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  The day following the incident at the movie theater, Ethan and I text each other nonstop.
The only pauses in communication were obligations at work on both our ends.
However, I got off before him, and would have to impatiently wait to hear from him between messages.
He wanted to see me earlier, but responsibilities at work kept arising.
It’s now nine thirty at night when my phone finally beeps again.
*Guess what?* He asks me.
*You’re gonna die of old age before they let you leave?* I guess in response.
He’s such a smart guy, but apparently that comes with a price.
He’s the most experienced technician at his job, and when something goes wrong, he needs to be there.
Guess again.
* His text says, and I ponder before I respond.
Did you invest in a gun to just shoot everyone there instead?* I type my message and hit send.
*Lol you’re getting colder.
* I read his message and laugh.
you’re at my front door right now here to seduce me?* I reply facetiously, and go to put my ice pack back in the freezer.
My welts from paintballing are almost gone.
Thirty seconds later, I hear something outside and strain my ears, listening harder.
Someone knocks on my door.
A surprised, disbelieving smile spreads on my face and I wonder if I actually won a hypothetical guessing game.
I walk to the front door, look through the peephole and Ethan is standing there smiling.
I open the door and we both start cracking up.
“I guessed right?!” I ask, tickled by the thought of how well that turned out.
He steps forward and wraps his arms around my waist while he buries his face in my neck.
“You want to be seduced?” Ethan whispers in my ear, and I can hear him still smiling.
I forgot that detail of my message.
“Only if you’re the one seducing,” I reply happily, though my words are true enough.
From the moment we decided to keep things honest and relaxed between us, things couldn’t be going better.
Ethan doesn’t hesitate to lift me off the ground and step into my house.
I wrap my legs around him and he shuts the door behind us.
Neither of us waste any more time.
My lips find his like a magnet and he eagerly returns the pressure.
His huge hands are on my backside, one between my shoulder blades, the other on my lower back, and he’s pushing my body closer against him.
I tangle my fingers in his hair and lick his top lip.
He nips at my bottom in response, then shoves his tongue into my mouth.
My muscle massages against his, and I feel him start walking.
When he enters my room, I pull back just far enough to tug at the bottom of my shirt.
I strip off my top and he smiles at my enthusiasm.
I blush pink and smile back before I kiss him again.
I can’t fucking help it.
I want him to take me.
And I mean really take me.
Fooling around the last couple of days has been incredible.
I loved every moment of it.
But I’m ready for him to fuck me.
I want to feel every inch of his solid form filling me up, claiming me.
And he doesn’t argue.
He lays me on my back on the bed, and I help him with his shirt.
No more bashful looks or hesitancy from either of us.
Ethan’s feeding off my energy like a starving man, and soon, all of our clothes have made it to the floor.
I moan with pleasure as his lips touch my heated skin.
He’s on top of me, kneeling between my thighs as he kisses and licks down my rib cage.
“I love your little waist,” he mumbles against my flesh, his hands gliding down my sides to emphasize the appreciation.
I hum in response.
“And I love your tits,” he says into my belly button, both of his hands moving over to cup my chest.
My breasts aren’t huge, but they’re full and perky, and they fit in his grip perfectly.
I press my tits into his large hands and moan.
“And I love your pink pussy,” he whispers, then licks between my legs.
I moan loudly and grab a handful of his hair.
He kisses my slit like he would my mouth while his hands roam my body.
It’s true.
Standing next to him, I am very petite.
His large size seems intimidating at times, but I know he’d never hurt me.
He holds me and touches me and kisses me just right, and I always feel safe with him.
Ethan licks and teases my clit with precision only he is capable of.
I start to hump his face and he holds my hips firmly, guiding me.
“God that feels so good,” I coo and look down at him.
His glass hard green eyes are watching me and I groan.
Ethan flattens his tongue and makes wide licks, covering every inch of my folds in it’s path.
He keeps at this for I don’t know how long, but all too soon, I have more needs.
