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Latest stories Straight Sex Jan’s Return – Part 1

One afternoon, while I was working away, I got a text from my friend back in the state I used to live in.
  It was Jan, my Financial Planner, who I hadn’t heard from in months.
  She had also helped me with my finances and getting through my divorce.
  When I saw her name appear on my phone, a smile grew on my face thinking of her.
  I opened her text, and it read, “I hope that you’re doing well.
  I’m going to be in your area next week, dinner or drinks?.
” “Both.
” She replied, “I’m firming up my travel plans, I’ll call you tomorrow.
” “I have room and you’re welcome to stay here if you can’t find a hotel.
  There’s some kind of convention going on here next week.
” A few hours later, I got another text, “Can you talk?” “Yep.
” My cell phone rang, and I saw Jan’s name appear.
I answered, “Hey there!” “Hey, you’re right, it’s tough getting a room out there.
  I got a room for Wednesday and Thursday.
  If I can stay with you Friday and Saturday, there’s a real cheap flight out Sunday.
  I hate to impose, but you did offer.
” “Of course you can stay here.
  I’ll put you down for those nights.
  What’s your schedule going to be?” “I get in Wednesday morning, and have training and seminars all day until Friday afternoon.
  Sorry, but I’ll be pretty booked until this event is over.
  Text me your address, and I’ll Uber over to where you want to meet Friday night.
” With it only being Thursday, it was going to be a long week of thinking about getting together with her.
  Jan was a nice looking older woman, guessing sixtyish, and had the lips and mouth men dream about having wrapped around their cock.
  We had previously gone out before for just a beer and dinner when I was married, but it was strictly platonic with some portfolio chat, and I’m sure she had no idea what I fantasized about.
  Now that I was single, I wondered what she was thinking?  Would she not be able to cross the line because I was a client of hers? Wednesday finally came, and I knew it was a travel day for Jan.
  I started thinking about where she might want to go.
  I was trying to think of some places that were nice, but not too loud, where we could actually enjoy each others’ company.
Around 10:30am, I got a text from her.
“Just got into the airport.
  Waiting on my ride to the seminar.
” “I’m sorry, I should’ve offered to give you a lift, I’m not that far away.
” “Yea, you should have.
  Now you’ll have to wait two more days to see me!” Now that was an interesting teaser line I thought.
  I just replied with a frowning Emoji.
I didn’t hear anything from her for the rest of the day.
  I knew she was busy, and probably tired from travelling, so I wasn’t going to bother her.
  I went to bed, and started watching television, thinking to myself that when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll only have to wait one more day to see her.
Just as I was about to nod off, a text came in.
  It was Jan.
“Hi, are you still up?” “Yea, just watching television.
  Trying to find something to put me to sleep.
” “I hope I didn’t wake you!” “You didn’t.
” “I think the seminar will be over tomorrow by 4:00pm, then there’s a little shindig for the exhibitors.
  If you’re not doing anything, why don’t you come and hang out with me?  There will be drinks and some finger food.
” I didn’t really need anything to entice me to want to hang out with Jan.
  I thought for a few minutes about how I wanted to reply.
“Oh, so you’re not going make me wait until Friday?” “I thought I was boring you and you fell asleep.
  No, actually I don’t want to wait until Friday to see you!” Just the thought of where this was going, and where this weekend was going to go was making me hard.
“OK, that’s an offer I can’t refuse.
  I’ll be there.
  Just text me the location and time.
” Now I was wide awake, and couldn’t stop thinking about her.
  It had been a while since I was with a woman.
  Then I thought that this could actually go nowhere, so maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up.
  But if it did, it could be great, or maybe not.
  Or what if I make a move and she’s really not interested, then she’ll be at my place for two nights.
  That could be an awkward situation.
I finally fell asleep after I had analyzed all the possible scenarios.
  Thursday morning came, and I woke up and shaved, and found some nice clothes to wear in hopes of impressing her.
Around 1:00pm, Jan texted me the location of her event, and ended with “.
4:00PM, and DON’T BE LATE!” I sensed through all the capital letters, that she was anxiously looking forward to seeing me.
  At 3:00pm, I set up my Uber ride to be picked up out from of my office at 3:45pm, as it was only a ten-minute ride.
  I got there at 3:55pm, and texted her, “I’m in the lobby.
” “I’ll be right out”.
