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Latest stories Taboo The Sybian Contest

My name is Carolyn, and I’m twenty one and live with my lover.
He’s much older than me, and I guess you could say he’s my sugar daddy.
Brian is sixty-one and has been caring for me since I was eighteen.
I was a stripper at a bar, and he came in one night and watched me dance.
I must have come home that evening with five hundred dollars in my pocket.
He was stuffing fifties into my panties.
He loves to parade me all over the place.
He loves for me to enter contests at bars.
He really gets off having me walk around with him.
I’m your typical Barbie doll.
I’m 5’8” with 38D breasts, long legs, blue eyes and blond long hair.
He loves me to wear short skirts and very revealing tops and sometimes he tells me not to wear my panties when we’re out.
Sometimes, when we’re out, he likes to fuck me right there.
He’s kind of an exhibitionist and does like me to give him blow jobs when we’re driving and enjoys fingering me when we’re at restaurants.
He really gets off by all these situations.
He takes very good care of me.
I have a hefty allowance and he pays for all my clothes.
We do a lot of traveling.
I don’t work as a stripper anymore, but we do have a stripper pole at the house.
Brian likes me to dance for him sometimes.
Sometimes, he’ll invite his friends over to watch me dance.
He loves to show me off in front of people.
We also have a lot of sex.
When we have marathon sex, he usually will pop a Viagra.
He has no trouble with erections.
He’s a very horny old man and loves to have sex often.
Lucky for him that I’m a sex addict.
He said, when he found me it was like finding the fountain of youth.
He loves me to wear all kinds of costumes around the house.
He especially likes me to wear the slutty cheerleader outfit and bend me over and fuck my pussy hard.
This is the story about when Brian had me join a contest at a local bar.
I’ll go over all the details of what happened that night.
“Carolyn, tonight is the night.
I’ve been waiting for this contest for like a month.
” “Yes, Brian, I’m aware the contest is tonight.
” “It’s going to be so hot and we’ve been preparing for it, doll face.
You should win it easy.
” “I hope so.
I know you would really like me to win.
” Tonight at the strip club, they’re going to be having a Sybian riding contest.
The first girl who does not have an orgasm wins one thousand dollars.
It’s not even the money, but Brian really loves me to win these contests.
He loves for everybody to know that he’s with me.
Brian bought me a Sybian riding machine, and every night I practiced not having an orgasm too quickly.
I can now sit on it for like twenty minutes and not orgasm.
We’ve been practicing on all different levels and I’m able to hold back my orgasm.
I hope I win, because this would make Brian very excited.
“Carolyn, come over here, give me some loving.
You know I love when you suck my cock.
” “Okay, I love to give you pleasure.
” Brian stood up and he undressed me.
I was left wearing a white bra, white panties, and my heels.
I knelt down and played with his smooth balls.
I worked my hand up and down his cock, while I rubbed and massaged his balls.
“Put my cock in that gorgeous mouth of yours!” I wrapped my ruby lips around his seven inch cock.
I bobbed along his hardening cock.
Brian loves when I slip my fingers into his anus and rub and massage his prostate.
I put one of my fingers inside of his anus while I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his now erect cock.
He was swaying his hips and fucking my mouth.
I was making all those wet, sucking, popping noises while I was giving him a blow job.
“That’s it.
You suck cock like a pro.
Suck my cock deeper!” I was using my fingers to stroke his cock, while my tongue swirled all around his head.
I was tonguing his pee hole, while I took him further and faster down my throat.
My fingers were deep inside his ass.
“Fuck, here it comes!” Brian, came in my mouth.
His hot cream filled my throat.
I tried not to gag on it and swallowed it all down.
“I want to lick that pussy.
Get on the kitchen table and spread those long legs.
Come on Carolyn!” I went to our kitchen table.
Brian took off my panties and took a whiff of them.
He always enjoys smelling my pussy perfume.
He also loves to sniff my pussy and make sure she’s smelling very nice.
Brian was licking and loving my pussy lips.
Sucking and lightly chewing on my pussy lips.
He was blowing into my pussy.
“Oh yes, fuck my cunt with your mouth.
I’m your dirty, nasty, filthy slut.
” Brian loves when I say all kinds of dirty talking when he’s licking my pussy.
His tongue now pushed through my pussy lips.
He was fucking my pussy with his tongue.
