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Latest stories Straight Sex Wild, Wet, and Wonderful

Coming to, my head pounded with a migraine, letting me know that whatever happened the previous night must have been good.
Opening my clear, blue eyes, I found myself in a dark room — it wasn’t my own.
The beating in my chest increased as I began to panic.
Rolling to what I believed was my side of the bed brought me against a hot and hard, masculine body.
The contact of skin on skin made me hyper aware of the facts.
I was butt naked with an undressed man, and between my thighs.
well I was wet.
Feeling movement at my side, I froze to see what he would do.
His warm body came down on top of me.
Hips ground into my navel, letting me know he was hard and heavy.
At the feel of his arousal, a small tremor of excitement made goose bumps rise on my flesh.
My reaction to his awakened manhood clarified that last night would be worth repeating.
I mean come on, I was completely turned on by this man.
  His lips came from out of the dark, clasping onto my neck to bite and lavish the flesh.
The erotic feeling forced a whispery shout from my throat.
Feeling him shift, I soon found his cock pressing against my wet petals.
His grinding hips rubbed his member, effectively, against my dewy heat, bringing lust to a boil.
A begging pant passed my lips, letting him know what I wanted.
A rumble came from his chest, laughing at my dire need to feel him deep inside.
Complying he pulled away only long enough to position himself perfectly over my weeping cunt before slowly pushing forward.
Sweet agony burned me as inch by hot inch he filled me, until my moist sheath was completely stretched by his raging sword.
The feeling was exquisite, having me wither beneath him.
With a hasty retreat, he pulled nearly all the way out before thrusting forward, pulling a moan from me as he reached deep inside me.
Pleasure like no other forced me to arch my back, taking him farther inside.
A white-hot intensity was building up within, making me more determined to find my release.
Sensing my urgency, the plowing became more powerful and deep.
Online Now! Lush Cams Choco_dessert Soft shouts escaped as I was pushed closer and closer to earth’s heaven.
Reaching an edge, I flung myself over into wild, wet, and wonderful, as my orgasm took control, squeezing my sheath tightly around the burning bulge within.
Growling, his balls exploded, sending rushing hot semen into my very core.
The feeling of his release threw me into another small orgasm, which later brought me to the world of bliss.
Collapsing, he slid out to roll onto his back.
Gasps filled the room as we worked to slow our racing hearts.
Missing the heat of him, I turned, flinging my right leg and arm over him, taking comfort as he pulled me closer.
My knee skirted across his rapidly growing cock as I cuddle more intimately with his warmth.
Knowing he was close to taking me again, he rose from the bed to walk over to the window.
Throwing the drapes open, he let in the cold, morning light.
Sun rays lit on my mysterious lover, bringing into view a fallen angel.
His dark, raven locks framed a perfectly chiseled face.
His eyes shined in emerald intensity.
His body was even more delicious.
Hard muscles sculpted on tight smooth skin.
Dark navel hair led down to an object of my greatest fascination.
Ramrod straight, his glory reached to a nice ten inches.
He really was a god among men.
Just looking at his magnificence, I could feel my lust begin to rise as warm liquid dampened my thighs.
He must have seen passion stir in my eyes for he was instantly on top of me, ramming in hard and to the hilt as he kissed me passionately.
Among the pleasure, the only thoughts I had were that of the future.
It no longer mattered what had happened the night before, for I had a beautiful lover to hold me as lust overwhelmed and orgasms took me to places unknown.
The past was forgotten, as the future was ensured in the hands of my angel.



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