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My stepmother and I have been having sex for the past year.
She’s very horny and loves sex almost as much as me.
She’s so pretty and is a sex addict.
She loves to have sex with my friends and myself.
I know you must be thinking that isn’t very good.
She has even helped me and my guy friends have sex.
She loves to help with all of her sexy ideas.
Her name is Denise and she’s forty years old.
She’s 5’7” with blond long hair and has blue eyes.
She has the greatest body you’ve ever seen.
She has huge tits about a 38D.
She has those washboard abs that people die to have.
Her legs are long and beautiful.
My father is always away on business with his job.
I think that’s why Denise is a horny wreck.
She loves for me to invite my friends over, so she can have sex with us.
She’s helped us learn how to please ourselves, when our boyfriends are not around.
She even got me my first vibrator.
She’s lots of fun and I’m glad she’s my stepmother.
My name is Margaret and I’m nineteen.
I was living with my mother for the longest time, but she’s a drunk and a coke addict.
My father was kind enough to let me live with him and Denise.
I guess I’ve been living with them since I was seventeen.
I really love Denise more like a girlfriend, then a stepmother.
Although, she’s the best mother I’ve ever really had.
My own mother just cares about her next drink and another line of coke.
I’m 5’7” and have brown curly hair.
I have brown eyes.
I have long legs and a nice size chest.
Denise has taught me how to wear my make-up and how to style my hair.
She’s always taking me shopping and buying me stuff.
Nobody is home right now and I’m so horny and I’m playing with my vibrator in the living room.
My stepmother is shopping and shouldn’t be home for a while.
I do like to get off in different parts of the house when nobody is home.
I’m sitting here nude with my legs spread on the reclining chair.
I’m fucking myself hard with my vibrator.
My hands are all over my breasts.
Pulling my nipples as I fuck myself harder and faster with this eight inch vibrator.
My pussy is making all her squelching noises as I go deeper and faster into my cunt.
I’m so close to having my orgasm.
I’m imagining all sorts of naughty things as I fuck my cunt harder and faster.
My pussy juices are dripping out of my pussy.
I sample some of my pussy juices.
“Oh God! Oh fuck!” All of a sudden the front door opens and my stepmother walks in and sees me with my legs spread opened fucking my cunt.
“Jesus, Margaret, what the hell are you doing?” “I’m fucking my cunt.
Do I look hot?” “I guess you sort of do.
Maybe you’ll let me lick your pussy.
You know I just can’t stand an oozing pussy.
” My stepmother came into the house and put all her shopping bags down and came over to the reclining chair.
“Move down so I can lick your pretty pussy.
” I moved down and my stepmother licked at my pussy.
My juices were flowing out of my cunt.
She worked her tongue up and down my pussy lips and then pushed her tongue into my pussy so she could collect all of the oozing cream.
“Oh God, that feels so good.
Denise you’re the best cunt licker I know.
” “Jesus, you have the tastiest cunt ever.
Let’s go into my room so I can really play with you.
” Denise took my hand and led me to my father’s bedroom.
She took her clothes off and got comfortable on the bed.
We were kissing deep and passionately.
Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.
Our hands were playing with each other’s pussies.
We were both trying to get each other off.
“Why don’t you lie on top of me? I want to lick that pussy some more and you can lick mine.
” I got on top of Denise and she spread my anus and was tonguing my asshole.
She loved to get her tongue right up into my ass.
It was the most incredible feeling.
She then took her finger and fucked my ass, while she was licking and loving my pussy lips.
“Oh Denise, that feels so fucking good.
Oh God!” I was licking and loving Denise’s sweet tasting pussy.
I was lightly chewing her pussy lips and blowing on her cunt.
She was moaning in between licks of my cunt.
I then put a finger into my stepmother’s pussy.
“Oh Margaret, that feels so good.
Keep fucking me with your finger.
Oh God!” My stepmother’s pussy was so wet and her cream was flowing fast out of her.
My stepmother was fingering my ass with two fingers up my anus.
She was sucking my clit and licking at my pussy lips.
Then all of a sudden she pushed her tongue right through my pussy lips and was tongue fucking me really hard.
Her fingers were fucking my ass deeper and faster and I was so excited and came on her tongue.
“Oh God, that feels so fucking good.
You’re so good at this.
”  After we were both finished, we were just kissing each other and rubbing our pussies up and down each other’s.
It felt so fucking good.
We were playing with each other’s breasts, while we were humping each other.
My stepmother then went into her drawer and pulled out a double dong.
She put one end into my pussy and the other end into her pussy and we were both getting fucked at the same time.
We were kissing deep and passionately, while we held each other’s breasts.
Online Now! Lush Cams AlesyaDron The dildo felt so good in both our cunts.
“Oh God, Denise I’m going to come again.
” “Me too, Jesus it feels so good.
