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Bad Sushi I was stopped at a red light on my way home from a dinner party.
When the traffic lights turned green, I took my foot off the brake pedal and pressed down on the accelerator.
My vehicle moved forward.
Before I could turn my head to the nearing bright light in my peripheral vision, the ear-splitting sound of twisting metal and shattering glass exploded all around me.
My vehicle was sent airborne.
My life didn’t flash before my eyes.
A strange as it was, I thought to myself, ‘This must be what it feels like to be a crash test dummy.
‘ As my eyes slowly closed by themselves, darkness and silence enveloped all of my senses.
My next memory was of flying towards a distant light.
The closer I got to it, the brighter it grew.
I heard distant, reverberating sounds and muffled voices – I thought I recognized my name in the cacophony.
The noises surrounding me suddenly turned into a single voice.
A voice I didn’t recognize.
“Open your eyes, Mr.
” It was a woman’s voice.
My head felt foggy and heavy.
I shook it to try and clear the cobwebs out, which turned out to be a mistake.
Bombs went off between my ears.
I tried to speak but my mouth and throat were too parched.
I cracked my eyes open, the surroundings came slowly into focus.
I was in a small white room, sitting in a chair, in front of a long, white desk.
I blinked to clear the water from eyes and looked around me.
I didn’t recognize the room.
There were no doors or windows.
The four white walls were bare.
Although the room was brightly lit, I couldn’t locate the source of the light.
“Where am I?” I barely was able to croak the words out.
Across the desk from me sat a young woman dressed in a white blouse and a dark blue, pinstriped blazer.
She looked to be in her mid-twenties.
Her long, red hair was tied back in a tight ponytail.
The young woman stood up from her chair, took off her blazer and hung it on the back of her chair.
Her blazer matched the hip-hugging, pencil dress.
Her hourglass figure would normally have made my cock twitch, but I was in too much pain to get sexually aroused.
She sat back down without looking at me and replied, “I will be asking the questions, Mr.
” I focused on her face through half opened eyes.
There was a timeless beauty in her fair face.
The same couldn’t be said about her eyes.
They were ice green, almost lifeless, a stark contrast to her vivacious body and the pristine, white room that was illuminated by an unknown source of light.
I swallowed hard and asked her, “Who are you?” The throbbing in my head began to subside.
She grinned at me.
Her voice sent a chill up my spine when she coldly asked, “Do you know why you’re here, Mr.
Renard?” She spoke the words in the same way a hanging judge would declare a guilty verdict.
I shook my head gingerly in reply to the question and more bombs exploded between my ears.
She lowered her head slightly and eyeballed me.
“I love my job, Mr.
And make no mistake; I am the absolute best at it.
” My fight or flight instinct kicked in, a sudden rush of adrenaline cleared my vision and set off more explosions in my head.
There was something familiar about her.
Although I was certain I had never met her before, the feeling she invoked in me was the same feeling you have when you are torn from a deep slumber by a vivid nightmare.
Her grin broadened.
“Is there a problem, Mr.
Renard?” “No problem,” I paused and looked at the long, slender fingers of her left hand that was resting on the table.
Her fingernails were the deepest shade of red I had ever seen.
Her ring finger was bare.
” I waited for her to introduce herself to me.
She sat back in her chair and folded her arms across her chest.
Her large breasts swelled out from the top of the blouse.
“Call me Mistress,” she almost hissed her reply.
I stared at the meaty mounds of her cleavage and grinned, “I will not be addressing you as Mistress, regardless if this is or isn’t a dream.
” She tapped her fingernails against the surface of the desk and calmly replied, “Life is but a dream, Mr.
Therefore, if this is a dream, this is also real life.
” I quickly responded in a less than polite tone, “That’s a shitty song.
I never liked it.
” Her arrogant tone was beginning to irritate me.
She huffed and rolled her eyes.
“You are pathetic, and, you are boring me to death.
Tell me the last memory you can recall.
” The cockiness with which she was speaking to me pissed me off.
I placed my hands on the desk and leaned closer to the obnoxious, young lady in my dream.
“You’ve got a great set of tits.
I am very fond of large breasts,” I grinned.
“Breasts are my favorite body part of a woman’s to tie tight with my rope.
And how the bruises I leave upon them bloom, well, I can only describe it to be – art-like.
” She pushed out her chest, looked down at her breasts, and laughed.
“Your reputation precedes you, Mr.
” She snapped her fingers and an ancient scroll appeared in her hand.
