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Latest stories Straight Sex Ancestry Part 2

I spent the next few days at the church and, when Friday came around, I was dead tired of old manuscripts.
I was about to cut the grass on the baseball field size yard with a lawnmower I had been offered by a man in the church when the phone rang.
“This is Hans.
” “Hi, it’s Annie.
If it’s okay with you, I would like to come by in an hour or so to begin the search.
” I looked at my watch, it was ten in the morning, and I was already sweating like a dog.
“Yeah, sure, I’ll be here.
” I parked the small tractor and went back inside.
I took a quick shower and changed clothes.
When she knocked on the door, I had coffee ready for her and a cup of tea for me.
“Thanks for letting me come by,” she said when we sat at the kitchen table.
“No problem, I look forward to the search.
How do you want to do it?” “I have checked the living room and kitchen.
I haven’t touched the bedrooms or upstairs bathrooms, yet.
” I couldn’t believe it had taken her such a long time just to do one floor.
“What took you so long?” “I had to check every single plank on the floor for movement and hidden spaces.
I had to do it plank by plank.
Then the same thing with the walls.
” “Wow, that’s amazing.
” “Frank was a smart man.
He wouldn’t hide the suitcase under a bunch of dirty laundry.
” She drank some of her coffee.
She was wearing jean shorts that hugged her ass and left little to the imagination at the front.
On top, she had a black tank top and wore no bra.
When she walked past me into the kitchen, I had seen her boobs in the space under her arm.
She didn’t wear any makeup, and her hair was in a ponytail quite high on her head.
“Ready?” she said “Sure.
” We spent the entire morning knocking on planks on floors and walls.
We did the same with the tiles in the bathrooms.
We took a break around one, and I made hamburgers.
We ate outside on the deck.
I thought we would spend some time there, but she wolfed down the burger in four bites and got up.
I followed her finishing mine on the go.
At seven I told her I had had enough for one day.
We still had one bathroom, and three bedrooms to do and had found no suitcase.
The search did produce a few things, one vibrator, and two joints.
I found the sex toy hidden in the springs under one of the beds, and Annie found the joints under a plank in one of the bedrooms.
Annie suggested we smoke the joints and drink some wine.
The idea sounded good.
“Do you remember that? I mean, do you know which of the girls who lived here with you might have owned it,” I said, pointing at the dildo standing on the little table on the deck.
She picked it up and hefted it in her hand.
“It’s torpedo shaped, around seven inches long and not very thick.
I would say this is a beginner’s vibrator.
” I laughed.
“There are beginners and professional vibrators?” She took a long drag on her joint and spun the vibrator between the fingers of her other hand.
“Of course, a young girl wouldn’t normally buy a twelve-inch dildo that you connect to the wall.
She would buy something like this.
” The wine and the weed had gone to my head.
“What would you buy?” She gave me a look over the rim of her wine glass.
When she put the glass down, she said.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” “Yes, I would.
” “Well, I would buy something like this one to warm me up with, but to really enjoy a vibrator or dildo, I prefer something bigger, like nine or ten inches.
” “Not twelve?” She giggled.
“Men have a misconception about big cocks.
They don’t always give more pleasure.
Often they just hurt, and are uncomfortable.
” I grinned.
“Then I should be all right.
” “Why?” “Eight and a half, the last time I measured it and that was maybe twenty years ago, but I don’t think it has grown since.
” “That’s a very comfortable size.
Your ex must have been happy.
” “I don’t think so since she took off with another man.
” She looked out over the deck into the forest and didn’t say anything for a few minutes.
Then she turned to me and said, “I’m sorry.
” “Forget it, I’m better off without her, but I do miss my son.
” “I can understand that.
” There was another silence, and while it lasted she picked up the vibrator and turned the knob, it began to buzz.
“Holy shit, the batteries work,” she said.
“That’s cool.
I wonder how long time it was hidden there.
” She turned the knob some more, and the sound became louder.
“The room you found it in belonged to Lisa and her boyfriend, and they left just after the shooting.
If she had new batteries in it when she left, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work.
Do you mind if I try it?” I almost choked on the wine I was about to swallow.
After a coughing fit, I got myself under control.
“Are you okay, Hans?” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.
Take it home with you if you want to, I don’t need it.
” She smiled at me.
“You never know, some men find good use of a dildo like this.
” “Maybe, but I’m not the kind of guy who would stick that thing up my ass.
