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The bad economy over the past several years had been devastating to many families.
It also made it hard for high school students to get decent summer jobs.
My father told me that he would buy me a good, used car, but I needed to work to pay for the insurance and upkeep.
I started looking for a job in March, hoping to be able to start at the beginning of June.
My name is Katy, and I live with my parents, Robin and Ed, in a suburb of Cincinnati.
I turned sixteen in April and was going into my junior year of high school after the summer.
Several of my girlfriends were looking for work in retail clothing stores and grocery stores, but I didn’t limit myself to the types of work I was willing to do.
I am athletic and played competitive softball and volley ball.
By the time I turned sixteen I was almost five feet and nine inches tall and weighed one hundred and twenty-five pounds.
Being fit and strong, I was willing to do jobs that involved manual labor.
I was always a tomboy growing up and played rough and tumble games with the boys.
The boys started treating me differently after I turned sixteen, as my breasts puffed out to firm and full D-cups.
My big tits were initially a liability because they made it more difficult to play sports with them shaking and jiggling around.
I soon learned that the benefits outweighed the problems.
My hair is shoulder-length and a natural dirty-blonde, which contrasts well with my blue eyes.
I’m considered good looking by most people.
I’m not a classic beauty but can be considered to be a handsome and sexy girl, looking a little like Jillian Michaels, the TV fitness trainer.
My parents knew that I was trying very hard to find a job, and that I wanted to find it on my own.
By mid-May I still had not found anything and my father thought he would secretly help me out.
We live next door to a black family.
The father, named James R.
, owns a company where they make a wide variety of plastic and rubber products using injection molding and other techniques.
We lived next to them for most of my life, and Dad and James (Dad calls him Jim) are good friends.
My bedroom window is on the side of our home next to our neighbor’s back deck.
I was in my room one evening in mid-May when I heard my father go over to talk with James, who was cooking out on his deck.
Dad walked up to him and said, “Good evening, Jim, I’ve got a favor to ask if you have a minute.
” James replied, “Sure, Ed, what can I do for you?” Dad explained how hard I had been trying to find a job, and then said, “I think you told me before that you usually make room for a couple of high school kids to work at your company in the summer.
If you still have a place open, Katy would sure do a good job for you.
” James thought for a few seconds and said, “The only position I have open is one in the warehouse.
That work can get very heavy and sweaty.
You also know that some of our products aren’t exactly fit for young, innocent eyes like hers to see.
” Dad responded, “Well, you know that Katy is an athletic girl and I know she can handle the work.
As far as those special products are concerned, they would be boxed up by the time they got to the warehouse, and she’d never have to see them.
And even if she did, most sixteen-year-old kids know about that stuff anyway.
” James laughed and said, “Okay, Ed, if you think it’s okay to possibly expose her to that, then I’ll give her a chance.
Just don’t hold anything that happens against me.
And since she doesn’t have a car yet, she can ride to work with me.
” My father replied, “That’s wonderful, Jim, thank you so much.
I’ll send Katy over here to ask you herself.
Please don’t let her know that I already talked to you about it.
She wants to get a job all on her own.
” I was pissed at my father for interceding with Mr.
that way, but at the same time thankful for the opportunity.
I was also wondering what those special products are, but quickly put it out of my mind.
Dad came back home and waited a few minutes before coming to my room.
I let him in after he knocked and he said, “Katy, you know I’ve been thinking about where you could look for a job.
Then I remembered that our neighbor, Jim, hires a couple of kids in the summer.
Maybe you should go over and ask him.
I saw him cooking out on his deck, and this would be a good time.
” Mr.
knows me very well.
I grew up with his son, Matt, who is two years older than me and headed off to college.
We played together all the time, at one of our homes or the other, at least until Matt turned sixteen and started dating girls his own age.
I played Dad’s little game and went over and asked Mr.
for the job, pretending that I wasn’t aware they had talked.
Since Matt and I hadn’t been hanging out so much for the past couple of years, I had not seen or talked to Mr.
very much in the recent past.
I was wearing athletic shorts and a tight t-shirt, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off my braless tits and nipples swaying against the fabric.
I didn’t really mind him looking since he’s a good-looking black man and has always been nice to me.
He and his wife, Rhonda, were around forty-two years old, just two years older than my parents.
He’s about six feet and three inches tall and weighs maybe two hundred pounds.
We talked everything over about the job and I thanked him for the opportunity.
