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In the few months after the Debradebacle, we became closer than ever.
After that night and what happened the whole night in our bed, we felt it necessary to discuss a few aspects of our relationship we had omitted before.
Discussing what happened that night and opening ourselves up to each other, we realised how a simple thing could have damaged our vulnerable relationship even further.
It was clear the threat of breaking up was imminent that night, and all because of a trust issue.
Suffice to say, Brandi chose her relationship with me over her friendship with a slut.
While we continued to see our group of friends, she also had a coffee date with Debra and made sure to put her cards on the table.
Debra was a slut of note, and it was better to cut her out completely than to run the risk of her creating havoc again.
A few months later, only a few from our group still included Debra on the get together guest lists, and then only for a Sunday lunch and seldom anything else.
Following that, our intimate relationship became deeper and more committed but neither of us was about to complain.
Sexually, Brandi was a bit out of action anyway as all the roughness caused a small tear on the perineum side of her pussy, which made coupling uncomfortable.
However, her small injury did not dampen her spirits, and we found other ways to pleasure each other in the few days after that night.
I would wake up in the middle of the night with the bedside light on, a warm wet sensation around my cock and her grinning up at me while giving me an oral workout of note.
We upped our physical activities a notch or two by trying anal.
This caused her some tremendous orgasms as we really took time in getting ready, making sure we could do so with safety and without discomfort.
We often feel asleep like that only to feel her press back into me for round two.
Since the tear in her pussy healed, we retained the anal aspect of our physical relationship but only as an added “benefit” so to speak.
We started changing our lifestyle, and one morning, when I thought I was in for a casual run around our hood, she was out with me.
I was surprised to hear feet behind me and, looking over my shoulder, looked into her elated, smiling face.
She had somehow caught up with me and, in doing so, agreed to something I had yearned for a long time.
Having a quiet supper one night out the conversation the conversation turned to fitness and health.
I was really laying into the shiny strip of fat that framed my steak on the one side.
Looking up, I caught a stern expression on her face, my fork halfway to my already open mouth.
“What?” I enquired.
“That piece of fat you’ve been chomping away at.
It’s not good for your health!” I looked at the loaded utensil and asked, “Why?” “Because it’s lining your steak tonight, but a few steaks on it will line your heart.
Put it aside.
Please?” I did so after getting the evil eye, and while putting down my fork, I listened to her giving me the health lecture.
One thought that came to mind was that I was busted for life; another was that she really cared.
The ultimate though was that she was right in her admonishing; we were together, it was part of the deal to have each other’s back.
Looking after each other and caring for one another was the norm.
“There is something else I would like to propose to you as well,” she continued.
She started by mentioning our coincidental run together a few mornings ago.
“Do you know how hard I had to run to catch up, not to mention keep up with you? But eventually I did, didn’t I?” she giggled.
“I was pooped but I would never show it to you,” she continued.
She went on by saying how it turned her on to run slightly behind me and watch my leg muscles flex in my stride.
How my buns showed of in my shorts and how she wished she could be closer to feel them flex in her hands.
She admitted that she got quite wet, thinking of my body under my clothes.
“Baby, do you have any idea how much I would love to train with you, go to the gym when we get time and work out with you? We could be training partners.
We could push each other, encourage each other, test, and expand each other’s limits in so many ways.
I think we could be so good for each other.
Moreover, it would add in building our relationship as well.
” Taking a long sip of my red wine, I took my time in answering her.
“I have wanted this for such a long time.
Getting out there and running is not as effective as partnering up with somebody.
But, when I run, I run… you keep up or stay behind.
” She looked at me for a few moments, her eyes never leaving mine, “is that a challenge?” she asked.
“Why would it be? I am a man, you’re a woman.
Our strides differ, our physical strengths differ, that’s all,” I state before taking a sip of wine.
The next morning we lay in, just enjoying the comfort of each other’s bodies after our romantic night out.
At some stage, she started exploring my body while lying with her head on my chest, her fingertips navigating while we talked about nothing in particular.
I felt the effects of her caresses but left it there, I was enjoying it too much to complicate things.
She lifted her head and sucked gently on one of my nipples.
“This is turning you on isn’t it? I can sense by your breathing being deeper,” she giggled and gently bit on my nipple.
I was indeed in a much different state down there than a few minutes earlier.
I was becoming very aroused and unbelievably hard under her ministrations.
Moving her mouth of my nipple, she started kissing me down my stomach, briefly swirling her tongue in my navel before lifting the sheets of my lower torso.
“My, oh my!” she giggled.
“What have we here? Is this for me?” Without wavering, she continued kissing down to where my cock was, now unrestrained by the sheets and threatening a drop of pre-cum.
As she gently kissed all around my scrotum, the drop of pre-cum defeated gravity and started stretching toward my stomach.
In one move, she both intercepted the drop of glistening fluid and slipped her lips around my purple head.
