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Naomi grew up in a conservative and religious middle-class white family.
Truthfully, she did not share her family’s sentiments, but ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.
She could never befriend any of ‘the darker people’, as her family referred to them, because that simply was not allowed.
To her shame, she had often found some of the Hispanic and black guys that she encountered at school rather handsome, but of course never dared mention this to anyone.
In her final year at school, Naomi was really looking forward to attending college, so she could finally get away from the stuffiness of her upbringing.
There was also a second reason that she wished to get away, as will shortly be explained.
Naomi’s much older brother, Jacob, had already left home years before and she essentially felt like an only child.
Toward the end of her final year at school, Naomi lost her virginity to ‘Uncle Roger’.
Uncle Roger was not only her dad’s employer but also one of the wealthiest men in their closely connected community.
Uncle Roger was in his mid-fifties and his wife had passed a few years before.
Uncle Roger lived on his own because his kids had long since moved out of the home and started their own lives.
When Naomi’s dad won a weekend away for being the employee of the month, Uncle Roger kindly offered to look after Naomi during their absence, because leaving a young girl on her own was simply not the ‘done’ thing.
That weekend Uncle Roger fucked Naomi relentlessly, and it was, therefore, no big surprise when Naomi’s dad won two further ‘employee of the month’ awards.
Uncle Roger really took to Naomi and even mentioned that he would eventually like to marry her.
Comprehending the predicament that her father would be placed in, Naomi played along with Uncle Roger’s desires but insisted that their liaison remain a secret until she finished her college degree.
Naturally, she had no intention of marrying an old man but figured that after three years of college, she would finally be the decision maker concerning her future.
She was very happy, therefore, when she went off to college the following year and escaped the clutches of Uncle Roger.
College was extremely agreeable to Naomi, and the freedom she felt after her former oppression was extremely liberating.
A further plus in her life was that being a secret smoker she could now enjoy her addiction without retribution.
Naomi wasn’t a heavy smoker but loved the five or six daily cigarettes that she could now freely indulge in.
Naturally, smoking in the residence was not allowed, but there was a lovely courtyard out the back where this wickedness was tolerated.
It was because of this routine that the story I am about to tell transpired.
One evening at around nine, Naomi walked into the quadrangle at the back of her residence.
Across the way, there was a large store room of sorts where a lot of sporting equipment was housed.
There were two large locked doors that barred the entrance to this facility.
To the left, there was a small pathway with an established shrubbery bordering it.
That evening, prior to lighting up her cigarette, Naomi decided to explore this pathway to see what lay beyond.
As she arrived at the end of the pathway she looked left and observed a window and a door set into the building.
Even more surprising to her was that there seemed to be a beam of light emanating from the window.
As she gingerly made her way to the window, she saw that the curtains of the window had not been fully closed and she could see what looked like an apartment.
This was Alfred’s apartment, as she would soon learn, and he was a janitor at the college.
She had seen him on campus and was very taken with him.
He was a very good-looking black guy in his late thirties.
Alfred was tall, well-built, and exuded a regal bearing.
He moved in a graceful, almost feline way.
He had an extremely dark complexion, was totally bald, and had a short-cropped beard.
Even though he was much too old for her, she was, nevertheless, impressed by his awesome presence.
As Naomi peeped through the curtains, Alfred emerged with a towel wrapped around his waist, from what presumably was his bathroom.
His torso was hairless and well-formed, and his body seemed to glow like a highly polished dark wood.
As she watched, Alfred sat on a large sofa before what was obviously a television, given the play of light reflecting off him.
He then leaned back and stretched his body in a relaxed fashion.
After a minute or so he got up and moved towards the television set.
She could not see what he was doing, but when he returned to his couch, Alfred sat wide legged after opening his towel.
The vision that now met her eyes was totally awesome.
Alfred’s knob looked like a huge forearm protruding from his body.
From the naked pictures that she had seen of men, Uncle Roger’s cock was impressive, but Alfred was entirely in another league.
