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Latest stories Taboo Ally, My Girlfriend’s Niece Goes A Step Farther

After one of the wildest fucks of my life, I could not get Ally out of my mind.
Her body felt so good and we both had a great time.
She had introduced me to some new things and I was already hooked.
From that point on, we kept making subtle eye contact with each other.
Janice and I were serious, but we involved others in our sex life.
With Ally being her niece, I did not expect Janice to approve of me choosing her as a play partner.
Keeping my interest in her discrete seemed the best course.
Ally got me hard with a simple glance at my crotch or by grabbing herself provocatively.
Any chance she had she took.
As if it was a game, it was usually right behind someone’s back.
At one point she was in the kitchen with her sister and Janice when I walked in.
She smiled a dirty smile at me and then managed to get the others to look at something outside.
All three of them leaned over the counter to get a better look.
Ally pulled up her skirt and showed me that she was not wearing any underwear.
Instantly, I wanted to fuck her and that was her intention.
In the afternoon, Ally wanted to visit a friend.
Her dad was at work and her mother had things to do around the house.
Ally did not drive her parents’ cars, both being company cars, and was a bit stuck since they live out of town.
I offered to take her to her friend’s house and, with the promise of sexual favors, I was eager to return for her later.
Nearly four hours passed before I received a text from Ally.
It read, “Cum get me when ur up 4 it :p” The face with a tongue turned my thoughts to a blowjob.
I let the others know I was going to pick her up and left.
As I pulled up in front of her friend’s house, Ally was ready and walked elegantly out to meet me.
She was dressed to go clubbing instead of wearing the casual clothes she had on when I dropped her off earlier that morning.
She hopped in the car and I started driving back.
Her friend was still waving goodbye when Ally reached for my cock.
My holiday casual attire was jogging pants with an elastic waist.
Before I drove a hundred yards, she leaned into my lap and hungrily sucked my cock.
She told me to pull over at a small park so we could enjoy the moment more.
When I turned off the engine she handed me her phone.
“Watch this,” she said.
The small screen showed Ally’s bedroom, specifically her bed with a little wider view around it.
There was no movement, but the sounds of a scuffle came through.
A few grunts were followed by Ally’s voice saying, “Don’t.
” More scuffling sounded like she was fighting someone.
A loud tearing of fabric made it sound like this video had a dark theme.
There was crying.
“Is that you?” I asked.
Ally nodded.
Still nothing showed in the video, but we heard Ally begging, “Stop.
Please, stop.
” Finally someone came into view.
Ally was being carried as she struggled to get free.
As her body flew onto her bed and the other person leapt on top of her I realized it was me.
Confused thoughts turned round and round in my head.
This was nothing like what happened.
As the video played on, details came back to me.
She must have set a video recorder going while I was transferring photos to her laptop.
Everything she had told me to do the previous day was in a very soft voice.
Had the recorder picked her up at all, or had she edited her own voice out? The entire event had been carefully planned.
What I thought was just a playful challenge for me to get her to suck my dick was actually a ploy to allow her to make it appear as if she was an unwilling participant.
The smile on her face was still clear in my mind as I pinned her head between my legs and I was about to put my dick in her mouth for the first time.
What I heard on the video of that same event was Ally pleading, “Please, let me go.
” She edited in more crying as well.
Even as I struggled to reconcile what I watched with what I experienced, Ally slid her hand into my lap and massaged my cock.
The video only got worse as it continued.
The part where Ally told me I had to stop her from getting off the bed if I wanted to fuck her looked like a genuine attempt to escape.
Ally was hanging off the bed.
Her hair nearly touched the floor as I climbed on her back.
Her face was hidden as I heard more begging.
“I’m still a virgin.
Please, stop.
” Of course, I knew I was not going to stop, not to mention that she is nothing like a virgin.
My thrust into her had to be planned because Ally’s face looked up, filled with fear, and the shape of her mouth matched the shriek for, “Mom!” that lasted several seconds.
I nearly shit myself.
“Impressive, isn’t it?” Ally was completely calm about the video.
She gave my cock a good tug.
By the time the video finished I felt exhausted.
I asked why she made the video.
The answer was as frightening as the video.
“Because now I own you.
” Before I could say another word Ally got out of the car and began walking down the path.
She looked out of place in her short skirt and heels in a park mainly used for walking dogs, particularly with it being mid afternoon.
Clearly, she wanted me to follow her, so I did.
She sat on a bench and appeared as relaxed as normal.