Then as I was leaving he said, “You seem to be a strong young lady, and I’m sure you’ll do well in the warehouse.
Remember that since you’re riding with me, you’ll be going in about 7:00 am each day and returning home about 7:00 pm.
I hope it’s okay for you to work such long hours.
And by the way, you should call me James or Jim since we’ll be working and riding together.
We’re pretty informal at the plant.
” I smiled and replied, “The hours are fine, and I’m just so happy to have this opportunity, Jim.
I’m willing and able to handle whatever needs to be done at the warehouse.
” The last two weeks of school passed quickly, and I soon found myself in Jim’s big, four-door, diesel pickup truck heading for my first day of work.
When we got there Jim gave me a brief introduction to three of his foremen, including Malcolm, who would be my supervisor in the warehouse.
Then he took me on a quick tour of the facilities.
Most of the floor space is taken up by various, sophisticated machines and assembly lines in a big open area.
We passed a walled-off section that looked to be maybe two thousand square feet in size that had a keypad on the door for restricted entry.
The sign on the door read ‘Restricted Area – Elastomer and Silicone Production’.
I asked Jim what that is and he said, “That’s just where we produce some of our, let’s say, special products, and we don’t want all of our employees having access to that area.
You don’t really need to know about that, sweetie.
” I didn’t press Jim for further explanation on the special products, and we soon finished the tour back with Malcolm in the warehouse.
Malcolm is a black man who looked to be a little older than Jim and about the same size and build.
There are two other employees in the warehouse besides me.
One is a fifty-something year old white man, named Randal, and another black man in his thirties named, Jason.
I learned that there are forty employees in total, and a little over half of them are black.
As we walked around that day, several of the men called my neighbor by the name, Big Jim.
I didn’t think too much about that at the time, since Jim is a big, muscular man.
The warehouse crew handles both incoming raw materials and the outgoing finished products.
Malcolm put me to work right away unloading a truck containing various hardware and plastic materials, as well as thermal plastic, silicone, elastomers and thermoplastic rubber.
I was still curious about that special room and I asked Malcolm what the elastomers and silicone were used for.
He just laughed and said, “A young, innocent girl like you doesn’t need to know about that stuff.
” That first day of work was hard and heavy, but I handled it well.
One thing I had to get used to is the way the men stared at me when they thought I wasn’t looking.
I was wearing tight jeans and a blue t-shirt with no bra, and I knew that my ass and breasts were attracting their attention as I moved around and pressed up against boxes.
I liked their attention, and for the first time in my life I was beginning to experience the womanly power of having a great body.
It was enjoyable riding to and from work with Jim in his big truck.
We sometimes talked about boring work topics, but other times he got into areas that I at first thought strained the bounds of decency for an adult to be talking about with a sixteen year old girl.
The first time was at the end of my first week working for him.
We had just left the plant when he asked, “So how was your first week, Katy.
Did any of my men bother you in any way or get pushy with you?” I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble for some innocent staring, so I responded, “No, Jim, everything’s fine.
I had a great week and really enjoy working there.
Why do you ask?” Jim chuckled to himself and said, “I’ve just noticed that most of my men can’t keep their eyes off you.
You’re a very sexy and attractive girl.
If you don’t mind me saying so, you have a fantastic body for a girl your age.
Hell, Katy, don’t tell your father, but I can hardly keep my eyes off you either.
” I like Jim a lot and wasn’t offended by his somewhat boyish comments.
In fact, it was very flattering that a mature black man like Jim could be so giddy and admit to being attracted to me.
I decided to use a little humor to show him that I wasn’t overly sensitive or offended by his comments.
I smiled at him and said, “Thank you so much for the compliment, Jim.
Sometimes I amaze myself looking in the mirror.
The tit fairy sure gave me more than my fair share of puffs this summer.
” Following that first time talking about my big breasts, there was often a sexual undertone to our conversations.
I thought it was a lot of fun talking with Jim that way, and he seemed to get more direct in his comments as time went on.
I had not seriously dated any boys and it turned me on knowing that he was hitting on me in very subtle ways.
Now I realize that it was a kind of infatuation that I was feeling for Jim because of the attention he was giving me, and since he is such a handsome and strong man.
The fact that he is a black man isn’t an issue for me.
Things continued going well on the job, and I was becoming familiar with most of the raw materials and products.
I still didn’t know what was going on in that special room, but that soon changed.
