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Latest stories Straight Sex My Asian Neighbor Experience

I was walking by my new neighbor’s apartment and saw that the door to the apartment was open.
As I casually glanced into the open doorway, I could see a tall, and very lean-looking girl, standing on a three-step stool, trying to change a light bulb.
She had on a thigh-length t-shirt, light gray in color, which rode up high on her extremely long and slender legs, as she reached above her head to try and remove the light cover.
“Do you need some help?” I casually asked from the hallway as I looked in her direction.
I could tell that my pronouncement startled her, so I quickly apologized.
She looked in my direction and replied, “Yes.
” I stepped in past the box that was holding the door open and introduced myself as she stepped down from the small stool.
“Cleo,” she replied, extending her arm and hand, a screwdriver in hand.
I stepped on to the stool and up two steps.
I had the light cover off in a matter of a few seconds.
I quickly unscrewed the burned-out bulb and as I handed it down to where my newfound friend was stationed right in front of me, her eyes right at my crotch level.
She smiled and handed me a fresh new bulb.
I proffered a wink in her direction as I took the light bulb from her slender fingers.
Cleo was Asian, and she had a deep olive skin tone and huge brown oval eyes, that belied explanation.
She had her jet-black hair, pulled back in a ponytail, and tied in place with a yellow band.
She rapidly battered her eyes as she watched me replacing the light bulb.
I was immediately infatuated with her beauty and her easy-going mannerisms.
As I was replacing the light cover, I glanced down to see her looking straight at my crotch.
She quickly averted her eyes as I shifted on the stool.
“Thanks,” she dutifully replied as I stepped down off the stool.
She offered me a drink and a sandwich.
Not having much and a bit famished, I decided to take her up on the offer.
Cleo quickly slapped together a lettuce, smoked cheese, and tomato sandwich on rye as I stood by and watched.
She did not seem the least bit fazed or worried by the fact that she was showing me practically everything she had, as she leaned forward and rummaged through her refrigerator bins.
Our conversation was light and neighborly, with her inquiring how long I had lived at the complex, what I did for a living, and if I was married or single.
I discovered she was a nurse, and not dating anyone, which I found incredibly surprising considering her attractiveness.
“I’m not usually this casually attired,” as she sat with the sandwich she had just put together on the kitchen countertop next to me and smiled.
“You look fine to me,” I shot back.
“What would you like to drink? She asked.
“I’ve got tea, coke, and water.
” She opened the refrigerator and peered into it, and then looked back at me over her shoulder as she kept leaning forward, her mid-thigh-length t-shirt, once again, riding up her long slender legs.
She smiled and said, “Uh-oh,” she murmured, “I guess I’m all out of Coke.
” I was mesmerized by the show.
Cleo peered back at me, looking for a response.
I guess I must have looked a little flushed because she chuckled and asked, “Are you OK?” “Yes,” I quickly replied, trying to make as quick a recovery as possible.
“Maybe we need something stronger to relax us a bit,” Cleo proffered.
“Would you like a glass of wine?” “Don’t open anything on my account,” I replied.
Clee smiled.
“I’ve already got a bottle open,” she replied, pulling out a three-quarters-full bottle of a pink Chablis.
She started to reach for two wine glasses in a cupboard, standing on her tiptoes.
“Let me,” I replied as I reached past her to grab two wine goblets.
“You’re tall,” Cleo remarked.
“I like tall guys.
” I silently sat the wine glasses on the countertop and took the bottle of wine from Cleo’s hand.
Her eyes widened as I sat the bottle on the countertop and faced her.
“I hope,” I began, “that you don’t find it improper if I tell you that you are strikingly beautiful and – ” Before I could finish my statement, Cleo reached up and placed a line finger over my mouth, pressing hard against my lips, stopping me mid-sentence.
She quickly inserted her free hand into the waistband of my pants and pulled me in closer to where she was standing in front of me.
“Shut-up,” she intoned, looking up at me.
I quickly placed my hands around her waist and pressed myself in against her.
I leaned down as she tip-toed to meet me, our lips pressing into one another, her tongue quickly pushing its way into my mouth to meet mine with a burst of passion and lust.
I dropped my hands to her firm but small ass and dug in my fingers, pulling her in against myself.
“Oh God,” she whispered, as she took a brief break from our prolonged kiss.
“You are incredibly sexy,” I whispered back.
She pushed a hand up under my shirt and on to my chest, slowly raking her fingernails across my chest and downwards, towards my abdomen.
Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry “You are dangerous,” she softly murmured as she stared straight ahead at my chest, our bodies pressing into one another.
“You’re the one with the moist panties,” I whispered.
“You made them moist,” she shot back, pulling the yellow tie that held her long black hair in place.
“Maybe we should skip the lunch and the wine,” I remarked, “and just enjoy some time, getting to know each other.
” “That would be perfectly fine with me,” Cleo replied, slipping her hand into mine and leading me towards her bedroom.
Cleo launched herself on to her bed, landing on her back.
She quickly stripped out of her thigh-length t-shirt and her pink panties as I stripped down to my underwear at the foot of the bed.
Cleo was unbelievably sexy.
She had a small tat on her pubic area, which was cleanly shaved, and that I later learned was the Korean word for “love.
” Her nipples stood out strong and erect on dark areolas, perched on top of her small boobs.
They were super sensitive to any touch, which really excited me because I am an avid boob guy.
Cleo invited me to go down on her and I welcomed the opportunity to engage in oral foreplay with her.
Cleo was super agile and it did not take much time for her to find her way to my crotch, even as I fingered and toyed with her vagina.
“Fuck me,” Cleo pleaded after only a few minutes of sixty-nining.
“Do you want the top or the bottom?” I politely inquired.
“I don’t care,” she breathlessly shot back, in desperation.
“Are you on birth control?” I asked.
“Yesssssss!!!” she exclaimed, as she repositioned herself on the bed, spreading her legs and pulling me on top of herself.
My cock tapped the outer bands of her swollen vagina as I hovered over her, looking down at her and into her huge brown eyes.
She quickly grabbed my cock and positioned me for entry into her vagina.
As I pushed myself into the folds of her vagina, her eyes widened even more.
As her vagina enveloped my cock, the walls of her pussy pulsating uncontrollably.
Our pubic bones met, and she shuddered.
“Oh my God!” she breathlessly exclaimed, turning a deep reddish color, then a purplish color, her long slender legs wrapping around me, as she pulled me into a deep-throated and very erotic kiss.
She raked her fingertips across my back, as she closed her eyes and trembled.
I began a slow rhythmic rocking motion, working my tool back and forth in her, as she stretched out her arms and begged me to not stop.
“Give it to me,” she pleaded.
“I need to feel you cumming in me.
” How I managed to hang on for so long, still amazes me.
I had her get on top of me and then we ended up with me pounding her as she knelt on the bed, and me standing beside it, holding on to her hips, my cock buried deep inside of her, as she lowered her head into the folds of her crossed arms.
I shot my load deep inside of her, as she continued to beg me to not stop.
I launched myself on to the bed as she lay beside me, an arm stretched out across me.
I must have passed out, because I woke up, laying on my back, completely naked and Cleo playing with my half-erect tool, her face planted in my crotch.
I ran my fingers through her long black hair and told her I thought I was done for.
Cleo looked up from my crotch and smiled.
“I’m sure there’s more in you,” Cleo replied.
“You are not that old.
” I was pretty sure there was not a second shot possible, but Cleo was determined.
So, I simply lay there, enjoying the follow-up activities.
Cleo began to hum as she worked my semi-erect cock in and out of her mouth.
I was mildly surprised to find myself getting hard again.
Cleo looked up from my crotch and smiled, holding my new stiffy against her cheek.
“See,” she proudly exclaimed, proffering a wink, “I know my man.
” She quickly returned to working on my manhood, gently massaging my testicles in the process.
Suddenly, I felt my thighs quivering as another shot of cum worked its way towards the end of my tool.
“You’re going to make me cum,” I warned.
“Good!” she replied.
Cleo did not miss a beat.
She held my cock in place, in her mouth, humming, while gently massaging my testicles.
There was no way to hold back.
I quickly and unapologetically shot my load straight into Cleo’s mouth.
She did not bat an eye and quickly swallowed everything I had to give.
She used her tongue to lick the end of my cock clean, and then looked at me, with a devilish smile crossing her lips.
“What did you say?” she asked.
We lay there in her bed after that, chit-chatting for the longest time.
I found Cleo refreshingly different.
I do not think it was that Asian charm, in as much as it was simply that we both enjoyed each other’s company.
Cleo and I started a rather serious relationship after that happenstance meet up and I have a lot of stories to tell about Cleo, but for now, I’ll leave you with this fun fact.
Asian lovers are different than any others.
If you haven’t been there, you cannot possibly know how special an Asian woman can make you feel, and not just in bed, but in life.



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