I had hoped no one would see us out together, but we could see a couple walking a dog headed our way.
Ally said, “Why don’t you kneel and rub my legs to help me keep warm.
” The words sounded polite enough, although there was something threatening about her.
There was only a mild breeze, nothing to feel cold.
The awkward situation was mitigated because I enjoy touching her legs.
Ally has very shapely and perfectly smooth legs.
She told me to keep massaging her legs until the couple with the dog passed us.
The couple had stopped talking when they got near us.
Since they were old enough to be retired, I assumed they were more interested in what we were doing than anything else.
Then Ally opened her big mouth.
“I’m sorry, I just want a man with more stamina in bed.
It never lasts very long and half the time you can’t get it up because you just had sex with my mom a few minutes earlier.
” It was a moment you never want to experience.
One of the pair walking behind me made a noise of disgust.
Ally spoke directly to them, “It’s not that bad.
He is very generous and he’s great with his tongue.
” “Oh!” The woman was horrified.
She told her husband to walk faster.
They could not get away soon enough for my liking either.
Before they were out of sight, Ally told me, “Finger me.
I want that old lady to see your arm up my skirt if she turns around.
” She spread her knees and I reached forward.
She had no panties and was already wet.
Ally’s pussy was far more welcoming than her tone of voice.
My fingers slipped inside her like long lost friends.
I did not dare watch the couple, but Ally seemed disappointed that they did not look back.
“Get up and stand over there.
” Ally indicated the opposite side of the path.
I stood on the far side, about six feet away from her.
“Do you want to fuck me?” Of course, I did.
But was admitting that the best option? My hesitation prompted her again.
“You do want to fuck me.
But for being slow about it I want to see you stand there and jack off first.
” “What?” I did not want to whip it out in a park.
Ally insisted.
I was glad for the jogging pants which I could easily push down and grab my dick.
My anxiety made staying aroused more difficult, but I stroked it as requested.
To my surprise, Ally joined in, sliding forward on the bench and spreading her legs to finger herself.
My speed increased to match hers.
I kept looking for signs of any other people and saw none.
“Lick me,” Ally said, placing her hands at her sides.
Her pussy stared at me, pouting.
After another quick glance around, I got down and started licking her.
Just when I was getting into it she pushed me away, “Get up, people are coming.
” We started walking back to the car.
The three people we passed seemed curious about us, but I had no idea how much they knew.
It was a relief that they made no comment that I heard.
Once we got in the car I started the engine and started pulling out.
Ally told me to stop and took off her heels and then her skirt.
She turned sideways in the passenger seat, folding one leg up so she could face me.
She wanted me to finger fuck her right there.
It was not unpleasant, but also not my first choice of activity or location.
It took about ten minutes before Ally whimpered through an orgasm.
She sat there, quietly relaxing.
I suspect she also did it because she liked the attention from showing me her pussy.
Finally, we started back to her home.
On the way, Ally changed back to what she was wearing before.
The clubbing outfit went into her large bag.
Either she had borrowed those things from her friend or had previously left them at her friend’s house.
She looked great in them, so I was glad to see her in it, but I was equally glad to take her home looking more normal.
I did not want to raise any suspicion.
The house was visible in the distance, beyond a slight bend in the road it was partially obscured by a cluster of trees.
Ally leaned into my lap.
She pulled out my dick and I felt the heat of her mouth on me.
Her tongue moved quickly, getting me aroused in seconds.
I slowed down a little and focused as much as possible on my driving.
Once I was erect, Ally bobbed her head up and down.
Her lips squeezed my shaft tight.
I thought she was trying to see how fast she could make me cum.
We got to her house and I did not think I could just sit there, it would draw attention.
So, I turned into the drive and Ally sat up.
My dick still throbbed as I got out of the car and we went inside.
Ally’s mother greeted us and offered us coffee.
We both accepted.
Ally took her bag up to her room and then returned.
We joined the others around the kitchen table, all except Ally’s dad who was still at work.
It was just me and four women: my girlfriend, her sister and two nieces.
I struggled to rid my mind of a scene where all four of them were naked and fucking different men in the same room.
It proved difficult until I felt Ally brush her leg against mine under the table.
Then I got nervous.
Later that evening Ally sent me a text message that read: meet me upstairs.
My heart raced immediately, mostly because I was worried about anyone finding a text like that from Ally on my phone.
Most of the family was sat in the same room watching tv.
I deleted the message and waited a few minutes before I went upstairs.
At the top of the stairs, I turned the corner and found Ally leaning against the wall waiting for me.
