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I received my degree, accepted a position at the University, and bought a house bordering on a golf course in the little college town.
There were sexual encounters over the next two years, some of which were one time affairs and others which were of longer term and which the reader can explore in some of my other stories.
An opportunity arose in which I could work and also pursue another graduate degree at little or no cost.
I sold my house, moved to the city and bought a condominium facing a large park.
Sarah’s Return On a Saturday afternoon in the spring, I was preparing to leave my condo when the phone rang.
It was Sarah.
She was down the street and would love to see me.
I told her where I was living and my Unit number, and invited her to come up.
She asked if we could meet in the park across the street instead.
I had not seen Sarah in over four years, and had not talked with her for almost the same amount of time.
So her call was quite a surprise.
The last contact I had with Sarah was when she was working in upstate New York in her first job out of college.
It was her dream job, designing women’s clothes for an international company that sold women’s clothes and designs to a number of national chain stores, as well as high-end stores overseas.
We met in the park.
Sarah arrived on a bicycle.
We spent the afternoon talking and catching up on what each of us had been doing for the past four years.
Nine months into her job in upstate New York, Sarah had the chance to move to Italy with several people from her design group, and work with clothes designers in Europe.
It was the opportunity of a lifetime.
She travelled throughout Europe, meeting other designers, attending design shows, and learning about fabrics and women’s accessories.
After two years in Europe, Sarah was encouraged to apply for, and was accepted into, her company’s management training program.
While continuing to design clothes, Sarah returned to the U.
, completed the training program in Chicago, assisted with the management of two stores in Illinois and New York, and then had the opportunity to oversee an apparel store in the city where I was living.
The store job was an opportunity to be closer to her mother, who was getting along in age, as well as her sister, who lived in a nearby state.
At the time, Sarah had no idea that I was living in the city.
Shortly after starting her new position, she made an effort to locate me, assuming that I was still living in the small college town at the other end of the state.
Eventually, through others that I knew, she located my address and phone number for my residence in the city.
This was the same Sarah I had known four years earlier; just more sophisticated; grown up; stylish.
Her blonde hair was longer, shoulder length, a little more golden blonde, and styled.
She was thinner; had a tighter body and more muscle, especially in her thighs; and her breasts seemed bigger.
She wore a dark blue T-shirt with a bra, light blue short shorts and a pair of running shoes.
I had never seen Sarah with her nails done.
Yet here she was with beautiful, dark red, manicured nails that made her fingers look long and sensuous.
The young college girl that I knew had blossomed into a young, attractive, fashionable business woman.
There was no talk of sex until the very end of our reunion.
I asked her to come up to my condo, where she could leave her bike while we went out for dinner.
Sarah had another commitment for dinner.
She was also reluctant to go up to my condo.
“I’ve changed, Michael.
I’m a little more celibate than you may recall.
I’m not that wild girl that you had sex with all the time.
” “Changed?” I asked.
While still sexually active in Europe, Sarah explained, she began to lose interest in short term sexual encounters, and began concentrating on her design and art work, as well as her career.
Sarah, I learned, had not had any sex in over a year.
I told her that I was just happy to see her again, and that I had not anticipated, nor was I hoping for sex with her.
The latter part, of course, was a little white lie.
We parted in the late afternoon, agreeing to meet again after Sarah settled into her new job.
The next day, Sunday, I was reading the newspaper when my phone rang.
It was the concierge in my condo building.
There was a Sarah here to see me.
“Send her up,” I told the guy.
I stood in the doorway of my condo and watched as Sarah got off the elevator and walked down the hallway.
The only real difference in her attire from the day before was a back pack slung over one shoulder and no bra.
“Hi,” I said, with a quizzical look on my face.
“Don’t say anything,” was her response, as she walked past me and into my condo without saying another word.
She dropped her back pack on the floor as she looked around the condo.
“Nice place,” was all she said.
She stepped up close me and put her hands on my chest.
“I have a confession to make,” she said.
“I didn’t have plans for dinner last night.
I was afraid to come up here with you because I knew you’d want to have sex, and I knew that I’d want it too.
So my dinner engagement was an excuse.
” “You were afraid…” I started to say before she cut me off.
The other part is true.
It’s been a long time since I’ve had any sex.
” There was a pause, as though she was thinking of what to say next.
“I do think I’ve changed.
I’ve grown up.
I have responsibilities.
I have a job.
People depend on me.
” Another pause.
“I’ve had plenty of opportunities.
Men hit on me; even women hit on me.
But things are different now.
I’m more selective in who I’m with; maybe too selective.
” I interrupted her.
“Sarah, you don’t have to say or explain anything.
That was four years ago.
You were a college student.
We were living together.
It was a different situation.
” There was an awkward silence as I waited for her to say something.
I was expecting a suggestion that we go to lunch and talk, or maybe get out of the condo and take a walk around the city.
