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Latest stories Straight Sex The Notes – Part Four

I watched her out of the corner of my eye.
My hand in my pocket with the feel of her damp, cum soaked panties scrunched in my palm.
I watched as she opened the envelope.
She read my words.
I thought about what those words meant.
I was going to fuck her.
I was going to make her body feel things she didn’t know possible and all whilst I looked her firmly in the eyes.
There would be no need for a blindfold this time.
The time for that game was over.
I could finally release the weeks of pent up need; my need to fuck her hard and have her submit her entire body to me.
To know she knew who I was, and all without any implications to her career.
I was going to enjoy every fucking second of it.
*** After I’d headed out of the office, I went straight to my favourite lingerie store in town.
I’d had my eye on an expensive French style, agent provocateur, bra and panties set for quite some time, but costing over £200, I had always thought it too much to spend.
I felt I had reason on this occasion, after all, I had just been told I’d got the promotion, but mostly I was going to find out for sure who my mystery man was.
  My body visibly trembled when I thought of what Mark might do to me.
He may have thought it was going to be a total surprise, but he didn’t know that when my blindfold had slipped in the storeroom, I had seen his shoes.
Luckily, I had tried the lingerie on in the past, so I didn’t have to waste time finding out what size I needed.
That was probably for the best, as I had juice covering my legs from my panty-less, wet pussy.
The egg was still in place and gently buzzing; driving me crazy.
I got a few admiring looks from a few men on the way walk home.
I don’t know if I was being paranoid thinking that somehow they could sense my anticipation, or perhaps it was the look in my eyes that was giving away my secret.
Whatever the reason for my extra attention, when I got home I felt sexier than I had before my journey; if that was at all possible.
I reluctantly removed the egg and after showering and preparing myself, I slipped into my newly purchased lingerie.
The light black lace fitted my body perfectly, accentuating my figure and somehow making me feel more exposed than when I was naked.
It drew the eye to the curves of my hips and round fullness of my breasts.
I didn’t feel that my excitement needed adding to, but I didn’t want to disappoint, so I slipped the egg back inside my soaked pussy.
I put my raincoat over the top of my sexy undies, tying the belt securely.
I left for the apartment.
*** I knew she wouldn’t be late.
I knew she’d follow every one of my instructions; I had seen it in her the very first time I laid eyes on her.
I looked at the clock and my cock twitched with the anticipation.
Soon, I would get to do all the things I had been planning.
I took a sip of scotch and felt it warm its way down to my already burning insides.
Yes, I was going to enjoy unleashing everything I had on this woman.
I was going to make her scream and cry out in ecstasy, until she begged me to stop, because she could take no more.
I couldn’t wait to see the look in her eyes, as she came all over my cock while I fucked her furiously.
The intercom buzzed, notifying me that she had arrived.
“Let the fun begin.
” *** My finger had hovered over the intercom button; I wanted this, every fibre of my body was telling me I needed this, but my mind was having last minute doubts.
“Is this a good idea, Jayne?” I asked myself.
“This could make things awkward at work.
Was it really a good idea to sleep with the boss?” I shook my head to clear the thoughts.
I had already done so much; I convinced myself that this wasn’t going to make much difference.
I really did want this.
Taking a deep breath, I pressed the intercom button.
I waited for what felt like forever.
My heartbeat was pounding in my ears and the butterflies in my stomach fluttered about so much, that I was glad I hadn’t had a chance to eat anything.
When I heard the footsteps approaching from the other side of the door, thoughts of me bolting entered my head, but my feet stayed rooted to the spot.
This was it.
After weeks of waiting I was going to find out who my mystery man was.
I was practically hyperventilating when I heard the chain being taken off.
Time seemed to be slowing down.
I heard the lock being turned and my heart palpitated in my chest.
My head went light when I heard the handle being turned.
There was a moment of concern that I might pass out; I had images of him opening the door to see me flat out on the floor, but somehow I managed to stay upright.
The door opened.
I gasped loudly, unable to keep the shock from being audible.
“You!” I just stood staring.
I was in total shock.
I had been so sure, but I’d got it totally wrong.
“Ed,” I said out loud, more to try and clear my confused mind.
