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In the tiny foyer of their hotel room in San Diego, Stacy Lancaster used her husband.
He was flat on his back on the floor.
They were not making love; she was riding Jared’s dick like it was her own personal toy.
The smooth motions of Stacy’s hips sped up.
She lowered her upper body onto Jared, bowing her head beside his and resting her chin on his shoulder.
Her sensitive nipples tickled along his chest.
As she humped more forcefully along his shaft, her body pressed lower and lower.
Soon, her tits were mashed flat and she rubbed them against her husband.
He could feel the hard little points and they almost seemed to be searing tracks across his skin.
As Stacy’s movements continued to become more intense and less controlled, she buried her chin into Jared’s shoulder.
Her arms encircled his, passing under him and holding tightly to his shoulders.
She was making continuous sounds of pleasure deep in her throat.
Jared’s hands clasped Stacy’s soft round buttocks.
He let his fingers sink more deeply into her crack and he squeezed her flesh hard.
His wife groaned in response, taking a moment to grind her bush against his.
She was swiftly approaching orgasm again and her pussy’s walls were alive with need.
“I’m going to cum again.
Oh god, I don’t ever want to stop! Don’t stop, babe, I love having you in me.
” Stacy came, hot and cold tremors flashing across her body.
As his wife climaxed, Jared began thrusting roughly up at her.
Lifting his ass, he forced her hips high and then began jabbing in and out of her quickly.
Stacy keened with pleasure, her hands clawing against his shoulders.
Jared stoked her orgasm hotter and hotter, sending her into orbit.
For half a minute Stacy rode the wave of euphoria to the beat of Jared’s bucking.
“Don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” she said over and over again.
Her hips began to dance as the strain of climax began to seep from her body.
After two climaxes in the space of less than five minutes, Stacy’s systems were at full speed.
She was soaking Jared’s dick and their groins with her juices.
The wet slap their bodies made upon contact was a familiar and arousing sound to Stacy’s ears.
Raising her body slightly, Stacy strove to meet each of her husband’s thrusts.
At each withdrawal, the enormously flared head of his cock pulled at the elastic entrance of her hole, giving each cycle a delicious note of tension.
Then their hips would crash against one another and her deepest recesses would fill with hot, loving man-muscle.
Running on all cylinders, Stacy came two more times in rapid succession, each orgasm shuddering through her body and building her arousal.
As her pussy was convulsing for the fourth time, Jared groaned deeply.
He went stiff and pulled his wife’s hips firmly onto his.
With his staff buried balls-deep, Stacy felt it swell and pulse, almost as if fighting against her constricting hole.
As she rode through the heat of her orgasm she groaned and wailed along with her husband.
The first flood of molten sperm to blast into her womb hit like a bomb in her gut and thrills of something like adrenaline shot through her body.
The second bomb somehow managed to trigger what felt like a new, intense orgasm on top of the one she was already experiencing.
Stacy’s wildly ecstatic pussy clamped down on Jared’s spurting cock like a whole series of nooses.
For a split second, his next salvo of cream was restricted.
As the pressure spiked, it exploded from his cock with incredible force.
Both Lancasters cried out as the shot-gun blast reverberated through their bodies.
Jared collapsed after that, panting.
His arms dropped to his sides as his cock pulsed and dribbled through the ebb of his climax.
Stacy’s pussy continued to wring itself around his member as her own orgasm slowly played itself out.
It was a minute or two later when Stacy sat up straight atop her husband.
She was breathing hard and sweat glistened all across her body.
Her playful ass was squirming on his thighs and it felt as if his wife’s pussy was sucking on his cock.
“I need you to stay hard,” she said, wiggling with greater purpose.
Jared let out a whining groan.
“God, Stacy, can’t we at least get on the bed first?” Stacy looked down at him, her face a confusing jumble of expressions.
There was a smirk catching at one corner of her mouth and it angled one brow up slightly.
Her eyes fluttered between heavily lidded and bright and eager.
For a moment, the smirk seemed on the verge of turning into a snarl but then without warning, a giggle escaped her throat.
“Very well, if you promise to stay hard for me, we can move to the bed.
But there’s one other thing I want to do first.
” She carefully rose above him and reached down to hold the base of his dick steady.
She slid herself up and swung her leg off him.
Kneeling beside Jared, she bent down low.
“Oh wow, I can smell my pussy on you.
Can you smell it? And your spunk is sticking to your gorgeous thing like icing.
” She gave him a playful glance.
“You know how much I like the taste of our sex.