She lifted her head slowly away from her chest, glared at me and said, “Your adventures made for a very disturbing and entertaining read.
” She unrolled the scroll and placed a finger on the blank area of the paper.
“So sad that it ends right here, right now.
” She tapped her finger three times on the blank area of the paper for added emphasis as she announced my demise.
I laughed, leaned back in my chair and replied, “The Sushi that I had at Rachel’s party was probably off, and now I’m paying for it in the form of this twisted dream.
” She slowly rolled up the scroll, tossed it in the air and it disappeared in a puff of smoke.
With an evil grin asked, “That’s your last memory? Eating Sushi?” The coy look on her face betrayed that she had an Ace up her sleeve.
And what caused me to pause was that she wasn’t at all concerned about me being aware of it.
I chuckled, “This is a dream.
I can make up any memory I wish to.
” I spoke the words with certainty, but the sinking feeling deep in my gut meant that I couldn’t be certain I was dreaming.
Everything around me felt real.
As impossible as the thought of existing in two places at once sounded, that was what my brain was telling me.
She stood up, leaned forward and placed her hands on the desk.
She pushed out her chest and squeezed her breasts between her elbows.
Her breasts swelled out and stretched the material of her blouse.
“Go ahead, Mr.
Conjure up some rope and my big, soft tits are yours for the tying.
You can do whatever your twisted mind wants to do to them.
” She squeezed her large breasts tighter between her elbows; a button on her blouse popped open and exposed more soft flesh of her magnificent cleavage.
My cock twitched hard and began to swell.
Her breasts were close to being perfect.
‘Perhaps,’ I grinned as I thought to myself, ‘she is the proud owner of the perfect pair of breasts.
‘ This was a dream, after all – My dream.
She leaned forward and asked, “Have you noticed that your pain is gone?” A scowl formed on my lips when I realized that what she said was true.
I remained silent and kept staring at the arrogant and cocky, young lady, and wondered how it was possible for her to know what I was and wasn’t feeling.
She laughed out loud and asked me, “Do you remember the tow-truck running a red light and crashing into your car at the intersection?” My heart thumped hard in my chest.
Cold sweat pooled on my brow and an icy chill shot up my spine.
“Not so cocky now, are you, Mr.
Renard?” she laughed with delight.
I tried to remember the entire drive from Rachel’s to my condo.
I drew a blank.
My chest tightened and the droplets of sweat rolled off my brow and down my face.
I couldn’t shake the feeling that was getting stronger with each passing second, that I was wide awake.
The young, sexy tormentor sat back down and frowned as she said, “It’s a shame what they did to your suit, Mr.
You look absolutely dashing in it.
Is it a Hugo Boss?” I ignored her question and replayed the events of the evening in my mind over and over.
Each time with the same outcome.
I had no memory of the events that occurred after I came to a stop at the traffic lights.
“Hmmph,” she lamented.
“You strong and silent type bore me.
Would you like to see what shape you are in and where you are, Mr.
Renard?” She grinned and added, “I have to warn you, it isn’t a pretty sight.
” I clenched my jaw and growled, “It’s Armani.
Show me.
” The more information I could gather, the closer I would be to solving this puzzle of a twisted dream.
She snapped her fingers; the entire room suddenly flickered as if I was watching TV.
Snow and white noise filled the room.
A black cloud appeared and lazily swirled above the desk; images slowly came in to focus from the center of the cloud.
I gasped when the images turned crystal clear before my eyes.
I was looking down at myself on an operating table.
A team of doctors and nurses were hovering over me.
My blood soaked shirt had been cut open to expose my chest.
My suit jacket had its sleeves, shoulders and lapel cut, and was drawn away from my torso and arms.
There was a tube inserted in the right side of my chest.
An IV was taped to the back of my hand, and a breathing tube was taped to the side of my mouth.
My face was swollen and covered with what I had to assume was my own dried blood.
I looked at the young lady across the desk from me for answers.
Her full lips were curled in a sadistic smile.
“They are doing their best, Mr.
Your right lung is punctured, has collapsed, and is full of blood.
I’m not a doctor, but the diagnosis doesn’t look good for you.
” She waved her hand and the cloud disappeared.
“I’m afraid this is the end for you.
” She made a production out of placing her elbows on the table and clasping her hands together.
She was about to play the Ace.
She smiled, and added, “Unless.
” I shook my head and chuckled when I realized what I was dreaming of, “The fucking Crossroads.
I’m dreaming about selling my soul? I’m never eating Sushi again.
” The young lady sat back in her chair and shook her head.
“This is not a dream.
