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Latest stories Straight Sex John and Brianna (Part 2): The Swimming Pool

The next morning Brianna slowly awakes, feeling very good after last night.
Both she and John are still naked, and John is curled against her back with one arm around her, his hand on her breast.
She can feel his body against her back and feel his semi-hard dick between them, pressed against her ass.
She keeps still, enjoying the feeling until she notices that John is also waking up.
Then she moves her hand between them and strokes his dick.
John now moans softly, still not fully awake, but he starts to move his hand and softly massages her breast.
Slowly Brianna turns around to face John, and he slowly opens his eyes.
“Good morning, my love,” she says while kissing him softly, “Did you sleep well?” John nods slowly, still playing with her breast.
He enjoys the feeling of her body against his body and the feeling of yesterday is still giving him a good feeling and making him smile.
Brianna puts her hand around his dick, squeezing it softly.
She can feel that it is growing slowly but it is far from as hard as it was yesterday evening.
In the past, they had some problems with a morning fuck, but after yesterday evening she is determined to get him up again as she wants him to fuck her again.
“Do you want to continue with what we did last night?” Brianna asks while kissing John.
John responds by pulling her closer and kissing her long, letting his tongue play with hers.
Slowly Brianna moves her hand up and down along his dick and John moves his hand from her breast, down to her pussy, and starts to rub her clit.
Brianna can feel her pussy getting wet again, thinking about last night and feeling John’s fingers on her pussy again.
She sits up and pushes John onto his back.
Then she moves on top of him, her pussy hovering over his face while she is facing his dick, and she bends over and takes his still not yet fully erect dick into her mouth.
At the same moment, she feels his tongue sliding over her clit.
Slowly she moves her head down and she can feel his dick growing into her mouth.
She moves her mouth down as far as she can and then keeps her head still for a moment.
She can now feel his dick grow deeper into her mouth against her throat, almost pushing her head up and pushing her lips apart.
She moves her head up again, and with her tongue, she moves around the top of his dick.
She can still taste a slight salty taste from yesterday.
Now she moves her head up and down slowly, but she almost jumps up when John suddenly enters her pussy with two fingers “Ahhhhhh, yes!” she cries out, then moving down again with renewed fury sucking his dick.
After a few minutes, she can taste some precum, and she also feels that her pussy is starting to soak, as John still is fucking it with his fingers and sucking her clit.
She moves from John’s face, turns around and sucks on his lips, and licking her pussy juice from his face.
“Are you ready to fuck me again, my love, my big boy?” she says, while kissing him again.
“Oh yes, I am ready,” he says, “But this time I want to fuck you from behind, doggy style.
” “Oh yes, John, yes,” Brianna responds, smiling with the thought of John fucking her like that, “I love that!” She moves off and gets ready on her knees and John moves between her legs and slaps her ass.
“Ouch, yes, John, hit your fucking slut! Fuck me hard!” John now grabs his dick and positions it at her pussy and slides the tip in.
Then he grabs her waist and in one hard move slams his dick deep into her soaking pussy, almost pushing her over.
The next moves are not as hard, but Brianna’s boobs are still swinging like crazy every time John slaps his body against her ass.
Brianna leans on one arm and moves her other arm down, moving two fingers onto her clit, and the other fingers running against John’s dick.
He keeps pounding her pussy, with his hands firmly on her waist.
It does not take much time before Brianna reaches her orgasm, and she sinks through the arm she is resting on, and then she hears John also starting to pant, as he is ready to cum.
“John, don’t cum inside me,” Brianna brings out quickly, “I want you to cover me with your cum! Say it when you are ready!” John makes a few more moves inside her and then he pulls back, and Brianna quickly rolls onto her back.
John moves next to her, and almost immediately he begins to splash his cum over her.
The first blast is so intense, it covers her boobs and even her face.
Brianna can just in time close her eyes, as some drops land on her eyelids.
 The next blasts splash on her boobs.
When he is done, he sinks next to her, while she licks her lips, tasting his cum directly for the first time.