” She giggled.
“Maybe not, or you just need a little help.
” “I don’t think so.
” She opened the buttons in her shorts and pulled them down.
Under she had a pair of light blue cotton panties, nothing fancy, just plain.
“What are you doing?” I said, looking away.
“I’m going to try the vibrator like I said.
” “Oh, I thought you meant at home.
” “Why wait? Would it bother you if I used it here?” My cock was already hard.
I kept looking at something else but her.
“No, you can use one of the rooms if you want, for privacy I mean.
” “You are funny.
” I turned to her and saw that she had taken off her panties as well.
Her pussy looked inviting this close.
If I had wanted to, I could have reached over the small table that separated us and touched it.
The sun was setting over the trees in front of us, and it shone right at her.
“Why do you say that?” “Because you are the first man I have met so far, who offers a room for privacy to a woman who is about to masturbate in front of him.
” “Well, after what you said the other day, I figured that you would want to.
” “That was the other day, and this is now.
You have been kind to me, so I want you to get a treat.
Move your chair so you are directly in front of me.
” When my chair was in front of hers and I had sat down, she put her feet up on my arm rest and I could see her pussy less than a couple of feet away.
“I would like to compliment you on having a beautiful vagina,” I said.
“Call it what it is, a pussy.
I’m not a prude.
” She turned the vibrator on and lowered it to her pussy.
I thought she would go for the clit, but she let it run up and down and around her lips.
It even went exploring down towards her anus.
I knew my cock was smeared with pre-cum by now, but there was nothing I could do about it.
For a second I thought about taking it out and just jerk off in front of her.
I could see she was becoming wetter by the minute.
Her juices glittered on her swollen lips.
“Do you like watching me, Hans?” she said, her voice a little husky.
” “Do you want to see me stick it deep inside my pussy?” “Yes.
” “Do you want to see how my pussy lips open and wrap around it.
” “Fuck, stick it in already.
” She laughed a little and then pushed the vibrator inside.
She closed her eyes and slid down a bit more in the chair and opened her legs wider.
I didn’t say a word, just stared at how the young and beautiful woman first slowly and then faster fucked herself with the vibrator.
She began to moan and moved her head from side to side.
Then her hips came up about an inch from the chair and she moaned again.
“Hans, take out your cock and jerk off for me, I want to see you squirt your cum over me.
” First I thought I was dreaming, and then she said, “C’mon, do it.
” I got my button and zipper open.
She took her feet off my chair and kept them in the air while I stood and my pants dropped down to my ankles.
I pulled out my cock and took a step closer.
I was looking down at her and she placed her feet on my thighs.
“Do it, Hans.
Do it, I want to feel your hot cum on my skin.
” I am usually a pretty good lover in the sense that I can fuck for a long time before shooting my load.
Not this time, I think I managed less than a minute before the first glob of cum shot out and landed on her upper chest.
The second landed on her cheek and the third on her tummy.
“God, that feels good,” she moaned loudly just before arching her back and giving a few thrusts with her hips.
The vibrator was pressed against her clit and while I watched, still with my cock in my hand, liquid shot out from her pussy, and she yelped and moaned.
It was the first time I had seen a woman squirt.
“That was nice,” she said, while wiping cum off her skin with a paper napkin I had given her.
I had gone inside and cleaned myself in the bathroom and brought back a napkin and another bottle of wine, this occasion had to be celebrated.
“I must say, it was different,” I said, pouring the wine.
“Most men, as opposed to most women, are turned on by what they see.
That’s why porn is such a big business.
” “Well, I have never done anything like this before.
I don’t think porn will ever be the same again.
” She laughed and drank the wine.
I was surprised by the way she felt comfortable being naked around me.
I had put on my boxers as soon as I came back, but she was still in her chair, with nothing on.
She leaned back and stretched her arms above her head and made a little sound.
Then she turned to me and said.
“I think it’s time for me to go home.
I will see you around the same time tomorrow.
” The disappointment I felt must have shown because she continued, “Did you think we would fuck, Hans?” “The thought had crossed my mind.
” “Sorry to disappoint you, but that was never my intention.
I just needed some quick release to feel better after not finding the suitcase.
” She stood and walked around the table to where I sat.
She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then walked into the house and a few second later I heard her leave.
I sighed and poured more wine.
There was still a little left of my joint so I relit it and took a long drag.
