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An animalistic growl escaped his lips and his throbbing rod plunged deep into my pussy, almost slamming against my cervix.
I cried out as Ethan sank his teeth into my neck, grunting as he thrust harder into my pouting hole.
My legs were around his lower back, his muscular form pinning me into position.
I barely managed to hold onto his biceps with my petite hands as he pummeled me, harder, faster, and with more urgency than I’d ever known.
“Fucking take it, my little slut,” he growled in my ear.
I groaned, taking every thick inch of his aching dick into my slippery cunt while his heavy balls slapped against me.
“You fucking like that, bitch?” he sneered, grinding his hips and shoving his throbbing meat as deep into my pussy as he could.
“Oh god,” I gasped, “you feel so big inside of me, baby.
” “Fuck yes, my little cunt needs to take my spunk,“ he snarled, his hands grabbing at my tits.
His excitement washed over his body and, with a raw urgent hunger, he devoured me.
I felt him withdrawing his erection, slowly at first, staring into my eyes.
“In fact, my little cum-whore, I’m going to finish in your fucking gorgeous ass.
Turn the fuck over.
” His eyes flashed with a predatory lust and I instantly obeyed his command.
Powerful hands grabbed my hips and he dragged me up onto my knees.
I whimpered in fearful excitement as I heard the cap flip off a bottle of lube.
“I love this slutty little ass of yours,” he said, dribbling the oozing fluid into the tight crease of my bottom.
“It feels so fucking good to bury my dick in it.
” He slapped my ass hard, and I squealed at the sting.
I grasped the sheets and trembled as his iron-hard cock slipped between my quivering cheeks.
I love your dick, baby, but please go slow, you’re so thick for my tiny little hole,” I whimpered and pleaded, knowing what was coming.
“You love my big dick, don’t you, bitch?” He sounded prideful and arrogant, and why shouldn’t he? He owned my pussy and my ass and had done from the day we married.
I moaned and nodded in agreement as his hot, throbbing head nudged at my tender asshole.
I tried to relax, but Ethan was in his full, lustful fury and I’d learned that there would be no pity for my weakness.
I fought the rising urge to crawl away but, against my will, I tensed as I instinctively tried to protect my body from his carnal rage.
I loved Ethan with all my heart and I craved his power and control over my body.
He was all man.
I knew that when I married him.
But, as much as I needed to be used for his enjoyment, I also knew there would be pain for me before I would be allowed to feel my pleasure.
He pulled me back by my hair, holding me in place.
“Damn, baby, you look so fucking sexy on your knees like this,” he growled, thrusting hard into my trembling body.
His bulbous head forced me open.
“Ahh, fuck,” I cried as a searing sting hit me.
My legs quaked as he pressed forward.
“Slow, slow, slow… oh shit, you’re so fucking big,” I gasped, torn between the stress of his intrusion and my longing for him to take me.
“Oh yeah, baby, your ass is always so tight.
” He drove his entire length into me, punishing my slender body with long, hard strokes.
I squeezed my eyes shut as my breath was driven out of me, his balls slapping against my dripping pussy.
I huffed and groaned as his thick shaft gaped my hole until he was moving more easily inside of me.
Tears formed around my eyes, and mascara ran thickly down my cheeks.
His thighs were hard and hot against the backs of mine, and the weight of his strong body drove me face first into the sheets.
His legs captured mine, squeezing them together, causing me to clench even tighter around his cock.
A powerful arm wrapped around my shoulder and under my chin, pulling me back and holding me still while he drove his erection into my depths.
I bit my lip, sucking it into my mouth as his rhythm increased.
Waves of white hot pleasure rocked me each time he thrust and I grunted breathlessly as he began to peak.
“That’s it bitch, fucking squeal like an ass-whore for me.
You fucking belong to me and I’m going to fill your ass with my cum.
” His grip on my body felt like iron bands and then he growled in feral pleasure, his body tensing and flexing over me.
I felt the sudden, hot wetness of his thick cum oozing out around his cock and onto my thighs as his hot body went limp.
I sighed, relieved, as his softening dick plopped out and he rolled over onto his back.