In a couple of minutes, I saw her walking towards me.
  She looked terrific!  She had on a black skirt, white blouse, a black blazer, black nylons, and some hefty pumps.
  When she finally got to me, we gave each other a hug, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek.
She grabbed me by the hand, “Come with me, I’ll take you to where we’re sitting.
” We got to the table, and she had already had a drink and some eats.
“Go get yourself whatever you want.
  I’ll be right here saving our seats.
” I got myself a beer and some finger food, and made my way back to the table.
  I sat down, and Jan was just looking at me and didn’t say anything.
I looked at her and said, “Jan, you really look amazing!  It’s so good to see you!” “It’s good to see you too, John, you look as good as I remember, even better.
  Looks like you’ve been working out.
” “I have.
  All I really do is work, and work out.
  I really haven’t been doing much socializing since the divorce and the move.
” “Well, I plan on changing that for the next few days, so you better loosen up!” Boy, did I want to loosen up, but not as bad as I wanted to loosen her up.
  She was looking like a smoke show, and just looking at her crossed legs in those black nylons and pumps was getting me hard to the point where I couldn’t stand up.
I’m sure she caught me checking her out a few times.
  Then she changed her position in her chair with her crossed leg towards me, and in the process, I noticed she had on lace-topped thigh-highs.
  Oh my God, was that ever a turn on.
  She was engaged in conversations with people who were coming to say goodbye as they were leaving.
  She must have known I was a little bored because I was just looking around and people watching.
  Then I felt her leg touch me and move it behind my calf.
  She just left it there while she was talking to her colleagues.
Finally, she was done with all the goodbyes, and turned to me and said (as she put her hand on my thigh), “Sorry about all that, I think we’re done here.
  Why don’t we go to the lounge and have a drink on me?  Do you have time?” “Sure, that would be great.
” Jan led the way to the lounge and found a booth towards the back of the room.
  She got in the booth first, and looked at me and said, “Why don’t you sit next to me?” I got in the booth next to her leaving just enough room between us so that we were not touching.
 The waitress came over, brought us two waters and took our drink order.
While waiting for our drinks, I just looked at her and said, “I’m really glad you’re here, it’s so nice to have company.
” “I’m glad too, it’s nice to see you and just relax and talk.
” We talked for about forty-five minutes and then finished up our drinks.
After taking care of the check, she looked to me and said, “Well, I’m getting a little tired, would you walk me to my room?” “Sure.
” We got on and off the elevator, and I walked her to room.
  When we got there, she opened the door and held it open as if to invite me in.
  I was really not sure what was happening, or what was going to happen, but was surely going to find out.
  She had a nice suite, and excused herself to the restroom as the door closed behind us.
  When she came out, I noticed some new fresh lipstick on that beautiful mouth of hers.
  Oh, how I wanted it wrapped around my cock.
She walked over to me and put her arms around me.
  She didn’t need to say anything else.
  We then started to kiss.
  Wow was she a great kisser.
  We made out heavily for what seemed like ten minutes.
Our mouths letting our tongues pass over into each other’s mouth.
  We took turns penetrating our mouths and sucking.
  I’m sure she could feel my cock hardening down below.
  When she was sucking my tongue I could only imagine how that would feel on my cock, and how far she would take me in her mouth.
Our kiss broke, and she grabbed me by the hand, and led me over to the little couch in the living space.
  She turned me around as if she wanted me to sit.
  I sat down, and she bent over to kiss me and starting unbuttoning my shirt.
  I started to remove my shirt as she moved down to unbutton my pants.
  Once they were unbuttoned, she stopped kissing and said, “Do you mind if I continue, I’ve been thinking about this all day?” I grabbed her face with both hands, and gently kissed her on the mouth.
“Of course I don’t mind.
” “One favor I must ask.
” “Anything.
” “You have to return the favor.
” I just answered with a kiss.
Jan got down on her knees and started to unzip my pants.
  I couldn’t believe all of the times I jacked-off fantasizing about her mouth on me, I was moments from what appeared to have it come true.
  This seemed like a dream.
  All the things that were going through my mind, would she think I was small?  I am only about 6-1/2″ and moderately thick at best.
  And since I hadn’t had sex in a while, I was really concerned that she’d make me cum instantly.
  How embarrassing would that be? She got my pants unzipped and slid them off, and my bulge was pitching a tent in my underwear.
