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My name is Anna and I have brown hair and eyes.
I have a nice C-cup rack and have a brother named Jason that also has brown hair and eyes.
We’re both about 5’10, but I’m 28 while he is 25.
We always seem to have different opinions on things.
I was glad Obama got in the white house, but he wanted McCain to win in 2008 for instance.
Although there is something we both love, and that is pussy, that’s right, I’m a lesbian.
Our parents passed away a few years ago, but that didn’t stop Jason from finding someone to marry.
He met a very nice lady named Samantha at a grocery store about a year and a half before he married her.
She’s nice and pretty, so maybe it was love at first sight for them.
Anyway Samantha is 28 and has blonde hair with blue eyes.
She is 6’2 and has a rocking D-cup rack though, so that may have at least greased Jason’s wheels.
I came over one Saturday night over to their apartment to see if they wanted to go out and kick it, so I knocked on the door and Samantha answered.
“Hello Anna, how are you doing?” Samantha asked.
“I’m good, how are you doing?” I asked.
“I’m good too, you wanna come in?” Samantha asked.
I followed her into the living room after I came in and she shut the door.
We both sat down on their couch and just chatted it up for a few minutes.
“Well, Jason is out with some friends tonight, but what’s going on with you?” Samantha asked.
“Nothing much, it’s just Saturday night and I was wondering what you two were up to.
I thought maybe you’d be interested in going to a party or something, but I guess Jason is busy,” I replied.
She nodded her up in approval, but I could see something was on her mind, so I asked her what was up.
“Everything cool with you and Jason?” I asked.
“Yes, I guess.
Can I ask you something woman to woman that’s a little personal?” Samantha asked.
I could see something was up, was she thinking of breaking up or separating? “Sure, what’s on your mind?” I asked.
She cracked a small smile then, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought, although it seemed to be an embarrassed smile.
“Last week I was flipping his issue of Playboy, and I think something happened,” Samantha replied.
I wasn’t sure what to make of that, so I had a confused look on my face.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“First, will you promise me not to tell Jason about this, I don’t want him to get the wrong idea?” Samantha asked.
“Only if you are not about to tell me you are cheating,” I replied.
She nodded once again and got close to me, which I thought was weird, but I guess one of the responsibilities of being a sister in law was that you had to listen to her every now and then.
“A couple days ago I was flipping through his issue of Playboy like I said and I got to Miss November’s pictorial.
I don’t know why, but I just really liked what I saw,” Samantha said.
I still wasn’t sure what to make of this honestly, I mean I’m not too sure that anyone is 100% heterosexual, but it sounded like she just needed to talk about it.
“Do you think you are attracted to women Samantha?” I asked.
She got really close to me and whispered something to me.
“I don’t know, I just looked at her for a couple minutes and then my pussy got wet,” Samantha whispered in my ear.
Then I had a stunned look on my face, I mean could she be a closet lesbian? I was a lesbian, but I never had anyone come out to me though.
I guess when I came out to Jason it wasn’t as awkward, maybe we already knew it at the back of our minds.
“Do you mean slightly wet, or completely soaked?” I asked.
“Completely soaked,” Samantha whispered in my ear.
Well I could see why she would wanna talk to me about this sense I was a lesbian, but I still wasn’t sure to say.
She backed away and I still had to find out more.
“Well, when did this happen?” I asked.
“A couple weeks ago, it just happened honestly.
I’m not even sure why I looked through the magazine, I just picked it up and looked through it.
The next thing I know my pussy is wet and I’m masturbating,” Samantha replied.
Now this was total uncharted territory, so I just winged it I guess.
“Holy shit my lady, well that is something you can’t just ignore.
You really masturbated?” I asked.
“Yes,” Samantha replied.
Really the only thing I could think to do was hug her and let her know she shouldn’t feel weird.
Although that proved not to not be the best thing to do, because as I hugged her my pussy got wet.
I played it cool and backed away a little bit, but I think she saw that I was a little uncomfortable though.
