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Here we are, the middle of Summer.
The peak of blazing hot weather.
The sun cooking people who dared to step outside into Mother Nature’s oven.
People walking the streets with uneven tans, some wearing sunglasses too big for their faces, people splashing around in pools in their backyards, unattractive men jogging in short shorts hidden behind their huge hairy bellies.
It was a perfect summer day, and also the day before the vacation of a lifetime.
It was a Friday night and I was packing my bags for a week long vacation.
I waited until the last minute to pack, because I apparently did not want to get any sleep the night before vacation, or maybe just because I always procrastinate.
(And sometimes procrastination does lead to masturbation.
Well for me at least.
) It was almost 12:00 in the morning when my phone rang.
It was my best friend Brooke, calling me to let me know something came up, and she wouldn’t be able to go on vacation with me, as we had planned.
“Oh okay.
I understand.
okay well let me know what happens.
Love you.
” I said into the phone, sounding disappointed.
I hung up the phone, and continued packing my things.
I was kind of sad my best friend couldn’t go, but that was not going to stop me from enjoying a much needed vacation.
The thought of procrastinating even more than I already had, and using my vibrator crossed my mind, but I figured I would just pack it, and use it on vacation, since I would probably have plenty of time to use it.
I quickly threw the rest of my things together, set my alarm for 4:30 AM, and went to sleep so I would be able to get to the airport in the morning, in time for my 7:30AM flight.
————————————————————————————————– I boarded the plane, and I was really hoping that with all the new airport security, they wouldn’t think that my vibrator is a gun, or some other kind of weapon.
That would be mortifying.
Thank goodness they didn’t say anything to me, although the man scanning the bags looked at me and smiled as if he knew what was in my suitcase.
I found a seat, and waited for my flight number to be called.
Finally, I am going to escape from life for a nice relaxing week, away from all the craziness.
I was wearing one of my favorite summer outfits, which was comfortable and cute.
I was wearing my perfect fitting short jeans shorts, a tight gray tank top, and my black flip flops, my nails were painted a bright pink color.
My chestnut brown hair was pulled back into a curly ponytail, and I wore sunglasses as an accessory on top of my head.
I was only carrying my carry on bag, and my purse, but I packed them so full, and they weighed a ton, and looked as if they would burst open any second.
I noticed as I sat there waiting, listening to my iPod, that a few guys were checking me out.
Even one or two girls turned their heads when I walked by.
I never believed that I was beautiful, although I have been told I should be a model by almost everyone I know.
I’m tall, I’m not toned, but not chubby, I have long muscular legs, big thighs, and proportionate curves that fit my body type.
I noticed a woman sitting in the same area I was waiting in, who looked like she could be a supermodel.
She looked like a Barbie Doll, if not better than one.
She had blonde hair, and a perfect figure.
She was wearing a cute outfit, a black and white, tight fitting dress, huge sunglasses covering her eyes, and really cute black heels.
I wondered if she would be on the same flight I was getting on.
In my subconscious mind, I really was hoping she would.
“Flight number 536, seats 1-50 to gate number 36 please.
” Said a woman over the loudspeaker.
I watched through the crowd of people standing up to see if the sexy blonde girl was heading toward gate 36.
Sure enough, she was.
I smiled to myself, almost jumping out of my seat with joy.
I wonder if she had even noticed me while we were sitting there.
I waited until they finally announced seats 150-200.
I jumped out of my seat, practically running to the gate.
I boarded the plane and found my seat.
It turns out I had the worst seat, right next to the bathroom.
The flight was about 6 hours long, and during the 6 hours, unfortunately for me, a bunch of people decided to take smelly dumps in the bathroom right next to me.
I tried my best not to breathe most of the flight, and tried to listen to my iPod and sleep for a little while, since I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before.
I woke up towards the end of the flight, after sleeping for about 4 hours, I felt refreshed.
I had not seen the blonde girl, but I assumed there was probably a bathroom near the front as well, which is where she was sitting.
As soon as I thought that, the door to the bathroom door swung open, and the blonde girl walked out.
Startled, just realizing where I was because I had just woke up, I turned my head around, and looked to see what the noise was.
Her piercing blue eyes met my soft green blue ones, for a split second and she continued walking towards the front of the plane.
————————————————————————————————- I arrived at my destination.
It was 3 hours earlier, which meant it was only 1:30 in the afternoon.
I got out of the plane, picked up my suitcase at baggage claim, grabbed a quick lunch at some overpriced place in the airport, and found my way towards the exit.
I took a short bus ride to the hotel that would be home for the next week.