  She grabbed the sides of them and started to slide them off, not looking at me, but rather at what was about to spring out of there.
  Once I was free, she grabbed my cock with her right hand and pulled it back to look it over, almost like an inspection.
  I thought that this was a little strange.
  Then she started looking at my balls and took them into her left hand.
Online Now! Lush Cams tasty_Heidi She looked up at me, “You really have a nice cock.
  What do you want me to do with it?” “I want you to kiss it and lick it all over then suck it.
” “What about your balls, same thing to them?” “Uh huh” “Which would you like first?” “My balls.
” With that, she held my cock back and started kissing my chest, working her way slowly and gently towards my crotch.
  Never looking back, she started kissing my balls all over.
  First the right one, and then the left one.
  She kissed them everywhere even back underneath towards my ass.
She then proceeded to lick my balls and sack like she was cleaning them with her tongue.
  I had never had a woman lick every centimeter of my balls before.
  When she was satisfied, she took one ball into her beautiful mouth.
  I could feel her mouth gently put pressure on it while sucking gently not to hurt me.
  Then I could feel her take her tongue and continue licking the bottom of it.
  Then she swapped and did the other one exactly the same way.
When she was done, I thought, here comes the blow job I’ve dreamed about.
  But, she wasn’t yet ready for that.
  She took her hand and cupped both of my balls, holding them closely together and totally took my entire ball sack into her mouth.
  She sucked on both my nuts and licked them both over and occasionally snuck her tongue out to lick the base just above my ass.
  I spread my legs as far apart as I could to get her access to my ass if she wanted it.
  She teased me with her tongue as close to my ass as she could get.
  She probed into my ass crack, but never made it to ground zero.
When her mouth finally got tired of working on my balls, she released me.
  They were totally covered with her saliva and seem to be dripping onto the floor.
  She immediately went to work on my cock.
  First she started kissing my dick head and then everywhere else all the way down to the base, then licking back up to the head not missing an inch.
  When she got back to the head she did something I’ve never had done to me.
  She took just the head into her mouth and started sucking on it, flicking her tongue all over it.
  Then when she released it, she took her thumb and index finger and opened my little hole to let my pre-cum out.
  Then she started licking the opening and kept pushing her tongue into it, massaging my tiny hole.
  Obviously, it wasn’t going to go into me, but the sensation was making me harder.
  I thought, how good can this get, I haven’t even gotten a blow job yet? Then she grabbed my right hand and placed it at the base of my cock.
  She squeezed it and held it there like she wanted me to keep a firm grip on it at the base for her.
  Since I was forcing my hand into my groin, this was leaving about three or four inches exposed for her to work with.
  Then finally, after all this time, she put her mouth on my cock and started to work me into her mouth.
  She sucked on me like I’ve never been sucked on before.
  Soft then hard, making slurping noises, then just taking me in as far as she could without moving.
After a while, she stopped and said, “You can come, just let me know when.
” I figured she put my hand on my dick to keep me from trying to force more into her mouth.
  But when she started back at it, she removed my hand from my cock.
  Then I realized, that was keeping me from coming!  She must have known that since I hadn’t had sex in a while, I’d instantly blow a gasket.
Inch by inch, my cock travelled into her glorious blow job giving mouth.
  She didn’t like instantly try to take me all in, but was very gentle with me.
  I was surprised that she did take my cock all the way in her mouth, and I could occasionally feel the head of my dick in her throat and she bottomed her lips down on the base of my shaft, then just holding it there for a few seconds for me to feel the sensation before backing off to come up for air.
This didn’t go on for very long, maybe just a few precious minutes, then I knew I was going to explode.
“I think I’m going to cum in a little bit”, I said just to give her some warning.
  I put my hands toward the back of her head, trying to hold her hair back so I could watch.
  Her pace remained the same, maybe even slower, but her sucking really intensified.
  I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Jan, I’m going to cum right now!” She knew, she could feel me tense up I’m sure.
  I heard her take in a deep inhale, and bottomed out on my cock base and just held all of me inside her as I spewed my load down into her throat.
  I held my hands around her head forcing her on me even deeper as I bucked with the orgasm she was giving me.
Jan didn’t let me immediately out of her mouth.
  She seemed to enjoy feeling of my cock soften and shrink in her beautiful cum flooded mouth.
  After releasing me, she leaned up towards me and said, “Did I make you feel good?” “I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that.