“Fuck! I needed that,” Ethan panted, running his hands over his broad, hairless chest.
Reaching over to the nightstand, he picked up a glass of water and carefully held it to his lips, taking a large gulp to quench his thirst.
“You know you’re my nasty girl, April.
I fucking love you for that.
” He grinned and turned to face me, his icy blue eyes staring straight into mine.
A faint smile flickered at the corners of my mouth.
I lay motionless, one side of my head resting on the pillow as I remained in the ‘just fucked’ position, attempting to steady my rapid breathing.
“What’s up with you? Your ass sore, baby?” His devious grin widened.
I gasped.
A sudden cold rush of liquid ran down the crack of my ass, washing against the leaking cum from my gaping hole.
“You need a cool down,” he laughed and replaced the empty water glass on the nightstand.
“Fuck Ethan! The bed will get wet,” I gasped, quickly scrambling off my all-fours position and standing at the side of the bed.
I felt the fluids binding together, trickling down the curve of my ass cheek.
Picking up a pillow, I threw it at him, but he caught it and laughed.
“You love being wet.
” He winked.
“Yeah, I do, that’s why I’m heading for the shower.
We’re going to be late meeting Jack and Sienna if we don’t hurry up.
” “You mean you want round two? Mmm.
baby, give me a few minutes and I’ll give it to you harder.
I’ll join you in the shower,” he growled, his gaze scanning my every curve.
“Later, baby,” I winked, grabbing a white towel from the dresser before heading off to the bathroom.
Sliding the screen door shut, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the stream of water raining down on my naked flesh.
I ran my hands through my long dark hair.
Glancing to the side, I noticed how the steamed mirror distorted my milky white reflection, outlining my shapely frame.
I lathered up my body with the soapy suds, taking my time to linger over the rounded curves of my hips, before slowly moving to my ass checks.
The peachy globes of flesh wobbled as I took my time cleaning away Ethan’s seed.
The scent of coconut filled my nostrils while I relived the carnal fucking.
“You love my big dick, don’t you bitch?” His growling words rang out in my mind.
I smiled, turning off the shower.
He had no idea just how much I loved it.
Ethan placed a hand on the small of my back, guiding me inside the plush Italian restaurant.
The dining tables were perfectly laid out, draped in deep red tablecloths and topped with sparkling silverware.
The flames of the candlelit centerpieces danced to the soothing background music.
The mirrored walls enhanced the spacious look of the room and reflected the radiant beauty.
“Wow, this is something else,” I gasped.
Smiling, I noticed Sienna, alone, her back to me and perched on a barstool, sipping a drink.
In a silk navy dress, her slender bare back was totally exposed down to the top of her curved ass.
Her long blonde hair was swept to one side and silver bracelets slid down her arm as she drank.
“Hey girl,” I whispered from behind, touching her naked back.
“Oh, hey you.
Can you believe I was ready on time? We decided to start on the pre-drinks a little early.
” She smiled before kissing both of my cheeks.
“Yeah, sorry we’re a little late, we got a bit held up.
” “She was making sure she looked just perfect,” Ethan interrupted, leaning over to kiss Sienna.
“Well, you look stunning, I must say.
” Sienna smiled mischievously at me in a way that warmed more than my cheeks.
I giggled, twirling around to show my black evening gown, which framed my curves.
I glanced at Ethan.
His stare had not left the low cut of Sienna’s dress, and it was evident that her very pert ‘brand new’ boobs didn’t require a bra.
“Where is Jack, anyway?” I asked, attempting to break Ethan from his trance.
“Here is now,” Sienna smiled, waving to her husband as he emerged from the men’s bathroom.
“Hey, pretty lady, you look beautiful.
” Jack pecked me gently on the cheek.
“Hey, Ethan, nice to see you both.
Our table is ready.
” Jack and Sienna led the way.
We followed close behind and Ethan locked his fingers with mine, squeezing them as he ogled Sienna’s seductive swinging hips.
There was no visible panty line and I wondered if she was naked inside her dress.
As the evening wore on and the drinks flowed at our table, I was aware of the alcohol rushing through my bloodstream.
“So, how long has it been for you guys now?” Jack asked, before taking another sip of his bourbon and coke.