“Jayne,” he mimicked back.
“You going to come in, or are you just going to stand at my doorway with that adorable shocked looked on your face?” I walked in, as he stepped aside.
Dazed, I made my way by autopilot through the entrance hall, until I was stood in the large, light and modern living area of the apartment.
I turned to look at Ed, still confused.
“You seem like you were expecting someone else to open that door.
I hope you’re not disappointed it’s me?” “Yes.
No, I mean…” I struggled to think what to say.
“I was expecting someone else, but no, no, I’m not disappointed.
It just doesn’t make sense.
” “There’s plenty of time to explain.
We have all night.
” There was a something in his tone when he said the last part of that statement, which made my knees weaken and feel like they might give way.
The shock of discovering Ed at the door had almost made me forget the reason I was there, but with his eyes roaming my body, the heat in the room seemed to go up several degrees.
He went over to the drinks stand and poured two glasses of wine.
I watched him as he brought it over to me.
God, he looked sexy.
He was wearing a suit that he’d worn at work before, but somehow he looked different.
His rugged good looks and carefree air about him that I found so attractive at the office was there, but there was something different about his sparkling blue eyes.
He always carried himself with an air of confidence around the office, but this wasn’t the same.
I’d never seen him like that before.
With thoughts of how he’d treated me with the notes and the times we’d spent together when I was blindfolded, my pussy leaked more juice into my newly purchased knickers.
I gladly took the drink and practically emptied the glass in one gulp, all under the intense gaze of Ed.
“Can I take your coat?” Ed asked.
” I suddenly felt really self-conscious and wished I’d at least put a dress on.
I think Ed must’ve twigged what was beneath the coat, as his eyes darkened with lust.
“Let me rephrase that,” he said his voice low and firm.
“Take your coat off, Jayne.
” I could feel the intense power of his words; just like I had when I’d read his notes.
He was showing me a side that wasn’t visible in our office lives.
Just like with his notes, I wanted to please him.
My hands went to the belt of my coat.
I may have felt a little lost, but I knew I could do this.
I knew I could let out the girl that he’d seen in the storeroom.
I pulled my shoulders back and stood straight.
Looking him firmly in the eyes, my breathing deepened as our mutual arousal built.
I slowly pulled at the belt, allowing the bow to slowly untie.
I could see the appreciation in his eyes, as I slowly undid the belt and started to unbutton from the top of the coat down.
With each button, more of my peachy skin was revealed.
When all the buttons were undone, I walked slowly towards him, my heels lightly clicking against the high polished oak flooring.
When I reached him, I turned so my back faced him.
I felt him brush my hair to the side.
He slid his fingers under my collar; his fingertips brushed across the soft skin of my neck.
The hairs stood to attention.
He gently peeled the coat off my shoulders.
The cool air of the apartment hit my warm skin.
The sudden change in temperature and my ever growing lust caused my body to shudder and millions of little goose bumps appeared on my skin.
I heard him throw my coat over the chair that was next to him.
A small shocked gasp escaped my lips when his hands glided down my arms.
I leaned my head back against his chest, delighting in the luxury of his soft touch against my skin.
The smell of his aftershave filled my senses and for a moment I was transported back into the conference room.
“Walk back over there and turn around.
I want to look at you,” he instructed with a firm, but sexy tone in my ear.
Feeling light headed from his touch, the lack of food and alcohol consumed, I tried to make my way as steadily as possible across the room.
I could feel his eyes on my body, watching my full round ass move, as I walked in my heels away from him.
I stopped when I got to the sofa and turned around slowly.
His eyes seemed to take in every part of my body.
I was thrilled to see the bulge begin to grow in his trousers.
I felt so sexy with his eyes on me.
I don’t think I’ve ever felt sexier.
With a naughty little grin on my face, I started to stroke my hands up and down abdomen.
My hips slowly started to sway.
I don’t know what had come over me, but suddenly I wanted to tease this man, show him what a naughty girl I could be.
My hands came up and cupped my full breasts; the feel of the soft lace under my fingers.
I could feel that my nipples were as hard as bullets under my bra.
My head tipped back slightly, as my hand stroked up my neck.
I slowly stripped out of my bra, leaving me in the small drenched thong and heels.