” We both were so excited with the dong inside of us.
The fucking thing was about nine inches long and very thick.
We were fucking ourselves really good with it.
We both pulled the dongs out of each other and then got into the sixty-nine position again and licked each other’s cream out of the other’s pussy.
It was so fucking hot.
“Maybe you can call one of your guy friends over.
We can have a threesome if you want to.
” “You’re the coolest stepmother.
Okay, I’ll call my friend Doug.
He’s always looking to have sex.
” I went and called my friend Doug.
He was pretty happy and said he’d be right over.
“I called Doug, he was so excited and said he’d be here within the hour.
” “Should be fun.
I haven’t had sex in a week.
You’re father has been away on a business trip.
” Denise and I waited for my friend Doug to come over.
While we waited, we both put on some lingerie.
We picked out red bras and red thongs for each other.
We both put on red garters and wore tan hold up stockings and red pumps.
We both looked really hot.
After about an hour, my friend Doug rang our bell.
Ding Dong I ran to the door in my red lingerie.
“Hey Doug, what’s shaking.
” “Holy fuck you look so hot.
Jesus, look at you two babes.
” Doug came in and he gave me a kiss and my stepmother Denise a kiss too.
“Get undressed you hunk of a man.
We want to feel your cock inside of us,” Denise screamed.
Doug is a really nice guy.
We’ve been friends a while.
He isn’t dating anybody, so we’re kind of friends with benefits.
I just love fucking him.
He has a really big cock and loves to use it.
I’m so fucking horny half the time and love to pleasure him either by sucking or by fucking.
Doug undressed and then gave each of us a kiss.
He took both of our bras and panties off.
He left our garters and our tan hold up stockings and heels on.
“Denise, I want to fuck you first.
Lie your pretty ass down.
Margaret ride her face.
” Denise got on her back and Doug slid his cock into her bald and beautiful pussy.
I stood up put my feet on either side of my stepmother’s head and squatted down so she could lick my pussy.
Her tongue went straight through my pussy lips and she tongue fucked me fast.
I rocked and moved over her face.
Doug worked his cock in and out of my stepmother’s pussy.
She had her legs on either side of Doug’s hips and moved fast with him.
His cock was fucking her so deep and hard.
My stepmother comes really fast and while he fucked her, she had an orgasm.
Soaking his cock and balls, while he continued to plow into her cunt.
Her tongue felt so good up my pussy.
I was rocking and moving over her face.
I leaned down and played with her enormous tits.
I love to play with her breasts.
They’re natural and very beautiful.
“Oh Denise, your pussy feels so fucking good.
I love to fuck your tight cunt.
” Doug really enjoyed fucking my stepmother.
She’s like a fucking Barbie doll.
I mean what man wouldn’t want to fuck her.
I love having sex with her.
She’s so fucking hot.
“Let’s switch.
Let me fuck you Margaret and Denise you can ride Margaret’s face.
” Doug pulled out and we all changed places.
I got in the missionary position and Doug slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me.
His cock felt so good.
His cock is on the big side and it always rubs against my g-spot.
I moved with him as he fucked me deeper and faster.
I couldn’t hold back and had an orgasm.
My juices soaked his cock and balls.
My stepmother squatted down and rode my face.
I love to lick her.
She gets so excited and comes pretty fast.
I tongue fucked her just a few minutes and her pussy exploded with all her cream.
I licked her liked a crazed animal.
“I want you two bitches to lick my cock.
I want to come all over the two of you.
” Doug pulled out and we knelt in front of him.
I got on the left side and Denise was on the right side.
We each grabbed one of his balls and lightly fondled it, as we each licked at his cock.
We licked his cock like a lollipop.
Enjoying our pussy juices that were on his cock.
My stepmother and I shared a deep and passionate kiss, while we fondled Doug’s shaved balls.
We took turns sucking on his cock.
I went first and bobbed along his cock.
Denise picked my hair up, so Doug could watch me blowing him.
I was slurping, sucking, and gagging on his cock.
His cock felt so good in my throat.
After a while, I moved out of the way and Denise sucked on his cock.
She bobbed along taken him deeper and deeper into her throat.
I was sucking on his balls, while she adored his cock.
“Oh God, that feels so fucking good.
Get ready bitches!” He pulled out of Denise’s mouth shot his load all over our breasts.
He always shot a very impressive load.
Our breasts were covered in his cream.
We both scooped his come into our fingers and fed it to each other.
Then my stepmother gave me a deep and passionate kiss.
We both had just swallowed Doug’s hot come.
“That was so fucking hot.
I loved it,” Doug announced.
“It was a lot of hot and sexy fun,” I said.
“Well kiddos, I have to take a shower.
Thanks for all the fun.
” My stepmother went to take a shower.
Doug and I got cleaned up and then watched a movie.
It was definitely a very naughty and wicked good time.



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