“We’ve been married for almost seven years, and she’s still as good as the day I met her,” Ethan laughed, pushing his knees onto mine, attempting to part my legs.
“As are you, darling.
” I winked, running a heeled foot up his trouser leg.
“Wow, seven years.
It’s five for us and we’ve been chatting recently about things to keep us.
you know.
” Sienna tipped her head back, taking a large gulp of wine.
“Oh, you need some suggestions, Jack?” sneered Ethan, almost unable to control himself.
“Well,” said Jack, “if you don’t mind me asking, how do you manage to keep things fresh? Do you like to try new things? New situations?” Ethan laughed.
“New situations? It almost sounds like you guys want to watch us.
” “Well, how would you both feel about that?” Sienna’s breathy tone was barely above a whisper.
I looked across the table at Ethan.
I imagined his thick cock raging in his boxers at the very thought.
“Fuck yeah, I’m up for that,” Ethan said.
“Erm, me too.
” I smiled and turned to Sienna.
“Seems a perfect way to end a wonderful evening.
” “Well then,” Sienna said, tickling fingertips over Ethan’s hand, “why don’t we adjourn this party back to your place.
I believe Jack and I can honestly say we’ve been looking forward to this.
” oo0oo Back at our apartment, Ethan prepared drinks and I put on soft music.
Jack, gazing out of the picture window, turned to greet me as I approached.
“This is a magnificent view, April.
From forty floors up you get a remarkably open feel and a great level of privacy.
” He held my hand to his lips and kissed it, prompting a fluttering in my belly.
“You really are quite beautiful you know.
Ethan is a lucky man.
” I blushed.
“Thank you, Jack.
I love my husband, but this is something we both really need.
” I looked over at Sienna and Ethan at the bar.
“This is going to be a fantastic evening, don’t you think?” “Oh, I have no doubt.
” He drew me close and kissed me.
The taste of a new man sent chills through me.
His lips were soft and pleasantly moist and I melted against his hard body.
He caressed my back and when he cupped my ass, I just about squealed in delight.
“I see you two are getting along well.
” Sienna’s playful tone snapped me out of Jack’s spell and, when I turned, she leaned in and glossed my lips with her own.
“Save some for later dear,” she told Jack and glanced across the room toward Ethan, who was carrying drinks.
“You’ve got quite the night ahead of you.
” Jack flashed a wicked smile.
“Not to worry, ladies, I believe I’ll be up for the challenge.
” We laughed and I glided fingertips down his chest.
“I’m sure you will.
” Sienna smiled.
“You two have fun now.
” “I’m sure we will,” I replied, giggling as she sauntered off to join Ethan on the couch.
When she bent to kiss him he pulled her onto his lap, and she yelped playfully, nestling into his arms.
Watching two people I loved being so comfortably intimate with each other made me feel surprisingly good.
The lack of jealousy or any other awkwardness among us proved the strength of our relationships.
It reassured me that what we were doing wouldn’t prove to be a disastrous mistake.
When Jack’s arms slid around my slender waist, I leaned back into his chest and smiled contentedly.
We watched our spouses share a hot kiss.
“It looks like Ethan’s enjoying her company,” Jack whispered in my ear.
I laughed and ground my ass into the hardening bulge in his slacks.
“I’m sure he’s been fantasizing about fucking Sienna for years.
Right about now, I bet he’s thinking that it’s a dream come true.
” “Do you think we should join them?” Jack’s breath felt warm on my exposed skin and I mewled softly.
“No, let’s give her a chance to work him up a bit.
” It was Jack’s turn to laugh.
“I can wait.
I think I’m going to love watching Sienna fuck Ethan, and you too for that matter.
” Jack cupped a boob through my dress and we began swaying to the music.
“Seeing you two together is going to be amazing.
” “Mmm, I have to admit, I’ve thought about being with a woman for years.
I’m so glad my first time will be with her.
” By then, Sienna was straddling Ethan’s lap and she pulled his face into her heaving cleavage.
My pussy was dripping, a delicious glow of arousal in my belly, as Ethan slipped Siena’s dress down to her waist and began sucking her boobs.