I’d never been so daring in my life, but it felt good.
I know he was allowing me to feel like I had the power for a time, and secretly I looked forward to the moment that he took it back from me, but I was enjoying my sensual striptease.
I turned and bent over at the waist.
Looking back over my shoulder at him, I slowly started to peel the thong down my round buttocks.
I heard him groan, as my glistening hot sex and puckered little star were revealed to him.
I cried out in shock when I felt him come up silently behind me.
He roughly ripped the panties from my body.
In any other circumstance I think I would have been thinking about the fact that he’d just destroyed a £50 pound pair of knickers, but I was too overcome with desire to give a shit about that at that particular moment.
*** She had looked so cute, stood in my doorway with such a shocked expression on her face.
But, it hadn’t taken her long to settle.
When the sexy little bitch had performed a sultry, slowly, striptease for me, I struggled to maintain my composure.
At the sight of her drenched pussy and tight little asshole in front of me, I lost control.
She looked so fucking sexy when she bent forward, looking back at me over her shoulder, with such a look of dark lust in her eyes.
What was a man supposed to do? My cock was rock solid and ready to fuck, but I need to taste her first.
I ripped the expensive looking thong from her body, the sound of tearing fabric only increasing my desire.
I could smell her intoxicating scent.
My mouth watered at the idea of plunging my tongue deep inside her soaked cavern.
I crouched down behind her, eyes level with her saturated cunt.
This girl was amazing and without being told, she bent forward and spread her cheeks for me; offering herself to me.
At any other time I might’ve gone slow and teased her until she was on the edge and begging me, but I was too far gone for those sorts of games.
I needed to taste her cum on my tongue, I needed to feel my cock slip down her throat and I needed to fuck her until she screamed my name.
Online Now! Lush Cams AliskaNikson I was just about to plunge my tongue deep inside her, when I saw the extraction cord of the egg.
I was pleased that she’d followed my instructions, even if I had forgotten that I’d told her to keep it in all day.
The girl must’ve been bursting with arousal.
I hooked the cord with my finger and felt the resistance of her muscles trying to hold the egg inside.
With a firmer pull the egg slid out, freeing the juices that had pooled behind it; making a river of pure tastiness trickle down her thighs.
I caught the end of the stream with my tongue and licked my way back up her leg.
She moaned her delight at feeling my hot, wet, tongue clean her juices.
I took over her hold on her cheeks, while she steadied herself against the arm of the sofa.
Pulling her cheeks wide apart, I delved my tongue in deep.
*** I had never felt so exposed in my life, bent over, his face so close to my pussy.
My fingers dug deep into the soft flesh of my backside.
I could feel his breath as it hit the dampness of my cunt.
When I felt the tug of the string when he pulled the egg from within, my body automatically gripped the toy.
I felt the warm stream of my arousal trickle down my legs as he removed it.
The feeling of emptiness after having the egg nestled inside me for such a long time was strange; I couldn’t wait to feel him fill that void.
He took hold of my cheeks.
Feeling his strong manly hands pull my flesh to the point of pain, I couldn’t control the moan that forced its way out of me.
I grabbed the arm of the sofa to steady myself.
Then when his tongue collected my juice, I thought I was going to cum.
My body shuddered with the intense pleasure.
My grip on the arm of the chair grew firmer the higher up my thigh his tongue swept.
“Oh fuck!” I cried out when his tongue plunged deep inside me.
The tension of the day with the constant buzzing deep inside me and the anticipation of getting fucked had worked me into such a state.
Then, to feel his warm flesh invade my most intimate area made me explode.
My pussy gripped his tongue.
I was shamelessly riding and grinding my pussy against his face, not stopping, just riding out the orgasm.
I drenched his face with my cum, but that only seemed to intensify his need to tongue fuck me deeper.
He slapped my ass.
I squealed out in unexpected pain, but the sting seemed to go straight to my clit and only encourage my wildness further.
Giving his tongue a rest, he thrust two fingers deep inside me.
This new intrusion only filled me with more pleasure.
I moved so I could rest my body of the arm of the chair, my ass pushed out desperately meeting the pounding of his fingers.
He grabbed my hair and held my head tight.