I threw my suitcase in the room, sunk into the bed, and thought of what to do.
I decided to call the front desk, and request directions to the nearest beach.
My plan was to just lay out on the beach, and relax, maybe go in the water for a little bit to cool off.
I changed into my swim suit, packed a bag to bring with me, and grabbed my beach towel, leaving my room.
After a short ten minute walk from the hotel, I was strolling along a beach.
But it wasn’t just a regular beach, it just happened to be a “clothing optional” beach.
Who would have thought that I, a virgin prude girl, would end up in such a place? I was kind of angry when I arrived and saw a bunch of naked people, but at the same time I was excited.
As much as my brain was telling me to turn back around and find another beach, my body overcame my thoughts, and my legs kept walking towards the cool blue water.
I walked along the waters edge for a while, coming close to the end of the beach.
As I continued walking, the crowds became smaller.
I spotted a rather secluded area, away from the crowds, behind some rocks.
I thought to myself, “Wow people sure are lazy, and comfortable with their own bodies too.
That was a long walk, but at least no on will bother me all the way over here.
” I set down my hot-pink towel and my matching beach bag, taking out my trusty bottle of suntan lotion.
I took off my t-shirt and shorts, but I didn’t take off my swim suit yet, (which you could probably guess was also pink) because I was not comfortable enough with my body.
I was tanning for a while, just relaxing, soaking up the sun, when all of a sudden, I heard someone say in a sexy, raspy voice, “Nice swim suit, but your gonna get tan lines, you should just take it off.
” I nearly had a heart attack.
I don’t know if it was from being startled by someone talking to me out of nowhere, or because there was a drop dead gorgeous naked woman standing in front of me.
I opened my eyes, squinting up towards the woman standing over me.
It took me a second but I realized it was the same girl from the plane.
Bleach blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a perfectly toned body.
She must have realized I didn’t know what to say, so she broke the silence.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you like that! I’m Lucy, it must be your first time on a nude beach.
” she said giggling.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Charlotte, and yeah it is, I kind of came here by mistake, the people at the hotel gave me directions to the nearest beach, I wasn’t expecting to end up here.
I guess I should specify what kind of beach next time I ask.
” I replied with nervous laughter.
“Oh, I’m on vacation too! Where are you from?” Lucy asked, excitedly.
“New York.
How about you?” “Same.
I thought I saw you on the plane, I just wasn’t sure.
You were on flight 536 weren’t you?” Lucy asked.
“Yup, right by the bathrooms, best seats on the whole plane.
” I said sarcastically.
Lucy set her towel down next to mine, and lay down next to me.
I decided, what the hell, I might as well take off my swim suit.
We relaxed, tanning for a while, laughing and chatting.
“So, do you have a boyfriend back home?” Lucy questioned me.
Never have had one actually.
” I said, blushing, feeling a little embarrassed that I still have not had my first kiss yet.
Or at least not technically, unless you count some drunk creep, trying to stick his tongue down my throat, and me turning away, completely disgusted.
“What about a girlfriend?” Lucy asked.
“No, never had a girlfriend either.
” I replied quietly, looking away from her.
“So you have never had sex?” Lucy asked looking surprised.
I have never even kissed anyone either actually.
” I said, wanting to crawl under the towel.
“That is completely crazy, you are fucking gorgeous!” Lucy said to me, smiling, seeing that I was embarrassed.
Your beautiful too,” I said smiling, looking back at her.
“Would it be okay with you if I kissed you right now,” Lucy asked me.
“I think that would be more than okay with me,” I replied with butterflies in my stomach, and my heart thumping as if it was going to burst out of my chest, or maybe even just stop all together.
Lucy moved closer, slowly moving her lips to meet mine.
At first, she kissed me so softly, our lips barely even touched.
Then she kissed me with more pressure, and then with some tongue.
Soon enough, we were caught up in a really intense, passionate make-out session.
The second our lips had started touching, I felt a tingly feeling throughout my entire body.
As we got more and more into the kiss, our hands wandering around, exploring each others bodies, I felt myself getting wetter by the second.
Lucy started moving down my body slowly, starting by kissing my neck, and then kissing and licking her way down my body to my pussy.
There was no chance of me stopping her at this point.
I wanted her more than anything in that moment in time.
I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, and even more amazing, the first time I ever had sex, was happening on a beach, in broad daylight! I never would have thought that’s how it would have happened, but it was, right at that moment.
Lucy started licking my soaking wet slit.
I don’t think I had experienced anything that felt as good as those first few seconds, in my entire life.
I almost came just from that.