” Jared’s cock was still mostly hard but not at its peak of arousal.
Normally, his seven-inch tool had an enormous plum-shaped head on it that seemed two sizes too big for his shaft.
Now, the head was small and spongy and sort of spear-shaped.
With relish, Stacy slid the velvety head past her lips and into her salivating mouth.
For a moment, as she let the flavor of their mutual passion fill her, she thought of the woman on the beach.
Excitement growing, she licked up and down the length of her husband’s sausage, imagining that the other woman was watching them as they had her.
She licked and slurped every inch of his shaft clean.
Wet, sloppy sounds emanated from her pink quim as her fingers pillaged through its furred folds.
Given this stimulation, there was very little chance that Jared’s dick would soften.
Abruptly, Stacy jumped to her feet.
She bent to pull at Jared’s arm.
“God, get a move on.
I need more of that fucking cock!” She pulled him to the bed and fell into it, pulling him down across her.
As she wiggled her way into the middle of the mattress, her hand pulled Jared’s slick member along.
“Come on!” she said.
With the ease of long practice, Stacy’s bent legs spread wide and Jared sank between them, spearing his cock back into her molten slit.
Excitedly, she rubbed at her hooded clitoris.
“You remember that New Year’s Eve night?” she asked.
“I’ll never forget it.
It hurt to wear pants for a week.
You wore me out, babe.
” Stacy grunted softly as he began thrusting firmly into her.
“You were fantastic that night, Jare’.
Remember? You were hard for two fucking hours.
We fucked the entire time.
I came so much I lost track of up and down.
” Her pussy clenched at the memory.
That New Year’s Eve night, after they had already been making love for nearly an hour and after Jared’s third orgasm, Stacy had not let up on him for a second, more or less forcing his cock to stay hard.
She succeeded but he was somewhat desensitized by the ordeal.
Jared had actually been unable to cum for another hour and Stacy had gone wild, fucking his tireless horn with abandon and cumming and cumming in an endless stream.
By the time Jared finally came for the fourth time, she felt like a wrung-out rag.
Her body buzzed for fifteen minutes after he finally pulled his soft, worn cock from her confines.
Then, probably the most amazing thing had happened.
After a little while, Jared got hard again, a proud and powerful erection that he used to plunder Stacy’s for-once-satisfied pussy for a further twenty minutes.
Stacy had had to redefine her definition of ‘satisfied’ because she discovered that her body was more than merely capable of still feeling pleasure; upon sight of her man’s renewed erection, she immediately felt urgent hunger twist through her worn but willing vagina.
That was the first time in her life she had felt like her sexuality had ever been challenged.
She had been shocked by the way insane lust rose anew within her to meet and surpass the test.
“I want that again, babe.
In fact, I bet you can do even better.
Come on, Jare, maybe you can be the one to fuck me to death.
” With that, she snaked an arm around the back of his head and pulled their mouths together.
Her tongue painted the inside of her husband’s mouth with eager flicks of passion.
Jared pulled his face away from hers for a moment.
“God I love you,” he breathed.
Then he fell back into her embrace and they locked lips.
He burrowed his cock as far into his wife as his could, pressing his loins to her furry mound and repeatedly jabbing her boiling quim with short thrusts.
Her tiny, hidden clitoris was repeatedly battered between their bodies.
With a high-pitched shriek that was only slightly muffled by Jared’s devouring mouth, Stacy climaxed.
Her ass gyrated wildly, bouncing up and down on the mattress.
Her hands clawed at her lover’s back.
She tilted her head forward to press her forehead against his, breaking their kiss.
“Oh god, more! Oh god I love you.
I love your cock.
You make me cum so good, baby.
You’re the best.
” Snorting and grunting with effort, Jared struggled to the edge of the bed, pulling his insanely horny wife along by her legs and the grip her voracious cunt had on his cock.
Somehow he got his feet to the ground without taking a pratfall off the bed and jockeyed his woman’s body into position.
Now standing at the side of the bed with her legs raised in his hands, he looked down at her.
Her hair was plastered to her face by perspiration but all he had eyes for was the expression of mad arousal she wore.
“And you,” he said as he tried to control his breath, “are one hot fucking babe.
Your hot fucking pussy feels tight like a virgin’s but you fuck like the twenty hottest sluts in the world all rolled into one.
I love the way you cum and cum and cum your ass off around my cock.
I love how tireless you are and the way you keep asking for more turns me on like nothing in my life.
” He gave her legs a jerk to seat himself more deeply in her and leaned over her body.