Instead, she held my arm and walked me to the couch where we both sat down.
“Don’t say anything.
I’ve thought about this all night.
” Sarah turned her back to me, looked back over her shoulder, and asked me for a back rub.
Nothing was said.
Nothing had to be said.
Her message and its meaning were clear.
I went slow, massaging her shoulders, and then moving my fingers down her back.
On the way back up to her shoulders, I massaged under her shirt, lifting it as I moved my fingers up her back.
I massaged her shoulders with her shirt wrapped around her neck, and then slowly lifted her shirt up and off.
It had not been my imagination.
Sarah’s breasts were bigger, and jiggled as she quivered a little, anticipating what was to come.
I put my hands softly on Sarah’s shoulders and eased her back until I was lying against the couch arm and pillows, and she was lying back on top of me.
Her skin was soft; I could smell her hair and perfume, and I could just see the tip of her breasts and her hard nipples.
Burying my face in her hair and inhaling the sweet smell of lilac, I reached around Sarah and ran my fingers lightly over her tits and nipples.
Sarah moaned loudly and arched her back.
Small goose bumps appeared all over her breasts, as her nipples tightened even more.
“Do you like that?” I whispered, knowing full well what her answer would be.
“Yes,” she replied in a soft whimper.
Her nipples were rock hard.
I wanted to play with them, but for the time being, I just lightly cupped her breasts and ran my fingers around her areola.
Sarah had not been touched like this in a long time, and I was enjoying teasing her, hearing her moans of pleasure, and feeling her body twitch and tremble.
“Pinch my nipples.
” I took each nipple between my fingers and thumb and rolled them around, I could feel Sarah’s fingernails dig into my arms as she let out a long, guttural moan.
I played with Sarah’s nipples and tits for another five or ten minutes, listening to her sounds of pleasure and getting lost in her long hair and perfume.
Suddenly, without saying anything, she sat up, got off the couch and walked a few feet away.
“There is just one thing that I’ve not seen with any other man I’ve been with.
Online Now! Lush Cams Anahy It is burned into my memory, and I need to see it again.
” What?” I asked.
Sarah did not answer.
Her tits wiggled back and forth as she undid the button on her jeans; they dangled and swayed as she slid her jeans down over her hips.
As Sarah stepped out of her jeans, I could see the muscles in her thighs and stomach, her arms and shoulders, tighten and stretch.
As her jeans slid down her legs, Sarah revealed her pussy, still with a tuft of blonde hair at the top of her slit, and wet, light brown, flowering pussy lips.
Sarah stood up, put her hands on her hips, and twisted around a little, fully displaying her body.
She was thinner, a lot more muscular, with perfect pear shaped breasts, hard brown nipples, swollen pussy lips, and a world-class ass.
I stared in awe and wonder, appreciation and approval; lust and desire.
“There it is.
That’s the look.
God, the way you look at me; that hungry, needy, crazed look.
I get chills up my spine; pleasure spreads over my body, and I get so wet.
I love that you want me; need me.
” My mind was racing.
I wanted to do everything with my hands, mouth, tongue, and cock, all at once.
But before I could move, Sarah had lowered herself to her knees in front of me and was undoing the belt on my pants.
“Can I see it? Let me see it?” I lifted my ass a little, slid my pants down to my ankles and then off, and sat back as Sarah stared at my hard shaft, standing straight and already leaking pre-cum.
There is a certain thrill; a tingling throughout one’s body; a soft, velvet pleasure felt all the way to one’s core, when a woman like Sarah stares at your cock.
And it was a stare; her eyes were fixed on my erection as though she was in a trance.
Sarah ran her tongue over her lips as she looked at my full manhood.
There was eagerness in her eyes; a desire; a hunger; a need to touch my cock; to hold it, stroke it, and taste it.
Yet she held back, hesitant, apprehensive, even shaking a little.
“God, it’s beautiful.
Fucking beautiful.
I had forgotten how big it was,” she said as she put her hands on my thighs and edged forward.
Sarah held my cock in her hand like it was an old friend.
She stared at it, stroking it lightly, as pre-cum oozed out of the tip and ran down the shaft, over her fingers.
Carefully and slowly, she eased her lips over the swollen head, and made love to my cock with her warm, wet mouth.
For several minutes, I caressed Sarah’s hair and watched her devour my manhood.
Deep in my core, I felt the beginnings of a body consuming orgasm.
“Can we go to your bed?” she asked, lifting her head just enough to look into my eyes and convey her urgent need for more.
I got off the couch and led Sarah into my bedroom.
Just before we reached the bed she stopped me and we kissed.
I felt the smooth skin on her back and ass, as we tongue battled.
Her hard nipples poked into my chest; my erection pressed on her abdomen.
“Please go slow,” she whispered.
“It’s been a long time.
” “And no anal; I haven’t done that in a couple of years.