Growling in my ear, now four fingers deep, he told me, “Fucking get yourself off, you sexy fucking bitch.
Fuck my fingers like you mean it, and I might just let you suck my cock.
” His voice was raw and full of dominant passion.
I didn’t need telling twice.
Talking my free hand and rubbing my clit, I worked my hips, grinding against his fingers that were buried deep.
I picked up my pace, until I was bouncing furiously.
“Are you going to cum for me, Jayne? Are you going to show me how much of a dirty little bitch you are? That’s it, girl, fuck those fingers,” he growled over my screams of delight.
“Oh fuck! Oh yeah, I’m going to cum,” I screamed, as I felt the orgasm about to break.
Faster and faster, higher and higher I went.
Until, I stopped dead.
My body tensed and shook.
The unmistakable cry of my orgasm echoed around the room.
Ed’s hand had been stationary until I stopped riding when my orgasm hit, but he started to pump his fingers inside my clenching cunt, prolonging the intense explosion.
My body slumped forward, unable to take my weight.
I felt completely drained from what I had just experienced.
He pulled his sodden finger from my cunt and offered them to me to clean.
I licked delightedly at the sweet taste of my pleasure, sucking at his fingers, until I had cleaned every last drop.
He flipped me over, onto my back and buried his head between my legs, sucking at my cunt, until he had got his fill of my sweet creamy cum.
*** She tasted so good that I could’ve of stayed down there forever, but the feel of her mouth when she had sucked my fingers had put another longing in my mind.
When I was sure I had cleaned her up good, I stood over her sweat glistening body and stripped out of my clothes.
My cock was hard to the point of aching, desperate for a bit of relief of its own.
Her fingers mindlessly played across her breasts, as she watched me stand above her with my cock in hand.
It felt so good to stroke my rigid shaft, looking into the eyes of my slut.
I was really going to enjoy what came next.
Pulling her body, so she was lower down the sofa, I straddled her and lifted her head towards my waiting cock.
Her tongue came out and wet her lips.
The tip of my cock rubbed its precum across her pretty face.
Securing my grip on her hair and holding her head steady, I gave her a wink and said, “Open wide.
” She obliged.
I can’t describe to you the pleasure I felt, as my cock sunk deep into the warm depths of her mouth.
*** I’ve never seen anything quite so sexy as the sight of Ed towering naked above me, cock in hand.
The shiny head of his dick was slick with his precum and my mouth watered with the prospect of tasting him.
When the sexy bastard winked and told me to open wide, had it not been for his secure grip of my hair, I would have shown him how ready I was to suck his cock.
But, ever the dominant beast, he controlled his descent into my mouth.
He luxuriated in the feel of my mouth engulfing his long, hard cock.
I loved watching his face, his increasing pleasure clear to see.
Usually I liked to be in control when I sucked cock, but I was helpless to do anything; pinned to the sofa, immobile with a face full of dick.
He started slowly thrusting his hips forward, sinking himself deeper inside me.
My eyes watered, as he pushed me to the limits.
My arms gripped his thighs as he ploughed his cock deeper and deeper, until he was properly fucking my face.
At the point when I was just getting concerned about my lack of breath, he pulled his saliva covered dick from my mouth.
I gasped for air, but felt the emptiness and longing to be filled.
He moved lower down my body and trailed his wet dick across my breasts.
Understanding his intentions, I unhooked my arms from around his thighs and pushed my breasts together for him.
He rubbed his head against my erect nipples before he slapped his dick against them, sending a delighted purr from my lips.
He slid his dick between my large tits.
It glided easily through my breasts, which I held tightly around his shaft.
He started to thrust his cock between my big tits, so I lowered my head to lap at his head every time it pushed out the top.
It felt so good to know he was getting so much pleasure from my body.
I pulled and tweaked on my nipples, moving my breasts up and down his slick shaft.
He must’ve been getting close to the edge, because he stopped.
I released him from my grip and he pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss.
Pulling me with him, he lowered himself onto the sofa and I ended up sitting on top of him.
I could feel his cock pressing into my mound.
I couldn’t help but move my hips, grinding my clit hard against his shaft.
He lifted my hips and guided the head of his cock to my entrance.