She lifted her skirt, showing me her freshly shaven pussy.
Her seductive voice was becoming familiar.
“Would you like a taste?” Without saying a word, I knelt and put my mouth on her smooth mound.
Ally let her skirt fall over my head and threw one leg up on my shoulder.
She wanted my tongue even more than I wanted her.
Grinding her cunt into my face, Ally did her best to keep quiet, but her arousal was obvious to me.
My tongue was as deep inside her as I could reach when I heard someone coming up the stairs.
We were just on the other side of the wall by the stairs, so there was very little distance between us and whoever was on their way up.
I tried to stand, but Ally clung to me tighter than ever.
Her leg nearly crushed my neck.
My jaw felt sore from the pressure she put on my face, which I believe was because she was having an orgasm right then.
The footsteps were nearly at the top of the stairs.
Ally released me, yanked me up by my hair and shoved me down the hall.
Her father came around the corner as I was wiping his daughter’s essence from my face.
“Don’t we have towels in the bathroom?” My natural response was a light chuckle, “Yeah.
” I passed on by, hoping he did not detect the scent of his daughter on me, and went to my room, or rather, Ally’s room.
He went on by, “Hey, darlin.
Don’t you want to join the rest of us downstairs?” It was such a close call I nearly had a heart attack.
Ally was not just a horny teenage girl, she was dangerous.
She started a conversation with her dad while I cleaned myself up.
I made my way back downstairs before she could get me into anything worse.
A couple hours passed without any more sexual harassment.
I could not believe that after such great sex I was feeling harassed.
Grow some balls, I told myself.
A moment presented itself when Ally offered to get more drinks for everyone.
My plan was to decline and then change my mind.
It gave me a reason to follow her and sneak up on her.
Ally was bent over with her head in the fridge when I put my hand on her ass low enough to push my fingers against her pussy.
The move was fast and Ally shrieked.
My hands flinched away so hard I nearly hit myself.
Ally grinned.
Nobody came to check on her.
That was the kind of noise she might make anytime and no one was worried for her now.
Still, it got my hands off her.
“I got a plan,” she said.
“It involves you.
” I couldn’t wait.
A glance over my shoulder, Ally made sure we would not be overheard.
“You have to fuck me in sight of my mom.
” My head spun.
“Before you leave.
Don’t worry, I’ll think of a way.
” I needed help.
“What the hell do you mean?” Her wildly ambitious hormones had given her the inspired idea that she wanted my dick to be inside her body at the same time as she made eye contact with her mother.
She would work out the details later.
I was not going to be hidden either, that was just a minor detail that needed to be worked out.
Why can’t sex just be easy? Maybe it would be if I had stuck with Janice and not fucked her niece just because she is hot and a slut.
Where would the fun be in that? We had sex with other people.
When it was time for bed I let Janice go first.
It might take a while to shit a few bricks.
Online Now! Lush Cams MistressVivian As I was closing the door a hand reached in and stopped it.
Silent as a ninja, Ally slipped in and then indicated I should continue to close the door.
It was the first time I ever got a blowjob while brushing my teeth.
To top it off, Ally did it while sitting on the toilet peeing.
This girl definitely had multitasking down.
Disappointment was being left hard and horny while Ally kissed me goodnight on the cheek and slipped away as silently as she had arrived.
Everything was a bit fucked up.
Doubts began to form that Ally might not be entirely well.
How would that look if she had a mental illness and I appeared to have taken advantage? I consoled myself as best I could by telling myself that it was mainly due to blackmail and I had no choice any more.
The next day I was relieved that Ally slept in late.
Admiring Janice’s bare legs as she sat drinking coffee aroused my cock.
How did it have so much energy? Then I recalled that Ally may be getting me hard frequently, but she deliberately leaves me aching for just a bit more.
Knowing I would have to indulge Ally several times that day, terrible as that was, I opted not to engage Janice in anything physical at that point.
During a discussion that morning about what we might do that day Ally got Janice intrigued by a hilltop walk near the coast that was supposed to have great views.
The sky was clear and the air warm, so it did not take long to settle on our destination.
Marie was dressed in her McDonald’s uniform when she joined Ally and me in the back seat.
Our first stop was to drop her at work.
Ally winked at me when I expressed disappointment that she could not join us.
The drive after that was nearly half an hour.
During the rest of the journey Ally kept leaning forward to talk to her mom and aunt, which was simply a diversion to grab my dick.
Shortly after my dick was hard Ally presented a bottle of lube behind her.



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