She then looks at her boobs and sees the cum slowly flow down.
Brianna moves one hand over her boobs, sliding through the warm cum and rubbing it all over her boobs, her other hand is still on her pussy, and rubs her clit furiously until she gets her second orgasm.
It is not a very deep orgasm, but Brianna feels very satisfied by is.
Then she licks her fingers clean, making sure she gets all cum from it.
“I tasted it yesterday evening, and it did not taste bad at all,” Brianna says to John, who looks very surprised, “so now I want to try it again, and it does taste good.
” She then slides her body against his and kisses him.
They stay in bed for another hour, just next to each other, then Brianna takes a shower and starts to prepare breakfast.
When she is done with that John also comes down, and together they have breakfast.
As it is Saturday, they do not have any other plans and take some coffee and sit in the backyard.
The weather is nice, and it promises to be another good couple of weeks.
Brianna looks around at their garden, and see the pool has lots of leaves and dirt in it.
“John, we have to get the pool cleaned, we did not have that done this spring yet.
” John nods.
“I will call them Monday morning, see when they can come over”.
The rest of the weekend was uneventful.
The evenings were spent cuddling together and watching some movies, but nothing more happened, as they both were really satisfied with what happened earlier.
  It takes a couple of weeks before the pool could be cleaned.
In the meantime, they did have some good sex during the weekends, but not as extensive as the first time, but still a lot better and more often than before.
When the pool is cleaned, they are not at home, and when Brianna has a day off a few days later she decides to test it, as the weather is very good.
She puts on a swimsuit that she did not use for a long time, but it does feel a bit small around her breasts, but also pushes her breasts up and shows much more cleavage than she can remember from the precious time she wore this.
“Hm, Jenny was right,” she thinks while moving her hands over her breasts, “they did grow a bit over the years, and even John did not notice.
” The thought makes her smile.
The pool has a small part on one side which was very shallow, and you can enjoy the sun from there.
In the other part, the floor slowly slopes down.
Next to the shallow part Brianna can stand and the water would just reach the underside of her breasts; at the other side of the pool it is much deeper, there she can stand with her head just above the water.
The water was still quite cold, but as the sun was already strong the top layer is nice, and the shallow part is even warm.
Brianna slides into the deeper part and decided that it is way too cold, so she moves to the shallow part and stays there in the sun for a while.
But as she is wearing a swimsuit it did not much for her color.
And she had become more aware of her body again since she got the new lingerie, so she also wanted to be able to get a nice tan all over again, for the first time in years.
As she knows that the lingerie store also has a bathing section, she decides to take a quick drive to town and get herself a nice bikini.
When she was young, she wore bikinis most of the time, but after they had their kids, she only used bathing suits.
When Brianna enters the store she is a bit disappointed, as Jenny is not behind the counter, but an older woman.
“Hello, is Jenny around?” she asks.
“Oh yes, one moment.
” The lady pushes a button, and Brianna can hear a bell from the back of the store.
A few moments later a door opens and Jenny appears.
“Oh hi, Brianna, am I correct? How can I help you, was everything OK?” Brianna smiled and walked from the desk towards her.
“Oh yes, everything is OK.
It went much better than I expected.
” Jenny looks relieved.
“But now I need something else.
” Brianna continues.
“OK, where can I help you with then?” Jenny asks.
“Do you want something else to go with the lingerie you got last time?” “No, I need something else.
We have a small swimming pool in the backyard, and I would like to have some nice bikinis.
” Brianna explains.
“One bikini which is a bit decent and can be used all the time, and one a bit more revealing for when only my husband is around.
” “Ah, something to get your husband in the mood, you mean?” Jenny says, smiling.
” Brianna smiles back.
Jenny moves to the swimwear area of the store.
“Let’s go for the normal one first.
Your size was 36F if I remember correctly? That’s this section.
” She points to a small part of the collection.
“There are not that many bikinis in that size, but we managed to get a nice collection.
Anything special you like, color, print?” Brianna looks at the bikinis and at first, she checks out a black one, but then she decides on a dark red with orange stripes.
