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The banging on my cab door rocketed me out of an exhausted sleep.
I didn’t know who was knocking, but I did know why.
I climbed out of my sleeper and looked out the driver’s side window of the old cab over Mack.
Standing there in the dim light was a working girl, a ‘lot lizard’.
I rolled down the window about half way and said, “Hey girl, what you up to?” She smiled and replied, “Not too much, baby.
Do you need a date?” I told her no, that I was as broke as a church mouse.
She waved a hand at me and sauntered away, shaking that ass as she went.
It still never hurts to advertise a little more, even after the sale has been lost.
I sat in the seat trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head.
I’d just had a whole hour of sleep and my head felt like it was wrapped in cotton.
I could feel my heart hammering in my chest, a combination of weariness and adrenaline.
I had on a load of steel out of Birmingham, Alabama going to a steel distributor in Winston Salem, North Carolina.
I’d been late the previous day getting unloaded, which also made me late making my pickup.
It was now Friday morning and I had to make my delivery before 2 PM or I’d be stuck until Monday morning to get unloaded.
It was still dark as I cranked the diesel into sputtering life.
My alarm clock went off – I’d forgotten to turn it off when I was through talking to the entrepreneur who had awakened me.
It had been set for an hour.
I knew I didn’t have to set it when I laid my weary body down, knowing it was impossible to go unapproached for more than an hour in this truck stop.
I’d been right, the lot lizard had come along right on time, like the railroad train comes chugging along.
Where was I? That might seem like a stupid question to ask, but then again you probably don’t go to sleep in a different place every night.
Sometimes it takes a couple minutes to remember where, which direction, and what time.
It came to me then, I was at the old “Big A” truck stop in Atlanta, Georgia.
It’s a memory now, being bought out by one of the big chain truck stops, but back in the day, it was a rockin’ place.
It reminded me of the old Arlo Guthrie song entitled ‘Alice’s Restaurant”.
The tag line ran through my noggin, “You can buy anything you want at Alice’s restaurant.
” That was a pretty good summation of the old “Big A”.
You could get your road dope, get laid, buy a little damaged (or stolen, who knows) freight, swap parts and stories.
You could sometimes even buy fuel at half price, being sold by a disgruntled driver who had been shorted on his paycheck or pissed off because his company refused to get him home for some down time, even though he’d been on the road for six weeks.
Drivers who have been on the road long enough have learned not to make stupid mistakes that will lead to their being charged for damages to either their equipment or the freight.
They’ve also learned creative ways to get reimbursed when they feel they’ve been done wrong.
I knew a guy who sold the tires off his rig, wheels and all, then called the company and told them his wheels had been stolen while he was inside the truck stop getting a shower and a meal.
I released the parking brake, slid the tranny into gear and started lumbering out of the dirt lot I was parked in.
This was even behind ‘party row’, the last row of real parking.
This was a dirt area where people pulled to throw out unwanted pallets, blown out tires, trash packaging materials, all the detritus that accumulates.
The last time I’d been back there was about six months earlier.
I’d found a buddy of mine parked back there in the dark.
He was sipping on a pint of whiskey and shooting rats with a single shot .
22 rifle.
I asked him, “What in the blue hell are you doing back here, Renegade?” He held out his bottle to me and said, “I, sir, am engaging in a little bit of harmless pest eradication.
” I agreed he was doing the good citizens of Hotlanta a valuable service and took a pull on the pint.
That was the start of the evening entertainment but it was far from the end of it.
Another time, another story.
So, here I was leaving the rutted trash strewn hell of a back lot, so nasty most of the hookers wouldn’t even go back there.
I clicked on my CB to copy the mail, see what the chatter was at this forsaken hour of the morning.
It was amazingly quiet, so I took my mic from its holder and said, “Any long legged sweethearts want to ride up to North Cackolacky this morning? The bus is proceeding to exit this here truck ’em up stop.
” I was surprised to hear a sweet voice say, “Yeah, I want a ride up that way, can I go?” “Sure, darlin’.
Are you anywhere near the exit?” “I can be there in just about a minute.
” “Okay, you stand there by the exit and I’ll be there in about that minute.
Jump in as I roll up and we’ll head ourselves north bound.
” I figured it was somebody just screwing with me on the CB, yanking my chain.
I didn’t expect anybody to be at the exit when I got there.
