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Isabella ventured into the woods until she found a clearing.
Standing in the gleaming sun, the red-haired sorceress conjured a cool fog as a mystical globe levitated between her palms.
While the mist dampened the skirts of her velvet green gown, it also shielded her hands from the intense temperature of the ball.
She laughed to herself, knowing that if anyone should happen upon this scene, they would immediately assume it was a crystal ball.
Indeed, she could see things inside of it.
But, in truth, it could be more accurately described as a gelatinous sphere that glowed while radiating light and heat.
She looked deep into the globe and saw a most troublesome sight.
It caused her stomach to tighten as she knew that danger was imminent.
She’d need to keep this to herself as her village would surely either run or stay and react violently.
If she wanted to save her people, she needed them to do neither.
So, she’d keep the vision a well-guarded secret until it was time.
She’d find a way to keep things peaceful and make everything right.
After all, she’d been doing so for hundreds of years.
Isabella came from a long line of witches, wizards, and sorcerers, but she’d long since exiled them from her life.
She saw a darkness in them that frightened her.
Using power for evil or for self-serving purposes had become a way of existence for many of them.
She couldn’t abide by such treacherous behavior, so she left the whole ugly lot of them behind and traveled far and wide before she found the Village of Green Forest.
It was here that she’d met and trained under the mighty sorcerer, Cheval.
He’d recognized her gift immediately and had taken her under his wing as an apprentice to hone her powers.
He’d been delighted with Izzy, as he called her, for she had such incredibly strong metaphysical energy.
Over the years, many villagers began to doubt the powerful magic of Cheval and Isabella.
This had made Cheval quite cross and he became a bit of a hermit.
While he would occasionally allow Izzy to come into his garden to drink tea, he no longer interacted with the rest of the villagers.
Today was one of those occasions.
As Isabella poured them each some tea, Cheval commented gruffly, “You know, Izzy, it’s times like these that one could almost understand your family’s penchant for evil.
I grow tired of the foolishness of the folks here, my girl.
There are times I believe they don’t deserve your protection.
” “They need me now more than ever, Cheval,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
He paused with his cup in midair, “What makes you think this, my dear?” She took a deep breath and sighed, “I went into the clearing beyond the woods today.
I’ve had troublesome dreams and needed to see for myself.
The mystical sphere appeared between my hands before I even called for it.
” “You must have summoned it subconsciously,” Cheval chided.
“Foolish girl! The sphere could have burned you!” “I’m not a child!” Isabella protested.
“I conjured a cool mist the instant I realized its presence.
” He chuckled softly as she glared at him.
“No,” he said with a sad smile, “you’re not a child by any stretch of the imagination.
But you’ll forgive an old man for worrying about you.
” “Aren’t you the one who told me that I’m the most powerful sorceress you’ve ever met?” she asked.
“I haven’t met many sorceresses, so that may not be the compliment you think it is,” Cheval said, trying to keep things light between them.
“Keep it up, old man, and I will be the last sorceress you ever meet!” she teased back.
“Your powers grow weak at their lack of use.
” He raised an eyebrow, “What did you see in the milky orb, Izzy?” “Darkness.
Total and complete darkness.
A shroud so powerful and dangerous that the sun won’t be able to penetrate it.
I’m afraid, Cheval.
I want to protect the village, but I worry that they will either panic and lose their lives in revolt or, worse, not take me seriously and perish anyway,” she explained.
He nodded grimly but said nothing.
She felt frustration bubbling inside her gut, “I could use your help, you know.
” “As you were quick to point out, it’s been years since I have so much as levitated, let alone practiced the kind of magic you are asking for,” Cheval said, sipping his tea.
“We have a bit of time,” she replied.
“You could…” Cheval interrupted, “I could what? I spent years protecting these people and their lands.
And then…” He stopped.
They both knew the reason he’d shut himself away.
He’d allowed himself to fall in love but had his heart shattered when the woman he’d given it to, tossed it away carelessly.
Isabella sighed, touching his hand gently.