I was grinding my cunt across his face while he was slurping and drinking on all my juices.
He replaced his tongue with several fingers and fucked my pussy hard.
“Oh yes, I’m going to come.
Lick my cunt.
Spread those pussy lips.
I’m you’re dirty girl.
” His three fingers were fucking my pussy now.
And then he put his whole fist inside of me and was fisting my cunt.
“Shit, here I fucking come!” My pussy exploded on his fist.
My hot cunt juices were pouring out of me so fast and he was drinking and slurping them right up.
“Fuck, Carolyn you’re so fucking hot.
Hop up on my dick and ride me!” Brian sat on the chair and I rode him reverse cowgirl.
I worked my cunt up and down his cock.
My hands were on my knees as I slapped my pussy over his hard cock.
“Play with your tits!” I was working my cunt up and down over Brian’s cock.
I was holding my breasts as I moved my body over his hard cock.
“You’re such a hot piece of ass.
I’m so lucky to date my slut.
” “I’m your dirty girl.
Come in my pussy! I want you to cream my cunt.
” With that I had a huge orgasm, and I soaked Brian’s cock and balls.
Brian shot a little more cream up my cunt.
For an old guy, he did really well.
“Turn around and let me kiss you.
” I turned around, straddled Brian and gave him a kiss.
We kissed deep and passionately.
Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.
Brian was cupping and massaging my enormous tits.
“I want you to look really good at the club tonight.
I want you to take a nap and later take a hot bath.
Wear the red lingerie out this evening.
I can’t wait to see you win the contest tonight, love.
” “I know, I hope I can win for you Brian.
I know you love when I win these contests.
” “You can stay on the Sybian for twenty minutes on high speed.
That has to be a record.
You’ll win, baby doll.
I can’t wait to see you win.
You’re the hottest babe on the planet.
Give me another kiss and then go take a nap.
You’re my baby and I love you.
” I went and kissed Brian one more time and then went to my room to rest.
I guess I took about a four hour nap.
When I woke up, I went into the bathroom and poured vanilla bubbles into the bath.
I blew up my bath pillow and stepped into the bathtub.
The warm water felt really nice on my skin.
I was feeling a little horny and fingered myself in the tub.
I love to play with my pussy in the hot and bubbled bath.
My fingers were deep inside my pussy.
I worked my fingers in and out, while I relaxed in the warm bath.
I played with my clit as I fingered my pussy deeper and faster.
I could feel the pressure building and then I came on my fingers in the bath tub.
I sat in the tub a while more.
I washed my body with soap and then rinsed myself off.
I played with my breasts a while too.
I love my breasts they’re so big.
I was squeezing them together and massaging and cupping them.
I even took a little lick across my nipples while I played with them.
Brian walked into the bathroom.
“Carolyn, you need to get out of the tub soon.
You have to get ready.
Jesus, you look so hot in the tub.
Let me help you out you sweet thing.
Maybe we could fuck before you get ready.
Online Now! Lush Cams AlesyaDron You know I love you to go out in dirty panties.
That really excites me.
” Brian wrapped the warm fluffy towel around me and brought me into our bedroom.
“Put your head down on the bed.
Push your ass and pussy up into the air.
I’m going to fuck you.
” I put my head down on the bed and put my ass and pussy up into the air.
Brian pushed his cock into my pussy.
My pussy stretched around his cock.
He was fucking up into my pussy.
Grabbing my hips and shoving his cock into me deeper and faster.
“Your pussy is like fucking velvet.
Oh God, I love your bald cunt.
” “I’m your slutty girl who likes to get fucked.
Fuck my cunt.
Spew your hot cream into my pussy.
Oh God! I love your hard cock.
Fuck me harder and faster.
” Brian was thrusting his cock deeper and faster into my wet pussy.
“I’m fucking coming.
Holy Fuck!” I had a huge orgasm.
With that, Brian pumped a few more times and came inside of me.
He filled my pussy with his hot cream.
I was always impressed with all his come.
The man might be in his sixties, but he sure could fuck.
“Put your panties back on and get dressed.
I want my come dripping into your panties.
Wear the red bra, red thong, red garter, and tan hold ups with your cowgirl boots to the contest.
I want you to braid your hair and wear that black leather skirt.
Wear your black camisole shirt.
You’ll look like some serious eye candy.