I was wrong.
There she stood, a slender girl with shoulder length red hair, a plaid button up shirt, black Levi jeans, and sneakers.
She looked like she was maybe twenty.
I rolled to a stop and she opened the passenger side door and climbed in, slamming the door shut behind her.
She stuck out her small hand and said, “Hey there, I’m Stacey.
” She gave a big grin and the syrup from her voice made me think of pralines and pecan pancakes.
“Hey Stacey, they call me Tag when they ain’t mad at me.
” I shook her hand and waited for the light to turn green.
It finally did and we lumbered into the highway, then dove onto the entrance ramp to the Atlanta beltway.
I got to rolling and glanced at my passenger.
She was slim, sporting a pair of smallish boobs, maybe a B if the wind hit her in the rear end.
Her nipples were perky and on the job though, no sign of a bra in sight.
I was getting into my groove, dodging the very light traffic, swooping through the sweeping curves, watching the exits and miles start to fly by.
“Well, Miss Stacey, what brings you out at this hour?” “Oh, my boyfriend and I had this big ass fight.
One thing led to another and I decided I don’t need no more of his shit, and I’m getting the hell out of town for a few days.
” I thought to myself that must have been one hell of a fight.
She didn’t really look like the type who was up for a tussle.
“You know, being out here on the road ain’t the safest place for a sweet young thing to be.
” “You ain’t one of them ax murderers, are ya?” “Me? Hell naw, I ain’t killed nobody for two, maybe three weeks now.
I’m as harmless as your old coon hound.
Just scratch me behind the ears a little and give me a cold biscuit and I’ll lick your hand.
Hell, for two biscuits, I’ll even do tricks!” She giggled and it was a good sound coming from her.
“I like that shirt you got on.
” “Let me tell you a little story about this here shirt.
I was down in Birmingham yesterday and getting ready to jump in the shower when I found out that I didn’t have a clean shirt.
This was hanging in the store of the truck stop I was at, so I bought it.
” It was a black pocket Tee with the legend on the front ‘Harley Riders have longer rods’, and it struck my fancy.
“When I came out of the shower I almost ran into this old dude and when he read my shirt, if looks could kill I’d be a dead man.
” She howled with laughter, reached over and put her hand on my shoulder, slid it down my arm, let it drop onto my thigh.
She didn’t offer to remove it, which suited me right down to the ground.
After a few minutes, she said, “Is it alright if I get a little more comfortable?” “Sure, Stacey, that’d be fine.
Just get as comfortable as your care to get.
” She started to unbutton her shirt slowly, watching me from the corner of her eye.
I might have been guilty of distracted driving.
She tugged the shirt tail out of her jeans and flexed her back, and the open front of her shirt gave a little peek of her breasts.
I have to say, the view was marvelous.
She wasn’t done yet, though, as she raised her butt a little to get access to her jeans button which she undid, then slid the zipper down.
She folded them open, revealing a pair of tiny sheer black panties.
“Wow, that feels better,” she purred.
  I agreed from where I was sitting it did look pretty darned comfortable.
This little performance had made me raise a tent in my jeans.
She saw it and giggled, putting her hand on it, started to rub on it.
“You know, if you wake up the dragon you’ll have to feed him.
” “Oh me.
what’s your dragon eat?” “I’ve trained him to only eat pussy.
” She smiled a big grin and said, “I think I know where he can get some, that is if he’s hungry?” She made it a question at the end.
“He’s hungry as hell and getting hungrier, Stacey.
We’re gonna have to find a place to get off the road so he can eat before he starves to death.
 I don’t want to get caught haulin’ around no dead dragon, that just wouldn’t be right.
” She had kept working my hard dragon, who was now so wide awake his eyelids (if he’d had any) would slap the back of his neck when he blinked.
Her touch through my jeans was delicious, the perfect combination of teasing pressure.
“There’s a stop up ahead.
Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a parking spot.
” She purred her approval of my geographical knowledge.
I hit the exit ramp a few minutes later and pulled into a little hole-in-the-wall truck stop, the kind where they know you by name, that serves fantastic food at bargain prices.
There was just a single row of trucks, the lot only holding about twenty rigs.
I was in luck, someone was also an early runner who had vacated a spot.
It was near the end of the row where the overhead lighting was dim.