From the expression on his face, she could clearly discern that he was watching some kind of porn.
His eyes were alive with lust and his pink tongue lolled around his full lips.
Very leisurely, Alfred began stroking the top of his dick with his fingers.
Next, he took the base of his cock in hand and began swaying the front of his knob to and fro.
Naomi’s mouth was practically watering, as she imagined what his tool would feel like inside her pussy.
Naomi now slipped her hand under her dress and pushed her fingers into her panties.
With her digits moving in a circular motion over her vulva, she continued to watch Alfred.
Alfred lovingly moved his hand up and down his knob as he gently caressed it.
Naomi watched his proud eyes moving between his dick and the television set.
Next, Alfred closed his finger around the shaft of his cock, as he easily pulled his ample foreskin downward.
Naomi was stunned when a dusky pink head emerged from the dark folds that had encased it.
The dick-head shone with moisture, once fully exposed.
By this time, the motion of her fingers had begun to caress her pussy with far more urgency and she had to suppress the horny sounds that were emanating from her lips.
Alfred’s hand, as if in accordance with her excitement, also began to tug on his cock with greater resolve.
With his head moving back and forth, Alfred’s body began to glow with perspiration as his intensity level started to peak.
When Alfred finally began to unload, Naomi could not believe the amount of spunk sprayed from his knob.
It was as if lashings of yogurt erupted on his chest and stomach.
Overcome, Naomi commenced squirting her own rapture through her fingers.
She quickly felt for the packet of tissues that she had in her pocket, to clean herself up.
Totally overwhelmed, Naomi quickly made her way back to the quadrangle before entering the residence.
As she lay in bed, with the earlier images of the evening flooding through her mind, it occurred to her that she hadn’t had her cigarette.
Unfazed, she fell asleep soon after.
The following evening she did not spy on Alfred.
A dichotomy had unfolded within her mind about her voyeurism.
Much as she had loved it, it was an invasion of privacy.
The night thereafter, however, it was as if an inexorable force was egging her on.
She felt like a drug addict craving her next fix.
Drawn like a moth to a flame, Naomi once more found herself at Alfred’s window, thankful that his curtains had again not been fully closed.
She watched transfixed as the same scenario played itself out.
Once more Naomi pleasured herself as she observed the magnificent sight before her.
Naomi would have loved to knock on his door and beg him to fuck her but realized that if he took offense she could be in a load of trouble.
She presumed that like most people, Alfred obviously needed his job, and she was certain that he wouldn’t allow horniness to cloud his better judgment.
As before, she timed her orgasm to coincide with his eruption.
Naomi’s addiction had now taken complete hold of her and for the following two weeks, her nightly fix became the highlight of her day.
One evening as she stood savouring her visual feast, she got a shock when someone grabbed her from behind.
With his right hand over her mouth and his left hand snaking under the hand in her panties, he spoke.
“Shhh,” he said.
As his left hand began to rub her pussy she stood frozen.
“Do you often watch Alfred?” he asked.
Naomi nodded her head.
“Does black cock turn you on, white girl?” he hissed before she again nodded.
Satisfied that she wouldn’t make a noise, her captor lowered his right hand and let it rest on her left breast.
As he kneaded her left tit, the fingers of his left hand also fondled and patted on her pussy.
Naomi could also feel a large, hard object brushing against her back.
She began to sigh quietly as ample lips enclosed her right ear.
When a finger, however, commenced spearing her cunt she emitted a loud groan.
Alfred’s door opened seconds later and with a towel around his hips, he stood looking at them.
There was a bewildered look of annoyance on Alfred’s face when asked, “Jesus, Michael, what the fuck is going on here?” “Looks like you’ve got a fan, Alfred.
She likes watching you… Relax,” Michael announced, impishly.
Online Now! Lush Cams MichellJeins “Fuck, Michael, we could get into shit for this,” Alfred said, looking about anxiously.
“Who’s she going to tell?” Michael asked.
“She’s a voyeur and a stalker.