“Still, don’t you think you’ve wallowed long enough?” Cheval glowered, “You dare speak of this? You have no idea what love is, you’ve never allowed yourself to be so vulnerable.
Be gone! I’m done with you now!” Isabella felt hurt beyond belief, “I may not know what romantic love is, but I know I’ve loved you like a father for years, and ever since you let that woman break your heart, you’ve barely spoken to me.
I’m done trying to reach you! If you wish to see me again, you know where to find me! I’m done with you right now as well!” Before he could stop her, Isabella turned and left.
He felt remorse at causing her sadness.
But it would make her stronger, and she needed that strength if she were to overcome the darkness coming her way.
She slept poorly that night, as darkness continued to invade her dreams.
Once the sun was up, she went down to the river to sit at the water’s edge and think.
It was there she saw Liam.
“Hey, Red, what’s a pretty girl like you doing sitting all alone on a gorgeous sunny morning?” he asked playfully.
She felt herself blush.
She hoped it wasn’t too obvious.
“Hello, Liam.
I just came to think.
I do my best thinking here on the banks of the river,” she said, hoping she sounded nonchalant.
“Mind if I join you?” he asked as he sat down, not waiting for a reply.
“Well, I, uh…” Isabella stammered.
Liam’s face fell, “Look if you don’t want me to keep making an effort, tell me to stop, and I will leave you alone.
I don’t understand why you keep avoiding me, but if you don’t wish to be friends anymore just say so.
” She winced, “It’s not that at all, Liam.
I do want to be friends.
I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately.
I’m sorry if I’ve been rude.
” Liam managed half a smile, “I get it if you don’t have romantic feelings for me, okay? But I value our friendship too, you know.
” “Thank you, Liam.
I value our friendship as well,” she answered softly.
He looked at her, frustrated, “But not enough to trust me with whatever has you so distant lately, I guess.
” “Liam, I’d give anything to be able to unburden myself to you right now, but I can’t,” she sighed.
“Can’t or won’t, Isabella?” he asked pointedly.
Isabella took a deep breath and said, “Look, if I tell you, you’ll think I’ve gone mad.
You’re my only friend, besides Cheval, and I don’t wish to spoil that.
” “Isabella, I’m quite aware that you have magical powers.
I’ve seen you move things with your eyes.
I don’t care that you’re different, if that’s what you’re worried about, I just care about you,” Liam said sharply.
Isabella had never seen Liam so cross.
She was silly to think he hadn’t noticed her power.
He was a very intuitive man.
Maybe she was being foolish to not share what was going on with the impending doom of darkness.
While he wasn’t magical, he was level-headed, and it might help to have someone to be a sounding board.
“Very well, Liam, I will tell you everything.
Maybe you can help me find a viable solution with your wisdom and strength,” she said, resigned to the fact that she’d either gain an ally or lose a friend.
Liam sat down and took Isabella’s hand in his, “I’m here to listen, to help, or to do whatever you need.
” She nodded, “Okay, well, it’s a whole lot more complicated than me just being magical.
” He smiled, “Well, then it’s a good thing I’m sitting down.
” “I’m not a witch, Liam.
I’m something far more powerful than that.
I am a sorceress.
Although I do chant, I don’t need intricate spells like a witch, nor do I need a wand like a wizard.
I can simply make things happen, or not happen, with my mind.
I can sometimes even see what the future holds.
What I’ve seen lately in my dreams was confirmed yesterday when I looked into the sphere of light.
” Liam raised an eyebrow, “You have a crystal ball?” She laughed, “It’s not made of crystal, and it’s not technically mine.
” He held her hands, “What did you see that has you so spooked, Red?” Isabella sighed, “Darkness, complete and utter darkness.
It won’t just be like night, Liam.
It will be like being blind.
” He wanted, more than anything right now, to take her into his arms and comfort her, even at the risk of annoying her.
Instead, he said, “How can I help?” “I don’t know yet, but I know that I can’t tell the people of our village until I have a plan.
