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Latest stories Straight Sex The Red Eye Flight to New Orleans Part II

I took a red-eye flight from Dallas to New Orleans and was fascinated by the young flight attendant who seemed to enjoy flirting with me on the flight.
After a brief chat and introduction, I became more than fascinated with Kelly, who by her own admission was a little nervous, since she was still in a probationary period and in training.
The plane was pretty empty and I took a seat in the back row.
As luck would have it, Kelly and I managed find something in common.
I watched the aisle as she slipped into a vacant seat next to me and proceeded to give me a superb blow job.
I wanted much more- I wanted to join the “Mile High Club”, but Kelly thought it far too risky.
She did suggest, however, that I was more than welcome to meet up with her once we were back on the ground.
She slipped me a piece of paper with her cell phone number on it and winked.
“I get off at noon, so call me,” she whispered as she slipped the folded paper into my hand.
I had an early morning business meeting and my plans called for me to fly back to Dallas later in the afternoon.
Kelly flipped her long blonde hair back over her shoulder and smiled, as she stood next to where I was seated.
“I can fix your travel schedule so you don’t have to pay for a re-booking,” she said.
I told her that I hadn’t planned for an overnight stay and that I didn’t have a hotel lined up.
“My bed is comfy,” Kelly replied.
It was an offer I could not and would not refuse.
After my business meeting, I stared nervously at the folded up piece of paper with the numbers scrawled on it.
I really needed to get back to Dallas as I had to prepare for a Board meeting with the company.
It was a Wednesday and the Board meeting was on Friday.
I wanted to kick myself for scheduling an out of town trip so close to a Board meeting.
I called the number on the crumpled up piece of paper.
“Hi,” came a cheery voice.
I immediately launched into an apology and an explanation only to realize I had reached a voice recording.
Well, crap! I quickly hung up and steered my rental car towards the airport.
A few seconds later and my phone rang.
I fully expected it to be my administrative assistant.
Very few people other than her would call me on my cell while I was on a business trip.
“Hi,” she said.
“I can’t believe you actually called.
Are you done with your business meeting?” It was Kelly.
“Yes,” I replied.
“I’m on my way back to the airport.
” “Oh gee,” she replied.
I could tell she was disappointed by the sound of her voice.
“But I can change my plans,” I quickly shot back, “if you can help rebook me for tomorrow morning.
” “Consider it done,” she replied.
“What time do you want to fly out?” “Anything after ten is fine with me,” I said.
I couldn’t believe I was actually contemplating staying overnight, but for some odd reason, I found myself a wee bit excited at the prospect of doing something way out of character for me.
I figured I would offer a dinner and see how things progressed.
I knew she had offered me her bed, but I didn’t want to be so presumptuous as to believe she would follow through on the offer.
After all, we were both strangers, the previous encounter on the flight into The Big Easy, excepted.
“Would you like a dinner?” I asked.
“Sure,” she replied.
“I’m game.
” I suggested K-Pauls in the Quarter.
“Sure,” she replied.
K-Pauls is a small but luxurious boutique restaurant in the French Quarter.
Albeit on the expensive side, it would offer for me an intimate setting where I could really get know my new friend.
“Do you want to meet at K-Pauls or shall I pick u you up?” I asked.
“You can pick me up,” she replied, “but you need to give me an hour or so to shower and get ready.
” Kelly said she would text me her address and suggested I text her back once I was in the area.
I was still a little hesitant, but decided to take a chance on the arrangement anyway.
I steered the rental on to the Interstate and towards the French Quarter.
I knew where K-Pauls was located, but I wanted to make sure I knew how to get there.
As I drove the freeway, Kelly texted me her address and then I got a text from my airline confirming a cancellation on my flight out and a re-booking for the next day at eleven in the morning.
I was starting to feel a little more comfortable.
Another text.
I glanced at my phone.
“I hope a little black dress is OK,” the text read.
“Sounds sexy,” I two-finger typed back.
“It will be,” came her short three-word response.
I found K-Paul’s and then mapped the directions to where Kelly had directed me.
It was a short drive of about fifteen minutes.
I pulled up to the gated apartment community and waited for someone to open the gate.
I followed a small sports car in and parked in front of building twelve.
Kelly lived in 1203.
I looked at my watch.
I was an hour early.
So I decided to play catch up on some work.
I messaged my admin assistant and told her my travel plans had changed and that I would be coming in on Thursday afternoon.
“But what about your Board prep?” she messaged back.
“I will do it on Thursday evening,” I replied.
“I’m not working late,” she texted back.
“I’ll make it up to you,” I texted.
“I promise.
” Sarah was a great admin assistant and she had pulled my ass out of the fire on more than one occasion, but it always came at a high price- either a little extra on the paycheck, or a fancy lunch or a new outfit of some type.
I texted my date.
“I’m early.
” “Come on,” she texted back.
I nervously approached apartment 1203.
I tapped on the door and it opened.
“Come in,” she beckoned from behind the door, as she peered around it at me.
Kelly was wrapped in a large towel, with her hair still damp from a shower, a smile emanating from her face.
I stepped into the well decorated flat and Kelly closed the door behind me.
She tip-toed and planted a light kiss on my cheek.
“I’ll be ready in a few,” she said, as she stepped into her spacious living room.
“Make yourself at home.
” I took a seat on a leather couch and looked around.
I was impressed.
For a young lady living off of a flight stewardess salary, she had a rather upscale apartment.
My date quickly disappeared into her bedroom, but left the door open.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alejandro_Castiblanco “So where do you want to go?” I heard her ask from the bedroom.