“Are you okay?” Samantha asked.
I just had a somewhat nervous look on my face and I slowly backed away a little more.
I was wearing a short dress and she could see my panties.
As she saw them for about 3 seconds, she couldn’t help but notice that they were wet, and it didn’t take her long to connect the dots.
So she leaned over and kissed me.
I stopped her roughly about 5 seconds into the kiss.
“No Samantha, no,” I said as I got up.
“Why? You are obviously attracted to me, and you are just my sister in law.
Jason doesn’t have to ever find out,” Samantha replied.
I was standing up looking at her and I was very nervous and panting a bit.
She got up and came over to me, she took my hand and kissed it very softly.
“We love each other like sisters, maybe we’re only related because I married your brother, but you have been great to me.
You have taken me out and really shown me that I’m not just someone that got Jason got hitched to.
So let’s try it, in the end, it’s win-win,” Samantha said just before she kissed once again.
I couldn’t fight it, so we made out for about 30 seconds straight as we both were standing up.
We both wrapped our arms around each other rather tightly and eventually we both got back down on the couch.
We made out as she was on top of me.
We just kept going at it like mad for about 10 minutes straight and I hated to admit it, but I was getting really turned on.
My pussy was already quite wet, and she was just making it as wet as she could get it.
Eventually I had to break the kiss though.
“Jason never ever finds out about this, do you understand?” I asked.
“I understand, do you mind if we go to the bedroom now?” Samantha asked.
So we both got up and went over to her bedroom.
Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% into this, but I considered it to be a huge personal favor to Samantha.
There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I was a lesbian or not, so I guess I felt for her.
We got to her bedroom, I laid down first and she got on top of me.
We made out passionately for about another minute, and then she began climbing down south a bit.
She lifted up my dress and took a good look at my panties.
Of course by then, they weren’t just wet, they were absolutely soaked.
“You really are a lesbian,” Samantha said.
“I do love pussy,” I replied.
She laughed for a minute and then stood up.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke She began undoing her pants and they fell to the floor exposing her panties.
She had some very wet green panties on.
I just starred at her crotch for a few seconds and I just had an orgasm right there and then.
“Holy shit!” I said.
She liked the sound of that, so she very slowly pulled down her panties as well and tossed them on me.
I grabbed them and as I touching them, she got down on her knees and came towards me.
I laid down flat on my back and she very slowly pulled off my panties.
Of course she had to feel mine too, after about a minute, she leaned down towards my pussy and got very close.
“This is probably the closest I’ve ever been to another pussy,” Samantha said.
Of course by then I think we both knew there was no turning back and we were horny as hell.
So she slowly leaned in a bit and gave my pussy a very gentle lick.
“Don’t be scared, it’s only a pussy Samantha,” I said.
“Well, you have had a lot more experience eating pussy, bitch,” Samantha replied.
We both laughed for a minute and she began eating me out for the very first time.
I had never been with a first timer honestly, so this was gonna be an experience for both of us.
Even though she didn’t have any pussy eating experience, she was still a woman and knew how a woman liked to be fucked.
She gave my pussy numerous gentle licks all over it for a minute, but then she spread out my pussy lips and stuck her tongue inside my pussy.
So I had no choice but to let out a very loud moan immediately after she stuck her tongue in.
“Holy shit Samantha!” I screamed.
Of course we were both sweaty and our hearts were racing as well, but we were liking what we were doing though.
As she had tongue deep inside my pussy, she began moving it around a bit intensifying the pleasure to the max you could say.
Once she moved her tongue around in there, I just started screaming as loudly as I could.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I screamed.
Her tongue was something else you could say, and she knew how to use it.
I began moving around a little and I was already having a lot of trouble not spraying her.
It was not a fair fight none whatsoever, but I put my hands on her head and she stuck her tongue inside me even deeper.
I felt her head really wet, she was sweating bullets as Dave Mustaine would say.
“Holy shit Samantha!” Screamed.