  Yes, you made me feel good.
” Then she gave me a kiss, and we started making out as her cum flavored mouth was dripping onto me.
  She was obviously enjoying feeding me back some of my donation.
“I know it’s getting a little late, and I have to get up early tomorrow, but you need to return the favor!” I knew what I had to do, and that was certainly a hard act to follow.
  All I could think about was what the next two nights were going to be like.
I got up and led Jan over to the bed and positioned her sitting on the edge with her feet on the floor.
I started to unbutton her blouse.
She readily assisted, and once unbuttoned, she reached behind herself to unbutton her bra.
I knelt down in front of her, and immediately started sucking on one of her nipples while reaching back behind her looking for the zipper to her skirt.
  While trying to unzip it and get it off her, I switched to give her other nipple some licking and sucking.
  She seemed to enjoy all of this as she just leaned her head back and sighed.
  I couldn’t her skirt off fast enough, but I finally got it down past her hips and she laid back lifting her ass off the of the bed to let me slide it off.
I slid her over to the center of the bed and started kissing her belly and working my way down to her laced panties.
  I really wanted to take my time getting her off but I couldn’t.
  I slid her panties off  and positioned myself right in front of her sweet-smelling pussy.
  The sight of it and the lace of her stockings at the periphery of my vision was making me so hard again, that I had to adjust into a kneeling position.
I couldn’t wait any longer.
  I grabbed each of her legs behind her knee, and lifted them up a little, and spread them apart, putting them exactly where I wanted them.
  I started kissing and licking her pussy every way that I knew how.
  She was panting and pushing my face into her.
 I tongue fucked her for a while until it starting hurting from the extension, then I moved to her clit and started sucking on it.
I felt that I was going to be able to make her cum with my mouth soon, but I needed to explore more before she got off.
  I moved back down to her pussy and again parted her legs a little more trying to expose her ass.
  Jan had no idea how much I’m into anal, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.
As I moved down a little further licking her pussy, I occasionally took a swipe at her little puckered ass hole.
  She didn’t seem to mind, so I continued to do it.
  Then I decided to concentrate solely on it.
  I continued to kiss and lick it, and tried to probe into her ass hole.
 She seemed to be enjoying it with her soft moans and sighs.
  I managed to get my tongue partly into her ass, but not all the way in.
  It was too hard to totally tongue fuck her ass in this position, plus my tongue was again getting tired of probing her.
  Although she seemed to be into letting it explore her anus, I had to take a break.
I went back to sucking on her clit so I could make her cum.
  While doing that, I started to finger her ass opening gently.
  She was moaning a little louder now, and I knew she was close.
  I was starting to probe deeper into her ass when I felt her grab my hand with hers and said, “Mmm nnn, not tonight.
” As I continued to suck her clit trying to get her to cum, I thought to myself, she obviously enjoyed my tongue in her ass, but didn’t want me to finger it, but then she did say, “Not tonight.
”  Would she let me tomorrow?  Would she let me fuck her ass? I just concentrated on getting her off.
  I didn’t think she was going to cum, when finally the combination of fingering her pussy and sucking her clit did the trick.
  She came loads wetting the comforter of her bed, and I was still hard from all the excitement.
Once we both settled down, she noticed that I was still hard, and said, “Do you want me to help you with that?” “I’m sorry, you just got me so excited, I can’t seem to relax.
” “I think I know what you need, but then, you better go home and get some rest, because you’re going to need lots of energy tomorrow.
” With that, she moved to position herself underneath me and started sucking me off.
  I moved over on top of her so now we were in a sixty-nine.
We both went at each other like it was our first and last oral adventure.
  She sucked down another load from me, and I continue rubbing her pussy until she released hers.
We rested for a few minutes, and then she said, “That was so great, I don’t know how I’m going to function in the morning.
  You really need to go John, and I’ll text you tomorrow early afternoon sometime.
” I got up, and went into the bathroom and washed up real quick, as I knew she needed to get to bed.
  She started to get up to get cleaned up for bed.
  I just gave her a kiss and said, “Talk to you tomorrow.
” She just smiled and gave me a wink.
When I got home, I took a quick shower and jumped in bed.
  I thought I’d check my texts to see if she sent me anything.
Sure enough, “Good night John, I had fun tonight!  Get some rest, you’re going to be up late tomorrow!”  



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