I checked my watch and it was just before eleven at night.
The sun was gone, but it was still light enough that I could see Annie disappear into the woods.
What did I have to do to get her in the sack? I wondered while I sat there in the summer night.
The following day was similar to the day before, a lot of searching and no success.
We didn’t find any more drugs or sex toys either.
We finished around five in the afternoon, and when I invited Annie for a glass on the deck, she said no, and left.
I figured she was disappointed and wanted to be alone.
I had things to do so I sat down at the kitchen table with a whiskey and my laptop.
I spent hours organizing all the notes I had taken at the church and slowly my family tree came together.
On Monday morning I decided to go for a long walk.
Two days of crawling on my hands and knees had wrecked my body; I simply needed to move around.
I walked to the pool where I had seen Annie swim naked and walked around it, up a hill and when I got to the top, I had a fantastic view.
I could see for miles around me.
To the north were mountains and to the East, and West more forest, and south some forest but also flat ground which I guessed was farm land.
I continued down and at the bottom, I found a track that I figured might bring me back to the house.
The forest was quiet apart from a few birds.
At one point I saw a deer in the shadows and he must have seen me because he took off.
I walked for an hour almost and at one point I thought I was lost, but then suddenly I saw the house through the trees and I breathed easier.
I came up to it from the southwest at an angle.
When the trees ended, there was still some undergrowth to walk through.
Suddenly my foot caught on something and I fell.
I got up and looked around expecting to find a root.
Instead, I saw a rusted iron ring on the ground.
It was about ten inches in diameter, and when I tried to lift it up, it was stuck on something.
I cleaned the area around it and to my surprise; I found it was attached to a concrete slab about half a yard by half a yard.
I found the edges and began to dig around them.
The earth was hard so I looked for a branch and with my keys, I honed it until it had a point.
It took some time, but I cleared all the dirt around it and when I pulled the ring I felt it move an inch or so.
It was very heavy and I figured I needed something to pry it loose.
I found another thicker branch which I lay down next to the slab.
Then carefully I inched the first branch in under the slab and carefully put my weight on it close to the concrete.
Slowly it came up, and when it was high enough, I slid in the thicker branch.
Then, using all my weight, it came up enough so I could kick it to the side.
There was a hole in the ground and when I pushed the slab to the side, I saw two suitcases in it.
I pulled them out and pushed the slab back and when it was in place, I threw some dirt and leafs over it.
The bags were the size of what is allowed as carry on.
I lifted them up and walked back to the house.
After making sure the main door was locked and the drapes covered the windows I opened the first one.
It contained several dildos, vibrators, a strap-on, and other assorted sex toys, some of them I had no idea what they were used for.
The second case was filled with camcorder cassettes.
I picked one up and looked at it.
A label told me it was made over a year ago in October.
I checked the others and each was clearly labeled with a date, nothing else.
I sat back and thought for a while.
I needed a camcorder to be able to watch them.
I hadn’t seen an electronics shop in Ek, but maybe the other grocery shop might have one.
Where Annie worked, I had seen several kinds of DVD players, and some cameras for sale.
I decided to ride into Ek and see what I could find.
****** After riding around Ek, I made it to the shop without passing the one where Annie worked.
I parked the bike behind the building and walked in.
There was a middle-aged woman in jeans and a blouse stocking soup cans on a shelf.
“Hi, do you happen to have a camcorder for sale?” I said in English.
“One moment, I’ll have a look.
” She came down from the ladder she had been standing on and disappeared in the back somewhere.
I crossed my fingers that she would have one.
“Will this do?” She walked up to me with a box in her hands.
I read the label and almost hugged her.
It was a Sony camcorder, a few years old, but it would do.
I paid and rode back as fast as I could.
******* When I got back to the house, I connected the camcorder and chose the tape with the earliest date.
The camera zoomed in on Frank who was standing next to one of the armchairs in the living room.
Annie was sitting in the chair.
The camera panned and showed two couples in the sofa and one girl in the other chair.
I guessed the single girl’s man was doing the filming.
Frank began to speak, but it was all in Swedish.
The couples laughed and clapped their hands.
I fast forwarded and after ten minutes the couples took off their clothes.
Then it was thirty minutes of fucking, sucking and licking.
Annie didn’t do anything; she just sat there and watched the others.
Frank had a go at one of the women and got a blowjob from one of the men.
So, he was bisexual, which might explain Annie’s comment about men and a vibrator earlier.