Over the next few minutes, Ethan and Sienna stripped naked and explored each other’s bodies for the first time.
He was in such a hurry, I feared he might just rip off her dress but Sienna calmed him by taking his hands in hers and laying them on her breasts.
I knew what my husband would have done to me in the same situation and I admired how Sienna was controlling him.
By the time Sienna dropped to her knees in front of my husband, Jack had disrobed me.
His strong hands glided over my body and I trembled with excitement.
Where Ethan was always strong and forceful, Jack seemed to delight in driving me crazy with feathery caresses.
We stood by the picture window, completely nude as he embraced me from behind.
His dick was hard and hot against the small of my back, and when Sienna started sucking Ethan’s cock, I took Jack’s erection in my small hand.
“Oh, that’s nice, April,” Jack whispered as I fondled him.
The sensation of holding another man’s dick felt wonderfully wicked.
His cock was longer than Ethan’s but not as thick.
It also curved upward more sharply and Jack’s circumcised head felt so different to Ethan’s uncut foreskin.
Jack nuzzled and sucked on my neck as I pulled and stroked his cock.
He cupped and kneaded my breasts and I bit my lips when he started pinching my nipples.
“Look at the way she sucks him, April.
I tell you, she can swallow all my length and she loves the taste of cum.
” “Oh fuck Jack, that’s so hot,” I said, a flush of arousal washing over me.
I turned and kissed him passionately.
His strong arms pulled me against his chest and his hungry kiss threatened to suck the breath from my body.
Our lips parted and his gaze was piercing, burning into me.
My heart hammered and I couldn’t wait any longer.
“I’m dying to suck your cock,” I said huskily and dropped to my knees.
His erection was huge, pointing right at my face.
His balls were full, heavy and large, and he murmured as I took them in my hands.
Then I leaned closer and lathered his purple head with my tongue.
I heard that sexy quick intake of breath that men make, and my pussy gushed with moist heat.
When I opened my mouth wide, Jack guided his dick between my wet lips until I couldn’t take any more of his length.
I locked my lips around his shaft and sucked him with hard, long strokes.
His dick had a clean but tangy flavor and its shape fit my mouth perfectly.
I glossed his taunt skin with my tongue as I drew him into me, and then sucked the saliva off when I pulled back.
I gazed up at him, happy to be kneeling at his feet.
“Mmm, you’ve got a really nice cock Jack,” I told him and he responded with a gentle caress of my cheek.
I half-expected him to grab my head and force his cock back in and down my throat.
My husband surely would have done, but Jack didn’t seem to feel the need or desire to be in control.
He stood, patiently content to allow me to continue as I wished.
It was different and wonderful and it reminded me of why this night had been arranged.
I could only hope that when it was over, Ethan would understand my occasional need to be something more than his personal and submissive fuck slut.
Reveling in my newfound freedom, I kissed and licked Jack’s penis with loving care, taking the time to explore his glans in its rampant glory.
I sucked him hard and then gently kissed his balls.
I glided my tongue up the underside of his shaft and swirled around his head.
It was an amazing and wonderful change to have such sexual freedom.
It wasn’t that I didn’t love being used and treated like a whore by Ethan.
I truly did.
His masculine energy never failed to make my pussy drool with arousal, and I loved that I could bring such fire out in him.
It was just that after so many years, I desperately wanted something different: I needed to break the pattern for the sake of my sanity.
I enjoyed sucking Jack’s cock so much that I lost track of what else was going on.
I was happily slurping away when I heard Ethan calling from across the room.
Online Now! Lush Cams Joe_Lewis “Hey Jack, I bet if we ask nicely, we can get these two girls to fuck each other.
” I turned just as he pulled Sienna to her feet and slapped her shapely ass.
“What do you say Sienna? I know that April would just love to lick that juicy pussy of yours.
” Sienna laughed.
“Mmm, that sounds like a perfectly fabulous idea.
What do you say, April? You wanna come over here and play?” Even though I knew this was planned, my cheeks were red as I approached her.
Unbeknown to my husband, I’d suggested this sex party to Sienna weeks earlier, and I had a surprise lined up for Ethan.