She didn’t answer me, she just stuck her tongue deep into my pussy once again and put her fingers into my pussy as well.
As she had her tongue and 2 fingers inside my pussy, I had begun moving around like mad.
“Shit yes,” I said as I moaned.
I felt my forehead and I was even sweatier than she was.
Maybe I was actually more into this than she was, it was hard to tell, but I knew this: I was about explode.
“Fuck yes!” I screamed.
I exploded all over her face for about 10 seconds straight and then she just leaned her head up and let the cum dry on her face for a minute.
After about a minute, I leaned up and she pulled off my dress, so I was just in my bra, but of course she wasn’t about to let me continue to wear that.
She immediately took it off and threw my dress and bra on the floor.
She looked at my naked body and judging by the look on her face, she liked what she saw.
She liked what I had to offer, so she wanted to give me a chance to see what she was hiding under her clothes.
She let me see her pussy already, but she was hiding some c-cup boobs under her shirt.
She took her shirt off and threw it on the floor by my dress.
“Fuck me sideways,” I said.
“I’ll take that as a compliment I guess,” Samantha replied.
I put my hands on her back and took off her bra.
I had seen a lot of breasts up till then, but there was something a little special about her boobs.
They were big and perky with great nipple placement as well.
Her boobs should have been in Playboy, so I actually started drooling the first time I saw them right then.
“So you like them?” Samantha asked.
I didn’t answer her with words anyway, I leaned my head down towards her boobs and began licking her nipples very slowly.
I had my way with her tits for about 10 minutes straight and she put her hands on my head.
Once again I knew she didn’t have any experience in this area, but she knew what she was doing.
She didn’t put too much pressure on my head and just let me do all the work.
My heart seriously had never raced so hard before in my life, I knew this was right and wrong at the same time.
Then my right hand went down south a bit and I rubbed her pussy very slowly.
Of course she began moaning very loudly all of the sudden.
“Oh shit Anna, you are one hell of a lesbian!” Samantha screamed.
I guess I was giving her a double whammy, licking her nipples and rubbing her pussy at the same time.
My hand was of course drenched in about 3 seconds and I loved it that way.
I never had sex with another woman that I was that close to before honestly, all the girlfriends I had were ladies I met after I became a lesbian.
Having sex with Samantha was something I’d never forget, especially when I got her to have probably the biggest orgasm of her life.
She just began screaming without much warning.
“Fuck!” Samantha screamed.
She exploded all over my hand, but didn’t get it much wetter than it already was.
After she had a huge orgasm, we both laid down on our backs and cuddled together in absolute silence.
We both just did something wonderful and not so wonderful at the same time.
After about 5 minutes, I couldn’t help but wonder something, so I leaned up and gave her another kiss.
“So you still like lesbian sex after you had a huge orgasm?” I asked.
“Yes,” Samantha replied with an enthusiastic tone.
I laid back down and we cuddled some more, as we were cuddling together, I had to wonder something else.
“So, what now?” I asked.
“What do you mean?” Samantha asked as she gave me a look.
“I mean you just had sex with a woman for the first time, how are you feeling about pussy now?” I asked.
She laughed for a minute and gave me another kiss.
“Well I think I have new respect for it now, I gotta say my first time was magical,” Samantha replied.
“I’m glad I could help,” I said.
I think she knew something else was on my mind, so she just came right out with it.
“Don’t worry, I still love your brother more than anything, this was just something I needed to try at least, but I think I may have to talk Jason into a threesome sometime,” Samantha replied.
“Well, walk before you run, OK?” I asked.
“I’m sure if I phrased it right, he’d go for it,” Samantha replied.
“Just find the right girl, or shit could happen, trust me I know,” I said.
I think about 2 months later I set them up with an ex of mine, she was nice, we left on good terms.
Although before then Samantha did get me to let her practice on me a couple times.
We never told Jason that we did it, I’m pretty sure only bad things would have come from that, but they had their threesome and neither of them are complaining.



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