” I got dressed in the outfit that Brian suggested.
I did my hair and make-up.
I looked at myself in the mirror.
I looked really hot and knew that Brian would be pleased.
“Carolyn, the limo is here.
Let’s go, baby.
Make me proud and win the contest.
” We both left the house and got into the stretch limo that Brian ordered for us.
“Carolyn, please suck my cock.
I love when you do that in the limo.
” Brian unzipped his pants and took out his soft cock.
I played with his cock to get him a little harder and then worked my mouth up and down his cock.
He got hard pretty quick.
I mean he only uses the Viagra when we are having marathon sex, but he could get hard on his own.
I stroked his cock from the base to his head, while I took his cock deeper and deeper down my mouth.
I was sucking, slurping, and gagging on his cock.
He was really excited and started to buck up into my mouth.
After about fifteen minutes of sucking him off, he came in my throat.
“Kiss me baby.
Let me taste my hot come in your mouth.
” We shared a deep and passionate kiss.
I looked in my mirror and put on some more lipstick.
Then the limo parked and the driver helped me out of the car and we walked into the club.
The club was packed there were so many people there.
I saw a few of my friends and I ran to say hello to them.
Brian got his usual VIP seat and ordered us many drinks.
I then sat down with him and they had a few contests.
I was only going to do the Sybian one.
They had a tee shirt contest, mud wrestling, and the big contest was the Sybian riding contest.
We had a blast, and I was getting very nervous for the contest.
I really wanted to win.
I knew Brian really enjoys when all the attention is on me.
He loves everybody to know that he dates me.
I hope I can handle the Sybian and not come for at least twenty minutes like we’d practiced.
I really wanted to do this for Brian.
“It’s finally time for the Sybian Riding Contest.
Anybody who’s going to be part of this contest needs to come up to the stage.
” “Okay, well that’s me.
Wish me luck.
” “Baby, you don’t need luck.
You’re the best! Make me proud.
” Before going up to the stage.
I took off my clothes.
They only wanting us to wear our lingerie.
There were about ten girls that were going to be participating.
I removed my panties and walked up to the stage with my bra, garter, tan hold up stockings, and my cowgirl boots.
“You all need to sit on the Sybian riding machines.
We’ll be working the controls.
The first girl who doesn’t have an orgasm will be our grand prize winner.
Good luck to all of you sexy and hot women.
” All of the girls and myself sat on the Sybian riding machines.
We put the cock into our pussies.
And after about five minutes, the contest had started.
All the girls were moving and rocking with the machine.
They had the machines on slow setting and then turned up the power a little more.
We were all doing really well.
The intensity kept getting stronger and stronger.
A few girls had already had their orgasms.
There were only six girls left in the contest.
The machine was now at full tilt and a few more of the girls were out of the race.
Now it was down to four girls and myself.
The vibrations were so strong and I could feel myself getting so wet and creamy, but I was holding on for dear life.
Two more of the girls had screaming orgasms, and now it was down to just me and one more participant.
We were both moving and rocking with the machine.
“Come on, Carolyn, you have this baby.
Hold on! Don’t have an orgasm!” Then the other girl had her orgasm and I was the winner.
With that, I had a huge orgasm.
My pussy juices were running down my legs and I had won the contest.
I got up and everybody was cheering for me.
Brian came up to the stage and handed me a dozen Red Roses and the owner of the bar took pictures of me and handed me a check for one thousand dollars.
It was so exciting.
I then put my panties back on and got dressed.
Brian was so excited and was beaming with happiness that I had won the contest.
“I’m so proud of you.
You looked so hot up there.
You made me so proud.
Daddy is going to fuck you hard when we get home kitten.
” I kissed Brian and had several drinks.
I was so happy that I had won the contest.
I knew Brian was thrilled, and that made me very excited.
We stayed at the club a little while longer and then went back into the limo and back to our house.
We got into the house, and Brian was so excited and very horny.
He was chasing after me.
I ran fast to our bedroom.
“Carolyn, you’re one hot piece of ass.
You looked great up there.
Daddy is very pleased.
” “I love when you’re happy.
I did this for you.
I’m your sweet slut.
” “You’re my dirty girl.
I want you to ride my face.
I want to taste all that sweet pussy juice.
” We both helped each other get undressed.
Brian got comfortable on the.



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