Jack and I joined our spouses and I slipped into Sienna’s hot embrace.
I drew my fingers tenderly over her back and let a hand come to rest on her amazing ass.
“Oh hell yeah sweetie,” I said.
“I would just love the chance to fuck you.
” Sienna’s eyes lit up and she kissed me with a gentle passion that made me swoon.
She felt so warm and soft in my arms and her succulent lips made me weak at the knees.
I wanted and needed to feel affection in a new way and being kissed by Sienna was incredibly satisfying.
“Mmm,” I sighed, “this is going to be so fucking hot, right guys?” “Hell yeah, it is,” Ethan replied, stroking his cock.
I blushed at his brazen behavior, yet I adored his ever-present sexual confidence.
This time, though, I planned to make him blush, too.
“Well, my love, tonight you and Jack can have Sienna and I do anything you want, anything at all.
” I paused.
“But, first, there’s something I want you to do.
” Sienna’s smile grew even more mischievous as she cupped my breasts, already knowing what I had in mind.
“What would that be?” “Well, if the boys get to watch me go down on you, I think it only fair if we get to watch them first.
” For a long moment, Ethan said nothing and then his smile faded.
“Oh no, babe.
That ain’t happening.
I’m not going to.
” “Why not?” I cut in, pouting.
“I always do everything you want, baby.
Can’t you do this for me? Just this one time? It would really get me hot.
” I caressed Sienna’s smoothly shaven sex.
“It would make us both hot, wouldn’t it, sweetie?” Sienna purred in lustful assent and Ethan stammered, clearly surprised and shocked at our request.
“But I’m not gay.
Oh, fuck it, April.
I mean.
anyway, what about Jack? I’m sure he doesn’t want to, either.
” I knelt in front of Ethan, producing my best doe-eyed look.
“Please? I set up this whole night for you, and Jack’s already agreed.
I always do things your way; can’t you give in to me this one time? It would mean so much.
” Ethan’s expression was absolutely priceless.
He was speechless.
Sienna seemed to enjoy his discomfort even more than I did and she came over and took his softening cock in her hand.
“April is so sweet, isn’t she?” She looked into Ethan’s eyes.
“She loves you too much to insist, but she really wants this, so let me tell you what she won’t say.
” She squeezed his cock and flashed a grin that smoldered with wicked satisfaction.
“If you play along, you’re going to have the time of your life with us.
But, if you refuse, Jack and I will leave right now and you’ll be stuck tonight with an upset wife and only your own hand to use.
” Ethan groaned and then, surprisingly, laughed.
“You’re one crazy bitch, Sienna, you know that?” Sienna tilted her head.
“Maybe so, but they’re our pussies and our rules, so what do you say?” Ethan leaned forward on the couch and buried his hands in his face.
Then he shook his head, withdrew his hands, and grinned at Jack.
“Sure, why the hell not.
But I’m telling you right now, buddy, you’d better not tell anyone about this.
” “Hey, this wasn’t my idea,” Jack said in mock indignation.
“Sienna threatened to cut me off for a month if I didn’t agree.
Luckily for me, though.
” he paused while he went up to Ethan, “it isn’t my wife who wants to see her husband suck dick.
” Jack stroked himself in front of my husband’s face and Ethan blushed a deeper shade of red than I’d ever seen.
He was very embarrassed, but then he chuckled and looked my way.
“Goddamn, April, you’re even kinkier than I thought.
Does this really turn you on that much?” “Yeah baby, it does.
I also need to know that you’d do it for me.
You know I’d do anything to make you happy.
Show me you feel the same way.
Okay?” “Well fuck,” he replied and sat on the edge of the couch.
“I’m not even sure I can do this right!” Sienna sat next to Ethan and cuddled against him, crushing her bare tits into his shoulder.
“Oh, it isn’t that hard to do Ethan, and I’d be really happy to show you how.
” She guided Ethan onto the floor and they knelt side-by-side in front of Jack.
“See,” she said, gently stroking her husband’s rapidly growing cock.
“You just wet your lips and give him a nice long suck.
” I sat back on the love seat, fingering my soaking pussy and watched Sienna suck Jack’s cock into her mouth all the way to its root.
