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My meeting with Wanderlust went better than I could have ever imagined.
She turned out to be a stunning twenty two year old blond with a bold kinky streak.
I mean there are not to many ladies that will allow you to finger them in public will she jacks you off.
She didn’t even care that I was twenty years older that she was.
The attraction between us was undeniable.
I gave her my room number and hurried to my room to get out of my cum soaked boxers and shower.
After toweling off I donned a pair of silk boxers and a matching robe that had been purchased just for this weekend.
 I had no sooner tied the robe’s belt when the phone rang.
I didn’t have to wonder who it was.
“Hey lover,” her voice purred.
“Hey yourself,” I answered.
“I’m in the room next to yours.
” “That’s great.
” “We need a safety word,” she said in a serious tone.
“Okay, any suggestions?” I asked.
Saying the word stop and using our real names will work.
” “That works for me,” I replied.
“Me too.
I”ll call you back in a bit,” she replied before she hung up.
I poured myself a drink and had a smoke to calm down and waited.
About a half and hour later the phone rang again.
“Hey Phantom,” she said softly.
“Hey Wanderlust,” I responded.
“The door between our rooms is open on my side, please come over,” she crooned.
I hung up and opened the door that joined our rooms and stepped inside and the sight before my eyes caused me to get hard.
Loni was dressed in black seamed nylons, a black silk garter belt and a shelf bra.
A tiny spandex thong covered her pussy and satin gloves that went past her elbows covered her arms.
She slowly approached and wound her satin covered arms around me as her soft warm lips connected with mine.
Her small tongue gently entered my mouth and she gave me a long lingering kiss that ended with her gently biting my lower lip.
When she finished I was led to the desk chair which was now in the center of the room and I was asked to sit down.
Loni then took a seat on my thighs facing me and gave me another long lingering kiss.
“This is what I wear when we chat,” she informed me.
“You look fantastic,” I commented.
“We talked a lot about experimenting,” she said.
“Yes we did.
” “Were you serious or just making conversation?” she asked.
“I was serious.
” “Good, because there is something I have wanted to do to you,” was all she said.
Loni got off my lap and headed to her suitcase on the bed.
When she returned she asked me to place my hands behind the back of the chair.
I did as she requested and I felt her tightly bind my wrists with something silky.
There was a momentary wave of panic as I had never been tied up before.
She came around to the front of the chair and I saw that she had nylon stockings in her hand.
She then knelt down and tied my ankles to the front legs.
Loni smiled at me from her kneeling position.
“Are you okay with this?” she asked as she stood up.
“Yes, please go on.
” Loni straddled me again and began kissing and licking my ears and neck.
They were long slow kisses and licks.
She untied my belt and parted my robe and then moved her lips to my chest.
Loni planted soft kisses on every inch of flesh in between using her teeth and tongue to lick and gently nip my nipples.
She slowly stood up and removed her bra.
Staring me directly in the eyes, she caressed her beautiful B cups and softly moaned as she did this.
When she sat down again and I was amazed at the amount of heat I felt from between her legs.
She then began to tease me in a new way.
Loni would bring her erect nipples within an inch of my mouth and rub them across my lips.
She would always pull them back before I could kiss or lick them.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN While she did this her long red fingernails would gently scrape across my nipples in between gently pinching them.
I was as hard as a rock and wanted to grab her and throw her on the floor and fuck right there.
I even pulled against my wrist bindings to see if I could get loose, but there was no give.
She had tied me good and tight.
“Oh baby, you are so hard,” she said softly as she reached down and opened the fly and extracted my swollen member.
Loni stood up again and slowly removed her thong to reveal a well trimmed bush.
She then straddled me and placed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy and started to slowly lower herself on my hard pole.
She allowed the head of my cock to enter her hot and wet opening, then she pulled away.
She did this several times and each time she allowed me to penetrate her a little deeper.
“What happens to me when I untie you?” she asked.
“Untie me and find out,” I answered through clenched teeth.
Wanderlust got up and moved behind me and untied my wrists but I didn’t move until she freed my ankles.
I then leapt up and mashed my lips against hers and buried my tongue in her mouth while pulling her warm body against me.
I released her long enough to use one of the nylons to gag her and then placed her across my lap and proceeded to spank her.
Her muffled moans through her nylon gag told me how much she was enjoying it.
After I judged that she had been spanked enough I helped her to stand and led her to the bed and asked her to sit.
I removed her gag.
I then retrieved a condom from the nightstand and slid it on.
“I want you to replace the gag and take me against my will,” she said softly.
“What about our safety word?” “Safety word be dammed, just fuck me hard as you can,” she begged.
I pushed her back on the king sized bed and I attempted to mount her, but she kept her knees together and tried to push me off of her.
She was very strong for someone so young and I was forced to pin her arms down by the wrists.
“No, no,” she begged.
I finally managed to get her knees wide apart and placed my body between her nylon covered legs as I placed the head of my cock at her opening.
The scent of her perfume and sex were driving me wild.
“So, you changed your mind about fucking me?” I questioned.
I’m a virgin,” she moaned.
“Well you’re going to get fucked whether you want to or not,” I said between clenched teeth I managed to place the gag across her mouth and pin her arms again.
I then buried my shaft as deep in her as I could go.
A long muffled moan accompanied my plunging myself into her I pumped her as hard and fast as I could.
Her moans through her makeshift gag grew louder with each thrust and the heat and wetness from her pussy seemed to increase.
I lowered my head and kissed and sucked her nipples.
Finally she placed her silky legs across my back and crossed her ankles to hold me in place as a long sustained moan issued from her gagged mouth.
When she stopped moving I got off her and removed the gag.
 I then pulled her close to me and planted soft kisses on her.
“That was absolutely the best.
I have wanted to role play for so long but could never find anyone that wanted to do it,” she told me.
“I will take on any role you want, I am an actor after all,” I answered.
“You better get some sleep,” Loni said as she curled up next to me.
“Sleep?” “Yes, you are going to need your strength,” she giggled.
It was the greatest sex filled weekend that I had ever experienced.
Before we parted company on Sunday she extracted two promises from me.
One was to buy a web cam as soon as I got home and the second was to make reservations here the end of the month.



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