.
“Get in!” she said as they reached the truck.
He shook his head and began to walk away.
“Get in or I swear, I will lift you in there, and buckle the seat belt,” she said.
He looked back at her.
She had those eyes, the same eyes she had when she said she would leave.
The same eyes he had tried to call their bluff then lost his daughter for so many years.
He knew better than to call their bluff this time.
“Swear you’re just like your mother,” he said turning around.
He climbed up into the truck.
“Mom! Going into town, you want anything?” Jordan yelled.
“Some flour and some eggs,” her mom yelled back.
Jordan climbed into the driver seat.
The keys were still in the ignition.
She started the engine and gunned the truck towards town.
Town was only fifteen minutes away.
It was a small circle of shops and other local businesses.
Anyone could easily throw a football from one side to the other.
“Now I am going to get stuff for mom.
Then talk to Rick about returning the rental.
Can I trust you to go to doc’s and get that leg checked out or do I have to follow you in there?” she asked, taking off the winter coat then throwing it into the bed of the truck.
The sun had come out, she didn’t care what people around here thought.
Her father mumbled something, then began walking towards the doctor’s office.
“Thank you!” she yelled back.
Her father just waved his hand in the air.
Jordan smiled as she walked over to the sheriff’s office.
She saw a few people that she remembered.
She nodded and waved at them.
They half hardheartedly waved back.
She opened the office door and saw Cole.
“Cole?” she said surprised.
“Jordie?” the skinny man stood up.
“You’re still working here?” she said.
“Yeah after I gave up the sheriff position.
Rick let me stay on as a helper.
I answer calls and what not,” he said, giving Jordie a big hug.
“Holy crap you lost weight,” she said, staring at the man.
The last time she saw him he was triple the size he was now.
Went on a diet and never looked back.
Been hiking, canoeing and all kinds of stuff,” he said patting his stomach.
“You’re looking grown,” he said, peering at her large chest.
Thought the family curse missed me, then I turned twenty and pow.
Here they are,” she said, grabbing her chest.
We all thought it would of missed you though.
As fast as you ran,” Rick said, coming out of his office.
“Probably can still out run you.
Even with these,” she said, giving Rick a hug.
“Doubt it.
But I am willing to watch you try,” Rick said.
“Perv,” Jordan said.
“So what brings you in here?” he asked.
“Can you take me back to the city.
To drop off the rental?” she asked.
“I dunno,” Rick said looking around.
“Go ahead.
Adrian and Ray come in at ten, the three of us should be able to handle anything, till you get back,” Cole said.
Okay sure.
I need to make a quick stop first,” Rick said.
Jordan followed close behind Rick’s big truck.
Passing sites and places she remembered when she used to live here.
Some of the memories made her laugh, like seeing the old abandoned barn that still stood behind some tree’s, that was the first place she had kissed a guy, also the same place she lost her virginity.
Some made her sad.
They passed over a bridge, this was where, she had been fishing with her dad.
They had found a brown bag full of drowned puppies, her father had seen the bag first, he had tried to pull her away from looking inside.
She never got that site out of her head, it also made her remember the first time she saw anger in her father’s face.
He knew who the bag belonged to, they raced over to one of the neighbors house.
Where her father nearly beat a big man to death, the cops came and everything.
These were memories that she had forgotten all about until now.
Rick’s truck pulled onto the main road out of their town, but then swerved onto a side street.
Jordan knew where they were going, but she thought it had closed.
At the top of the small hill there was a bar.
It was not much to look at.
Rusted roof, the wood had gotten a face lift since she last saw it, it was still a bit run down though.
She got out of her truck.
“Thought Bill closed this after his wife past away?” she asked.
Rick was getting a crate of bottles from the back of his truck.
“He did,” Rick said walking inside.
“Want to wait outside?” She wanted to see the inside.
Even as a kid, she had always wanted to see the inside.
I am old enough to go in now,” she said walking towards the entrance.
She pulled one of the two wooden doors open to let him in.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.
” he said as he walked in.
She did not pay any attention.
The inside was much bigger than the outside would make you think.
There was a narrow hallway with lots of pictures of country folk having a good time.
Then it opened up.
Far off in the back, there was a wooden dance floor that looked like it could do with a make over, it was fenced off with a waist high wooden wall.
Behind the wall leading up to where she was standing now where tables with chairs.
She turned around behind the wall that made the hallway was some pool tables, where three guys were playing, then she saw the bar and her face dropped.
“I warned ya,” Rick said, as he made his way to the bar.
“Hey Rick, who.
” a large lady said from behind the bar, she was cleaning some beer bottles.
“I heard rumors you were back.
” She was a very large lady, both in height and weight.
Her hair was straight, it was ginger colored.
Her face had seen better days, between the drinking and the smoking she had a lot of wrinkles.
“Hey Sherry,” Jordan said looking away.
“Figured,” the lady said shaking her head.
“Can go home to see Mom and Dad.
But can’t look your older sister in the eye.
Can you?” Sherry said, slamming the bottle down on the bar.
“It’s not like that Sherry.
It’s,” Jordan said.
She wanted to walk, run, turn around, or say something.
Anything but just stand there, but she couldn’t she was frozen.
“It’s what?” Sherry yelled.
“Now Sherry.
” Rick began to say.
“Shut it Rick!” Sherry yelled.
She opened the half door, coming from behind the bar.
“This is family business, nothing to do with you,” she said as she approached her little sister.
Rick sat on one of the stools, he knew better.
He had been called up here many times because of fights that got out of hand here.
Many times Sherry had called him because she had solved it herself and wanted the ambulance to take one of the guys away.