I’m here to offer you five more years on Earth, instead of dying in front of strangers on the operating table in a few, very short minutes.
” “If this dream isn’t bad enough on its own, I’m stuck negotiating for my soul with a third-rate representative of Beelzebub.
” I leaned back in my chair, crossed my legs, and asked, “Your boss must be busy.
Lore tells that he personally negotiates for souls.
And that he has to be summoned by the person wanting to make a deal.
May I ask why you are being so lucratively generous to me?” She brought her hand to her mouth and yawned.
“You’re boring me.
Your soul is an indelible, disgusting stain.
It’s your choice if you go to Hell now or in five years.
I’ve read all the depraved things you’ve done to women, all in the name of your never-ending pursuit to satisfy your aberrant lust.
And we both know that lust is a cardinal sin.
Add to that, that most of those poor, lonely, misguided women you tortured were married.
You blatantly disregarded God’s rules six and nine.
You’ve been a very naughty boy, Mr.
No pearly gates for you.
Be grateful that I am being lucratively generous.
” I strongly dislike being called a boy.
I glared at her and fought back the urge to raise my voice.
“Do I look like a boy to you? As for your offer, I’m not interested.
Besides, it’s not up to you or your boss if I get my ticket punched for Heaven or Hell.
If I remember my Sunday School lessons correctly, it’s your boss’s boss who makes that call.
” “You don’t want to negotiate terms and conditions? Imagine having riches, power, and, of course, all the young, big breasted, dirty sluts your heart desires at your beck and call.
Not one of the naughty young ladies will ever say no to anything you ask of them.
” I shrugged my shoulders.
“I don’t need any more money.
As for power, I’m not interested.
And as for more lovely and dirty ladies of any age; I do okay on my own.
As I’m sure you are well aware.
” I smiled and winked at her.
“Thank you for your time.
Now wave your hand, snap your fingers, twitch your nose, or jiggle your tits.
I don’t care how, just show me the way out of here.
” She grinned as she shook her head.
“Those were only suggestions, Mr.
If you desire anything, shall we say, more discriminating, tell me.
You won’t be judged.
Ask for darker things than your usual perverted adventures.
Ask for the darkest of things you can dream up.
” I tilted my head and eyed her for a moment.
“If you believe the things I do are dark, Hell must be boring as fuck.
” I couldn’t shake the ever sinking feeling in my gut.
No matter how hard I focused on and tried to wake from the dream, my body and mind told me I was already awake.
She smiled.
“You are only limited by your imagination, Mr.
If you don’t want to go dark, you don’t have to.
Tell me what you desire most and it is yours.
” I didn’t reply to her for a moment and pretended to be considering her offer.
I decided to try and get under her skin and hope that she would divulge a clue to what I was up against.
“Anything?” I asked with a hint of feigned curiosity.
The expression on her face changed when I asked the question.
She believed that she had just closed the deal for my soul.
“Anything at all.
I am humbly at your service, Mr.
” I stroked my goatee with my index finger and thumb, and said, “There might be one thing that I might consider.
” “Go on,” she grinned as she leaned forward.
“I’m all ears.
” “I never got to see Elvis in concert.
I want to go back in time to June 9th, 1972, at Madison Square Garden, both shows of course.
I’m a big fan of the King of Rock n Roll.
” She became visibly annoyed and sternly replied, “You can’t travel back in time! If we allowed that, it would be a logistics nightmare.
I’d be bogged down for eternity in paperwork!” She rolled her eyes and added, “Things are unbearable enough in Hell with all those Wall Street assholes, special interest lobbyists, politicians, and religious fanatics whining and complaining all day, without having to do more paperwork!” With a smirk, I said, “Seems like you need someone who can make Hell great again.
” She hissed and pointed an accusatory finger at me, “No! Don’t even mention his name!” I shook my head and sighed in disappointment, “That’s extremely disappointing; not being able to travel back in time.
It would have been badass to have ‘I Sold My Soul For Rock and Roll’ carved into my tombstone.
” I shrugged my shoulders.
“I guess we’re done here.
” “I don’t believe you understand my offer.
Just to be clear…” I interrupted her, grunted and replied, “You are annoying me.
I fully understand the offer.
I understood it the first time you explained it to me.
I’m not interested.
If this isn’t a dream, which I highly doubt, I have faith in the doctors looking after me.
Who is to say I don’t go on to live for another twenty or thirty years? I’ll worry about where my soul ends up when the time comes.
If my soul is beyond redemption, your offer sounds too good to be true.