“Yes, this one I like,” Brianna says to Jenny while taking the top part of the bikini and handing the bottom to Jenny, “Can I try the top? The bottom should be ok I guess; it looks the right size to me.
” She tries it on in the dressing room, and it feels ok, although it gave a lot less support than a normal bra and made her breasts hang down a bit more.
She looks in the mirror and it does look nice again to be wearing a bikini.
She changes back into her normal bra and clothes and walks over to Jenny.
“This one is OK, now for the second one.
” Brianna hands this bikini over to Jenny, who puts it on the desk and takes Brianna to the backroom again.
“I thought this was for lingerie?” Brianna asks, surprised.
“Not only,” Jenny replies, “here we also have our special bikini collection”.
Jenny leads them to the corner where the bikinis are shown.
“These are our special collection”.
Jenny takes a few bikinis to show Brianna.
“This one is very small, and it can be unlocked very easily.
” Jenny shows a bikini consisting of just 3 small triangles and some thin strings between them.
Brianna looks at it and decides that it is not something for her.
The triangles would just cover her nipples, all her pubic hair would have to go as it would stick out, and she could not use it in the backyard, as it would show everything immediately.
Then she shows the second one.
“This one has some special flaps, that you can open to reveal your nipples and the thong has an open crotch” She shows the thong which has a small opening over the pussy area.
Brianna laughs and takes the top.
The flaps are locked with small buttons, and they unlock very easily.
The thong also has the same buttons that keep the opening closed, but you can move your fingers through, even with the buttons closed.
Then Jenny shows the third one, which has a normal size and looks as it has nothing special.
Brianna almost looks disappointed when she looks at it, it is just a plain white bikini.
“This one is very special,” Jenny says while holding up the top.
“This fabric will become transparent when it becomes wet.
So, when you enter the pool, your husband will be able to see through, but when you leave and it gets dry everything will be hidden again.
” Online Now! Lush Cams RitaDerry Brianna looks at it a bit closer and indeed it looks like a normal fabric and there is no indication that you would be able to see through it.
“Can you show me that?” she asks Jenny.
“Sure,” Jenny nods.
“If you put it on I can make it wet and you will see the result.
” Jenny grabs a small spray can, and while Brianna goes into the changing room Jenny fills it with a bit of warm water.
When Brianna has the top on it looks good, but not very special.
“Are you ready for it?” Jenny asks, and when Brianna nods, Jenny sprays the front of the bikini top.
At first, nothing happens, but as Brianna starts to feel the water reaching her skin her nipples appear through the fabric.
Jenny sprays a bit more, and then the rest of the bikini also becomes almost invisible, only leaving the sides visible.
“Oh wow,” Brianna says surprised, “that effect is so amazing!” She moves her hands up to her breasts to feel if the fabric was still there, and luckily it was.
She watches herself in the mirror and can see her breasts and not the bikini.
After a minute the fabric starts to come back, as it dries quite quickly.
“Yes, I want this set!” Brianna says to Jenny enthusiastically.
“Just keep it on for a few minutes, so it can dry a bit better before I wrap it,” Jenny said to her.
“But feel free to look around to see if there is anything else you like.
” After a few minutes Brianna gets back into the dressing room and puts her clothes back on, and then walks to the front counter.
“Here are your items Brianna, I hope they work as well as the previous purchase,” Jenny says, smiling at her after she packed everything and hands Brianna her purchases.
When Brianna arrives home, she puts the new bikinis away so John won’t see them and she goes on with her normal daily routine.
  The next weekend the weather is really warm.
In the afternoon Brianna changes into her new special bikini and asks John also to come over and enjoy the sun.
John is surprised as they never go sit outside in the sun, but then he sees the new bikini and decides to join her.
He also changes into his swimming shorts, and they move into the garden onto the lounge chairs next to the pool, enjoying the sun and some drinks.
“How about trying the pool,” Brianna says to John, “it has been cleaned and the water looks cool and the sun is just so hot.