“I love what a crazy little fuck-bunny you are sometimes, but don’t ever forget that most of all, I love YOU.
” He punctuated the last word with a hard jab against her body.
He followed it with another and then another.
Sweet girl cum made little splashes each time their bodies came together.
Out of her mind with lust, Stacy’s hands were molesting her own body, twisting her nipples and scrubbing at her clit.
Jared’s still somewhat desensitized penis wasn’t feeling a lot.
He was a long way from cumming.
He fucked his wife every way he knew how: slow and gentle, fast and hard, smooth and firm, with wildly twisting movements or just burying his shaft in her hole and shaking against the bed.
During the heavier assaults, Stacy’s tits jumped and swayed despite their firm pertness.
They felt so hot and swollen; Stacy couldn’t keep her hands off them.
She was climaxing so hard and so often that her abdomen was slowly beginning to ache as if she had been fighting a cough for a week.
But that minor discomfort didn’t really register on her reeling mind.
All she felt was ecstasy.
After twenty minutes of this, Jared’s hardness was swollen to maximum arousal but was not yet ready to release.
However, his legs, back and lungs burned from his exertions.
His wife was once again in mid-climax when he finally wailed and grunted and collapsed on top of her, puffing like a sick coal train.
It took Stacy a little while to actually notice the change.
It was only when her mind cleared a little after her orgasm that she felt the weight and the relative quiet.
For a moment she thought he had finally cum but his pulsing sex was still filling her pussy delightfully.
She was sure she would have noticed if he had flooded her with more of his hot seed.
His body had collapsed but the most important organ was still ready for business.
She hugged him tightly for a moment.
“Thank you so much.
” The hoarse sound of her own voice almost made her laugh.
“That was awesome.
Now let me do you.
” She twisted beneath him and rolled their bodies over.
He was looking up at her, half-dazed and she giggled.
She laid her head against his shoulder and inhaled his scent.
The vibrating muscles of her pussy undulated against his meat and her ass swayed.
Gathering her will, she raised her body and arched her back dramatically.
Jared stared at her trembling breasts thrust out at him.
He could feel the entrance of her hole clasping the head of his penis.
She held the pose, stalling, letting every fiber in her body savor the anticipation.
In the quiet, she could feel sweat running down her back and beads of it dripping from her breasts.
Then, very slowly, her hips descended and her body relaxed.
Every part of her body, save her pussy.
There she bore down hard, making herself tight.
The velvet hole Jared had been pillaging now resisted his entry.
Stacy fought with herself; pressing her body down on his pleasure point on the one hand but resisting penetration with all her might on the other.
Stacy was impressed anew by her lover’s stamina.
His shaft did not buckle under the load.
Jared’s cock was as hard as ever and stood up to the demands she placed on it.
The path it was forging into her body may have been intimately familiar but it now felt brand new.
Stacy’s slow downward progress eventually brought the splayed petals of her sex into soft contact with her lover’s groin.
First, there was a gentle, trembling lick of pink flesh against hairy thigh.
She paused a moment and rocked gently, letting her delicate lips kiss the base of his cock.
Then her descent resumed and they slowly spread out in a welcoming embrace.
Jared could distinctly feel their wetness.
Finally, Stacy’s fuzzy mound was firmly against Jared’s pelvis.
Still exerting all the pressure she could bring to bear, she rocked against him.
Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips, deeply focused on the task at hand.
Her pussy was clamoring for a speedy eruption but she was trying to slowly build up to it.
For three or four minutes, she danced subtly atop her man.
Only the quickening of her heart revealed the excitement that was growing inside her.
Finally, almost whimpering, she angled her body forward to press her clit hard against Jared.
She gasped and croaked, resisted her orgasm for one split second longer and then was overwhelmed by a raging torrent of passion.
Suddenly, her hips went wild.
She lost control of her climaxing cunt and the pressure on Jared’s member eased.
At the same time, her hips began bouncing up and down atop of him, fucking furiously as she came.
Her teeth were locked together and only a straining groan escaped.
Despite the fact that he lay quite still beneath her, Stacy rode Jared like he was the world’s wildest bucking bronco.
At the peak of her orgasm, she jerked her hips away, letting his red and inflamed cock loose for a few seconds.
Her pussy was dripping with its secretions and she cried out hoarsely as she slapped at it several times, spraying both of them with her watery cream.
Then she grabbed his prong and shoved back into her boiling twat.
After that gigantic climax, Stacy rode her man aggressively through two more pleasurable but more staid eruptions.
