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Latest stories Taboo First Time With My Daughter’s Friend Sandy

The first time I ever saw Sandy was the day my daughter brought her home.
She was an absolutely beautiful young lady, 17 years old at the time, and no way could I ever begin to touch her in my current life at the time.
That didn’t keep me from fantasizing about her.
I don’t know how many times I stood in the shower and masturbated thinking of fucking her in any number of ways.
    Then, a few years later, I got a boost to my fantasies.
I was up early one morning getting ready for work.
I was about half asleep, and not paying attention to anything.
I pushed the bathroom door open and there she stood, naked from the shower! She had been spending the night with my daughter.
I got a good eyeful of her, seeing she was clean shaven in her pubic region and had big areolas with puffy nipples.
I simply said “Sorry!”, and backed out of there quickly.
Boy, I wish I had done anything other than that.
  So let’s jump forward a few years down the road from that time.
I still have the hots for her, and she is more beautiful now, with more maturity to her.
I also don’t have a wife to worry about anymore, but still wouldn’t feel right asking one of my daughter’s closest friends out.
Then you also have the considerable age difference to think about.
There are still lots of negatives, with no real positives for me here.
  Current day   So here I’m muddling through life, post-divorce.
I have a little auto shop I run part time for something to do after my normal job.
I make a few extra bucks so I can play with my race-car, but no real money.
Well, I’m in the shop one afternoon, and get a call from my daughter.
She says her friend Sandy is having problems with her car.
Then she lays the guilt trip on me, and the true reason I got the call — Sandy has no money to take her car anywhere to be fixed, so dad gets the call.
I tell her, sure, have Sandy bring it over; I’m at the shop anyhow.
  I’m working on the race-car, when I hear a car pull up behind me.
I assume it’s Sandy since she is the only one that is coming by.
I’m under the race-car tinkering with some things and go to slide out.
The first thing my eyes land on is this pair of legs covered in transparent red stockings, with gold thread running through them in a fishnet pattern.
As I slide further out, my eyes naturally roam up those legs until I’m staring at a pussy covered in a gold triangle of transparent cloth.
My eyes blink several times to make sure I’m not seeing things.
But that’s when this all collapses on me.
Hanes, I’m here with my car.
Your daughter said to bring it right over,” said Sandy.
  Oh shit, I felt like the school boy caught looking at a porno mag in class.
I quickly slide far enough out so I can stand up, hoping like hell she didn’t realize I was staring up at her pussy just then.
  “Hi Sandy, yeah I told her to have you come on over.
What seems to the problem with it?” I asked her, “and call me Sam, please!”   “It just seems to be running really rough lately.
Not much get-up-and-go when I push the gas pedal,” she told me.
  “Okay Sandy, can you leave it with me to look at or do you need it right now?” I asked her.
  “Well I need to go to class here in an hour or so,” she replied.
  “Here take my car and go to class.
I’ll see if I can get yours running better by the time you get back, okay?” I asked her.
  “Okay Sam, if you don’t mind me driving your car,” she said.
  I wanted to tell her, I wouldn’t mind her just riding me, to hell with the car.
Instead I told her no problem and to be careful, that I would see her later.
  I went back to what I was doing for a while.
I then started on Sandy’s car.
It wasn’t that difficult to fix.
I changed the fuel filter and flushed the fuel lines.
The car was just purring along when I was done.
I couldn’t wait for Sandy to come back, if for no other reason than I’d get to see her again.
  Later in the day   The day went pretty quickly after working on both cars.
I was just getting cleaned up when Sandy came back.
She knocked on the door just as I had gotten out of the shower.
I slid a towel around my waist and went to the door.
There she stood in a tight black stretch top, black yoga pants and her running shoes.
Damn this girl was sexy! I so wanted her and always had.
I motioned for her to come on in.
  “Hey Sandy, everything go okay today?” I asked her.
  “It sure did Sam.
I love driving your car over mine,” she said with a laugh.
“Figure out what’s wrong with my car today?”   “Oh, it was just a dirty fuel filter, and I cleaned out the lines.
Purring like a new car now,” I told her.
  “Damn, and here I was hoping to get to keep your car again,” she replied.
  The whole time we are having this conversation, I’m standing there in a towel watching Sandy move around the room.
As she does, I notice that her nipples are hard and sticking out through her top.