” She gets up and walks to the pool.
John also gets up and follows her.
Brianna sits on the edge, her legs dangling in the water.
John immediately jumps in, and he takes two strokes to the other side and he looks at Brianna.
“Come on, you wanted to go for a swim” John urges Brianna.
Slowly she slides into the water and drifts belly down towards him.
When she reaches him she kisses him and floats back, now on her back.
When she looks down she sees that the fabric did what it was supposed to do, and it looks like she is nude.
She looks at John and based on the expression on his face he also noticed it.
Brianna now turns over again and swims back to John.
“You like my new bikini John?” she asks him, while she moves towards him and puts her arms around his neck.
“What is this for stuff, it looks like it disappeared!” John brings out.
“Yes, that’s a nice trick, isn’t it?” Brianna answers and kisses him.
“Do you like it, did you get a good view, or should I make another round?”.
Brianna releases his neck and pushes off, floating on her back again, with her legs a bit wider this time so he can also see her there.
John’s eyes are still big from surprise and he looks around to see if anyone is watching.
“No John the pool is not visible from any of the neighbors, I checked,” Brianna says while floating back, and this time she moves her body against his, one leg between his legs, rubbing against his swimming short.
“I can feel you like the view, maybe you want to check that the fabric is still there?” John gets the suggestion and move his arms around her and pulls her towards him.
He lets his hand move over her breasts, feeling the fabric, but seeing her skin.
“This is so amazing, how did you get this?” he says while kissing her.
“The same store I got the lingerie, they have a lot of nice items,” she says while kissing him.
“But I guess you like it?” “I do, but it is such a surprise again”, he says, kissing back.
“Do you have any more surprises for me?” Brianna lets her hand slide down, into his swimming trunk and grabbed his dick.
“How about some playing here in the pool, or do you want to move inside?” she asks him and then licks his ear.
“Let’s stay here,” John says, “I guess we could play here just as well.
” He then lets his hand slide down between her legs.
Quickly Brianna pushes herself away and moves to the shallow part.
She moves up with her ass just on the edge and moves her legs wide.
“Come on big boy, I have something for you to play with,” he says, while sliding her hand over her pussy.
John quickly follows her and is now standing between her legs still in the deeper part as he lets a finger slide over her pussy.
“Hmmm yes,” she whispers when he touches her, “that’s what I wanted, go on.
” The bikini bottom has two knots at both sides and John quickly unlocks them so the bottom drops away completely.
He now lets his finger slide over her pussy, and then kisses all around it, without touching it with his lips.
Brianna wants to have him closer and put her legs around his neck and pulls him down onto her pussy.
“Eat my pussy John, eat it!” she almost begs, and John can do nothing other than obey.
Her legs push him down onto her pussy, but also almost drowning him, as only the top of her pussy was above the water, so John lifts her ass and lets his tongue swirl around her pussy, then putting his lips on her clit and sucking it hard.
Brianna moans hard, the moment he starts to suck, and almost yells the moment John pushes his fingers into her pussy.
“Oh yes, John, yes, go on, please!” she moans.
She starts to move wildly, making waves in the water which splash over the edge and also into John’s face.
Suddenly she goes completely rigid, as all her muscles contract, and then she lets out a loud moan and rubs her pussy hard on John’s face, as she cums very deep.
When she slowly sinks down John lets her go and puts her down again.
After a minute Brianna moves down and slides next to John in the deeper part.
She puts her arms around him and kisses him.
“How about you let my boobs free as well?” Brianna asks while shaking her boobs in front of John.
“You can already see them, so it’s better if you can also feel them.
” John does not need a second for this and quickly unhooks her top.
The moment her boobs are free, they move up, almost floating on the water, with her nipples just above the waterline, and John starts licking them.
“Oh wow, that looks so hot, your boobs floating! You never showed that before!” John manages to bring out between licking them.
Brianna moves her hands down John’s belly, and grabs the rim of his swimming shorts, and pulls it down, and lets it sink to the bottom of the pool.