I was out by the loading dock, drinking a soda and taking a break in the shade on a hot mid-afternoon.
I got curious about some of the boxes that I saw taped up in the trash dumpster that were labeled with a big red ‘Rejected’ stamp.
No one else was around so I took a couple of the boxes out and opened the smaller one first with my box cutter.
I felt my face turning red with embarrassment, even though I was alone out there.
The first box contained six smaller boxes packaged for retail sale and labeled as ‘Realistic Dildo’.
I had never seen a dildo before, but one of my girlfriends had only recently mentioned to me that she wanted to get one.
I opened the individual box and saw a flesh colored cock that was advertised as seven inches long and about the thickness of a toilet paper roll tube.
It also has big, molded balls attached to the base, and below that is a suction cup.
I knew what a cock looked like from taking sex education in high school but had never felt one.
The labeling touted that it was the most realistic dildo available, made with a space-age elastomer material that has the feel of real skin.
As far as I could tell, it did have the look, feel and firmness of a real, hard cock.
I held it in my hand and embarrassed myself again.
It was heavy in my hand, and I instinctively started stroking it, before becoming self-conscious and looking around to make sure that no one was watching me.
My pussy was getting wet as I realized that I then knew what they were making in that special room.
I set one of the flesh colored dildos aside and put the rest of them in the small box back into the dumpster.
Then I opened the larger box and was shocked again.
The individual boxes were labeled ‘Big Jim’s Squirting Monster Cock’.
I took one of them out of the box and saw that it’s made of the same, realistic elastomer material, but it’s black.
It is very heavy, labeled as twelve inches long, and so big around that my fingers don’t touch when gripping it.
It’s also molded to have a foreskin and big veins running all over the surface.
It even has much bigger balls than the other one and they hung down as a reservoir for putting some kind of liquid into, and a suction cup on the bottom.
I read the instructions and found out that the balls are made to hold a simulated semen solution that can be squirted into a woman when she wants to enjoy the feeling of a man ejaculating into her vagina.
Handling those dildos and imaging how they might feel in my pussy was arousing me as never before in my life.
I knew that the dildos were rejected, probably for some technical reason, but they sure looked and felt great to me.
I took one of the black dildos and set it aside with the smaller one and put the rest back into the dumpster.
Then I stuck the dildos in the waistband of my jeans and covered them up with my t-shirt.
I walked immediately to the lunch area and put them in my soft thermal cooler that I used to bring my lunch and soft drinks to work.
The conversation with Jim on our ride home that day was even more stimulating, since I was already aroused from seeing and handling those dildos.
Jim had gotten to the point of making comments that would seem way over the line and crude to someone who didn’t know him as well as me.
That day he said, “Damn, Katy, you’re really looking good in that tight t-shirt and jeans today.
I saw some to the men rubbing their crotches after you walked by.
How does it make you feel being a teenage girl and having that effect on a bunch of horny, grown men?” In my aroused state I was feeling a little naughty.
I wanted to tease Jim in a way that I had never done before just to get his reaction.
So, I responded, “I like the way all of those adult men get turned on looking at a young girl like me.
I must admit that it excites me seeing them react that way to my body.
What about you, Jim? Do I excite you too?” I guess that I expected him to blush or nervously react to my leading question.
Instead, he looked over at me, smiled, openly rubbed his crotch, and responded in a very candid and self-confident way saying, “Oh my goodness yes, Katy! I think you’re a very attractive and sexually appealing girl.
If I wasn’t best friends with your father, then…well, who knows what I might try to do?” My pussy immediately got wet from hearing Jim almost admit that he wanted to have sex with me.
I was excited by his comment, but at the same time scared since I was still a virgin and didn’t know what to expect.
I tried to defuse the situation by saying, “That’s very sweet of you, Jim.
It’s nice to know that I’m appreciated.
” We both changed the subject after that, but I noticed that Jim still had his hand on his crotch, discreetly rubbing himself.
I got home and had dinner with my parents.
Then I excused myself to take a shower and go to bed after a long day at work.
What I really wanted to do though, was play with those life-like dildos.
I first took out the smaller, flesh colored dildo and handled it, fantasizing that I was holding a real cock.
My pussy was very wet, and I carefully experimented by pushing it into my pussy.
I have very thick and prominent outer labia covered in a layer of blonde hair.
I had masturbated before, but it felt so good having the thicker head.



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