Our girl loves dark meat and it would be rude not to help her out.
” “Well… You’d better get the fuck in here,” Alfred replied, nervously.
Still clutching Naomi, Michael lifted her body and carried her indoors.
Alfred closed and locked his front door.
“You’d better close your curtains properly as well,” Michael suggested, still groping and fondling Naomi.
As Alfred move to the curtains Naomi glanced at the television screen.
The irony of what she saw did not escape her, as she watched two guys have sex with a white woman.
On the screen, the one guy was fucking the woman in the doggy position, while she sucked the other guy off.
“What’s your name, baby?” Michael asked Naomi.
“Naomi,” she replied.
“Well, Naomi, are you ready for a double helping of hot chocolate?” Michael whispered in her ear.
Naomi was a little nervous, but also totally overcome with lust.
As Michael’s finger once more speared into her portal, she simply nodded her head.
“Alfred, move over to the sofa and sit down, this pussy is all juiced up and ready for you,” Michael edified.
As Alfred sat down and opened his towel, Michael removed Naomi’s clothing in an instant.
Next, placing his hands under her arms, he lifted Naomi and transported her toward Alfred.
Alfred was ready for her as Michael began to lower her body onto his moist cock.
As Alfred commenced jamming his big, dark log into her cunt, Naomi started groaning with pleasure.
The vision that she had dreamed about was finally coming to pass and as uncomfortable as the downward slide was, it was negated by the many nights of lust that preceded this union.
Her pussy got abnormally stretched as Alfred’s strong hands pulled her downward.
Once Naomi’s snatch was satiated with Alfred’s massive meat, Michael stepped backward and began to undress.
As Alfred relaxed, allowing her to adjust to his size, she glanced behind her and looked at the television.
On the screen, one of the guys was on his back thrusting upward into the woman, while the other man began conquering her butt hole.
Oh, fuck! Naomi thought, because this is not what she had anticipated.
She had never been anally penetrated before and hadn’t even thought about double penetration.
Turning her gaze to Michael once he was naked, she observed his naked, lithe body.
He was a very good-looking man.
His dick protruded from his body like a dark.
upturned horn and although his cock wasn’t as thick as Alfred’s, it was unmistakably as long.
As Michael moved in behind her, Alfred’s hands pulled her torso toward him, before clamping her in a vice-like grip.
With her head resting on Alfred’s chest, Naomi heard spitting sounds behind her.
She knew that any protestation was fruitless and that she was paying for her voyeuristic indulgence.
As she began to wail both men assuaged her objections with words of encouragement.
“Relax, baby, your double helping of chocolate is about to be served,” Michael said, as she felt her butt-hole being prodded.
Once Michael had properly lodged his dick-head, he gripped hold of her hips and began to feed Naomi’s backside, its dark offering.
As he slowly commenced sliding his knob into her, Naomi began to feel a fullness that she would become totally addicted to.
The stimulation far outweighed the discomfort of Michael’s intrusion.
When Michael had fully entered her, all three of their bodies held still for a short while as a precursor to the action that would follow.
As Michael’s hips finally began to stir, Alfred’s released his clamp on her.
Next, Alfred cupped her head in his hands and pulled face towards his luxurious lips.
As their kissing got underway, Michael’s thrusting became more animated.
As Alfred’s tongue whirled around, Naomi sighed and whimpered into his mouth.
She was becoming totally overstimulated and soon began to feel her orgasm fast approaching.
Both guys sensed what was happening and as Naomi began to pant and shudder, they intensified their thrusting dramatically.
The waves of pleasure that now washed over her were like none she had ever experienced before.
As the men compressed her body while hammering into her, her flood of ecstasy surged whilst the men sustained her orgasm.
Comprehensively drained, Naomi finally felt her body becoming limp.
As she rested against Alfred’s body she felt her hips being lifted off his crotch.
When Alfred’s cock had evacuated her pussy, Michael plugged his dick into her cunt.