She then pulled back and began bobbing her head, sucking him noisily as saliva ran down her chin.
When Jack moaned, Sienna stopped and pointed the slick, glistening cock at Ethan.
Ethan hesitated, and I thought he was going to back out.
But he saw me fingering my pussy and his lust was reignited.
His deep blue eyes flashed hot and pierced into me as he slowly took Jack’s cock into his mouth.
I was thrilled and beamed with pride as my husband sucked cock for the first time.
My pussy was so fucking wet, I could hear my fingers sloshing inside me as I frigged myself with wild abandon.
Ethan seemed to feed off my heated excitement and soon he was sucking Jack’s cock in long, even movements.
Sienna stayed right there with him and, occasionally, they would switch off and share a deep wet kiss with Jack’s cock caught between them.
I rubbed my clit furiously and watched in rapt amazement as Ethan became more confident.
Jack was rocking his hips, thrusting more and more as his excitement grew.
I saw Jack’s jaw clench and I whimpered at the sight of his ass clenching over and over again.
Sienna was getting as hot as I was and, with lustful urgency, she grabbed Ethan’s head and pushed him down hard onto Jack’s rampant cock.
Ethan surrendered to her lead and when Jack thrust into his throat, he gagged.
It was incredibly erotic to watch and I fucked myself shamelessly as Ethan tried in vain to take him into his throat.
“See? It isn’t so easy, is it,” I said, laughing.
Sienna smiled in agreement.
Ethan pulled away and wiped saliva from his face.
“Damn girl, I don’t know how the fuck you do that.
I couldn’t even fucking breathe.
” Sienna gently eased him back towards Jack’s throbbing cock.
“No, it isn’t easy.
You should keep that in mind next time you shove it down April’s throat.
” Ethan nodded but Sienna said, “Don’t stop now, babe, he’s ready to pop.
” Ethan jacked him off for a few seconds and then took him back into his mouth.
He was completely into it by then, bobbing his head quickly, drawing his wet lips up and down Jack’s dick.
Suddenly, Jack’s face reddened and his body tensed.
He let out a deep groan, signaling his orgasm.
“Oh fuck,” I whispered as Jack filled my husband’s mouth with his hot cum.
Ethan looked shocked, probably by its strong taste, and I thought he might even retch.
But Sienna pulled him to her and kissed him, open-mouthed.
My heart beat wildly as I watched her suck her husband’s load from Ethan’s mouth and I almost came when she slid over to me and held her mouth over my cunt.
I parted my lips with my fingers and Sienna drooled the creamy mixture onto my heated sex.
My cunt pulsed.
The vision of Jack’s cum dripping off Sienna’s tongue was astounding.
time to make you cream,” Sienna purred, licking the remainder of Jack’s seed from her lips.
I groaned, feeling the warm cushioned tip of her outstretched tongue dancing over my engorged bud.
Her fingertips slid along my dripping slit, slowly invading my aching hole.
“Fuck, how many fingers do you have in there?” “Just two, babygirl.
I’m going to stretch you, prepare you for cock.
” A salacious grin appeared over her face and her beautiful eyes locked onto mine.
“Fuck yes,” I heard Ethan whisper, taking his cock in hand while watching our sordid act.
“Fuck, Sienna, oh god,” I breathed, pushing my hips down to meet the thrust of her fingers.
“Look at how swollen her clit is, boys,” Sienna grinned, turning her head to the side and withdrawing her fingers to show my juice.
Strings of fluid hung between my pussy and her hand and I watched her suck my honey off her fingers.
“What a horny little fucker you are.
You like us all watching you, April? You like us seeing your tight cunt opening for us?” “Y-yes Sienna, fuck, please make me cum,” I begged, the dull ache between my loins becoming unbearable.
“Mmmm… you like this?” she asked, stretching my hole with another finger.
I felt her pushing all the way in and pulling back out.
My cunt gaped and I lifted my ass off the seat and clamped my thighs together, trying to relieve my ache.
“F-fuck yesss,” I panted, watching Sienna press her thumb on my hardened clit and start rubbing in circles.