I looked him in the eyes.
His dick pushed past my entrance and into tight, wet cunt.
His hands came to my breasts and squeezed them tightly, as I began to slowly ride his dick.
I couldn’t contain myself; I felt so good, so fucking sexy.
My nails dug into his chest, as my pace increased.
*** I’d never seen anything as beautiful as the sight of her straddled over me.
Her face lit up with pure pleasure when my cock sank deep inside her.
I stretched her tight, little, cunt with every hard inch of my dick.
She bounced up and down on my cock like a pro.
Tits bouncing so enticingly that I had to grab hold.
I could see she was getting close, as was I.
So, when her nails threatened to break the skin on my chest, I grabbed hold of her hips and starting thrusting like a mad man, jolting her body with every powerful blow.
Her cries became manic howls of incoherent words, but there was one line that I heard clearly.
“Fuck, Ed! Fill my pussy with your cum.
Oh fuck, please I beg you.
” “Not before you cum all over my cock,” I grunted back, between gritted teeth.
“Cum for me, Jayne.
Cum Now!” I felt her body tense and her walls gripped my cock so tight, that she practically milked my cock of its cum.
I growled out an intense cry with the last few thrusts of my dick, feeling the surge of cum as it spurted hard and deep inside her pussy, spraying her insides with my seed.
*** I’d never had an orgasm like it.
The intensity was so overwhelming, but it was its sheer length of time it lasted that got me.
It just didn’t seem to want to subside, wave after wave of pure fucking joy.
With our bodies both completely spent, I allowed his softening cock to slip from my pulsing insides.
Wrapping my body around his, I rested my head against his chest.
I could hear his heartbeat was as rapid as mine, but after a while our breathing and hearts slowed.
He pulled the blanket from the back of the sofa and covered our rapidly cooling bodies over with the soft material.
I rested there a moment, but eventually as the haze of the orgasm wore off, the questions started to fill my mind.
One particular question just kept repeating over and over, so eventually I asked, “If you’ve been my note sender along, what about the shoes I saw in the storeroom?” His fingers tickled small circles across my skin, as he chuckled at my question.
“Mark did say you’d been acting weird around him recently.
It all makes sense now.
The day that we had our fun in the storeroom, I’d played squash with Mark before work.
I’d gone already dressed in my gym gear.
When I went to get changed into my suit after we’d played, I realised I’d left my shoes at home.
Luckily Mark wears the same size as me, and keeps a spare pair in his office.
” “Yes that would explain it.
Oh god,” I cringed.
“I winked at Mark when I left the office today, told him I’d see him later.
I thought he looked at me a bit shocked, but I just thought that he was playing it cool! Oh god, Ed, that’s so embarrassing!” I hid my face against his chest and he laughed at my mistake.
“Why did you keep it a secret?” I asked.
“What, you mean apart from the fact that it was so much fun?” he teased.
“Yes, apart from that,” I said, while tickling him.
He grabbed my arms and pinned me to the back of the sofa.
He kissed me gently at first, but it grew in passion quickly.
I pulled away.
“Don’t try and get out of the question.
Why did you feel we had to keep it a secret? You had no say in my getting the job, did you?” “No, that was Mark’s decision that had nothing to do with me.
But…” he hesitated.
“The company might sort of belong to me.
” I sat up shocked.
“What, you mean you own it?” I asked, confused.
“But the company is owned by the Nealson Family, your surname is Bennett?” “My grandfather is Walter Nealson.
When my father died and the family cut my mother out the will, leaving everything to me, she changed our names back to her maiden name.
She didn’t want me to have anything to do with that side of the family.
My grandfather wanted me to take over the business when I became of age, but I told him that I would work my way up to the top.
I couldn’t just go in and steal Mark’s job.
He’s been like the uncle I never had.
” He rubbed his head, as if talking about this was giving him a headache.
“I can see why you didn’t want people to find out,” I told him reassuringly.
“And, you were right, it was fun to have you as a mystery, but now I know who you are, I’m sure we can have lots more fun together.
” He rolled me over, so he was on top of me pinning my body.
With a dark, sexy gleam in his eyes he said, “Yes, lots more fun indeed.
” The End.



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