“K-Paul’s sound OK to you?” I asked.
“K-Paul’s sounds good,” she replied.
I browsed through a cooking magazine I saw on the coffee table.
Kenny Loggins blared from the bedroom.
After a few moments, she stepped back into the living room, wearing a short black cocktail dress.
I did my best to control things, but it was hard.
It was an extremely low cut, form fitting dress, showing off plenty of boobage, and very high cut, showing off her well-tanned and well-toned legs.
She stepped over to where I was still sitting and right in front of me.
She spun around and asked, “Would you get my zipper?” I swallowed hard as I stood up and took in a whiff of her perfume.
I zipped the zipper up and fastened the small clasp at the top.
She turned and faced me.
“I don’t look too whorish, do I?” “Not in the least bit.
” Our conversation to K-Pauls was light and enjoyable as we both got to know each other a bit better.
As we stepped into K-Pauls, I could tell every guy in the place looked in our direction.
Kelly sparkled in her sexy black cocktail dress.
Dinner couldn’t go fast enough.
As we waited at the valet stand for the rental, I casually slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her in closer to me.
“You are so hot!” I whispered.
“And horny,” she whispered in return.
We hadn’t gone very far when she slipped off her stiletto heels and placed her bare feet up on the dash, her short dress very easily bunching up and showing me more of her fantastic looking legs.
I guess she noticed my casual glance, because the next thing I know, she raised her buttocks off the seat and proceeded to strip out of her black undies.
She pulled her dress up and patted her shaved pubic area, and then, she silently slipped a lone finger into her pink vagina.
“I’m so freaking horny,” she whispered as I drove along, following the GPS mapping commands back to her apartment.
Suddenly, she began to moan out loud- you know that moan- orgasmic like.
I didn’t know if she was playing with me or really, getting herself off.
“You’re crazy,” I replied.
“Maybe I am,” she whispered back, as she worked her fingers back and forth in her vagina.
I turned into the parking lot of her apartment complex and parked.
She grabbed her stilettos and scampered barefoot across the grass and to her apartment door.
I wasn’t far behind.
As soon as we entered the apartment, she pushed me up against the front door and tore at my shirt.
I pulled her dress up around her waist and grabbed a handful of her perfect ass.
She took me by the hand and lead me into her bedroom.
“The zipper please,” she begged as I unfastened my trousers.
I unsnapped the fastener and pulled down on the zipper that held her dress in place.
In an instant, she was practically naked, save her black lace bra, which she quickly shed as I stripped out of my trousers and my shirt.
She had a goddess of a body.
Oh my God! I slipped on to the bed and she immediately stripped me of my boxer shorts.
“This…”she whispered, taking my ten-inch cock in to her warm hands, “this is what I need!” I already knew she had great orals skills.
She did not disappoint.
I was flat on my back.
I couldn’t believe this was happening.
She re-positioned herself on top of me, straddling me.
She leaned forward and our lips met, softly at first, then more passionately.
Our tongues playfully danced in and out of each other’s mouth.
She reached between her legs and pointed my ten-inch cock into the right position, then settled down on to my lap, even as she pressed her body against mine.
My cock easily slipped into her vagina.
She sat up and looked down at me.
“I hope you’re on the pill,” I extolled.
She assured me she was well protected.
“You have a monster stick!” she said, slowly gyrating her hips back and forth, her hands pressing down on my chest.
Her long blonde hair framed an angelic face, her boobs were perky and calling out to be massaged.
I slipped my hands on to her boobage and she closed her eyes.
She took in a deep breath, then forcefully exhaled.
Her gyrations became strong and faster as she worked herself into a frenzy.
She sat back and grabbed my ball sack, lightly squeezing them.
“You’re going to make me cum,” I extolled.
“That’s what I want,” she replied.
I could tell she knew what she wanted.
She interlocked her fingers behind her head and moaned, her hips moving back and forth in a rhythmic fashion, her boobs bouncing in front of me.
I grabbed her by her side and pushed her on to her back.
I drilled my cock into her steaming hot pussy.
She let out a small whelp, but then locked her long legs around me as we rocked back and forth.
I pushed my tongue deep into her oral cavity.
As I did, I exploded inside of her.
She shook violently as I exploded, letting out a deep moan.
“Fuck me!” she begged and pleased.
“Harder!” My cum filled her vagina.
She trembled and shook, with her eyes rolling into the back to her head.
Her faced went white, then flushed a deep crimson color.
I don’t remember how long we held this position, but it was well worth the time.
At some point, I rolled off of her and lie beside her, as she draped a leg over mine and placed her head on my shoulder, her hand resting on my chest.
“You’re good,” she whispered, “very good.
” “You’re not bad yourself,” I extolled.
I lie there, perfectly content.
Her breathing slowed and then it turned into a light snore.
I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
I woke up a few hours later and gently stroked her shoulder.
She stirred slightly in the bed beside me.
Her hand found its way to my semi-hard cock.
It didn’t take much and we were back at it again.
I think we stayed in this cycle until the sun came up.
I woke before she did and slipped into her shower.
A few moments later and she joined me.
Neither of us said a word.
We didn’t have to.
We both didn’t want it to end, but we knew it would.
I promised to stay in contact and she did the same.
Unfortunately, time and travel distance didn’t keep us together, but I will never forget that first time together.
Red-eye flights to New Orleans took on a deeper meaning.
I hoped for a reunion, but it was never meant to be.
I eventually found a girlfriend and I’m sure she probably found her “knight in shining armor”.
But every now and then, I wonder… and then I find myself searching the annals of social media.
hoping upon hope, for another chance encounter.



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