Online Now! Lush Cams Loren_Brice I backed into the slot and set the brakes.
I left the engine running so the A/C could continue to run.
We were gonna need some help dissipating heat real soon.
We dove into the sleeper, both of us giggling like kids.
She lay on her back and the shirt fell away, revealing perfect small globes capped with quarter sized aureoles and tiny hard nipples.
I kissed her chest, nibbled at her nipples with my lips, kissed down her taut young belly.
She was tugging at my shirt, trying to lift it off me and not having a lot of luck.
I paused to help because I’m a helpful guy.
I skinned it off over my head and went back to kissing her.
She pulled my head down and fastened her lips on mine, her tongue demanding entry.
I opened and we sucked our tongues back and forth.
She tasted so good, I just couldn’t get enough.
My hand was rubbing her body, her sides, her front, playing with her sweet little buds, pulling them, pinching them, twisting them like I was looking for a radio station on an old fashioned car radio.
She pressed her breasts into my hands, seeking more of what I was doing.
Her hands went down and started tugging at my belt.
I helped with that, too, and unsnapped my jeans.
I slid the zipper down and her hands dove into the now unrestrained space.
They dove beneath my boxers, her hands cupping the cheeks of my ass, squeezing them hard, pulling on them.
Those hands relocated, one wrapping itself around my cock, the other diving between my legs to cup my balls.
She squeezed the boys until I was almost ready to scream “Uncle!” but mercifully she let off her grip.
Her jeans were already undone, so it was an easy matter to slip them down her slender thighs.
She kicked off her sneakers and I removed the pants with a flourish.
She was lying there in panties and a plaid shirt, sexy as hell.
I kept kissing, finding my way downward to the mound at the V of her panties.
It was surprisingly full and rounded.
I took the waistband of her panties between my teeth and started to drag them downward.
She helped by raising her butt and laughed at my efforts.
Pulling panties down with your teeth sounds like fun, but it amazingly hard to actually accomplish.
I did finally manage after much huffing and puffing and laughing.
I was rewarded by seeing a dream come true.
She had a full red bush of hair, just trimmed a little for a bikini, but otherwise lush and gingery.
I love bush, but red bush? I was in Paradise! I kissed her full mound now, lips to skin and her scent was an aphrodisiac to me.
As I kissed her, a gossamer strand of luxurious moisture was drawn by my lips from her lovely crease.
I licked it from my lips and it was sheer ambrosia.
She told me to switch positions with her and I did, lying on my back where she had been.
She switched ends and I found myself with a perfect view of her bottom.
Her small starfish looked yummy and below that her crease looked silky, the soft inner lips pooched out just a little.
I put my hands on her thighs high up where they joined her body and pulled her toward my face.
I dragged my tongue along her channel without trying to enter her.
I was rewarded by tasting her more fully, like molten silk on my tongue.
I was interrupted as she grasped my cock, deftly slid my foreskin back and exposed the head of my hard rod.
She dove onto it, quickly sucking it into her mouth down to the groin.
Her tongue swirled and danced on it and the sound of her suction and spit was an erotic backdrop.
I had to pause what I was doing to savor her attentions.
I knew if she kept that up it was going to be a brief performance.
I went back to exploring her secrets to divorce my brain from what she was doing.
I dove my tongue into her, tongue fucking her hungry slit.
Everything I did, every move I made, she made a corresponding move to press harder toward me, to help me invade her now drenched pussy.
I raised my face and tongued her starfish, tried to slip my tongue inside it.
She was surprised, giving out a little squeal, but then pushed it toward me.
She tasted musky but good, and her scent was fresh from the shower.
‘I’m a lucky man,’ I thought.
Her mouth was ravishing my cock, her hand grasping it and jacking it in counterpoint to what her mouth was doing.
As I tongued her starfish I slid a finger, then added another into her silky sheath.
My thumb sought and found her clit, a tiny hard little nub nestled in its cave.
I rubbed it in a circular motion as I fingered her.
She started to moan and I felt the tremors start in her thighs, tiny prequakes at first, but the waves were rapidly building toward a major cataclysm.
Finally, she erupted, her head arching on her neck, veins exposed, her lips pulled into a grimace as the orgasm engulfed her.
I slowed what I was doing, using slow motions and very light contact, not wanting to force her into sensory overload.