If something sounds too good to be true, it always is.
I think you’re lying to me, you naughty girl.
” What I witnessed next was frightful and preternatural.
She snarled, her eyes turned yellow, her clothes vanished, and in one blurring motion she stood up and transformed before my eyes.
She jumped onto the table and landed gracefully with her fists flat on its surface with both her arms between her bent legs.
Her large, firm breasts trapped tight between her arms and swelling outwards from her chest.
She was squatted on the table and snarling at me with her face a few inches away from mine.
She was hairless all over; her bald head, as was the rest of her body, was symmetrically flawless.
Her big round eyes, high chiseled cheekbones, pointed chin, and small turned up nose made her look delicate and fragile.
Her tight, smooth skin was the same deep red as her fingernails.
I gasped and snarled in the same breath at the sight of – whatever she was.
I smiled to conceal my shock, leaned to my left and looked past her arms between her spread legs.
“Hmmm, you are a girl demon.
” I winked at her.
My comment surprised and shocked her.
I had rattled her cage.
Her eyes widened and her jaw grew slack.
“What is wrong with you?” she shouted in disbelief.
Gone was the arrogance and cockiness in her voice.
A streak of red flashed from behind her shoulders.
A long, red tendril wrapped itself around my throat.
Her tail felt cold on my flesh but was surprisingly soft and smooth.
“You’re a total pig! You have a few minutes of pathetic life left in you, and you sneak a peek at my pussy,” she hissed in disgust and disbelief.
I lifted my hand with its index finger extended, and calmly replied, “In my defense, you have a sexy, smoking hot body.
Albeit, sexy in that creepy, fire and brimstone, end of days, eternal damnation way.
But, nonetheless, you are smoking hot.
I would most definitely do you.
For the record, I didn’t sneak a peek; I was curious as to what a demon’s cunt looks like.
You can’t blame me for being curious, right?” She snarled and snaked her bifurcated tongue out of her mouth.
It was seven inches long, bright pink in color and glistened under the light.
She ran her tongue across my left cheek.
It felt cold on my skin.
I was also surprised at how silky smooth it was in texture.
I was expecting its texture to feel rough and hot enough to singe my skin.
When I caught a whiff of her scent I couldn’t help myself from taking a deep breath; she smelled like strawberries.
Strawberries would not be the answer I would have guessed if someone asked me what I thought a demon smells like.
She hissed, “I should end you!” She crossed a line with me when she spoke those four words.
I curled my lips into a snarl, grabbed her slender neck with my right hand and slowly stood up from the chair.
I squeezed her throat until there was no more give in her demon flesh.
I paused for a split second, I wasn’t sure if I felt her shiver when I gripped her throat.
“That’s not a very nice thing to say to me, demon girl.
I have been the perfect gentleman.
I have even complimented you, and not once has the thought of threatening you entered my mind.
Considering the circumstances, you should, at the minimum, treat me with common courtesy.
You made me an offer, I refused the offer.
Have some class and walk away.
You claim not to judge me? How altruistic of you.
Although you’d have to agree, it appears to be too late for that.
Judging me is exactly what you and anyone else involved, in whatever this is, have already done.
It is because I have been judged that we are having this discussion.
Or I have missed something? Stop wasting my time, release me from where ever this place is, and move on to your next appointment.
I’m done with you, demon girl,” I snarled.
She tightened the grip of her tail around my neck and grabbed my wrist with both her hands.
She was in a panic to pry my hand away from her throat.
This time I was certain that the naked demon girl shivered when her hands made contact with my wrist.
I smiled at her and squeezed her neck tighter.
Her yellow eyes bulged out of their sockets.
“Let go,” I growled.
“As arousing as watching your face turn blue, and your big, yellows eyes bulge out of their sockets is to me.
I’m not the kind of man that you want to test.
” She hissed and sunk her nails into my forearms.
I took a step back, pulled her forward and off balance, and then I twisted my hips and shoulders as I stepped forward and slammed her flat onto the desk.
Her tail unwound from around my neck.
I loosened my grip from around her throat but kept her pinned to the white table.
She kept her hands wrapped around my forearm and continued to try to free herself from my grip.
She didn’t possess the strength I imagined a demon would have.
She inhaled deep and hard, and growled, “Take your hands off me, human pig!” I chuckled and shook my head.
“No chance in hell of that happening, demon whore.
If you did your homework on me as you claim you have, you know I enjoy being in control and get off on inflicting pain upon women, regardless of their age or relationship status.