The second tape was pretty much the same, Frank talked and then they had sex.
Again Annie was just watching.
On the third tape, things changed.
After the normal speech, the couples went upstairs.
The cameraman followed and in the corridor, they switched couples.
This time Annie entered one of the bedrooms with a short young man with dark hair.
The cameraman chose another couple and followed them into their room.
Then he went between the couples filming them.
The sex was straight forward, nothing out of the ordinary.
The next to last couple were having anal sex and the young girl screamed when the guy entered her.
The last couple was Annie and her guy.
The camera zoomed in on her as she rode the guy slowly, savoring every inch of his cock.
I was surprised because Annie had told me her first time was a group sex orgy.
I was just about to turn off the tape and switch to another when the rest of the couples came in.
They stood around the bed and watched.
After a while, Frank said something and Annie got off her man.
Frank lay down on the floor and she straddled him.
A man walked up behind her and as I watched, she lowered herself until she had Frank deep inside her and the man behind her slowly penetrated her anus.
She screamed a little, but not much.
The others stood around and jerked off.
Two of the women lay down next to Annie and went into a sixty-nine position with a lot of moaning.
When the man fucking Annie in the ass came, he pulled out and shot his load on her ass and back.
Annie came a few minutes later, and Frank almost at the same time.
The men who had been jerking off came closer, and Annie blew them in turn until they came over her face and chest.
Frank said something and they all walked out.
The rest of the tapes were the same, the only thing that changed was that all the women tried anal sex, and a couple of the men fucked each other while the others watched.
The women used dildos and vibrators.
One girl did her boyfriend with the strap on.
That must have been painful because he was crying before he came, and spoke a lot, which I didn’t understand a word off.
I turned off the camcorder.
I needed a stiff drink, and went to the kitchen and poured a healthy shot of whiskey in a glass.
I drank it all, and then had another which I brought out on the deck.
I looked at my watch and saw that I had been watching the tapes for almost four hours straight.
I never had in my life watched a porn movie for more than ten minutes, just long enough to get it up and jerk off.
The tapes were better than any porn.
Those people had loved what they were doing, and you could see it.
Their orgasms were real, and some of the girls didn’t come and that seemed to be fine too.
No wonder Annie had been so into it, a sex life like that must have been tremendous fun.
The sun was just going down past the tree tops when I saw Annie come bicycling along the track.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alberto_Carlo I called out and she leaned her bike against a tree and walked towards me.
“Hi, how are you?” she said when she came up on the deck.
Guess what, I found your suitcase, actually, I found two of them.
” She stared at me and then jumped at me and gave me a big hug.
“Oh, thank you.
Where were they?” “They were buried in the forest on the other side of the house.
It was just an accident that I found them.
Come and have a look, they are in the living room.
” When she saw the camcorder and the tapes she said.
“You have been a naughty boy, Hans.
I didn’t give you permission to watch those tapes.
” “Sorry, but I was curious.
Anyway, I just watched one or two,” I lied.
She gave me a sideways look.
“Sure?” “Scouts honor.
” She put the tapes back in the suitcase and then turned to the one with the sex toys.
“Is there anything in here that might interest you?” “Not really, they are all for women except that contraption.
I think you call it a cock ring.
” “You are right.
Do you want it?” “No thanks, I have no one to use it with.
” “Poor Hans, who has no one to play with,” she said and giggled.
“I could play with you.
” She packed the sex toys into the bag and hefted them both.
“Yeah, maybe you could.
Let me think about it, okay.
” She walked out on the deck and down the steps.
I watched as she disappeared among the trees and left her bike where it stood.
I guessed she would pick it up later.
When she was gone, I made another drink and sat on the deck pondering my situation.
I had almost finished my research and there was no point staying after it was done.
I had my job at home to get back to and I wanted to see my son.
I thought about Annie and if she would come through or not.
Maybe she was just a cock tease and was still too much in love with Frank to be with another guy.
What a waste of a beautiful woman, I thought.
I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to taste her and most of all, I wanted her sweet lips around my cock and watch her look into my eyes when I dumped my load in her mouth.
Just the thought gave me a hard on and I was just about to take out my cock and jerk off before going inside when my phone rang.
“Hans,” I said.
“Hi, it’s me.
Do you want to come over?” Annie’s voice purred at the other end.
It promised something that I wanted, no that I needed.