I can’t get a clear idea of when to expect this darkness to settle over us.
I can’t see what will cause it or how to stop it.
So, it’s best to keep this quiet until I have an idea of how to fight it,” she explained.
Liam nodded, “I agree.
For now, anyway.
Maybe some of them could be of help?” “Possibly,” she said anxiously.
“Although many in the village see magic as a kind of evil all its own.
But, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to try.
” “Does Cheval have powers? My grandfather used to talk about a man who lived in the woods who could make things move.
” “Yes, he does.
At one time I would have said that his were stronger than mine.
I trained under him for many years.
But as of late, he has no interest in magic, and I fear he will be of no help to me,” she said woefully.
She looked away, afraid that he would see tears threatening to form in her eyes.
But he took her chin gently in his hand and look deeply into her eyes.
“I may not possess magic, Isabella, but I will do everything in my power to help you however I can,” he said firmly.
He wanted to kiss her, even suspected she wanted him to do so, but he hesitated too long, and she pulled away.
“Maybe you can help by finding others willing to do what they can to help.
Perhaps once we figure out who’s with us, I will have come up with a plan,” she said hopefully.
“I can do that, Red,” he agreed.
“Should I meet you here tomorrow?” “No, come to my cottage.
I’ll meet you there after I’ve gone back into the clearing to see if I can ascertain how long we have before the darkness befalls us,” she answered.
He nodded and left her to her thoughts.
She headed home to meditate.
There had to be a way to stop this plague.
She just needed to draw upon more power than she ever had before.
Liam spent the rest of the day rounding up as many supporters as he could in the village.
He was excited to tell her and didn’t want to wait until morning, so he hurried to her cottage to let her know she wasn’t in this fight alone.
When he got there, her cottage was empty.
He saw a faint glow beyond the forest and followed a path to the light.
When he cleared the trees, he saw her standing there, surrounded by a fog with the sphere hovering between her hands, emanating a great deal of light and heat.
Worried that he would startle her if he called out her name, he said nothing.
He just continued to watch in amazement as she peered into the globe.
As she chanted in a language he didn’t recognize, the light became so bright he had to look away, lest it blind him.
Then suddenly, the light faded, then disappeared, and Isabella fainted.
“Red!” Liam screamed as he ran to her and took her into his arms.
He carried her back to her cottage, setting her down gently on her bed.
He sat next to her holding her hand as she came to.
“Liam?” she asked, confused.
“What are you doing here? How did I get here?” He explained all that had transpired to her as she regained her strength and sat up.
She hugged him tight and said, “Thank you for being so kind, Liam.
I’m sorry you had to carry me home.
” He smiled, “It was certainly no hardship to hold you in my arms, Red.
In fact, if I’m being honest, I rather enjoyed it once I was sure you were breathing.
” She smiled shyly.
She felt her heartbeat quicken as he brushed his lips against hers, but she pulled away.
“Isabella, we’re not children.
I want you; I have for some time now.
If you can look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want me, too, I will leave you now and come back in the morning to formulate our plan to conquer the darkness.
But, if you feel the way I do, I’d like very much to spend the night with you,” Liam said.
She started to say that she didn’t feel the same way, but that was a lie.
She wanted him, too.
But she could ill afford to be distracted.
Still… “Isabella,” he said softly, “let me lie with you tonight.
Let me show you how much I want you and need you.
” She noticed he spoke of want and need, but not of love.
She sighed.
Still, she had denied herself this bodily pleasure for several lifetimes now.
Wasn’t it time that she allowed herself to experience what it felt like to be desired by a man? “Yes,” she agreed quietly.
“Please stay with me, Liam.
” Online Now! Lush Cams Sonya_Sun He kissed her boldly, his tongue dancing with hers, and placed a hand on one of her breasts.
It pleased him greatly to feel her heart pounding wildly beneath that soft, fleshy mound.
Isabella moaned softly.
She’d been on Earth hundreds of years and had never felt the temptation of mortal flesh.
