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Latest stories Supernatural Amelia’s Story: Rebirth into the Night

Even before I open my eyes, I can feel how fuzzy my head is.
I’m not in any pain, and I can’t remember what happened to me.
I went into this darkness and couldn’t climb out.
More worrisome is that now I don’t know where I am.
I rub my eyes and search for Charles.
Then I see him sitting at the far end of the room.
He is pretending to read, but I know he’s watching over me.
I sit up from the softness of the bed and notice I’m dressed in just a gown.
The room is dark, with no windows and no light other than candles flickering on either side of the bed.
Looking up, a smile crosses his lips and he sets his book down, coming to my side.
“How are you my dear, Amelia? Are you okay?” His voice is tender, caring and it makes me feel safe.
“I feel fine, so I think so,” I offer him a smile.
“I am thirsty, though.
It feels like I’ve swallowed dirt.
” “That’s natural.
You’re body has been in chrysalis in for two days.
You did great.
However, we’re not finished.
You’ll need to feed off me to regain your strength.
” It’s a distasteful thought.
While the dream of the immortal beauty and the romance of the vampiric life had called to my soul, the actual drinking of human blood was something I hadn’t really dwelt on.
Now, with a burning thirst in my throat, I feel the need, the hunger pulling on me in a way that I never expected.
I look up at him with questions in my eyes.
“What is it Amelia? What are your concerns? I can see it in your eyes.
” Charles reaches out and holds my hand, reassuring me.
“I just, I want to know… I want to know how much I’ll change.
Will I still be me?” Charles slides up onto the bed and pulls me against his chest, holding me as if I were a small child.
He caresses my hair and I feel myself almost floating, but so relaxed that nothing else matters.
“That is a fair question, Amelia.
One I’m surprised you didn’t ask beforehand.
” He kisses the top of my head and chuckles.
“The thirst for blood will become the one thing you’ll do anything for.
Many vampires don’t learn to control their behavior, but ones like me, and the others I associate with, we do.
” Stroking my hair between his long fingers as I listen to him speaking, it feels like a bedtime story.
All the times I sat around the fires, listening to the village people tell stories about the vampires.
Now I’m hearing it firsthand.
“We do not need to be monsters, you see, Amelia.
For the most part, the humans have created us to be the things that go bump in the night.
There is our desire to live our lives as we wish.
We, like humans, have vampires who are out of control.
We deal with it similar as humans.
Anyway, your emotions are going to be another thing.
It is like going through puberty, but much more intense.
You’re lucky.
I’ll be here to help you through it.
” I let out a sigh, feeling myself relax just a little.
“Is there anything else?” I want to know everything now that I’m here and under his protection.
“Yes, some vampires are given gifts.
It is different for each, but not all vampires are born with one.
Sometimes it doesn’t appear until later on in years.
I’ve heard of ones who can see the future, or read minds, ones who see the past.
Some also will have extra strength than we already do.
” I’m shocked to hear these things, never once did we humans learn that vampires have these kinds of gifts.
In all the times our families would talk around the fireplace and gossip about the creatures of the night, no one ever thought that there might be such uniqueness about them.
“Tell me why, Charles.
Why were you drawn to me?” I ask him, looking up into his eyes.
“My senses of people are heightened.
I suppose that is my gift.
I can tell the good from the bad and from those who speak truth.
When I saw you, I knew I had to have you.
Even before I saw you that night, my senses brought me here to your village.
I knew you were in search of me.
” Could it be true, that this was truly, what was meant to happen? That even a vampire felt my own desires and he somehow found me? It was to be, not only my destiny, but to be Charlie’s as well.
“Perhaps it was.
Fate often plays its hand without tipping it first.
” I look up at him in surprise, and he just smiles and shrugs.
“We are connected now, Amelia.
If you try, you’ll find you can hear my thoughts now.
It is our bond, a special gift we will forever share.
” Charlie brings his wrist to his lips and sinks his fangs deep into his flesh.
I hear the sound of his porcelain-like skin snapping, breaking just enough to form a pool of blood.
He moves his wrist towards me and I lean up, looking at him for a moment.
The hot, metallic scent is overpowering.
It envelops me, swirling around me like a fog.
The air is so thick with it that I can barely think of anything else.
It calls to me like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I reach for his arm, forgetting any hesitance I may have once felt for its taste.
“Slowly, Amelia.
Take it slowly.
You must control yourself, lest the hunger consume you.
” “Yes, I will try,” I promise before wrapping my mouth around his wrist.
I begin to feed softly at first until I truly get the taste of his blood in my system.
Then, I start to drink deeper from him.
The taste is incredible, and beyond my ability to describe to a mortal.
Soon, I feel his blood course through my body, fast and hard.
I can feel the changes in me without even seeing it.
My eyes close tightly and I let out a whimper, I can’t stop drinking.
I take my fill before he takes his wrist away from me.
“Enough!” he growls.
“You must stop before you hurt both of us!” I lay back and let out a whimper.