She knew how to handle herself and many of her customers knew well enough not to make her mad.
“So what is it sis?” she stood over Jordan looking down on her.
Jordan cowered away.
“I’m sorry,” Jordan said.
“Is that what you want me to say?” There was her father.
Rick thought.
Sherry might have her mom’s no back down attitude, but Jordan had her father’s temper.
“Sorry I stole your boyfriend.
Sorry I slept with him.
Sorry I ran away with my tail between my legs.
Sorry I left you here, holding the bag.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Jordan yelled up to her sister.
The two sister’s looked at each other.
Everybody started to think a fight was on the brink of breaking out.
“What will you have?” Sherry said.
She walked back to the bar.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno Jordan breathed again.
“Just a coke.
I have six months in,” Jordan said showing her AAA band.
“You know what they say about that right?” Sherry laughed.
“Yeah call me a quitter,” Jordan laughed.
The two sisters laughed and joked for an hour.
Sherry caught Jordan up, on how she bought the bar from Bill, with help from mom and dad.
How she married the guy the both of them slept with and had two kids.
They gave each other a hug.
“Thanks,” Jordan said.
She was in his truck, they had dropped off the rental.
Now they were heading back home.
“For?” Rick said.
“You know what,” Jordan said nudging him.
“Well I knew the two of you were not going to patch things up yourselves,” Rick said.
They drove back in silence, not because they had nothing to say, but it was nice.
She had always felt comfortable around Rick.
He was probably the one thing she had really missed about this place.
Even though they never had been together officially, they had made out plenty of times.
He pulled onto the dirt road and close to the house.
He looked at her.
“What?” she asked.
“I missed you Jordie.
” he said with a straight look on his face.
She smiled.
“I missed you too,” she replied, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.
He grabbed her face and kissed her.
She did not fight back.
“Missed that too,” she said, after they stopped.
She opened the door.
“Hey there is a dance tomorrow at the bar.
I have the night off,” he said.
“Why Rick are you asking me out on a date?” she asked smiling.
“An official date.
Yes,” he said without smiling.
She stopped smiling too.
She jumped back into the cab of the truck.
“We have been down this road before.
Rick,” she said.
She remembered a school dance they both went to.
Things changed that night, they stopped being close friends and things went south.
It was the reason she slept with Eric, her sister’s boyfriend.
“I know.
But I lost you.
I did not know where you went.
How to get you back.
When I found out, I went to New York.
To find you and bring you back home,” he said looking out the front window at the house.
He could see the outline of Jodie’s mother peering through the window.
“Don’t mind her.
She is nosy,” Jordan smiled.
“And I know,” she said looking at him.
“I saw you.
” she shrugged.
“Big white guy in jean overall’s.
You stood out.
” “I saw you.
You seemed so happy up there.
With your new job and everything.
So I left,” he said.
“That’s why I became sheriff.
I hoped if you ever did return, you wouldn’t see that immature, beer drinking, truck racing teen anymore,” he said.
She nodded.
“I don’t.
Tell you what,” she said looking at him.
“You’re on,” she smiled.
If he could turn over a new leaf so could she.
She climbed out of the cab, then went inside.
“So?” her mother asked as Jordan got into the house.
“Yes mom,” Jordan said.
“We are going on a date.
” Her mom smiled from ear to ear.
She had always liked Rick.
She had even planned a wedding for them in the future.
Her father just sat there.
“Don’t worry about him.
He took some of the doc’s medication, he’s been quiet ever since,” Her mom said.
“Thank you for taking him in,” her mom said sitting by her husband.
“Night,” Jordan said going up the stairs.
She laid in her bed, watching the TV.
She had to move it from the foot of the bed to the side.
She could never watch it like that, her boobs always got in the way.
When she began to fall asleep she turned it off.
She began to think of Rick, she thought of the times they made out.
He was the last guy she had gone down on, well when she was here.
She remembered he had a slight curve to his dick.
Her hand trailed down her body, she began to moan as she started playing with her clit.
How she hated that she left all of her toys back in New York.
The more she thought of him, the more she got into it.
Before long she was beginning to moan louder, with her other hand she grabbed a pillow, she pulled it over her face, but that did not make her moans any quieter.
She grabbed one of tits and began to suck on the nipple.
It was working she was cumming.
She loved her nipples played with, she sucked and nibbled on it.
Fuck she was cumming hard.
It had been months since she had a real dick inside her.
Now she wanted it more than anything.
After she came, she fell asleep.
Tomorrow she knew the date would go well because she was going to fuck him for all his worth.
When Jordan woke up she realized that, what she was thinking last night was just a reaction to her being so horny.
She hadn’t slept with anyone in months.
She got up, then headed downstairs for breakfast.
Her father was already tending to the horses.
Her mother was making breakfast with a huge smile on her face.
“What got you so happy this early?” Jordan asked.
“You,” her mother smiled and sat next to her.
Jordan looked at her mother even in her elder years, her mum maintained a nice plump figure.
She was not as big as her sister, but no where near skinny.
Her boobs were big, just like every female in the family .
Jordan remembered the day Sherry’s breasts started to grow.
Her mother warned her that they will never stop.
It was a family thing, and there was no fighting it.
When Jordan hit sixteen she thought the same thing would happen to her, but it didn’t.
She didn’t start growing till she was in her later years, and it was true.
Sometimes to this day, she had to get a new bra.
“What did I do?” Jordan asked.
Her mom brushed aside a lock of her brownish gray hair.
“The walls aren’t that thick,” she gave her daughter a wink.
Jordan’s face flushed a bright red.



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