What do you do with that information? You approach me and make me an offer where I have final, absolute and total control over the outcome of the proposed deal.
Then you threaten me and assault me.
Do you realize how poor your negotiating skills are? I won’t mention how rude you are, that’s a lecture for another day, which would do you a world of good if it was followed by a proper spanking.
” “The things you did to women are reprehensible.
I’m giving you the option to live for five more years,” she snapped back.
I tightened my grip around the demon’s throat and calmly said, “That speech has gotten painfully boring.
If what I have done to women is so reprehensible, why offer me the opportunity to continue doing what has doomed my soul?” I squeezed her throat tighter to add emphasis to my words.
“Allow me to clear the air between us – it’s none of your fucking business.
” “What is so reprehensible? You’ve tied women in tight and inescapable knots with your rope.
Suspended them, whipped, flogged, caned, paddled, slapped, and poured hot wax all over their naked bodies.
You’ve spat and pissed on their pussies, assholes, tits, and in their faces.
You purposefully, and with ill will, left marks, bruises, welts, cuts, and abrasions on their flesh.
Forced them into performing disgusting and despicable acts against their will.
You forced them to lick and slide their tongues in your ass.
You had no regard for their safety and well-being.
You used your big, hard cock to hurt them, too.
By fucking their holes like some wild animal.
You are a selfish, sadistic, uncaring cad that is only concerned with satisfying his own twisted lust!” The demon girl hissed each word as if they were part of an unholy incantation.
I smiled and calmly replied to her accusations, “Nice speech.
Did you write it yourself, or did you have help from a two-billion-year-old virgin? For the record, I only provide women what they desire.
I do have limits.
Believe it or not, I have refused many requests from many women.
Some of you ladies scare me.
” I smiled and winked at her.
“There is no ill will in anything I do to horny women.
They want it, in fact, they expect it from me.
I do my best not to disappoint them.
” With a scowl on her face, she shouted, “You’re a disgusting and sick man! It’s wrong…!” I covered her mouth with my free hand before she could finish, and replied with a chuckle, “Blah, blah, and blah.
I have, and will continue to, provide women the type of sexual satisfaction that they hunger for.
I allow their sexual fantasies to become reality.
Provide them an outlet to release the years of pent-up sexual frustration.
I am the furthest thing from a wild animal that there is.
I am sadistic, yes.
But I don’t inflict pain solely for the sake of hurting someone.
Some women crave, enjoy, and hunger for the intense sensations, and the intense orgasms that only a skilled, sadistic gentleman can provide them.
Every sexual and sadistic act that you so wrongly claim to have been despicable was very satisfying for all involved, and consensual.
” Her pink nipples had grown erect and hard.
I smiled at her and turned my gaze to her hairless pussy.
The slit between her legs was visibly moist and glistened under the bright light.
I looked her in the eye and asked, “Being in my presence and having read my scroll has made you horny, hasn’t it?” “Don’t flatter yourself!” she half laughed and half hissed her reply.
“I find you utterly repulsive!” I grinned, “Tsk, tsk.
Lying is a sin.
I know you can end whatever this is at any time.
Yet you choose to remain.
I believe you protest too much, demon whore.
” A streak of red flashed from in-between her legs, her tail wrapped around my wrist.
She pulled hard with her hands and tail to get me to release my hand from her throat.
I released my grip from around her throat, twisted my wrist and grabbed hold of her tail.
Its tip was thick and shaped like a heart.
I growled and yanked on her tail hard.
The demon gasped and lifted her hips off the table.
I turned my head and followed the path of her tail.
It was nestled between her parted and wet pussy lips.
I yanked on her tail again.
Her body reacted in the same way.
“What do we have here?” I snarled.
“Do you still deny that you are all hot and bothered? Your nipples and pussy say otherwise.
Shall I judge you and find you guilty of lust?” She released my wrist and placed her arms at the side of her body.
“I don’t know what’s happening to me!” she moaned as she looked up at me with panic in her yellow eyes.
“You don’t believe for a second that I’m going to trust anything that comes out of your mouth,” I sternly warned her.
She shook her head and replied, “I’ve never experienced these sensations before.
What are you doing to me?” I furrowed my brow as I processed what the naked demon girl had confessed.
“You’re telling me, in not so many words, that you have never experienced sexual arousal at the hands of a human? That is extremely disappointing to hear.
I thought, maybe on some level I hoped, that demons fucked anything, where ever and whenever they wanted.
” Online Now! Lush Cams AntonellaLombard I placed the palm of my left-hand flat on one of her large breasts and pressed its soft flesh hard into her chest.
