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Latest stories Straight Sex The Golf Gigolo – 2nd Round

With the practice round and the first real-time round finished, I thought that the female golfers would be far too focused on strategy and their game to consider sex the night before the final round.
But the coordinator at the tournament informed me differently when I reported for “duty” after dinner and met her at the bar.
As she had done the previous night, she handed me a slip of paper with a room number on it.
The resort hosting the golf tournament had enough accommodations to allow many golfers to come and go with some privacy, away from the media.
“You’ll find two girls waiting for you tonight,” she said, smiling teasingly, “But don’t let your fantasies run wild.
They’re 25 and 23 and the older one is in the tournament although she barely made the cut.
She is not in it for the money; her father is the Director of the tournament.
“You will find them a little peculiar in their sexual interests but I implore you to go along so that they won’t give either of us anything but good reviews.
” Eagerly I took the elevator to almost the top floor of the resort.
Obviously these girls had used their family influence to secure a small penthouse, probably usually reserved for local golf dignitaries.
I didn’t have to wait long when I knocked on their door; it was opened by a hefty girl with chubby cheeks and blond hair.
She was dressed in denim shorts and a tank top.
She didn’t speak, but just stepped back to let me in.
Inside, I was greeted by the older girl, very slender and even taller than me.
She was wearing a short golf skirt and a golf blouse and she offered her hand to shake.
As I shook her hand she motioned for me to sit down and when she sat opposite from me, her sister sat by her side.
The older one was quite confident, and shook her long brown hair before she spoke.
She wasted no time with preliminary questions as the woman had the night before.
“I’m Ariel and this is my caddy, Dianna,” she said, “I’m not doing well in the tournament but I don’t care; we participate for the social activities because we’re always guaranteed satisfaction.
So, here’s what to expect: I like sex with our clothes on.
You pull it out and stroke it while I use my fingers and get ready.
“When I’m ready, I want you to fuck me; just push my thong aside,” she said almost coolly.
“Do you have a condom?” she asked.
“No, I’m sorry,” I said with some embarrassment, “I didn’t know what to expect.
” “That’s all right; Dianna, get one of your favorite condoms for me, will you?” she asked.
She stood up and motioned for me to follow.
We walked down a long corridor to a huge bedroom, probably a master suite, and she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back.
I stood by the end of the bed, awaiting instructions when Dianna joined us.
“Got a chocolate one,” she said, licking her lips.
Ariel pulled her thong aside and began rubbing herself and using her fingers in her pussy.
I ventured that it was probably already wet and ready based on how quickly her fingers became wet and shiny.
“Come on,” Ariel urged, “pull it out and let me watch you stroke it.
” I unzipped to comply and finally the sight of her frigging herself got me hard enough to satisfy her.
She nodded to Dianna who handed me the condom package.
Online Now! Lush Cams Luca_Hudson I opened it and rolled the flavored condom down my shaft.
Ariel motioned to me and spread her legs, “Bring it,” she ordered.
I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs.
She lifted her legs and hooked her feet behind my legs as I sunk into her with one smooth stroke.
She was wet and tight.
I rested on my elbows and rotated my hips to give her maximum penetration with each stroke.
Her caddy suddenly appeared, naked from the waist down.
She sat next to Ariel on the bed with her legs crossed.
She used one hand to play with her clit as she watch me fuck Ariel.
She reached out to hold one of Ariel’s hands.
Ariel closed her eyes and used her other hand to pinch her nipples and sighed each time I thrust into her.
I worked at varying speeds, trying to change the angle of my thrusts and she smiled and bit her lower lip.
After several very pleasurable minutes I felt the first signs of my climax and I wondered how long she would last.
“Don’t come; save it for Dianna,” she said without opening her eyes.
That changed my attitude and I dropped into a steady rhythm, pulling out slowly and then plunging back in hard.
She loved it, and grabbed my shoulder with her free hand.
Her other hand was squeezing Dianna’s.
She opened her eyes and stared at me for long moments and finally whispered, “Don’t stop; I’m coming.
” I would never have known if she had not told me; her body showed no indication that she had an orgasm, other than her rapid breathing.
When she was satisfied she said, “Okay, take it out and stand by the bed for Dianna.
” As soon as I was on my feet, Dianna was kneeling in front of me.
She wrapped her lips around the head of my sheathed cock and hummed on it like it was as sweet as an ice cream cone.
Her mouth consumed my cock right to the base and I felt the tip touch the back of her throat.
The condom reduced the sensations I would normally have felt from her mouth but she knew what she was doing.
Her hands played with my balls and she used a finger to tease my anal rim as her mouth pumped up and down my shaft.
Ariel slipped to the edge of the bed so she could sit there close by and watch.
“Dianna loves to give chocolate blow jobs,” she said with pride.
Dianna was talented with the combination of her mouth and hands and she soon had me where she wanted.
I groaned and rose on my toes as I strained, trying to hold my release until my cock was deep in her mouth.
Dianna sensed my pending orgasm and slowly pumped me, her lips squeezing tightly each time as she rose toward the tip of my cock.
Her mouth literally milked me as I stood there with my hands fisted.
When I let out a deep sigh, she knew I was finished.
She carefully peeled the condom off my softening cock, obviously being careful not to spill any.
“You can go now,” Ariel said as Dianna sat down next to her on the end of the bed.
I tucked and zipped and realized I didn’t need to thank them for letting me come; they got what they wanted.
I turned back as I was about to leave the bedroom and saw Ariel dangling the condom in the air with my ejaculate pooled in the end of it.
They had it in front of their faces, smiling like they had found a treasure.
I wanted to sneak into the hallway and peek back to see what they would do with it, but I decided it might not be wise; there was too much of a risk of getting caught.



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