But she wanted his hands all over her in ways she didn’t understand.
Liam stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt.
As he shrugged it off his shoulders, Isabella gasped a little.
She’d seen him without a shirt before, but never up close, and certainly not in her bed.
She was aroused beyond reason and felt like she might perish if he didn’t enter her soon.
She debated for a brief moment if she should tell him that she was a virgin, but was afraid that he’d reconsider, and she couldn’t bear the thought of him stopping now.
She removed her dress and undergarments and lay naked before him.
“You are impossibly beautiful,” Liam said with desire in his eyes.
“I’ve never wanted a woman more than I want you right now.
” Right now.
In those words, she heard that this wasn’t meant to be a permanent relationship but, rather, a casual coupling.
But she couldn’t have stopped this from happening if she tried.
She’d never understood lust before but, at the moment, it consumed her.
After Liam was finally undressed, he got on the bed and kissed her deeply.
He had wanted this for so long, but she’d always found some way or another to discourage him.
He’d thought for a while it was another man, but the only other man she paid any attention to was Cheval, and he was an old man.
While possible, it seemed unlikely that there was anything sexual between them.
For a time, he thought perhaps she preferred women, but there’d been no evidence of that either.
He commanded his mind to stop thinking and just be present in the moment.
He was finally where he wanted to be, Isabella’s bed.
His fingers danced along her soft pale skin as he covered her neck and shoulders with hot, wet kisses.
Her body trembled under his touch, which fascinated him.
“It’s been that long, eh since you’ve had a man touch you like this? You quiver as if it were your first time,” he said as his lips moved down to her breasts.
Her nipples were hard and begging for attention, and when he took one into his mouth and suckled it, she felt a tingling sensation travel down her stomach and into her most intimate parts.
She felt herself go damp as he treated her other breast to the same delightful treatment.
“Oh, God, Liam,” was all she could say in response.
She wanted to tell him this was her first time.
But she didn’t want him holding back.
She wanted whatever he had to offer; no holds barred.
He continued his barrage of kisses down her body until he reached her mound with its soft red curls.
His tongue probed until it found its target, and opened her swollen, pink folds.
“You’re incredibly wet, my love,” he said, not realizing he’d used such an intimate term of endearment.
She just sighed and moaned as he began his erotic assault on her clit, sucking and nibbling until she thought she’d go mad if he didn’t take her soon.
“I’m normally a more patient lover, Red, but I need to be inside you,” he said as he moved on top of her.
Taking wetness produced by her great need, he made his shaft ready and entered her.
Pain seared through her and brought tears to her eyes.
She held her breath as it felt like his manhood was ripping her in two.
Then as quickly as it had come on, it began to subside, and she could breathe again.
The look on her face startled him, “Are you okay?” he asked, his brows furrowed in worry and confusion.
“Yes, I’m fine,” she said, hoping she sounded convincing.
“I just didn’t expect it to be that big.
” “I’m rushing things, I’m so sorry.
I…” he stammered.
“No, you’re fine, please, I’m fine.
Please don’t stop,” she said, nearly desperate for him to continue.
Liam looked doubtful for a moment, but his own need to take her won out, and he began to drive into her slowly and deeply.
Where there had been pain before, now existed only pleasure.
She moaned and panted and rocked her hips to meet his thrusts.
That intense tingling sensation had returned, and it was building as he pushed into her more deeply.
“I’ve wanted you for so long, Isabella.
I thought I’d never get the chance to have you like this,” he said as his rigid pole enjoyed her tight wet walls clamping down on him.
“I never knew it could be like this!” Isabella cried out.
“With you, I mean.
I should have let you do this a long time ago.
” As he quickened his pace, her body bucked wildly underneath his, and she suddenly felt like she was on fire.
“Oh, my God!” she cried out as her climax exploded.
“Yes! God, yes!” Her orgasm triggered his, and although he’d meant to pull out, he came deep inside her, filling her with his seed.
As he collapsed on the bed next to her, he saw blood.
“Isabella, why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” he asked, panting.