She rode the crest of the orgasmic wave, letting it take her hard, drowning her in lustful pleasure.
As it crested and receded, I could see her smile, a very happy one.
She bent, kissed the head of my cock lightly and flipped around.
She mounted me in a cowgirl up position and reached underneath, grasped my hard shaft and quickly found her opening.
I lay there as she lowered herself onto me slowly, feeling the sensation of being opened, of being filled by my steel hard cock.
As she settled onto me, taking my entire length into her warm pleasure palace, she just sat there in blissful rapture.
I teased her after a minute, playfully thrusting upward.
She rewarded me by starting to rock herself on my cock, back and forth in an almost leisurely fashion.
She began to ride me harder, grinding herself down on my groin, whipping her hips in a circular motion.
I pushed myself upward, making my cock a fleshy monolith upon which she had impaled herself.
My hands had gone around her waist, matching her rhythm, pushing and pulling in time with her body.
her eyes were closed and I knew she was looking for the hook, that first glimpse of a quickly approaching climax.
Her lips pressed together and then a smile started to steal across her lips and I knew she’d found it.
She rode me into another climax, my hard cock being used as a key to unlock her store of passion, throwing it to the wind as she came.
I watched her as she again subsided.
I put an arm around her back and supported her as I flipped us to put me on top.
I never slipped out as she clung to me, my stiffness held within her.
As I started to move inside her, she wrapped her thighs around mine, her heels locked around my calves to hold me.
I started to stroke her with firm force, getting my full length into every thrust.
I reached down, grasped her ankles and forced her legs up until they were over my shoulders.
Her pussy was splayed wide open and I drove into her hard and fast, taking her roughly.
She was panting like a bitch in heat.
“You like it like that, don’t you? Tell me how much you like my dick in you, slut.
” I’m not usually all that vocal, but something about this brought out a nasty side of me.
“You fucking little bitch, you crave my cock, yah? Say it.
Say you crave my cock.
” “I do.
” She panted even harder.
“I do crave it, I want your hard cock so bad.
Fuck me with it, baby, give me all of it.
I need it deep in me.
Please, fuck me hard!” The last was almost a yell and it inspired me to hammer her pussy for all I was worth.
Finally, I found my own hook and tumbled into a glorious, hugely satisfying orgasm.
I pumped my balls dry deep inside of her, spasm after spasm, until I was empty.
We lay there entwined, my cock inside her.
After a bit, it started to wilt and as I withdrew a large glob of thick white cream flowed out of her.
I took two fingers and captured a big dab of it, held it to her lips.
She greedily sucked and licked it from my fingers, licking them to get every bit.
I leaned in and kissed her, knowing she could smell her own aroma on my mouth as I tasted her and my own combined nectar.
She hungrily tongue danced with me, showing how much she had enjoyed our mutual pleasure.
As I peeked out from between the sleeper curtains, I saw the sunlight pouring down.
I knew I’d have to put my hammer down to get my load delivered before quitting time at the steel distributor.
We hastily got dressed and went inside, making a potty break and grabbing some snacks and two large coffees.
Back in the truck, I fired up and headed north again.
It wasn’t too long until she started talking about her boyfriend, their big hassle, wondering if he missed her, wah wah wah.
I knew she was having second thoughts about her adventure and was planning to head back to Atlanta.
I told her if she needed to catch a ride back south, I’d hook her up with one.
She said that’d probably be for the best.
I used the CB to hook up with another driver.
He was at the next exit and was getting ready to head south, going right through Atlanta.
He was an older guy, so I figured she’d be safe enough.
I wheeled through the truck stop and she leaned in and gave me a kiss, then bailed out the passenger side door.
I watched her slender hips and cute ass wiggle their way across the lot to her ride.
As she got settled in the seat, she looked back at me and gave me a wave goodbye, which I returned.
  I hit the interstate yet again, this time the throttle on the floor, trying to make up for lost time.
Traffic was kind to me and I made it with an hour to spare.
Off with the tarps and chains, stowing my gear in the big box under the trailer.
The overhead crane made quick work of swinging the bundles of steel off and stacking them in the bays.
Finished for the week, I ran empty the two hours homeward.
I arrived satisfied that I’d gotten the job done – in more ways than one.
It’d be safe to say I was worn out, but I was a very happy trucker!  



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