“Yeah, sure.
” “Pick up my bike on your way over.
” I hung up and took a quick shower.
Dressed in a pair of thin cotton trousers and a sweater I grabbed my keys and a flashlight I had found in a drawer in the kitchen.
I ran to where her bike was and then walked the rest of the way to her house.
When I arrived the lights were on and I could smell all the flowers growing around me.
A pale moon was hanging over the tree tops and the night was silent as a grave.
I leaned her bike against the house and knocked on the door.
When she let me in she was naked, and her nipples hardened in the cool night air.
“Come on in,” she said and stepped aside.
I walked in and looked around.
There were candles on almost every flat surface and a faint smell of flowers in the air.
“This looks romantic,” I said.
She took my hand and led me to her bedroom where she proceeded to take off my clothes.
I stood still and enjoyed her touch as she pulled my sweater over my head and undid my pants.
She pushed me down on the bed and removed my shoes and socks.
Then she grabbed my shorts and pulled them off too.
“Someone is happy,” she said and pointed at my erection.
“Yeah, he is looking forwards to this.
” “I bet he is, but before he can slide inside me, we need to warm up.
Stand up.
” When I did, she lay down on the bed face down.
She turned her head to me and said.
“Over there on the nightstand is a bowl of warm oil.
I want you to massage it into my skin, both sides.
Then I’ll do the same to you.
” I dipped my hands in the bowl and lifted them to my nose.
The fragrance of rose and other flowers rushed up into my senses.
I knelt next to the bed and lay my hands on her back.
I began with her middle back, using slow circular motions; making sure every inch of her skin was covered in the oil.
Then I used my fingers to relax her muscles and she moaned a little.
I got some more oil and began with her ass cheeks where I spent an extra amount of time.
They were firm and round.
I moved down one leg and up the other.
When I came to her mid thighs, she spread her legs a little and my fingers slid down and then up.
When they reached her pussy, she said.
“Just play around it, don’t slide in any fingers.
” She spread her legs a bit more and I cupped her mound from behind using my fingers to massage it.
She moaned a bit and sighed as my fingers slid over her clit.
“Turn over,” I said.
When she was on her back, I began with her shoulder and moved down to her boobs.
They were incredible firm for their size.
“Sorry for asking, but are they real?” She opened her eyes.
“Of course they are.
Stop talking and keep going.
” Her tummy was flat and when my fingers slid down on either side of her pussy, her hips came up to meet me.
When I was done with her legs, I sat back.
I was pleased to see that she was now slick with oil.
“Your turn, on your stomach, please.
” When I was in position, she got on top of me and sat down on my ass.
I could feel her pussy against my skin when she leaned forwards and began massaging my shoulders and upper back.
My hard on was craving pussy, but I had to play it her way.
As her hands moved down so did she until she was kneeling above my ankles.
Once in a while, her pussy would touch my skin.
She lay down on top of me and used her tits to rub oil into my skin.
Her body was incredibly warm against mine and she almost slid off.
“What I will do now, is something you will enjoy immensely, but just try to lie still,” she whispered in my ear.
She got off my back and knelt between my legs.
Her hand slipped in under me and found my balls, which she massaged gently.
Not too hard and not too light, just exactly right.
A moan escaped my mouth and I raised my hips a little.
She took hold of my cock and carefully bent it towards her.
“Mm, that feels odd,” I said.
“Shh, just enjoy.
” She slowly jerked me with one hand while the other kept massaging my balls.
After a few minutes, she giggled.
“Oh, someone is horny.
” “You have no idea, Annie.
” “I think I do.
I’m getting a lot of pre-cum in my hand back here.
” “Sorry.
” “I love it.
Try to relax; this might feel a bit odd.
” Before I had a chance to open my mouth, she slid a finger up my ass and hit something that made me moan out aloud.
“What the hell was that?” “Your prostate, lie still.
” I panicked.
I felt very uncomfortable with her finger inside me, but at the same time, when her finger ran over the spot a tsunami of pleasure ran through my body.
“Hans, the pre-cum is just pouring out from your cock.
I’m going to try some.
” “Yeah, okay,” was all I could say between they waves of intense pleasure.
When her lips wrapped around my cockhead, and I felt her warm mouth, I wanted to squirt right there and then.
But instead of using her tongue or giving me a blow job, she just kept my cock head in her mouth while sliding her finger back and forth over my prostate.