” Sarah climbed onto the bed, staying on her hands and knees, giving me a view of her pussy and ass.
Then there was one of those moments of confusion.
I wanted her pussy and ass, but also wanted her to suck my cock.
She wanted to suck my cock, but also wanted me in her pussy.
“I want to play with it,” she said, reaching out and grasping my hard shaft.
I lie on my back and let Sarah take my rod in her soft hands.
“Hi Michael’s cock.
Remember me?” Sarah kissed my rigid shaft all over, licked the sensitive head, and slowly stroked it.
She talked to my cock, telling it how much she missed it and how much she wanted it.
She ran the pre-cum covered head all over her chin, lips nose and cheeks.
Sarah may have not had sex in over a year, but her skills with a cock had not been diminished.
Sarah continued to suck my cock, flick her tongue over the head, stroke me and tickle my balls until I couldn’t take it anymore.
“Sarah, I don’t want to cum yet.
If you keep that up you’re gonna to make me cum.
” She looked up and smiled at me, letting my cock go.
“Is there a lot of cum?” I nodded yes.
She kissed my stomach and chest, letting her nipples and tits graze over my manhood.
I could feel my erection twitch and move on its own each time a hard nipple danced over the sensitive skin on the head of my cock.
Sarah straddled me, taking my shaft in her hand and placing the head carefully at the opening of her love hole.
Slowly, she slid her slippery pussy down over my cock until I was fully in her.
“Slow to start with.
Okay?” she asked.
“Yeah,” was my inarticulate response.
Her body flowed in a soft, slow, flowing rhythm, as she slid up and down on my shaft.
The palms of her hands were on my chest.
Her tits hung down and swayed.
There was a little smile on her face.
Her eyes were closed.
She made little moaning and hissing sounds, inhaling sharply every few seconds.
For the moment at least, Sarah was in her own little world of pleasure.
As her tits bounced and swayed with each of her thrusts, I lightly pinched and twisted her hard nipples.
Her smile broadened.
Her eyes remained closed.
“That feels so fucking good!” she purred.
“I haven’t felt this way in a long time.
” Sarah slid down so her boobs were on my chest and she could stick her tongue down my throat.
Our deep, lingering kisses were matched by her slow thrusting hips.
I cupped her ass with my hands, and pushed her ass and pussy down onto my manhood.
“I’m going to cum.
” she whispered.
It was a statement; a fact; an admission.
Nothing else was said.
She did not speed up, keeping her slow pace, sliding her wet love hole over my cock in a constant rhythm.
But she was breathing heavier and beginning to tense up.
I held her tight to me, letting her do the work at her own pace; letting her educe her own orgasm.
There was a quick flurry of words.
“Oh God! Here it comes! Oh Fuck! Fuck yes! I’m cuming!” Her body jerked violently as she sat partially up; there was a look of severe pain on her face; her eyes remained closed; she went silent; her back and neck arched; and her body became rigid.
Her hips rocked and thrust as she plunged her slit down onto my cock.
Otherwise, Sarah did not move.
And then there was sweet release.
With my cock firmly embedded in her pussy and my hands on her ass, Sarah screamed my name along with a few choice swear words, as she gave voice and sound to her total body orgasm.
“Michael! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Don’t stop!” I kept driving my cock into her slit.
Her fingernails dug into my chest.
“Oh God.
Yesssssssss!” Sarah collapsed on me, breathing heavily, muttering affirmative words of pleasure, and breathlessly describing the intensity of her orgasm.
“That was too much.
” “I can’t stop shaking.
” “My head almost exploded.
” “Hold me!” Sarah settled down on top of me, finally catching her breath.
I continued to slowly slide my manhood in and out of her pussy.
“Did you cum?” she whispered.
” “Will you cum inside me?” It was a question that did not need a verbal answer; just a simple response.
I held her on top of me, her hard nipples pressing into my chest, and pumped my shaft into her sopping slit at a quicker pace.
When I was close, I told her.
We both spoke at the same time as the tension grew in my body and I prepared to erupt inside her.
“I’m gonna to cum.
” “Cum for me.
” “Get ready, I’m almost there.
” “Cum for me, Michael.
” “I’m cuming.
” “Yes! Yes! Give me all your cum!” “Uuunnnggghhh! Uuunnnggghhh! Uuunnnggghhh!” I shot a load of white goo into Sarah’s love hole; four or five ribbons of cum.
She felt each spurt, moaning each time my seed splashed against her cervix.
We kissed a long, drawn out sloppy, wet kiss, as I felt my cum dribble out of Sarah’s hole and drip down onto my balls and off onto my bed.
I lay there trying to catch my breath.
Sarah kissed my face all over and told me how good it felt.
After a few minutes, my limp cock slid out of Sarah’s pussy, and she moaned in disappointment.
Sarah slid off me and nestled in beside me.
“Nice to be back in your bed, Michael.
” Sarah was back.



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