Then as she stands facing me, I can see her pussy molded into the front of skin-tight yoga pants, and an ass to die for when she turns away.
My cock is starting to stir, looking at her roaming around my little living area.
  “So Sam, what do I owe you for fixing my junk pile?” Sandy asked me.
  “Nothing young lady, you are my daughter’s friend.
I was just glad I could help,” I told her.
  She turned towards me, and took a step that put her right in front of me.
  “Oh I need to pay you something,” she said as she reached out and pulled my towel off.
  I grabbed for it, but missed as she jerked it from my reach.
“Sandy, what are you doing?” I shouted.
  “I intend to pay my bill in a way that should settle my account in full,” she replied   With those words she reached out and grabbed my stiffening cock.
She looked straight into my eyes and stroked me a few times, smiling the whole time.
I tried not to let out a moan of pleasure as she stroked my cock.
  “Sandy, we can’t do this,” I told her.
  “Oh yes we can.
In fact you have wanted this since the first time you saw me.
I would also bet you’ve jerked off many times to the image of my naked body, after you walked in on me that morning at your house ,” she stated.
  The whole time she was talking, she continued stroking my cock slowly back and forth.
I just stood there letting her do it, as she knew I would.
I was getting hard as steel from her actions.
She pushed me back towards a recliner I have sitting in my small living area.
It was kind of funny — the recliner was the only piece of furniture I kept from the house after my divorce.
I landed on the recliner, and she followed me down to wind up on her knees in front of me.
  “Sandy, no!” I said.
  “Oh yes Sam, you know you want me too,” she replied.
  With that she bent down and licked across the head of my cock with her tongue.
I jumped, but at the same time pushed my cock towards her mouth.
She knew she had me — not much I could do about it, because I’d wanted her so bad, for so long.
She leaned a little further, and took the head in her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of the head.
I let out the moan I had been suppressing right up to that moment.
She slowly worked more of my cock into her mouth, always licking along the shaft.
I was having a hard time controlling myself, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop her either.
  She finally had me all the way in her mouth, and was working up and down my shaft.
She would pull back off my cock to the head, and tongue my little hole.
Her doing this was driving me crazy! After teasing a bit she would slide back down the shaft, to take me deeply.
I reached out with my hand and ran it through her hair, gathering a handful of her dark locks in my fist, pulling her down on me further.
I had finally surrendered to my situation.
  “Oh god, that feels so good Sandy,” I moaned out to her, as she took me deeper in her mouth, towards her throat.
  I pulled her head down a bit harder by her hair, and felt my cock sliding into her throat.
She gasped and gagged as I went down her throat.
Out of reflex, she tried to pull back, but I held her there for a moment before letting her.
She pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth to catch a breath of air.
  “I never took a cock into my throat like that before.
I loved the way that felt! How did it feel to you?” she asked.
  “Oh, baby that felt wonderful! You sure know how to suck a guy,” I replied.
  “Oh, I want to try that again, Sam,” she said.
  With that she went back down on me quickly, taking me deep into her mouth.
I felt her flex her throat, and she took me all the way into her throat, until her nose was pushing into my pubic hair.
She held me there for a few moments before pulling back part way, then she took me deep again into her throat.
This girl really loved to do this it seemed, but I was getting close to cumming and in this girl’s throat was not where I wanted my cock when I came.
Online Now! Lush Cams DesiredAlexis   I pushed her up off me so I could grab her top.
I yanked her top over her head and was staring at those breasts I had so fantasized about.
I couldn’t resist the desire to lean forward and take a nipple in my mouth to suck.
Sandy moaned out as I sucked her nipple.
She reached out and wrapped her hand around my head, pulling me tighter against her breast.
I continued to play with her tits and nipples for a bit, and then I slid a hand down to the crotch of her yoga pants, and started rubbing her through the pants.
This caused another shuddering moan from her.
  We played like this for a while, but what I wanted was still encased in her yoga pants.
While sucking at her nipples, I started pushing her pants down her legs.
She never resisted my efforts to slide them down, until I had them at her shoes.
She lifted a foot and kicked her shoe off, allowing me to remove one leg, and then we repeated with the second leg.
I looked down at her crotch and as I had thought, she was bald and smooth as you could get.
I could see her clit sticking up a bit from her pussy lips.
I realized how excited she was too.
For some reason this eased my doubts, because this girl wanted me too.
