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The foam machine was loud, the rhythmic pumping music alongside it raised the energy levels to frenetic.
The foam pit itself was quite well lit, with a variety of lasers reflecting their rainbow lights on the glistening bubbles.
It seemed like a free for all, and to be honest, that’s what had attracted us to it.
Lots of the girls were already topless, and it was no surprise when I found he was quickly helping me join their number, his adroit fingers easily undoing the catches and cords.
  He pulled me to him in a pretence of dancing.
The foam that had looked so substantial between us crackled and popped on our skin, dissolving into nothing.
Soft, delicate little bubbles coated us, leaving their own trail, a slippery soapiness that was meltingly sensual.
My soft breasts, nipples painfully peaked, grazed against the rough hairs on his chest as we swayed together, mostly ignoring the music and the sounds around us – we had our own rhythm.
Our day had been spent on the very public beach.
It had been a day of flirting, touching, loving … a day of foreplay.
Now, with the moon glowing, bonfires blazing and soap bubbles beckoning, we were both so ready, so prepared, that nothing was going to be able to hold us back much longer.
The bubbling foam perfectly concealed us from the waist down, and our hands took full advantage – our closely pressed bodies rubbing and sliding over one another viscuously for extra stimulation.
Without warning, without words, he took my head and firmly pushed me down towards his cock.
He clearly felt he couldn’t wait any longer.
“Ass” I thought – despite the fact that his dominance turned me on even more.
He had, without a care, without a warning for me to take a breath, pushed my head into dark, airless foam, the crackling of the bubbles so loud in my ears I nearly panicked.
I took him into my mouth as he’d intended, but instead of the licks and nibble he was expecting, I bit.
Within seconds though, my plans changed.
He was so lathered in his fascinating tangy precum that I almost forgot my intentions to teach him a lesson as I got my first taste.
Despite the cleansing foam, he smelt of sea, musky arousal, and yes, from this morning, he still smelt a little bit like me – a heady, exciting combination.
“Ouch!” he shouted, jumping back, ripping himself out of my mouth as quickly as he could.
Okay, I suppose that made sense – he didn’t know I was in the process of having an attitude adjustment.
I jumped up quickly, laughing and wanting to explain, but I saw immediately I’d pushed him too far.
He tackled me, and down we went.
To everyone else we looked like we were playing, slipping on the slimy bottom as many others were.
To us, this had suddenly become intensely serious.
Extreme lust and his flash of anger had lit a spark of something deep and dark.
I saw it burning intensely in his eyes and knew I was in trouble.
He landed on top of me, so big, so heavy, with foam all around and no air.
Online Now! Lush Cams katriona24 His hands groped, mauling me wherever they could, his mouth bruising on mine in the hardest, darkest kiss I had ever known.
It sparked the primitive in me and I started thrashing, fighting, kicking, biting, anywhere I could.
I managed to catch him off guard, roll and come up for air.
I gulped it in, desperate, knowing I only had milliseconds.
And I was right.
He came up behind me, snatched at me and pulled me hard against himself again.
He humped himself up against my butt, his arms tightly against my chests, pinching my nipples.
He was determined not to lose me again, determined to brand me, he was determined to own me completely, obediently.
I sank against him in mock surrender, then swept my foot under his and sent him tumbling easily on the slick floor.
I wasn’t anyone’s easy picking; if he wanted me, he’d fight for everything he got.
I fell, sprawled on top of him, landing on him in a confused tangle.
Again we were hidden by foam, the bursting bubbles in our ears took us further from reality and completely into the primeval, where all that mattered was instinct, sensation and lust.
Within milliseconds he had ripped my panties to the side, lifted me and brought me down on his cock, as hard as he possibly could.
I was drippingly wet, so primed that he slid in to the hilt with ease.
I screamed in my crackling foam cocoon, pure ecstasy.
He had filled me before, been rough with me even, but I had never previously felt so full, so connected.
My nails scraped him desperately along his sides, his back, his ass as I struggled to pull him deeper, closer.
We rolled uncontrollably; partially propelled by our actions, partially by the slippery floor, bumped into someone’s feet, slid back, and bumped into someone else.
He had used his opportunities well though and now he had a good hold of me again.
With a bit of a struggle that just lodged him even deeper inside me, he managed to stand up, so we could draw more much-needed breath.
My legs clamped around him, I still scratched his back, pulled his hair, kissed and bit his face, and he pumped into me like a demon from hell.
Hard, solid strokes.
Short, sharp jabs.
Whatever he could give, he gave.
Whatever he could take, he took – and more, so much more.
He tasted of soap, of iron, of himself.
It was heady.
I was blind – there was no light, there was no-one around us, only blinding, burning sensation.
It shot through me like rocket fire and I exploded on him, my orgasm hitting him as hard as my body had a few moments ago.
Jerking, shaking, sending him over the edge, shooting and shooting inside of me.
It ran down me, my pungent juices and his, and still he was shooting.
We collapsed down into the foam again, unable to stand.
Now our gropes were gentle lovers gropes, as we tried to return to our senses without the advantage of air.
We helped each other up together, a rebirth as we surfaced.
The applause that greeted us was a surprise.



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