“I’m very close,” Michael announced, now pounding her once more.
Shortly, Michael began to grunt as he unloaded into her.
“I’ve supplied you with really good lube, Alfred,” Michael announced when he withdrew from her portal.
As Michael began to dress he looked at Naomi slumped against Alfred.
“Same time next week?” he asked, rhetorically, before he departed.
Once Michael had left, Alfred caressed Naomi’s back as she continued to rest on him.
As he stroked her he asked, “Did you enjoy that, baby?” “Uh-huh,” she whispered.
For the next few minutes, there was a well-earned stillness, before Alfred finally told her to place her arms around his shoulders.
Alfred then arose and carried her through to the bedroom.
After placing her on the bed he pushed her legs apart and mounted her body.
For the next while, he simply rubbed his dick on her pussy as he kissed her.
Then, lifting his body slightly, he began to slide his knob into her cunt.
As Alfred’s sweaty body commenced its grinding action, Naomi was thrilled by the masculine hum emanating from him.
It soon became clear that Alfred was a long distance runner, and the more he pummelled into her, the sweatier he became.
Naomi was delighted by the perspiration on his bald head and the hairy swamp surrounding his mouth.
Her hands worked overtime as she caressed his dark dome.
With their bodies locked in a passionate embrace, she found herself becoming intoxicated by his escalating hum.
The lubrication that Michael had supplied was also proving to be heaven sent, as Alfred’s knob modulated its thrusting constantly.
Whenever he sensed that she was becoming too excited, he would back off, prolonging the final destination for as long as possible.
At one point he held still inside her, and after lifting his head asked, “What did you enjoy the most while watching me?” “Watching you cum,” she said.
“I’ve never seen so much spunk in my life.
” “Do you like cum?” he asked.
“Yes… I want to taste your cream,” she said, in a pleading tone.
“No problem,” Alfred said, before once more kissing her.
As he did so, his hips began to move with more urgency than before.
Shortly, he was really pounding her cunt.
As Alfred felt himself approaching the point of no return, he lifted off Naomi and scooted up her body.
Her mouth eagerly awaited the seed that she had admired so much during her voyeuristic sessions.
The prolonged eruption was as impressive as she had always witnessed, and the taste more delectable than she had ever imagined.
After he had completely drained his nuts she looked up at his clammy body, cherishing the liquid in her mouth.
After Naomi had consumed every precious drop, she smiled at him as she licked her lips.
Very slowly, Alfred moved down her body once more.
In a surprising move, he pushed her legs apart before placing his mouth on her pussy.
Naomi had never had vagina orally serviced before and the sensation was unbelievable to her.
Alfred’s nibbling lips and febrile tongue instantly had her writhing with pleasure, and when his right thumb entered the action and commenced rubbing her nub, she clamped his head in exultation.
With her hips pushing upward, she encouraged his onslaught.
Foraging like a hungry wolf, Alfred’s mouth feverishly seized her vagina.
With her hips swaying with lust, his obsessive mouth countered her every move.
It was as if he was demanding sustenance from her portal.
After a short while, she again felt a climax building as his lips and tongue frenziedly sought her release.
Unable to hold back any longer, her cunt relinquished its cache to her prowler.
Alfred greedily sucked up the nourishment that he was so insistent upon.
Naomi breathing had scarcely returned to normal before her body was spun around.
Like a feline pouncing on its prey, Alfred mounted her back.
When Naomi felt his thick nob knocking at her arsehole, she was about to protest when Alfred informed her that ‘one good turn deserves another’.
Thankfully, this session did not last too long before they showered together and she returned to her room.
Going forward, she saw a great deal of Alfred.
Naomi even enjoyed her weekly episode with Michael.
After her first semester at college, Naomi was very amused to find that during her absence, Uncle Roger had put some sixteen-year-old girl ‘up the spout.
’ No doubt, her father had also been an employee of the month.
With him forced to marry the girl, Naomi was very pleased that Uncle Roger was no longer a factor in her life.



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