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Latest stories Taboo There’s Something About My Son’s Girlfriends – 6

We were driving Jennifer over to her friend’s house so they could spend a few days together house-sitting while her parents were taking a brief vacation in Mexico.
Having just erupted in my jeans less than half an hour earlier, thanks to Jennifer’s remarkably adept right hand, my groin was rather damp and sticky in the warm car.
I opened the window in an effort to dissipate the telltale scent.
Jennifer, sitting almost sideways in the front seat, looked at me and giggled knowingly, scrunching up her face as if sniffing the air.
I blushed as she smiled and said, “Don’t you just love that new-car smell Jerry? We only just got this car last week and Mom won’t let us eat in it.
She doesn’t want us dripping any creamy mayonnaise and staining the leather.
” She winked at me and raised her eyebrows slightly, as if asking me if I was doing irreparable damage to the expensive leather with my own “creamy mayonnaise”.
My flushed cheeks turned an even brighter red at the immediate thought of the dampness under my bottom.
 With the pretense of admiring the internal architecture of the Mercedes, I moved across the seat allow myself to inspect where I had been sitting.
‘Oh fuck,’ I thought as I saw the dampness on the shiny black leather.
I quickly reached into my pocket and surreptitiously pulled out my fresh handkerchief, hiding it from Anna’s line of sight had she decided to turn to talk to me, then casually moved my hand to wipe and dab at the offending area.
Needless to say, Jennifer was avidly watching this whole charade! Her sensual soft lips were open slightly, the tip of her tongue slowly brushing around her mouth.
I glanced down at her chest and noticed her nipples protruding against the tight white halter top she had on.
Still carefully wiping the seat, I felt my penis begin to respond to the beautiful young teenager.
Apparently, it didn’t care that her mother was sitting right in front of me, it wanted to wake up and prepare to be called upon if necessary! “You okay, Mr.
T?” Jennifer enquired innocently.
“You look a little flushed back there.
” Her eyes dropped to my lap and she realised my plight as the outline of my hardening member became more obvious.
“You can turn on the air in the back if you’re getting a little hot.
” She seemed to place extra emphasis on the last word, but her mother appeared oblivious to any impropriety in her comment.
“I’m sure Jerry can figure it out for himself, darling,” Anna said as she pulled into the sweeping driveway of the mansion in front of us and slowed the car to a stop.
“Right, young lady, I’ll avoid any last minute lectures in front of Jerry, but please behave yourself with Susie, and no boys – none!” “Mom, they have closed circuit cameras all over the place linked to the internet so we won’t even be able to go potty without being watched!” Jennifer pouted as she undid her seatbelt and opened her door.
 The delicious mental image that formed in my mind made my erection twitch in my pants.
She moved around to the back door and opened it to retrieve her overnight bag, deliberately leaning over me and pressing her hand onto my erection.
I could have sworn I heard her moan softly as she squeezed gently.
 Her hair brushed against my face, her young breasts just inches from my lips.
I was so tempted to move my head closer as I inhaled her delightful scent, but I refrained from doing so.
“Hi Jen!” Her friend Susie appeared beside the car as Jennifer pulled her bag over my lap before turning away and greeting her friend.
“Hi Suze,” she said as she reached out to hug her.
  Susie was almost a mirror image of Jennifer.
 Tall, slim, with pert young breasts hidden under a loose blouse tied at her waist and tight shorts – very short shorts – encasing her firm young bottom.
Thankfully, since I was sitting directly behind the driver’s seat, Anna couldn’t see the hungry look in my eyes as I watched the two young girls.
I wrenched my gaze away before my hard cock burst my button on my jeans, just in time as Anna turned to me.
“Would you like to join me up front Jerry, or are you used to having a chauffeur drive you around,” she asked as the girls waved good bye and dashed off into the house to begin their few days of freedom.
“Of course,” I stepped around the car and climbed into the front seat.
Anna slipped the car into gear and smiled at me as we set off back to her place.
I sat back, half leaning against the seatback and the door frame so I could look at Anna to chat without constantly turning my head.
It also allowed me to let my gaze roam over her body.
She must have been in her mid-thirties and obviously took good care of herself.
She was wearing a knee-length, sleeveless, light blue casual dress, no hose and a pair of strappy, light blue high heeled sandals.
The vivid red of her well manicured fingernails matched her toes.
It was apparent where Jennifer got her good looks, and, as I was to discover as we got to know each other, her somewhat demanding character.
There was no way I was able to refuse Jennifer anything, and I wondered if I would be in the same position with her attractive mother.