The way she looked up at me when she licked me was so sexy.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alexia_Cors Her eyes, filled with lust, piercing through mine.
Before I could even think about what was going on, I felt an orgasm building up.
Lucy’s tongue worked its magic, dancing around my throbbing clit, going in and out of my pussy, up and down, left and right, circles, driving me crazy.
Lucy could tell I was on the brink of orgasm, and started fingering me hard and fast, as her lips swallowed my sensitive clit, and she sucked on it, and licked it.
“FUCKKKK DON’T EVER F-FUCK-ING STOP OHH FUCK I-I’M-” I screamed between moaning.
I couldn’t even finish the sentence, because when I tried to form words, they got stuck in the back of my throat.
I was at the peak of ecstasy, my sweet juices covering Lucy’s face.
I thought I was going to melt into the ground.
My whole body felt like jello, as if I had become a giant puddle.
Lucy kissed her way up to my mouth, and I tasted myself on her tongue.
At that moment, I was in such a good mood.
No wonder people are obsessed with sex.
I felt like I went to heaven and back.
After what seemed like forever, we finally broke the kiss, and realized that we were still on the beach.
We looked up into the sky, and saw a blinding bright light, growing bigger, coming right towards us.
We watched in awe, as the light approached us.
“Is that-” I paused, staring at the strange thing coming towards us.
“A UFO?” Lucy finished my thought.
The round, bright purple and green ship landed on the beach right in front of us.
An opening formed at the bottom of this strange thing.
Out came a little alien.
You would think we would have tried to run and escape, but we were frozen, and sat there, our eyes staring in amazement, as this little greenish colored thing walked towards us.
It stopped right in front of us, standing at about 3 feet tall, with black eyes, a small mouth, and two tiny holes that I guessed it breathed out of.
In addition to it’s strange face, it had four arms, and large ears sticking out from the sides of its head, and two antennae on top of its rather large head.
I kind of wondered how its small body supported the weight of its head.
“Greetings earth species.
We have come to take you for an experiment.
We will make returns when we are done.
Please come with me.
” Said the alien, in a kind of computerized voice.
Lucy and I looked at each other, and we could tell we were both interested, and wanted to find out what was in this ship thing.
We walked with the alien, and stood underneath the opening.
The alien clapped all four hands together twice, and we shot up in the air, right into the ship.
Somehow, we were back in our bikinis, and we were both holding our bags and towels.
These creatures must have some kind of magical powers.
Lucy and I exchanged confused looks.
In front of us, a larger than movie theater sized screen, switched on.
Another green alien guy appeared on the screen.
The alien on the screen began to speak.
“Greetings earth species.
We come with peace, asking you for a small favor.
We will not hurt you, and you return to the planet earth, in short time.
We made studies, and learned some language from your home planet, earth.
Please go with Adbur, he is the one that gave us you earth species.
” The screen went black again.
The little alien motioned for us to follow him.
That must have been Adbur.
We followed him down hallways, past some very strange looking things.
We passed by things that looked like classrooms, with even smaller green aliens, sitting on rocks, which Adbur later told us came from the moon.
He gave us kind of a tour of the space craft, bringing us to wherever we were going.
We passed by what they called “The Jun-Ze-Ze” which looked like it was where the aliens slept, the “Gem-Num” which kind of looked like a gymnasium, but instead of basket balls, and soccer balls, there were other things like “Yig-yags” and “Tun-Dins” which I guessed were sports or some type of games the aliens played.
Then we walked past a room, which caught my eye instantly.
“Oh my God! Lucy look a unicorn!” I screamed in excitement.
“What where?” Lucy asked, looking at me completely confused.
“Right in that room!” I said pointing to the beautiful pastel colored unicorn standing a few feet away from us.
“There’s nothing there Charlotte.
” Lucy said, still looking completely confused.
“Only virgin earth species, and extra terrestrials like me can see them.
” Said Adbur.
“Oh you lucky bitch, I wanna see it!” Said Lucy.
We arrived at a room, and were surprised when we saw another human.
He was sitting in the middle of the room, on a chair, and even though I thought I only liked girls, I thought he was extremely attractive.
He was nicely tanned, muscular, had blonde hair, and blue eyes.
I looked over at Lucy, who wore a look of approval on her face, as she was biting her lower lip.
The alien explained that we were here to explain what sex was and to demonstrate it.
I was kind of relieved when it told us that.
There were going to be three different demonstrations for Lucy and I, and only two for the cute guy.
The guy was escorted out of the room by the alien to leave Lucy and I alone to have sex.
We didn’t have any problem with doing that, since we had not really finished what we had started earlier, on the beach.