The pleasure stopped when she pulled out her finger and said, “Turn over.
” When I was on my back, she scooted up until her pussy was just over my mouth.
“Lick me.
” My tongue touched her clit and a shiver went through her body.
I let it circle around her button, and then I licked her lips.
Her legs began to tremble and she lowered herself until she was sitting on my face.
I managed to get my nose free above her clit and I took the opportunity to take a deep breath, and then suck on her clit.
“Oh, Hans, oh, oh, that’s just right, don’t stop, please don’t stop.
” I didn’t.
I kept on sucking until her thighs came together and she squeezed my head between them.
“Oh god, oh, watch out, I’m coming.
” Too late I remembered she squirted and when she did, I had no other option than to swallow as much as possible to avoid it from entering my nose.
For a second I thought this should be called pussy boarding.
My cock was ready for her cunt, so I put my hands on her hips and lifted and pushed at the same time.
She was still panting from her orgasm when I pushed her onto my cock.
It slid all the way in, and we both moaned.
“How can you be so tight?” I whispered in her ears.
“Exercise,” she whispered back.
Her pussy grabbed onto my cock and sucked it deeper inside her.
She rode it all the way up and I thought my cock would pop out, but at the last minute, she lowered herself again.
She increased speed and I bit my lower lip, trying not to come.
“Slowly Annie or I will shoot my load.
” “Not yet, hold it, please.
” I thought about everything not sexy that came to my mind, grammar, light bulbs, and the smell of dog shit.
It worked; I held it back until she came again.
Her nails dug into my chest and she arched her back.
“Now it’s my turn,” I said.
“Wait one second.
” She slid off my cock and used her hands to spread her ass cheeks, and then she lowered herself until my cock head was pushing against her anus.
“Let me do it,” she said.
I nodded and watched her face.
She closed her eyes and when the first half of an inch entered, she bit her under lip and whimpered.
She stopped and waited a few seconds, and then lowered herself a bit more.
Suddenly my cock head was inside, and she let out a long gasp followed by a deep intake of air through clenched teeth.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Mm, I will be in a second.
My ass has to get used to you.
” I pulled her head towards me and kissed her mouth.
Her lips were soft and warm.
My hands found her boobs and I used my fingers to play with her nipples.
Our tongues met and she tasted slightly of oil and roses.
Then she lowered herself all the way.
She sighed as her ass hit my crotch and then she began to slide up and down in a steady rhythm.
“Play with my clit, Hans.
” I slid my hand between us and found her little button swollen and her pussy very wet.
We found a common rhythm, and I could hear how her orgasm was coming closer from her breathing.
When she came, my cock was deep inside her, and she squirted her pussy juice over my stomach.
Instead of staying like that she got off and took me in her mouth.
She looked me deep in the eyes while deep throating me, I lasted less than a minute.
“Annie, keep going, keep going,” was all I had time to say before she took it down her throat and swallowed.
We lay next to each other and stared up at the ceiling.
Our breathing was back to normal.
Once in a while, Annie shivered in post orgasmic bliss and my cock was still semi erect.
She lifted her head a little and turned it towards me.
“Was it worth the wait?” “Yeah, I have never done anything like it before.
” She smiled at me.
“What about the prostate exam?” “Well, at first it was uncomfortable, but then the pleasure became very intense, almost painful.
Talking about that, on one of the tapes, a guy is being fucked by a girl wearing a strap-on.
It looked like he was crying.
” “That was Johan and the girl was his girlfriend, Petra.
He was having very strong and long orgasms that night, so the tears you saw were of pleasure.
Petra had been massaging his prostate for twenty minutes before she fucked him, talking about being milked.
” I had heard that expression before, somewhere.
“Was that what you did to me?” “Yes, I milked your prostate.
” “Now I feel like a cow.
” She laughed and took hold of my cock.
“Try bull.
” I laughed and kissed her on her nose.
Then we lay back again, and I must have fallen asleep.
I woke up by a sucking sound and intense pleasure.
I opened my eyes and the sun was shining through the window highlighting Annie’s blonde hair.
She was lying between my legs, sucking and licking my cock.
I didn’t say anything.
I watched her how she carefully took my glans between her teeth and then her lips wrapped around it.
The pleasure was almost painful when she began to suck on it.
She let go and began to lick the lengths of my shaft and then took one testicle at the time in her mouth.
“Careful,” I sa



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