She moaned again, louder, and squeezed her quivering thighs together.
I squeezed her breast tight, slowly twisted it until there wasn’t any give left, and watched her writhe and shake on the surface of the desk.
“Your touch is hot, it almost burns my flesh,” she moaned.
“I should be disgusted.
I have never been touched by a human while in my true form.
It is strictly forbidden.
But it feels so fucking marvelous!” She shut her eyes, quickly turned her head away from me and tucked her chin into her shoulder.
I released her tit, pinched her erect nipple and rolled it between my index finger and thumb.
It was dense and meaty – the perfect nipple to bite and suck on.
I was tempted to lower my mouth onto her breast and suck as much of her tit meat into my mouth as possible.
The horny demon lifted her shoulders off the table and wailed when I pinched her nipple hard, pulled it away from her chest and shook her breast violently.
“If you ask me to stop I will, demon whore,” I growled.
“I am a gentleman of my word.
” She bit her bottom lip and quivered in silence.
I released her breast and tail.
She turned her head with a snap to look at me.
The look in her eyes was an easy read and very familiar to me; I’ve seen the same look countless of times.
She didn’t want me to stop but, out of shame, she couldn’t bring herself to admit it or ask me to continue.
I held her gaze, placed the back of my hand between her breasts and slowly dragged it down her chest, across her belly, past her bellybutton, and rested my fingertips gingerly at the top of her mound.
She swallowed hard and lifted her hips ever so slightly.
When I caressed her damp slit, she moaned, spread her legs, and arched her hips higher off the table.
“Are you offering me your dripping, red cunt?” I calmly asked.
Her eyes widened and her lips parted as if she was going to reply to my question, but she did not speak.
She kept her eyes locked on mine as she lifted her knees, planted her feet on the table and lifted her pussy high in the air.
I grinned at her.
“Does horny, little, demon girl want me to hurt her cunt? The thought of it has your pussy humming, doesn’t it? But you are much too ashamed to admit it to me? Shame, like most other feelings and emotions, can serve to increase sexual arousal in almost anyone.
” She closed her eyes and gasped when I parted her slick pussy lips with the pad of my finger.
Her long tongue slithered out between her lips to taste the scent of our pheromones in the air.
“Speak the words, demon whore.
Let me hear them.
Confess to me that you ache for everything that you read in my scroll.
Tell me that you want me to use your slutty holes, and inflict pain upon your tight, hot as fuck body.
Confess that you hunger for the pleasure and pain that I am able to feed your mind and body,” I snarled as I loosened my tie and removed my jacket and shirt.
I bent at my waist, lowered my mouth to hers and placed a hard, deep kiss on her strawberry flavored lips.
I growled with her bottom lip trapped between my teeth, “Confess to me and the truth will make you free, demon whore.
” She shook her head and remained silent.
I slapped her breast hard.
She pushed out her chest and braced herself for another blow.
“You want more?” I asked as her moans became louder.
“I am going to hit your cunt next.
Unless you tell me not to.
” The horny demon still refused to reply.
I unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled it free from around my waist.
She swallowed hard and stared at the belt as I draped it around my neck.
I ordered her to get on her knees and remove my shoes and socks.
She shook her head in defiance.
I scooped her off the table and into my arms.
She wrapped her legs and arms around me and pressed her breasts hard against my bare chest.
She bucked her hips and rubbed her wet snatch into my tight belly.
My cock was fully erect and straining hard against the material of my pants.
I sunk my teeth into her neck, her body shook against me.
I unwrapped my arms from around her; she tightened the grip of her arms and legs and clung tightly to me.
“On your knees, now,” I ordered.
She loosened her grip and slid down my body like a stripper slides down a pole.
She knelt before me and pressed her cheek against the hard, twitching bulge in my pants as she removed my shoes and socks.
“That is the behavior I expect from you.
Good, demon girl,” I said as I removed my pants and boxer shorts.
I grabbed the belt form around my neck and wrapped it around her neck like a leash on a dog.
I grabbed her chin and lifted her head.
Her lust filled, yellow eyes silently pleaded for sexual release.
“Do you like my cock, demon girl? Does the thought of sucking it make your clit throb?” She did not answer.
Her yellow eyes were focused on and devouring my fully erect cock that twitched mere inches away from her lips.
Her tongue slithered out from between her parted lips and flicked at the air around cock.
“You got me very aroused,” I said as I grabbed my cock.
I stroked it slowly, and pulled the skin away from its swollen, purple head.



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