As soon as the door shut, I was on top of Lucy, kissing her again.
I imitated what she had done to me earlier, hoping I would be able to make her orgasm.
I made my way down her amazing body, and skipped over her pussy, teasing her, lightly licking her inner thighs.
I could tell I was doing a good job, because Lucy looked relaxed, and she was moaning softly.
Her sweet juices started overflowing, trickling down her pussy, disappearing underneath her perfect butt.
I decided to stop teasing her, and started licking her sweet tasting pussy.
Her moaning grew louder, and her breathing quickened, as my tongue picked up its pace.
I brought her to a mind-blowing orgasm, and continued licking her right into a second smaller orgasm.
We were at it for a long time, possibly two hours, maybe even more, until we could not move, and fell asleep, cuddling.
We woke up a few hours later, and the cute guy was back in the room.
He told us that the alien said that the next demonstration would be him fucking me and Lucy.
We started off by eagerly sucking and licking his hard cock, kneeling on either side of him, licking up and down his long, hard cock.
Then we switched positions after blowing him for a while, and he fucked Lucy, as I sat on her face while she licked me.
We all climaxed together, and then switched positions again.
This time, the cute guy fucked me, and Lucy sat on my face as I licked her pussy.
His huge cock slid into me, and hurt a little at first, but once I adjusted to it, it felt amazing and I never wanted this guy to stop fucking me.
As I was about to cum, Lucy stretched across me, and started licking my clit as the cute guy fucked me.
I was nearly screaming, moaning so loudly, people back on earth could probably hear me, as I had another orgasm that left my body trembling.
We all had a bunch of orgasms, and fucked in every possible position we could think of.
We pretty much demonstrated all the positions in a Kama Sutra book.
Well not quite that many, but definitely more than I could count on one hand.
We all passed out, and slept for hours.
————————————————————————————————– The next morning, Adbur entered the room, pushing a cart.
“Good morning earth species, we studied the food from the planet earth.
We think we have mastered the cheeseburger, and the french fry.
We have also captured some H2O in a holder for you to quench thirst.
” Said Adbur.
“Thank you Adbur!” I said, as he walked out of the room.
He left behind three flat rocks, each with a flat, circular clear glass, with a pretty good looking cheeseburger on top of it.
There was also some french fries on the side, and a covered jar looking thing that I guess they call a holder, with water.
Lucy and the cute guy, woke up, and I handed them their food.
We ate the food, which surprisingly tasted really good, and then, Adbur came back into the room, and said that there was one more experiment to do before we return to planet earth.
We followed Adbur down the hallway, into another room.
This room was a lot bigger, and contained more than just a chair.
Adbur pressed a button, and a pile of sex toys zoomed into the middle of the room.
Adbur instructed Lucy and I to take one toy each, go one opposite sides of the room, and fuck ourselves with the toys.
He then took the cute guy to a different room for his experiment.
We looked through the pile of toys, and each found vibrators.
These were not vibrators like the ones on earth, they we made from some kind of material that must come from whatever planet these aliens are from.
The one I chose to use was so much better than the vibrator I had back on earth, and I had thought mine was pretty good.
This vibrator was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.
It did not have a battery compartment or anything and I didn’t even know it vibrated, until I started fucking myself with it.
It seemed to vibrate stronger, as I fucked myself with it faster.
Lucy and I both fucked ourselves to orgasms, and came at the same time.
Our bodies going limp, after yet another orgasm.
A few hours later, Adbur walked back into the room, and told us that we could take the toys we used, and also choose another one to take home as souvenirs for helping them with their studies.
Adbur told us that the vibrators can only be seen by us, and that they don’t need batteries, they will never break, because they are made with materials from a special plant from his home planet.
We spent the rest of the day, exploring the ship.
We passed the room that had the unicorn in it, and I could no longer see it.
Later on, Adbur told us that we were approaching the beach, on planet earth.
We gathered our things, and we landed right on the beach, where they had found us.
As for the cute guy, we never saw him again, but I would guess they brought him home as well.
We said goodbye to Adbur, and stood on the beach, watching the bright light fade into the darkening evening sky.
————————————————————————————————– It turned out we were both staying in the same hotel, and decided we might as well cancel one of our rooms for the rest of our vacation, and share the same one.
The rest of our vacation was amazing.
We spent most of our time tanning by the pool in the hotel, and in our bed, having more fun together, using our awesome new space vibrators, and we spent the rest of our vacation wandering around, going shopping, going out to eat, drinking at the local bar, and having lots of fun.
We shared the same flight back to New York, and we are now roommates, lovers, and best friends.



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