“Because I didn’t want you to stop what you were doing,” she answered, still trying to catch her breath as well.
“I would have been gentler, but I wouldn’t have stopped.
I don’t think I could have stopped,” he said as he wrapped an arm around her while her head rested on his chest.
“I’m not breakable, I didn’t want you to hold back.
I wanted to feel alive,” she explained.
“I’ve never wanted a man inside me before tonight.
I couldn’t bear the thought of you deciding to be a gentleman and not giving us both what we needed.
It was the best experience of my life.
” “It’s not over,” he said, grinning.
“Now that I’ve had a taste of you, I want more.
I intend to make love to you until we’re exhausted and can’t move any longer.
” She looked up at him, “Make love? Do you love me, Liam? Or is this just the two of us comforting each other before the biggest challenge of our lives?” “I do love you, Red.
So much so that it has crushed my heart a little every time you brushed me off or turned away from me,” he admitted.
“But if you think I mean to comfort you tonight, you are sadly mistaken.
I intend to use your body and give us both more pleasure than either of us thought possible.
” “We have a lot of work to do tomorrow,” she said quietly.
“But we have a lot of lost time to make up for tonight.
Show me, Liam.
Show me everything I have been missing out on.
” She smiled, “Oh, and Liam?” “Yes, Red?” he asked.
“I love you, too!” He kept his promise and made love to her all night and into the wee hours of the morning.
He tasted her and gave her the chance to taste him.
For a novice, she’d surprised him by being able to take him deep into her throat.
Then again, she was a sorceress.
She’d taken him in all of her holes and begged for more; she was insatiable.
They finally fell asleep in each other’s arms and, for the first time in months, no dreams haunted Isabella’s sleep.
The sun had already been up for a few hours when they finally stirred.
Liam woke first and managed to cook up some eggs and biscuits for breakfast.
“These eggs are delicious! What did you add to them?” she asked as she nearly inhaled the food.
She was famished having missed dinner the night before.
“Just some pepper and garlic,” he said smiling.
He’d never seen a woman eat so heartily.
Other girls he’d been with picked at their food.
It was a pleasure to watch her enjoy the meal he’d made for her.
“Well, they are delicious!” she said as she shoveled the rest of the eggs in like food was about to be banned.
“Red, I meant what I said last night, that I love you,” he said as he cleared their plates.
“Well, I should hope so, Liam! You’ve always been a man of your word,” she grinned.
“I meant what I said, as well.
I love you, Liam.
I probably have for a while now, but was too afraid to admit it to myself, let alone tell you.
” Then she frowned.
How could she tell him that she’d reached immortality in her training as a sorceress hundreds of years ago? He’d think her mad or perhaps be disgusted by the fact that he’d bedded an old hag, too old to likely conceive a child.
“Liam, what if we can’t have children?” she asked, worried that this would cause him to turn away.
Her fears were quelled when he said, “That hardly matters, Red.
You are important to me, and I want to be your husband.
When our quest is finished, I shall ask you properly to be my wife.
” She beamed, “And I shall accept.
” “Hey, I forgot to tell you, I was able to get thirty villagers to pledge their help in our cause!” he said.
“That many?” she asked incredulously.
“I’d hoped for more, but…” he started.
“No, thirty is wonderful! Thirty is perfect,” she interrupted.
“Thirty is a number divisible by three.
It’s a good omen.
” He nodded, “So, what happens next?” “I just need a plan.
Will you come with me to the clearing?” she asked.
“I don’t think that’s safe.
You collapsed after that large glowing ball doubled in size and nearly blinded me with its light,” he said nervously.
“Doubled in size?” she asked, tilting her head.
“Are you sure?” “Yes, quite sure.
One doesn’t forget something like that!” he laughed.
“I was petrified!” “That’s it!” she cried out joyfully.
“That’s the answer!” “I don’t follow you,” Liam admitted.
“The light grows when there are others who have kind hearts and pure souls present.
It doubled in size while you were with me as the sphere levitated between my hands.