Suddenly, without warning, hands grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide open while Sienna continued fingering my exposed cunt.
“Fucking get licking,” Ethan groaned, pushing Sienna’s face into my dripping mound.
She hungrily lapped at my pussy juices while pumping her fingers into me.
My loins ached and, as my orgasm approached, I looked at the two men watching me.
Ethan was masturbating his thick erection and Jack was massaging his balls as his flaccid cock started to expand.
“Oh my god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I screamed and gushed into Sienna’s open mouth.
Ethan bent down, put a hand on Sienna’s chin and guided her face up to his.
They shared a deep kiss, Ethan clearly excited to have a taste of his wife’s pussy juice on her friend’s lips.
I barely had time to luxuriate in the glow of my orgasm when Ethan was pulling me to my feet and pushing me onto the floor.
“Get on all fours,” he growled.
“You too,” he told Sienna.
We faced each other, our tits swinging, as our husbands stood behind us.
“Fuck,” said Ethan, fisting his iron hard cock and kneeling behind Sienna’s ass.
Jack opened my legs wider to get between them.
“Fuck, you look so sexy, spread like this,” Jack gasped.
As he parted my cheeks, I could feel the fresh cum that had seeped into the crack of my ass.
Jack spit on me, a sudden cold spot.
“I want to fuck you hard.
” I saw Sienna look up at him and grin.
“Do it, baby, I want to watch her face as you fuck her.
” Sienna’s green eyes locked on mine and she put forward a hand to brush my hard nipples.
“Fffuck Ethan,” she gasped as my husband began a frenzied attack on her pussy, almost knocking her off position.
“Oh my god! He’s so big,” she groaned.
I reached between my legs and rubbed my swollen clit as Jack’s thick erection invaded my sex.
I adjusted to his size and it felt amazing to have another man’s dick inside me.
I’d only ever belonged to my husband, and here I was being fucked by another man.
I desperately wanted to cum.
Sienna leaned forward, locking her soft lips onto mine and kissing with urgent hunger.
Her tongue explored my mouth and her kiss became more passionate as Ethan thrust harder.
Jack’s shaft sawed into me and his hands pushed down on my hips.
“Jesus, your cunt is fucking tight,” he panted.
Even though Jack had recently released seed, his cock throbbed inside of me.
“I’m going to cum, Jack,” I yelled, feeling my sex pouting as he continued fucking.
“Shit, me too,” groaned Sienna.
“Fuck, you look so sexy.
” Ethan’s head was tilted back as I watched Sienna’s body convulse beneath my husband.
It was too much for me to handle, and I joined her state of euphoria.
I exhaled loudly, my arms gave way beneath me, and I lay face down on the floor.
“Looks like the girls have had enough,” Jack grinned.
“Any idea where I can finish off, Ethan?” Ethan’s face contorted in hot arousal as he withdrew his still rampant and cum covered cock from Sienna’s saturated hole.
His eyes were filled with feral heat and he stroked his cock, looking from her to me.
My heart throbbed as I recognized his uncontrolled state.
I feared he might decide to tear into one of our tender assholes regardless of how exhausted we were.
Sienna too sensed his rut, and a devilishly depraved smile appeared on her face as she curled up with me on the thick carpeting.
“I know just the place for you to stick that thick piece of man-meat Ethan,” she breathed huskily.
“Jack’s been dying to have me fuck him with a strap-on.
Why don’t you give him the real thing?” This caught me by surprise and Jack’s shocked gasp reverberated through the room.
He stroked his still hard cock absently.
The thought of having Ethan ass-fuck him seemed to roll through his lust filled mind.
“Yeah,” he whispered, looking at Ethan’s straining dick.
“Fuck yeah.
What do you say, buddy? Want to bust my cherry?” We stared in hot anticipation at my husband.
His eyes flashed wildly and he looked at each of us, clearly torn by what to do.
Then his gaze settled on Jack and my breath caught in my throat as I realized what was about to happen.
“Bend the fuck over Jack, I’m gonna fuck you until you’re screaming like a bitch.
” Jack looked to be in shock as he began to rise above me, but I grabbed his hand and pulled him back



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