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Cool, sexy jazz floating softly in the air.
He arrives early to pick her up for dinner and quietly lets himself in.
She wasn’t expecting him for at least a couple of hours, so she is relaxed, lying in the tub, candle light flickering, reflecting off the water.
Her breasts peeking out from the water, her eyes closed and her hands between her legs as she touches herself, rubbing slow, sensual circles around her clit and caressing her thighs.
She imagines him there, his tongue playing gently between the folds of her pussy, his hands caressing her thighs.
He slips in so quietly she is unaware of his presence as he watches her.
He quietly sits on the edge of the tub, watching her pleasure herself, watching as he begins rub his growing cock through the rough fabric of his pants.
As her pleasure builds, he kneels next to the tub and lightly kisses her neck, covering her hand with his, pressing her fingers more firmly against her clit.
Although she didn’t realize he was there, she isn’t too surprised, he seems to have a knack for showing up while she is in the midst of self pleasure.
She moans softly with pleasure as her fingers press more urgently, his lips raining silky soft kisses on her neck, face and breasts.
With a soft gasp, and a sigh she cums softly, gently.
“Mmmmmm,” she purrs as she opens her eyes and smiles up at him.
“Hi Baby,” she says with a shy smile, “Been there long?” He grins as he undresses and joins her in the tub.
Lifting her body in the water, he slips beneath her.
She feels his hard cock pressing against her ass as she turns her face to accept his tender kisses on her cheeks and her lips.
He strokes her slippery skin, hands covering her breasts squeezing and massaging them, rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and fingers, feeling shivers running through her body.
His cock grows harder still with the knowledge that he has the ability to control the intensity of the flames rising inside her.
Her hips sway against him, she arches back trying to coax and maneuver his cock into her.
Her movements aided by his fingers that have settled between the folds of her pussy, teasing her clit.
Her hips gyrating in time with the rhythm of the music as he slips between her legs, pushing forward with his hips, the head of his cock, poised at the entrance of her pussy.
The movement of their bodies causes the water to lap gently against the sides of the tub, some of it spilling out onto the floor.
He pulls her hips back against him as he pushes forward, the head of his cock burying itself in her pussy.
She sits up and presses back to sink him deeper inside her.
He grabs her hips and slides her back and forth on his cock.
She rides him, faster as the pressure inside her builds; his cock hitting her sensitive g-spot, her excitement builds as she increases her tempo.
She can feel his cock swelling even more as his hands push and pull her faster and harder against him.
His hips thrusting up against her, he pushes his cock deeper into her.
Online Now! Lush Cams bananabrain Feeling he pussy tighten as she begins to cum again, he holds her hips still and gives one final deep thrust.
The water, now splashing over the edge of the tub in great waves as his orgasm also takes him over the edge, shooting his load deep within her pussy.
Sated at least for now, she lies back against him in the tub, releasing his cock from the sheath of her hot pussy.
Her skin wet and cooled from the air, prickles with goose bumps, her nipples hard.
He holds her lovingly in the tepid water, rubbing her arms and body to warm them.
His lips find hers as he presses a kiss hard against them, tongue slipping between them to slide along hers.
Stoking the fire inside her, her body tense with pleasure and anticipation, he whispers against her lips, “to the bed, Baby.
” They grab towels and quickly dry off before he leads her to the bed and lays her down gently, pressing his body into hers.
He feels her excitement build as he begins kissing her, softly at first then more deeply.
The weight of his body on hers and the kisses he rains down on her lips, cause her to heat up, fanning the flames of passion that are now raging inside her.
She is breathing hard, panting trying to catch the breath that he has stolen with his kisses.
She pulls away from his lips as if to catch her breath, but really her goal is to taste his cock, to feel him between her lips, in her mouth and her throat.
Swinging her body around so she has better access she slides her lips down the shaft of his swollen cock.
At this angle his cock can easily slide deep into her throat.
He puts his arms around her hips and pulls her over his face so he can feast on her dripping pussy.
His expert tongue brings her to the brink of ecstasy over and over, never allowing her the release she so desperately needed.
Her mouth on his cock sliding up and down, in and out, her tongue putting pressure on the shaft, the resistance he feels as the head of his cock presses into her throat is beginning to get to him.
His tongue moving with laser like accuracy to her clit sending waves of ecstasy throughout her body, causing her to sink lower on his face as she cums hard and wet.
Now able to concentrate better on servicing him, she redoubles her efforts on his cock and feels him swelling in her throat, his balls tightening as they ready to shot their load.
His hands on the back of her head, as his hips are bucking as he holds her head down, thrusting his cock as deep as possible.
With an animal like groan, and a final deep thrust, he reaches his climax, filling her throat with his thick, hot cum as the first shot lets loose deep in her throat.
He continues to pump the remainder of his load, into her eager mouth.
Moments later, they lay there, sexy saxophone music playing in the background, her head resting on his shoulder.
They relax and enjoy the warmth of their subsiding passion, sated for now….



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