Can you imagine the size it will become with thirty more people there? The darkness won’t stand a chance!” she explained, feeling hopeful and confident for the first time in days.
“Gather the villagers,” she instructed.
“We’ll all meet in the clearing at dusk.
” Liam and his army of thirty came into the clearing precisely at dusk to find Isabella there already surrounded by mist.
“If I am to protect you all, you must listen to me,” she told them.
“The fog is cool and will protect your skin from the heat of the sphere.
But I’ll need you all to promise to close your eyes once the sphere starts to grow, and you must keep them closed so the light won’t blind you.
It will be tempting to look, but you mustn’t! If even one of you looks and goes blind, the darkness will see our weakness and blind us all forever.
Can I trust you?” One of the villagers removed the hood from his head that had hidden his face and said, “You can trust us, Izzy.
” “Cheval?” Isabella blinked.
“You’re here?” She felt her heart grow lighter, knowing he was here.
He smiled, “How could I not be? I’m done wallowing.
” “But how did you know our plan?” she asked.
He gazed upon her and realized he was, in every way that mattered, a father to this woman.
And, though she was likely the most powerful sorceress for many lands far and wide, even a strong daughter needed her father at times.
“I should have seen it myself, but I was being foolish.
Your man, Liam, saw to it that I come to help,” he answered.
Her heart leapt! She wanted to run to him, but the sphere appeared without being called and she knew it was now or never.
She had a village to protect, including the two men she loved, one as a father and the other, she hoped, as a husband.
“Gather around me in a circle and close that circle by holding hands.
Do not let go until I tell you.
Close your eyes now!” she commanded.
The fog swirled and the darkness fell upon them, taunting Isabella with its power.
She began to chant and Cheval joined her.
Though they didn’t understand the words, the circle of villagers repeated the chant softly at first, then loudly as the words became more familiar to their tongues.
The sphere grew larger.
So large, in fact, that she worried she wouldn’t be able to keep it levitating between her hands.
Cheval sensed this and said, “Everyone, put your arms up, but keep your hands tightly together.
” Thirty pairs of arms shot up into the air and helped Isabella keep the gelatinous glowing ball afloat, while they all continued to chant with her.
The darkness grew bold and dipped its treacherous fingers into the globe.
There was a giant explosion, and Isabella screamed out, “Be gone forever, you ruthless blinding darkness!” Then she passed out, falling to the ground.
*** Isabella slept for nearly a week.
When she finally woke, she was in her bed with Cheval sitting by her side.
“She’s awake,” he said, relieved.
“I will leave you to speak with Liam.
” “Wait,” Isabella called out, “Did we win?” “Do you see me standing here? Yes, daughter, we won, thanks to your courage and faith, and the support of villagers that you trusted to be worthy of your powers,” Cheval answered.
“Thank you for not abandoning me in my greatest hour of need, father,” she said softly.
Cheval smiled, “I will never abandon you again, Izzy.
I will return later to check on you.
” Liam’s brow furrowed, “I didn’t know Cheval was your father.
” “He’s the man I chose to be my father,” she said.
“He’s been so for over two hundred years.
” “So, it’s true, you are immortal?” he asked.
“I am,” she admitted.
“Does that change your feelings for me?” “Not one bit,” he answered, getting on one knee, holding a ring that belonged to his grandmother.
“I will never stop loving you, as long as I live.
Will you marry me, Red?” “I will never stop loving you, as long as I exist.
Yes, I will marry you, Liam,” she answered.
Cheval stood in the kitchen and listened with great joy in his heart.
Perhaps there were some mere mortals worth saving.
*** Cheval smiled behind misty tears as he placed Izzy’s hand in Liam’s, as they stood before the preacher.
Most of the village had come to witness the marriage of Liam and Isabella.
They were grateful to both for keeping their village safe.
As they pledged their love to each other, Cheval grinned, knowing a new life was forming; one who would become even more powerful than her mother.
The village would be in good hands for many years to come!    



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