I can feel his blood filling me, and changing me.
Much like a dried melon being made ripe again with an influx of fresh juice, his blood fills me with a new, and powerful life force.
My senses of sight, hearing, touch, and smell, all heighten to new levels.
It’s like nothing I have ever felt before.
I can see clearly even in the dim candlelight, I can hear for miles.
I hear a river not far off, birds and random animals.
There are no humans of any kind near us.
He must have traveled with me far, when I was in my transformative state, after he had bitten me.
“How do you feel, Amelia?” “I feel fine, I feel amazing actually.
” “That’s good.
You’ve changed a lot.
You’re as stunning as you were when I found you.
” I smile at his kind words, I never truly felt beautiful until now.
I am at peace with how I am, as the person I was always meant to be and trust his words when he tells me I’m beautiful.
I am nervous though.
When I first met Charles, I didn’t think I’d want to be with him, to find myself attracted to him, but I can’t help but already feel love for this man.
He is my creator, the man who rescued me from a life I wasn’t meant to live, and brought me to my destiny.
“You’re too kind, Charlie.
I can’t believe how alive I feel.
” I admit to him, unable to stop looking at myself and seeing only slight changes in my appearance, but enough for me to be happy with myself.
“How old are you, Charlie? You know, when you were changed and to how long you have been a vampire?” “I was twenty-four when I was taken from my human life.
Unlike you, I did not have a choice.
I met a beautiful woman, who was a vampire.
She seduced me in all the ways a man can desire, only for her to ravish me, drink my blood and leave me for dead.
I survived though and here I am, a little over seven hundred years later.
” I am not foolish enough to think that all vampires become as such of their own free will, but to think of being taken in such a way makes me sad.
It makes me sad that Charles didn’t have a choice.
“Do you regret it? I know it wasn’t something you wanted, but are you happy?” I ask.
“I regretted it at first, I had to leave behind a huge family and a girl I was going to marry.
After several years, I knew this was a life I was meant to have and I embraced it.
I don’t regret any of it now.
” He pulls me to him and kisses me deeply, our tongues meeting for the first time in this new form.
I’m now completely a vampire and have everything I ever wanted.
I smile lightly through the kiss and relax into him.
He climbs on top of me, my gown pulling up as he moves closer.
I feel his fingers skim over my body, making it sing.
His touch is a new sensation, an overwhelmingly beautiful experience.
Online Now! Lush Cams AlessaWong He removes his own clothing in mere seconds and slides up between my thighs.
I gasp out, parting my legs for him, welcoming him into me embrace.
He helps me out of my gown, the cloth dances along my heighten skin, sending a burning fire through me that begs for only him.
The candles flicker in the darkened room, the light of them dancing against our bodies, and creating the perfect atmosphere.
I lean up to kiss him, my hands cupping his face as he grinds gently against me.
Our tongues dance for a brief moment, before I suck his into mine.
Charlie lets out a low groan, melting into my touch.
I gently push him back, so he lies down flat.
When he does, I begin to graze my lips over his flawless flesh.
Any fears that I thought I would possess doing this the first time are not there, nothing but craving desire lingers inside me.
There is no hesitation to want to consume this man.
Charlie’s cock is thick and hard as granite, even before I do anything with it.
I don’t waste any time to kiss the tip, licking gently over the slit, before sucking my way down his length.
My hot, wet mouth moves past his spongy head, taking him deep into my throat.
Charlie strokes my hair as I explore his manhood.
I like discovering what I can do with him.
When I hear his breath hitch, or when he lets out a moan, I know to keep doing those things.
I love it most when he grinds his hips upward, it shows me I am doing things correctly.
When I begin to feel more comfortable, I suck on him faster.
My lips tightly lock around him and my pace continually speeds up.
When his breathing begins to pick up, growing into long, panting moans, I know he is close.
He starts to tremble, aching for that sweet release.
His nails begin to graze along my back, digging into my flesh just enough to know I will have marks left behind.
I change up my pace, moving further down and sucking harder as I pull back.
I want to suck him dry, to taste his liquid desire.
It’s only a moment of thinking about wanting it, does he begin to spill his seed into my mouth.
I loosen my lips and suck him with a relaxed pace, until I know he is empty.
Charlie guides my head with his hand resting at the back of my neck.
He softly groans, trembling and letting out lustful gasps of pleasure.
In his arms, he holds me close and bathes me with his kisses.
His lips find my forehead, down over my cheeks, gently over my lips and up to my nose.
He is all over me, until he comes back and kisses me passionately on the lips.
I invite him into my mouth and he takes command of our kiss.
With one arm holding me against him, his other caresses over the softness of my stomach.
His fingers are long, slightly thin and they touch me as light as a feather.
When he slides his hand up, he cups one of my breasts and pinches my nipples.
I can’t help but quiver out, I expect it to be painful, but it springs to attention, demanding more of the same.
Going from one to the other, he pinches and rolls them between his fingers, leaving me lightheaded.