“Please fuck me Ethan,” I beg in the sweetest voice I’m capable of.
“You want me inside you?” He asks and flicks my clit.
I twitch in response and gasp.
“Yes, please, I need you,” I confess, and he flicks me again.
I groan and arch my back off the bed.
Such a tease.
My desire is spiraling out of control and I don’t know how much more I can take.
“Ethaaan,” I cry his name and try to wiggle my way down the bed.
Ethan lifts his head and props himself up on his left hand.
“I can put something inside you,” he says, and the fingers on his right hand force me open.
I scream and squirm beneath him.
He’s such a cheater.
I try to tell him to stop, but he knows how close I am.
Ethan furiously fucks me with his hand, and when I don’t immediately cum, he resorts to shoving a third finger inside me.
“Uhhnnn!” I whine in protest and pleasure, his thick fingers about to push me over the edge.
“More,” I gasp.
His extremities find my g-spot and stroke it.
And I fucking cum.
“Yeesss!” I scream and thrash beneath him.
He presses on me a second longer, then pulls his hand from my cunt.
My pussy still pulsing with my release, I suddenly feel Ethan shove his thick head inside my opening.
“Ohh my God,” I moan, a furious tremor coursing from my heart straight to my groin.
I was not expecting that.
He pulls back and pushes in farther, just in time to let the last of my orgasm squeeze his dick.
I’m panting furiously when he’s finally buried inside me.
Then I shiver.
He pulls out and pushes back in and I shiver again.
“F-fuck,” I stutter and wrap my legs around him to keep him still.
He know what this does to me.
But he doesn’t stop.
He glides out of my wetness almost all the way, and when he pushes back in I feel like I might have a seizure.
“E-e-ethan,” I cry out and he finally takes pity on me.
Making sure he’s buried as deep as he can go, he stills himself and lets me regain composure.
As he waits, he flexes his dick inside me, knowing full well that I’ll be able to feel all of it.
And I do.
With absolutely no vaginal wall untouched, I shiver again.
When I look at him he smiles at me.
“You’re awful,” I whisper, and he feigns a hurt expression.
Ethan lowers himself to put his mouth to my ear.
“From the orgasm I just gave you, I expected something much nicer to come out of your mouth.
” I smile at his words and shake my head.
He plants a kiss against my neck and starts slowly fucking me.
I keep my legs around him, and when he hits that very deep spot, my nails make contact with his skin.
Ethan grabs first one, then my other hand from his shoulders and pins them above me on the bed.
My top half stretched out beneath him, he keeps hold of my hands while he humps me.
His face is right in front of mine, and I lean just far enough and lightly kiss his bottom lip.
He thrusts deep inside me and puts his mouth on mine.
Our kissing matches our pace, not too slow, but not too quick.
After a moment, our fingers intertwine together and he moves my arms slightly lower.
We hold hands as he keeps them pinned to the bed, and I kiss him passionately.
When my hips start meeting his thrust for thrust, he pulls himself up and releases my hands.
Ethan greedily grabs my hips and picks me up and he rises to kneel in front of me.
My shoulder blades are pressed into the mattress as he fucks me, my ass easily six inches from the bed.
He keeps his sure hold on my hips as he stares down at me panting.
With my palms against the bed, I open my thighs impossibly further and start humping him back.
Ethan picks up his pace and soon I feel a tingling starting deep inside my cunt.
“Harder,” I beg him and he does.
Pounding himself into me, his quick, sharp rhythm makes my stomach flip.
“Shit,” I hiss as the head of his cock pokes my cervix over and over.
Before I can blink, Ethan grabs my waist and rolls us over, me now on top of him.
“Fuck me Chanel,” his rough voice demands and I comply.
I place my delicate hands on his large chest and circle my hips above him.
I moan and pant and flip my long hair away from my face.
The thick, dark waves sway against my back as I fuck him with pleasure.