My whole body shuddered in exhilaration and blasting my load into her throat was something I did not think I would have any control over.
“Turned on are we?” she asked.
I merely blinked my eyelids in answering.
She dipped deep a few times and I felt it rushing through my veins.
However, sensing my urgency, she pressed hard on the base of my member, lifted her mouth of me and smiled.
“Not that easy,” she said with a tease in her voice.
She crawled up to me, slowly, catlike… she only had to purr… and then she placed her mouth over mine.
I could taste the richness of my pre-cum on her tongue while she kissed me deeply.
Straddling my hips, she reached and lifted my cock to her shiny lips, rubbing my copiously running fluid over her distended labia.
Ready for the masterstroke, she positioned my cock at her entrance and held still.
Looking me deep in my eyes, she searched my eyes for consent.
As I barely nodded, she slipped down slowly, closing her eyes while engulfing my hardness all the way down to the base.
“Oooohhhh,” was all she could manage as I bottomed out inside her.
Opening her eyes, she looked at me with an expression one would never be able to capture completely.
It was an expression consolidating so many feelings.
Submission, lust, pride, love… Surprise was one of them as she added, “It never ceases to amaze me how you fill my pussy all the way.
I can feel you pulsing inside me.
You are so warm, so hard, and so ready.
” Her body started rocking slowly on top of mine.
I knew it would not be long before I blasted long sticky strings of cum deep inside her warm wetness.
The soft folds holding me firmly were becoming too much to endure.
As my body started to spasm I could feel her getting ever so tight, her face contorting as her fingers clawed my chest for something to hold onto.
Our releases were simultaneous, a wet warmth spreading over my balls as I groaned and blasted my boiling seed inside her welcoming depths.
In turn, her cry was guttural and primitive as her head snapped back in the magnitude of her release.
Her eyes remained closed as she fought to get her breath back, her fingers slowly relaxing their hold on my skin.
“That was so intense baby… I have not cum that hard ever,” she breathed.
Looking down at where my cock disappeared inside her, cum was slowly oozing out.
Short of breath, I agreed.
“Once you lift of me, you will see how much I enjoyed you.
” I smiled.
After enjoying the afterglow of our union for quite some time, we hit the shower and then the shops.
It was new running gear all round and we thus committed ourselves to the next chapter in our lives.
We enjoyed shopping together and as it would be, I tried my luck inside the fitting rooms a few times.
Online Now! Lush Cams Dimitri_Jhonson Brandi just shoved me away playfully, stifling many giggling outbursts before leaving the confines of the fitting rooms with a slight blush a few times.
Afterward Brandi admitted to me that my groping was turning her on mildly.
At home, finally parading our respective outfits, it was not long before she was on her back, moaning at the effects of my hard cock inside her wet pussy.
The next morning found us on the road early.
We kept together for the sake of the exercise, and I let her set the pace.
However, it became difficult with her being shorter than I am and her stride not matching mine.
This caused her to have to work harder to keep up.
I tried to slow down, and eventually we got into sync.
By the third day, I was a bit frustrated, as I needed to let go and just run.
However, she kept it up, and I realised she was quite fit.
Going uphill was a different story altogether, and a few times I had to wait for her at the crest of the hill.
All over, we enjoyed ourselves and had fun.
Into the second week, I noticed a difference.
Brandi was keeping up at any rate, no matter how I set the pace and what the demands of the route we chose may be.
It was time to challenge her a bit.
The last part of our route that morning was a slight ascent toward our place, but challenging, as it was about three hundred yards.
We would turn left at the intersection and be at our door in a few paces.
“Race you to the top,” I breathed.
“What? You’ll just get your ass kicked, Babe,” she breathed back.
I merely quickened my pace and started leaving her behind.
She started running faster to keep up, and her run grew into a light sprint.
I let her, giving her a head start before picking up my own pace.
With her a few yards ahead of me I kept up, virtually breathing in her neck.
From behind her, I had the perfect view… I enjoyed perving on her fine physique, seeing droplets of sweat running into the ribbing of her tight top, saturating it and developing into a huge wet stain on the centre of her back.
This kept my mind of the distance to go and thus not feeling my own strain.
My footsteps in her ears made her groan in frustration for not being able to shake me of her back.
Loose strands of hair was getting glued to the nape of her neck, her legs had a sexy sheen from the exertion and I was getting a hard on.
Up front was a muddy spot on the road from recent rain, and I chose that moment to increase my pace, splashing her with mud when I overtook her.
“Bastard,” she groaned, trying to retain her lead.
However, I was the one with the bigger stride and managed to stay a few yards ahead of her.
With my attention not being distracted any more, fatigue got the better of me and in a moment, she laughingly shot past me and into our driveway.
“Mudroom, asshole,” she shouted as I laboured into the open the kitchen door.
Rolling my eyes in their sockets, I complied and sat down on the steps to remove my shoes.
“Looser!” she taunted.