Though her brain was steeped in lust, some corner of her mind knew that Jared was finally beginning to approach his own release.
An evil plan suggested itself to her.
Something so cruel and sadistic it could not have originated with sweet little Stacy.
As her final orgasm ebbed, she let herself topple off of Jared and fall to his side.
Jared was not exactly well-rested but he had recovered somewhat while his wife did all the work riding him.
His erection felt naked without his wife’s eager, snapping pussy.
It was long past the point of merely being kept hard; it was a pulsating bludgeon of pent-up passion.
He began to turn towards his wife, thinking perhaps to resume their love-making on their sides.
It hadn’t happened very often but one thing Jared knew about the woman he had married was that any time she seemed to need a breather during their lovemaking was the perfect time to take her aggressively.
Whatever the rest of her body might be feeling, he knew that her demanding pussy would always welcome more action.
The best way to restore her energy was to keep the sexual pressure up.
Of course, he had to be careful to not make any promises his hard cock couldn’t fulfill.
But right then, after the way she had taken advantage of him and given the need throbbing in his nuts, he wasn’t thinking too hard about being able to deal with what he might unleash.
He reached across Stacy’s hips and tried to pull her toward him.
He was shocked when she fended him off and even more surprised when she rolled the other way and off the bed.
She seemed to be trying to act like she hadn’t noticed the intention of his advance.
With her back to him, she made a vague, distressed motion with her arms.
“Dang it,” she said with minor severity, “I can still feel the sun-block.
I feel icky.
And there’s still sand on my legs.
” She moved away from the bed and made herself busy at the dresser.
Jared stared at her flexing buttocks, his swollen red knob knocking against his stomach to the beat of his heart.
“Stacy? Don’t worry about it; we can take a shower in a bit.
Come back here, babe.
” The tone of his voice echoed his confusion.
What was she playing at? “No,” she said, her back still to him.
The truth was, Stacy couldn’t chance catching sight of his hard cock, not until she cooled down a little bit.
“Let’s shower now.
I can’t think about sex while I feel icky like this,” she lied.
Jared didn’t know what to do.
That his wife was playing another game was obvious, but of what sort? Was she using the excuse of the shower to draw out their lovemaking and prevent his erection from spending itself? Stacy was always begging him to hold out longer and fuck her over and over again but she’d never tortured him like this before, never left him mid-fuck.
His balls were aching.
Or was she waiting for him to rush to her and throw her back onto the bed? It was not unheard of for her to tease him a bit and entice him into aggressive ravishment of her body.
Online Now! Lush Cams PrettyBumm His penis was in need now and he let it make his decision for him.
Rising from the bed, Jared sidled up behind his wife.
His protruding sex pressed between the fleshy globes of her ass.
He smiled unseen behind her; his wife did not like anal sex.
Not at all.
In fact, he had never had her that way.
He knew she had tried it from their late-night confession sessions but she very adamantly did not like it.
She did not absolutely refuse to let her husband have her that way but knowing how much she disliked it prevented it from being a temptation for Jared.
It wasn’t an act he got any special charge from and so he simply never pursued it.
And he wasn’t seriously considering it right then either, but he figured he should play some games of his own.
But he was brought up short when Stacy spun around pushed him away.
“No, Jared.
You’ll have to wait.
” She hoped that he hadn’t noticed the way she had shivered with arousal when he pressed against her.
If he continued to make an issue of it, she would ultimately be unable to resist.
She needed to create some separation if she was going to get away with this.
Trying not to rush too obviously, she darted for the bathroom.
“I’ll get the water started,” she said.
Well, Jared now knew for certain what she was after.
As a matter of fact, he had felt her stiffen and shiver.
He recognized the signs well; she was still as horny as Santa’s entire flock of reindeer.
She was trying to draw things out and extend the life of his erection.
As he stood there weighing his options, his balls aching and dick slowly drying, Stacy stuck her head back out of the bathroom.
He noticed that she very carefully did not look at his sex.
But she did have something to say about it.
“And keep your damn hands off my cock.
” She gave extra, possessive emphasis to the word ‘my’.
“I expect it to still be ready when we’re clean and I can enjoy it properly.
” As if she’d been having any trouble enjoying it.
Stacy was bent over the tub testing the water running from the faucet.
Her ass might as well have had a bullseye painted on it.
But before Jared could make a move, his wife flipped on the showerhead and stepped into the tub.
The room had a standard tub-and-shower as found in most homes.
Stacy left the curtain open as she turned back and forth under the spray.