We made small talk on the drive home, mostly discussing our children’s friendship and their education, their hobbies, and their hopes for the future.
Anna drove fairly aggressively and the six-litre engine under the bonnet responded immediately and powerfully.
I hoped that my furtive glances down her legs as she drove went unnoticed, along with my still-hard penis between my thighs.
At each light or stop sign, I couldn’t help but look down at her pretty foot as it moved from one pedal to the other, her red tipped toes flexing as we accelerated or braked.
“Jerry, you seem to have a lot on your mind,” she said as she glanced across at me, smiling to herself as she caught me gazing into the footwell of the car.
“Oh, sorry Anna,” I responded.
“Actually, I was just trying to imagine living in a massive house like that with cameras in virtually every room, and knowing someone could watch you from a thousand miles away.
It must be quite disconcerting, especially if you wander around half naked on the weekends.
” “Well,” she laughed, “I think Jennifer was exaggerating a little with the cameras.
I don’t think Tony and Donna put cameras in every room, just one or two watching exit doorways and the main rooms.
Oh, and the grounds of course, so if you’re planning on breaking in and robbing them while they’re on holiday, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
” As we talked, I noticed her dress had slipped an inch or two higher up as she worked the pedals, her thighs parting a little with each movement of her taut legs.
I moved in the seat slightly, hoping to relieve the pressure of my jeans over my now rock hard cock.
As I looked up at her smiling face I saw her glance quickly down at my lap before returning to the road in front to brake and negotiate a tight bend.
“I hope my driving doesn’t worry you, Jerry?” “On the contrary, I’m impressed how you handle the car, Anna.
I was thinking that you’d probably be good with a stickshift.
You should get one, you’d enjoy the feeling of using all three pedals.
They’re so much more responsive than an automatic.
Almost better than sex!” I deliberately used the same phrase we had used during our Facebook chat.
Her calves tightened as she suddenly depressed the accelerator hard, the tyres squealing angrily for a second before catching the road surface and jerking the car forward, throwing both of us back into our seats, .
  She looked across at me.
“Almost better, but not quite,” she said, easing up just as suddenly as the Mercedes hit seventy on the quiet road.
“Ready for that drink now?” she asked, turning into her driveway, opening the garage door and pulling into the spacious room.
I watched her get out of the car, her legs spread wide for a moment as she lifted her feet over the sill of the door.
“Well, are you going to sit there watching me, or are you going to fix our drinks?” I smiled at her teasing tone of voice.
“I’ll fix the drinks, then perhaps go back to the watching.
” Our eyes met for a second before I turned to step out of the car and follow her into the house.
“Wine, or would you like something.
harder?” She asked over her shoulder.
 Her emphasis on the last word reminded me of her daughter’s question earlier and I felt that familiar shiver in my groin as my cock twitched in my jeans.
“Your choice, Anna, we have plenty of ice”.
“Hard it is then.
I’ll have a Bacardi coke, Jerry.
Liquor is in the cabinet over there,” she pointed to an ebony sideboard, “and we probably have every choice known to man.
If you prefer wine, it’s downstairs in the cellar.
I’ll need to show you where the key is, but I really need to pee right now, so you’ll have to wait a minute or two.
” “No problem, I’m sure your need is greater than mine Anna.
” She glanced down at my groin and smiled.
“I’m not so sure it is, Jerry,” she winked as she left the room.
I looked down.
My discomfort was evident, my hard cock making a noticeable bulge in my jeans.
  I washed my hands then quickly fixed the drinks, being careful not to overdo the alcohol content.
Number one, I really wasn’t keen on drunk, or even tipsy women, and number two, I had to drive home at some point, and was even less enthusiastic about the thought of being pulled over and awarded a DUI from the local constabulary.
I heard the delightful click-clack of Anna’s heels as she came back into the room.
My eyes were immediately drawn to her feet, wrapped in several thin light blue leather straps which criss-crossed her ankles and held her pretty red toes in place.
“You like them?” she asked as I handed her rum and coke to her.
“Yes, they’re beautiful.
” Without knowing I was doing it, I licked my lips, watching her stretch one foot in front of her and point it to one side and then the other as if she was modeling for me.
“They should be, they cost a fortune!” “Oh my God, you bought your feet?” I exclaimed, a look of surprise on my face.
“Oh, I thought we were talking about my heels,” she responded, then giggled, seeing the twinkle in my eye.
  I winked at her and held my glass up.
“Cheers Anna, here’s to a wonderful evening.
” “Cheers Jerry.
” We clinked our glasses and she led me into her living room and gestured to the plush sofa before sitting across from me on the loveseat.