Turning in the direction where she was leaning against the counter, I stared at her, giving her an evil eye.
Peering at her, I also observed her red face, rivulets running down her neck, under her top and in-between her breasts.
As if to remind me of its presence, my hard-on twitched once again.
Getting up, I padded barefooted to the fridge to retrieve a bottle of water from its cool interior.
Her eyes followed me, a naughty smile hesitating around the corners of her full lips.
On the way to the fridge, I pulled my sweaty shirt over my shoulders, allowing it to fly unceremoniously somewhere into a corner.
Her eyes met my glimmering upper torso and I notice her swallowing a lump.
Her breathing became a tad more laboured as she followed my every move.
Shutting the fridge gently, I stepped up to where she stood, drinking deeply from my water bottle while maintaining eye contact.
Our hearts were still beating rapidly, but perhaps the reason there fore was suddenly different.
Heat was radiating from her depths, visible in her smouldering eyes.
This was one of those moments.
“Fuck!” she whispered.
Grabbing my shorts by the waistband, she pulled me closer, her eyes not leaving mine.
Then she looked down and as my chest almost touched her protruding, heaving breasts, she licked up the rivulets rolling down my chest.
Following through, she let go of my shorts, lifting onto her bare toes and licked the moisture of my neck before biting lightly into the skin below my left ear.
“Hmmmm, testosterone… yumm!” she whispered.
Still standing close, she grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head, displaying her hard nipples standing like obelisks in the ocean of the sweat on her upper body.
Pulling her closer, our lips fused together, our tongues duelling for supremacy.
The shockwave hit me from my shoulders, down between my shoulder blades, eventually running into my shorts.
I groaned loudly as icy water streamed all over my super heated chest.
Throughout it all, I never kept track of where her water bottle might be.
“Looser,” she taunted me again before walking briskly toward the hallway.
At the entrance to the hall, she looked over her shoulder at me still trying to come to terms with almost a whole pint of ice-cold water squirted over by back.
She shimmied out of her shorts and panties, leaving it around her feet, before wiggling her ass at me.
Slapping herself on the butt, she taunted me again, “I whip my ass back and forth, I whip my ass back and forth,” before realising I was closing the gap between us with large strides.
She let go of a high-pitched scream before running down the hall, giggling like a teenager, knowing she has it coming her way.
Another scream burst from her lips as she looked over her shoulder, seeing me gaining on her.
Halfway to our room I caught up with her, grabbing her around the waist with my right arm and pulling her into my groin.
With my left arm, I rolled down my shorts far enough for my hard cock to bounce free.
It was a matter of good aiming that allowed me to sink balls deep in an unexpected pool of wetness.
She merely groaned and backed her one arm against the frame of our bedroom door.
“You little bitch, now you got it coming,” I breathed in her sweaty hair and an instant later, my next stroke bounced head-on against her cervix.
Her inside was slippery with need, but it did not prevent me from feeling how tight she was and how she was massaging my hardness inside her.
“Ohhhh fuck!” she breathed as her first orgasm hit her with force.
With her hands against the doorframe, she pushed back into me, her feet almost dangling of the floor.
I continued my founding of her squelching pussy, feeling how her lust was flowing down my nutsack.
Reaching around with my left hand, I started strumming her erect clit, eliciting a deep guttural moan from her.
Her second orgasm hit with even more force than the first, her legs buckling beneath her heaving frame.
Grabbing her tight, her use for her legs became secondary as I pounded her suspended form with all the strength I could muster.
Her orgasm seemed ongoing as she kept moaning and screaming at the top of her voice.
“Please, please baby, I can’t take it any more,” she pleaded.
I merely groaned in her ear and kept on pounding her pussy.
“Please, cum over me,” she breathed.
“Will you, please?” “Almost there,” I warned her and grabbed her ponytail with my left hand.
Letting her go unexpectedly, she virtually slumped to the floor, but my hold on her hair allowed me to turn her head.
Shifting one foot put me in range, and just in time.
As my cock slipped inside her lips, the first shot hit her at the back of her mouth.
Choking on the first blast, she tried to push me back, but flexing my hips added one more inch of my exploding hardness inside her mouth.
Pulling back my next shot blew a thick white line over the side on her nose.
Taking careful aim, the last shot hit her square between her slightly parted lips.
My head hit the wall in exhaustion, and I watched cum dripping from her face down on her breasts.
Looking straight into my eyes, she proceeded to massage the excess cum into her breasts with one hand while the other fingers scooped up cum and fed it to her mouth.
“Hmmm, the taste of a winner,” she smiled.
I just laughed at her silliness and pulled her up toward me.
The last remnants of cum was kindly delivered between her lips by using my tongue, kissing her, tasting my cum.
Grabbing her beneath her buttocks I lifted her, her legs folding around my waist, trapping my semi hard cock between us.
I kissed her once again before carrying her to the shower, her eyes never leaving mine.



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