When he does stop, I want to beg him not to, but I can’t form words, I’m under his spell.
I can only simply watch what he does to me.
Charlie moves his hand down to my legs.
He taps one, having me part them for him.
He slides his fingers through my darkened patch of hair, before parting my lips.
I gasp out to the cool air making contact with my intimate area.
He runs a single finger along my folds several times, before adding another, soaking his digits with my juices.
He avoids my clit, until his fingers are wet enough to his approval, then, and only then does he begin to rub against my hard nub.
The sensation rocks through me.
I gasp out and move my hips in time with his fingers.
He changes pace.
He goes from the whole length of my slit, to just quick and fast rubs on my clit.
The more he does it, the wetter I get.
He does it until I can hear my juices slosh from the movement of his touch.
I am ready beyond words for him to bury himself into me again.
I’m a boiling pot with the lid still on, I’m about to erupt.
I need the release of him to give me what I need most.
Once more, Charlie knows what I need and is over my naked body, spreading my legs wide and spearing into me within seconds.
His rigid cock plunges into my sopping wet pussy, which clings to him like a moth to a light.
My hands grab a hold of his thick forearms and hold him.
I move my own body to his, finding our perfect harmony.
We’ve created our own dance of love.
Now we’re making our own music and dancing our own dance.
“Charlie,” I cry his name in a lustful call, wrapping a hand around him, to bring him into a kiss.
I can feel my emotions boil up, the urge to cry is on the brink, the telltale signs are all there, but the tears don’t spill.
The tension builds higher.
I know I’m near my orgasm.
Charlie moves his mouth down, captures one of my nipples, and suckles on it, as he drives into me with long, deep strokes.
He isn’t moving fast, but with need.
I lift one of my legs up and over his shoulder, resting it there, he is able to sink into me deeper and I moan out in licentiousness.
Bubbling over like hot molten lava, I begin to orgasm.
I can feel tiny prickles over my flesh, the lightheaded feeling washes over my entire body.
I gasp and cry out, erupting around Charlie’s cock.
He drives into me with the same pace, but the strokes are deeper.
He pushes his whole weight down into me as he thrusts forward, until he pulls almost to the tip out and back in.
Our eyes lock on one another’s and I can see our entire future together.
Charlie joins me, coming inside my tight channel as I near my own eruption.
I tremble and cling to him, as if this isn’t real.
If I let go of him, I’ll somehow wake up from the perfect dream.
He holds me close, even after he slides out and pulls me onto his chest.
I fit into his embrace, as if I were built only for his form.
I nuzzle into him, kissing his chest and caress his stomach.
“It seems a losing battle with you calling me Charlie, I see,” he smiles at me, before kissing my lips gently.
“You’re absolutely right,” I giggle, pulling from his lips and looking into his eyes.
“I think Charlie suits you better.
Are you telling me no one has called you by that name?” “Just my father.
He used to call me Charlie-boy.
My mother couldn’t stand it,” he chuckles.
“You can call me Charlie, my precious.
” With him embracing me, the way he has and allowing me to be so personal with him, I know that Charlie feels the same for me, as I do for him.
I know things could have gone wrong, I’m so lucky and count my blessings for Charlie finding me.
*** The first few days, Charlie teaches me many things I need to know to survive as a vampire.
He tells me I’m a quick learner and that I’ll be just fine, but I reassure him I plan to stay by his side.
It was once something he had demanded of me, but I can’t think of any other place I rather be, but by his side.
I know I’ve made the right choice and I’m happy as I have ever been, but I do think of my family.
Therefore, on the day of my sister Jane’s wedding, I desperately want to go and see how they all are.
Did they ever go looking for me? Did they miss me? Is the wedding still happening? These questions linger in the back of my mind.
I wouldn’t go back, I can’t go back, but the questions remain.
It wouldn’t be safe to go back, Charlie tells me.
I haven’t been around a group of humans yet.
Charlie will go out and bring back a human, for us to feed on.
I’m not ready to be around a crowd of people.
I’m working on only feeding, without killing.
It is the hardest thing to do, when my fangs are deep in the flesh of a victim, then to have to pull away.
The emotions and lustful desires you feel, it’s a powerful trip.
You’re hormones are on overdrive and you drink in all of theirs as well.
When we are done with them, we make sure to clear their mind of the whole event and put them back safely.
Charlie says I’m close to being able to do this all myself.
Once I can, we must start a new life elsewhere.
We can’t risk staying so close to my village.
Charlie has homes scattered all over the world.
When you’ve lived as long as he has, it tends to happen.
He wants to introduce me to new family and friends and become sociable in my new world.
Life as a vampire isn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be, but it is everything I needed to be.
It’s beautiful, magical and happy.
I also found the love of my life in Charlie.
We’ve tied bonds that can’t be broken, not by anything.
I was born into a world where I was loved, but not truly happy, and now I am home, loved and without a doubt blissfully happy.



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