She slowly crossed her legs as she sat down, giving me a perfect view of her feet as we talked and got to know each other.
Apparently, her husband spent weeks at a time, sometimes months, working in the Middle East for an oil company.
Online Now! Lush Cams Baco_Sousa She spent most of her time volunteering for everything under the sun to keep busy since she didn’t need a job with the money her husband made.
 The jarring sound of the phone interrupted our conversation.
“Jennifer! Is everything okay, sweetie? Oh no, you’re kidding.
How on earth could you do that?” Anna looked over at me, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.
“Okay, I guess I can do that, just give us a few minutes.
Bye honey.
” “Silly girl, she forgot her damn purse with her ID and credit cards, and they were planning to go out for dinner.
” She said, an exasperated tone in her voice.
“Would you mind so much if we drove it over?” “Not a problem, Anna.
I have a kid too, so I know what they’re like,” I smiled at her.
“Oh damn, I just remembered I promised my husband I’d stay home in case he called.
Oh Jerry, I’m so sorry, but would you mind awfully if we took a rain check?” “Well, I’ve had three drinks, which is about my limit for driving anyway, so it’s probably for the best, but I’m going to hold you to that rain check.
Listen, Jennifer’s friend’s place is on my way, so why don’t I drop off her stuff for you?” “Oh no, I couldn’t have you do that.
” “Don’t be silly, go and get her purse, and I’ll pop it over.
” Anna smiled gratefully, got up to bring me her purse, then walked me to the door.
“Next week then?” she looked into my eyes, then leaned in to gently kiss my cheek.
“Thanks so much, Jerry, I owe you one.
” “I can’t wait, Anna.
” Here’s my cell number, just text me.
” The phone rang again.
“You’re a busy girl, aren’t you.
Bye for now.
” As I stepped into my car, the dampness between my legs reminded me that I had not taken care of tidying myself up at Anna’s place.
Oh well, I thought, I’d just drop the purse and run since the girls had dinner plans.
I had barely reached out to the doorbell when it swung open.
Susie stood in the doorway in her loose blouse and tight shorts.
Unlike earlier, on her feet were a pair of high heeled sandals, which caught my attention immediately.
“Oh, hello.
Jennifer’s mom asked me to bring this over.
I was in the car earlier when we dropped Jennifer off, but we didn’t meet.
I’m Jerry.
” I held out the purse, but instead of taking it from me, she stood to one side and, grabbing my wrist, she pulled me inside and closed the door behind me.
“Yes, Jerry, I know all about you,” she said slowly as she smiled at me.
Susie’s seductive tone of voice worried me.
“Wait, I can’t stop, I’m late as it is, Susie.
” I put the purse on the side table, desperately hoping to get out of there before Jennifer came out.
  “Oh, too late, I’ve just set the alarm, Jerry, and it’s on a one hour time delay.
” She giggled as she pulled me into the vast living room, her heels clicking on the marble tiled floor.
“Okay, Susie, you win.
What can I do for you?” I asked as she turned around and crossed her arms over her breasts and let her eyes roam up and down my body.
“Jennifer told me what she did to you when you went over to her house for drinks with her mom.
” She looked at my crotch and smiled.
“She also told me that you have a thing for pretty young girls wearing high heels.
Is that true?” I blushed at the thought of this sexy young girl knowing such intimate things about me, and felt my cock stirring in my pants.
“I guess so, yes.
” I answered her, my eyes glancing down to her feet.
“Oh good, cos I love having my feet played with, Jerry.
” She wiggled her toes under the simple straps of her sandals.
“You’d like to play with them, wouldn’t you? I can tell by the way you can’t take your eyes off them, Jerry” “Susan,” I said, trying to sound as stern as possible, “just because I happen to enjoy girls in heels doesn’t mean I want to go round playing with every pretty girl I meet.
Now, behave yourself, and turn off the alarm so I can go” “Did you really cum on Jen’s foot in the restaurant as well?” she said, ignoring my request.
“Oh fuck, she told you that too?” “Yes, and she said it was amazing feeling your hard cock as she rubbed her sole up and down it.
 I can see how hard you are right now, Jerry.
” She took one step closer and reached out her hand to press it against my crotch.
“Susie, please, don’t.
” “Mmmm, Jen was right, your cock feels nice.
She leaned in closer and I felt the sole of her sandal scraping my calf.
My penis flexed under her hand involuntarily.
She moved her other hand to undo the button of my jeans and slip the zipper down.
“I want to see your cum-stained panties, Jerry,” she whispered in my ear, slowly pushing.



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