Jared stepped into the tub behind her.
He moved close to her body and wrapped her in his arms, his hands cupping her breasts.
The peaks were still hot and swollen.
He allowed his dick to nudge its way into the valley between her buttocks again.
“No, Jared,” she said with authority in her voice.
With a thrust of her ass, she bumped his hips back away from hers.
At the same time, she held his hands tightly to her chest.
“Nothing may touch my cock until I’m ready to use it properly.
” Jared still wasn’t sure he wanted her to be calling all the shots.
He was horny and a man.
But on a deeper level, he trusted her to make the wait worth his while.
She passed a bar of soap back to him over her shoulder.
“Here, soap me up.
” Jared spread lather across her tits and stomach.
One hand then trailed down to her thighs while the other remained focused on her taunt, throbbing breasts.
The lower hand sneaked into her cleft and gently stroked her mound.
Stacy moaned, her hips moving in delicious circles.
Her hands followed his on the tour of her body.
Jared pressed himself against her again.
He rubbed his frustrated cock up and down against her buttock a time or two before Stacy twisted and pushed him away.
“I said no!” she said, her voice barely under control.
Her hands were shaking but she held him at arms-length.
“If you can’t behave then get out.
” She nudged him out of the shower.
Jared stood dripping on the bath mat as Stacy jerked the curtain closed.
“You’ll just have to wait till I’m done.
” Jared was at a loss but Stacy rinsed herself off quickly.
Soon she grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower.
“Okay, now it’s your turn,” she said.
She wrapped the towel around her chest and grabbed another for her hair.
“Do I have to stay here and guard my cock or can you keep your hands off it?” Jared didn’t answer.
He stepped back into the shower and pointedly closed the curtain.
He stared down at his rock-hard sex.
He thought to himself ruefully that Stacy’s games weren’t really going to gain her much.
he was still maddeningly aroused.
His cock was veritably howling for release.
With an enormous effort of will, he kept his hands off his sensitive organ.
In two minutes he deemed himself clean and shut off the shower.
He dried off quickly rather than thoroughly and let his bobbing prick lead the way out of the bathroom.
Stacy was gone.
He looked around in puzzlement.
There really wasn’t anywhere to hide.
The room had no closets and the bed frame was solid down to the floor.
The love seat in the little sitting area was flush against the wall with no room behind it.
Jared wouldn’t put it past his wife to hide in waiting but there was just nowhere to hide.
He turned around aimlessly and confused.
Then there was a click from the door and it opened.
Stacy walked into the room still wearing nothing but a towel.
It was wrapped tightly across her breasts but barely came to her thighs.
What’s more, the slit left by the wrap lined up with her crotch.
As she strode into the room, creamy thigh and tantalizing shadow flashed.
God, his wife was sexy.
She was carrying the ice bucket.
Jared couldn’t resist asking, “Did anybody see you?” “No,” she said with a faintly disappointed sigh.
Stacy seemed to be developing a hint of an exhibitionist streak.
She set the ice bucket on the bedside table and whipped off the towel, tossing it carelessly into the bathroom.
She dropped to her knees before him and grabbed his schlong.
She inspected it.
“You’re certainly nice and hard,” she said critically.
“But maybe a little too close to lift-off.
” She released his hot meat and rose to her feet.
“Lay on the bed.
” she directed.
Once again Jared considered taking charge and once again his curiosity got the better of him.
He lay out across the bed sideways and Stacy crawled across him.
He enjoyed the vision of her sensual prowl.
She came to a stop with her hips above his head.
“Let’s give you tongue a workout,” she said as she lowered herself onto his face.
Stacy’s soft bush could not contain the aroused and flaring lips of her sex.
They made little points and were spread wide and welcoming.
Between them, her slit was pressed closed fairly tightly but glistened with moisture that Jared didn’t think came from the shower.
She smelled terrific.
Jared put his hands on her hips and gently guided her.
He ran his nose along the upper reaches of her slit and pursed his lips to insinuate his mouth in her steaming hole.
His tongue tickled along the pink verge of her sheath and he tasted her womanly essence.
Stacy shifted above him, sighing and laughing softly.
“Oh, that’s good,” she said.
For a second, her body lifted away and she did something at the edge of the bed.
But immediately she returned and let her husband guide her soft beaver back onto his face.
For several seconds Jared slobbered and licked all over her gash.
He heard an odd rattling sound and then felt something that made him jump out of his skin.
He screamed into his wife’s pussy.
He tried to rear up but Stacy kept herself firmly planted across his head.