She then pushes him towards the shallow part.
“Sit up there John”, Brianna directs him to where she was sitting before.
John moves up, sitting on the edge, his hard dick pointing up.
Brianna moves between his legs, and puts her boobs around his dick and slowly moves them up and down, in between licking the head of John’s dick when it appears.
John moves back, leaning on his arms while getting a boob-job and enjoying the view of his dick between the boobs of his wife.
After a couple of minutes, Brianna changes to sucking his dick, and as she is a bit more relaxed doing it than the first time she can take him even deeper.
She also grabs his balls and squeezes them when she sucks hard on his dick.
She can feel his dick jump whenever she does that, and she can taste the precum slipping from his dick into her mouth.
That is the signal for her to stop and pull John back up and into the pool.
When he is standing she puts her arms around his neck and jumps up and moves her legs around his waist.
“I want you to fuck me in the pool! Give me that dick of yours” she whispers in his ear.
John grabs his dick and tries to direct it at her pussy while Brianna still hangs from his neck.
When she feels his dick at her pussy she slowly slides down onto it.
Slowly John now walks through the pool with Brianna pinned on his dick.
He walks to the side of the pool and puts Brianna’s back against it.
She releases the hold on his neck and puts her arms on the side of the pool and leans backward, her legs still wrapped around John.
He now can start to move into her pussy, but with the resistance of the water, he cannot slam as hard as he wants.
“Oh yes John, fuck my pussy, let me feel that big dick of yours in my pussy!” she moans.
He grabs her waist and starts fucking her as hard as he can in the water.
She can feel the waves splashing into her boobs that are just above the water, just a second after he slams into her.
The cold water splashing over her hot and hard nipples feels almost as if John is licking them.
“Let me turn around John, I want you to take me from behind”.
Brianna releases her legs around him and she feels his dick slip out.
She quickly turns around and places her arms on the side of the pool.
Then she pushes her ass towards John.
He quickly grabs it and slides his dick back in.
John can feel his balls now swinging through the water, and that makes him even more excited, although he was still not able to slam into her as hard as he would have liked.
Brianna in the meantime leaves one hand on the side, and move the other to her pussy and starts rubbing her clit, but for her, it also does not go that fast.
“Let’s finish it off on the lounge chair!” John says suddenly, and he pulls out and pulls Brianna up.
Quickly they both leave the pool and Brianna gets onto her back on the chair and pulls her legs up high.
“No, no,” John says quickly, “turn around on your knees, I want to grab your ass, just like in the pool”.
Quickly Brianna turns around on the lounge chair and pushes her ass up high.
John grabs it and puts his dick into her pussy again, and this time he can push hard and slam into her.
Brianna massages her clit, and she is the first to climax.
She sinks though her arm and ends up with her head against the cushion, while John continues to pound her pussy.
“Oh yes, dear, fuck me hard, give that hard dick of yours, slam my pussy” Brianna continues to encourage John, as this drives him crazy.
“Give me your cum, I want to feel you cum into my pussy!” And it has the desired effect, as John now pushes deep into her and shouts “FUCK YES” while he cums deep into her and fills her pussy with his cum.
He then sinks onto the grass, as his legs give way, and sits down.
Brianna’s legs also give way and she is now lying belly down on the lounge chair, with her legs still apart.
John has a great view of her pussy, and he can see his cum dripping out of her pussy in a steady stream.
He manages to get up and pushes his thumb into Brianna’s pussy.
She lifts her head in surprise as she did not expect that, but John takes his cum coated thumb and holds it in front of Brianna’s mouth.
She licks the cum off of it and then sucks his thumb.
John then also moves into one of the other lounge chairs, and together they enjoy the sun on their naked bodies.
After about half an hour John decides to get the lost clothing from the pool, and Brianna goes inside and puts on her other bikini.
John is surprised by the fact that she has another bikini he did not know about, but does not say anything about it.
Together they spend the rest of the afternoon in the backyard, once in a while taking a swim when they get hot, and enjoying the sun and some nice drinks.



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