  I took my hand and ran it along her smooth thigh, and soon I was sliding my fingers along her pussy lips.
Sandy was moaning even louder, as I continued to suck on her nipples and play with her pussy at the same time.
I slid a finger in her pussy and moved it in and out slowly.
She was pushing down at me, trying to get more.
I added another finger and curled them, so I was rubbing the walls of her pussy with my fingers, and the knuckles of those fingers.
She was starting to shake a bit; I could tell she was on the verge of cumming.
I started licking her nipples with long, broad strokes, teasing them as I fingered her faster.
I took my other hand and pinched her clit lightly, running my finger over it quickly.
This is all it took to send her into an orgasm as she stood there.
She threw her head back and let out a long, screaming moan as she came around my fingers and all over my hand.
  I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, and she looked back at me, “That was an orgasm I have been wanting for years.
”   I grabbed her around the waist as I got up from the recliner where she had pushed me, turning her around as I got up, until she was facing the chair with me behind her.
I slowly ran my hand up her back to her hair and pushed her head forward, bending her at the waist and pulling her down, until she was lying in the seat of the chair, with her knees on the floor.
I followed her down so that I was kneeling behind her.
I could see her pussy spread open for me.
I leaned forward and placed my tongue at her pussy’s opening, teasing it with just the tip.
She moaned and scooted back towards me, but I used a hand to hold her still.
  I pushed my tongue into her and flicked it back and forth in her slit, as I brought my other hand up to her clit.
I was just using my palm to rub her clit, as I tongue fucked her.
I kept darting my tongue in and out as she squirmed in pleasure.
For just cumming once, she was already tensing up to cum again.
I didn’t want her to yet, so I brought my tongue up along her pussy lips until I was teasing the sensitive area between her pussy and anus.
She squirmed even harder at this.
I finally brought my tongue all the way to her little puckered anus, and swiped it across her opening.
This caused her to jump and tense at my touch.
I gently applied a little more pressure to the hand I was holding her still with, to keep her from moving.
  “Oh my god, I’ve never had anybody touch me there,” she moaned out to me.
  “Relax and enjoy the pleasure,” I told her.
  I continued tonguing her asshole, playing with it by pushing my tongue in a bit more each time.
I got her to relax to the point that I could get most of my tongue inside her.
I was very excited to see her relaxing, as I did this.
I took my hand and slid a finger back into her pussy, as I continued playing with her asshole.
I fingered her, getting plenty of her wetness on it.
I pulled it from her and ran it across her asshole, until I was pushing my finger into her opening.
She was super wet from my playing with her, and my finger slid in easily to the first knuckle.
I kept pushing, and soon I had my whole finger inserted.
She was moaning the whole time I was doing this.
  I started moving my finger in and out of her, fucking her ass with it.
I leaned my head back down to her pussy and started licking her pussy all the way to her clit.
Every time I would touch her clit she would jump.
I steadily fucked her ass with my finger, as I continued to lick her little bald pussy from end to end.
She was tensing up and squeezing my finger in her ass.
She was literally dripping pussy juice onto the floor from how stimulated she was.
I could tell she was close to cumming ,so I started fucking her with my finger faster, then I started licking her clit.
She had a massive orgasm, squirting all over my face, the floor and the front of the chair.
I had never seen a woman, much less a young girl like her, squirt like that! I slowly stopped fingering her asshole and pulled out to allow her to recover, but I now had my own problem.
I needed to cum badly.
  She was recovering from her massive orgasm as I slid up behind her.
I didn’t warn her, but instead just slid my cock into her in one motion.
She yelped in surprise, but quickly started moaning as I began to move in and out of her.
I knew I wasn’t going to last long with the treatment she had given me earlier, so I pounded her hard and fast.
I could feel my orgasm building quickly, but I was doing my best to hold back.
Sandy’s pussy felt so wonderful, and I didn’t know if I would ever have this chance again.
  I was steadily pounding her when I felt her pussy start to tense up in orgasm.
Well, this just pushed me that much closer to the edge of cumming.
I knew I didn’t have much longer.
I couldn’t hold back , but not knowing her birth control situation, I didn’t want to fill her pussy full of my sperm — too many complications for that one.
As Sandy’s orgasm started, I felt mine starting as well.
I quickly pulled out of her, but in the rush to cum.



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