My perfect, firm ass is in his hands and he’s guiding me exactly how he wants it.
I can feel his body becoming more rigid beneath me, and I know he’s close.
The thought of him cumming spikes my own climb, and my movements become more desperate.
Back and forth, up and down my incredibly tight pussy is wrapped around him, milking his thickness.
I drop myself on him and gasp from the momentary sharp pain.
Fuck he’s huge.
The movement tightens his body impossibly further and I groan.
“Cum for me,” I beg and he moans.
My hips go faster and I feel like a firework barreling further into the atmosphere, waiting to explode.
“Ethan, cum inside me,” I moan and bring my body down to his.
My firm tits press against his chest and I put my lips to his ear.
“Please fill me up,” I whisper, and he stops completely.
Then shoots his load deep inside me, groaning furiously.
I fuck him harder, and feeling his hot cum pulsing into me sets me off.
“Fuck!” I scream, and hump him frantically.
He keeps hold of my ass as I cum all over his cock, the wet sound the result of both our fluids.
When I can ride him no more, I relax completely on top of him panting hard.
We lay there for a while catching our breath, my entire weight not seeming to bother him.
Eventually he moves us to where we’re laying next to each other, the only sounds are our quiet, paced breathing.
“Chanel,” Ethan says, breaking the long silence.
“Ethan,” I reply, and wait for him to speak.
When he doesn’t, I turn my head to look at him.
He doesn’t meet my gaze, and now I’m really curious.
“What’s wrong?” I ask him and drape my leg over his body, putting my head on his chest.
He finally looks down at me and I can’t tell what he’s thinking.
“I have something to ask you, though I’m not sure how you’ll feel about it,” he confesses.
I straighten my body to look at him more easily, his arm wrapped around my back.
“Ok,” I reply, preparing myself for an unknown question.
“Before I ask you, there’s something I have to tell you.
” The surprises just keep on coming.
“Ok,” I respond again, not really sure what to say.
Ethan takes a deep breath.
“As of 2:04 p.
today, I signed some papers, and I became officially divorced,” he says in a low voice, and I feel the shock on my face.
you’re not married anymore?” I ask, and excitement unfurls lazily in my stomach.
“Nope,” he says.
When he sees a smile tugging at my lips, he smiles back.
Our mutual happiness at that prospect is nearly tangible.
“Ok, so what’s your question?” I ask, slightly more optimistic.
He couldn’t possibly deliver bad news after that joyous comment.
No more Nicole.
He becomes hesitant again, however, and my curiosity is burning a hole through my brain.
He opens his mouth and I impatiently wait for words.
“I was wondering.
if you’d like to celebrate with me.
” Again, I’m surprised.
His expression made me think he was going to confess to murdering her or something.
When the shock wears off, I nod.
“Of course,” I smile widely at him.
Let’s party.
And again he becomes reluctant.
I was wondering if we could make it an all weekend thing.
a five day weekend thing,” he says, hinting at my extra days off this week.
Today was my last day at work until next Tuesday.
What could he possibly want to do as a celebration for five days? “Ok,” I say slowly.
“What did you have in mind?” I ask and finally he smiles.
“I can’t tell you yet,” he says, and I practically groan.
All this suspense and no fulfilment.
“What? Tell me,” I complain, and he shakes his head grinning.
“Didn’t you tell me yesterday that you like surprises?” He asks, referring to the conversation we had during dinner, before the movie.
I bite my lip.
He’s got me there.
As long as it’s a good surprise, I’m game.
“Alright, fine.
Well, when is this surprise going to be revealed?” I ask, and he pulls me to where I’m laying on his body.
“Tomorrow,” he promises and kisses me.
“What time tomorrow?” I ask against his lips and he smiles.
“You’re just gonna have to be patient,” he says and bites my bottom lip.
To ensure I don’t ask any more questions, Ethan puts his hand on the back of my head to deepen the kiss.
And his distraction works.
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