His legs were extended off the side of the bed and he had no leverage.
Stacy had dumped the bucket of ice over his hotly erect genitals.
She held the bucket cupped over his groin, keeping most of the ice-cubes piled on top of his suffering cock.
“Oh god, Stacy, let me go.
God, that hurts.
” She laughed.
“I’m killing two birds with one stone here, stud.
I’m cooling you off and I’m giving you motivation.
The deal is simple.
I let your hot little soldier out of the deep freeze after you make me cum all over your face.
” Jared’s hips were all over the place, trying to get free.
Stacy let him struggle but kept the ice bucket in place.
“No, Stace, really, this isn’t funny.
” “Then you better get to work!” she growled.
Jared didn’t try to hit her.
He didn’t grab her by the neck and force her off his body.
He wasn’t really trapped.
But the cold of the ice was making his eyes cross.
He wouldn’t have thought ice on his junk would give him an ice-cream headache but it did.
The melting water running down the crack of his ass tickled.
And the less said about the painful, numbing, burning sensation of his cock and balls, the better.
Once again, the man let the woman have her way.
Suppressing more complaints, Jared devoured his wife’s treasure pit.
Stacy laughed and squealed as she jigged her groin around on her husband’s face.
She kept her hands firmly on the ice bucket.
It became harder to do so as her orgasm drew nearer.
Jared had progressed to vigorously sucking on her clit while two of his fingers danced a samba in her sweltering hole.
Huffing and howling, the fuck-bunny came.
Her trickling nectar washed through Jared’s mouth and filled his head with mindless passion.
The moment Stacy moved to dismount, Jared moved like lightning.
He up-ended the ice bucket and freed his straining cock.
Most of the ice scattered across the middle of the bed.
Jared hooked an arm across Stacy’s stomach and heaved her onto her back in the middle of the glittering ice.
Her screams were broken by laughter.
The ice was slick and wet and burningly cold.
Goosebumps rose all across her body.
The pebbling across her breasts was an awe-inspiring sight.
Jared positioned himself between her legs and raised them high.
His chilled but burning cock hovered above her sex.
“Put it in me now, Jared.
Please, fuck me and fill me with your hot jizz.
” But Jared delayed a moment.
Scooping up some loose ice, he pressed handfuls to her tits.
Stacy hissed and squirmed.
“Oh fuck, it feels like my tits are going to explode!” she cried.
With both hands, she pulled her cunt open for him.
He looked down in the pink and shadow of her sex and it opened and closed uncontrollably in her excitement.
“It’s unbelievable what the ice is doing to me.
Fuck me, Jared.
I’m going to cum like a fucking H-bomb.
Just pound me like a whore!” Jared rammed his length into his wife.
When his groin impacted hers, the force drove her half a foot across the bed.
Stacy shrieked.
The noose-like constrictions he felt in her core told him she had climaxed instantly.
Jared pounded into his wife for five minutes, running his ice-filled hands across her body.
He was able to pinch her hard pink nipples between some of the cubes, making her shudder even harder.
Stacy Lancaster seemed to be trapped in a continuous orgasm and she obviously didn’t want to escape its earth-shattering clutches.
Jared roared, his long-denied climax exploding upon him with little warning.
Despite the reverberations rampaging through her own body, Stacy felt his flood of hot semen fill her.
Her legs locked around his ass and she ground herself against his body as his cannon pumped load after load of nirvana into her core.
It felt like heaven and hell warring in her cunt.
Finally, the river began to ebb, leaving Jared gasping for air.
He withdrew his softening member from his wife’s vise-like pussy with a mix of relief and regret and fell into the bed next to her.
She lay next to him and stroked her beaver in loving little motions, murmuring to it in a language of her own making.
Chunks of ice were sliding off her body.
What lay beneath her had all melted, leaving her back numb and the bed soaking wet.
After several minutes, Jared pulled at Stacy’s leg to turn her.
He became mesmerized by the view of his masturbating wife.
Her feet were planted on the bed and she kept her hips slightly elevated.
They were in constant movement, bobbing and twisting in little jumps.
One hand was running up and down her slit, delving from time to time into her soupy hole while the other rubbed in circles against her little, hidden pearl.
She was still horny beyond belief.
He really hadn’t expected anything else from his amazing wife.
“I need you to get hard again,” she said in a distant voice.
He didn’t answer.
He knew he had another round or two in him but certainly not immediately.
After another minute or so she said, “Get me a glass from the bathroom.
” Curious, Jared did as he was tol



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